Antigua vs. St. Lucia

Does your idea of vacation include beaches, relaxation, luxury, fun, and captivating sights? Then the Caribbean islands are what you’re looking for. This region in the Americas is one of the most coveted tourist spots in the world. It has long been portrayed as a premier destination and a tropical haven for all island lovers.
Antigua vs. St. Lucia

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Talking about the Caribbean, most people would immediately talk about its beaches and cuisine. Yet, you would be mistaken to think that that is all the islands offer.

In particular, Antigua and St. Lucia have more fascinating aspects than this! No stories about these places only consist of their beaches and food.

No visitors to these islands ever left with dissatisfaction. They’d tell you about the stunning scenery and fun parties. However, it’s not something you can truly appreciate without actually experiencing it.

So, to help you make your itinerary, here are the two islands’ features and comparisons. By the end of this article, you are guaranteed to fall in love with one of these destinations.


The first thing you would notice as you set foot on the island of Antigua is its dry yet sweet air. As you hail your taxi and leave for your accommodation, you would then be met with tranquil roads filled on the sides with fluttering trees.

There are many habitations and commercial establishments around. However, there seems to be a harmonious relationship between the man-made structures and the island’s nature. The colorful buildings are accompanied by lush vegetation and abundant foliages. Some parts of the island even seem to be untouched or well-preserved.

Once you’ve settled in and gotten the chance to meet the locals, their energies might surprise you. Every visitor is treated by the locals with sincere smiles and fascinating stories.

Try to engage in random conversations, and you are sure to be met with the colorful personalities of the Antiguans. Some might even offer to tour you!

Now, exploring Antigua would be your next step. The island has a whooping size of 281 km² (about 3 billion sq ft). However, you don’t have to worry as it has a forgiving terrain.

Most of the roads on the island are paved, and its only huge land formations are hills and a low mountain range. The most prominent destinations in Antigua are its stunning shores; it is known for having as many as 365 beaches.

Here, you would be met with glistening white sands, towering palm trees, and azure waters.

Another noteworthy aspect of the island is its gorgeous architecture. Most of the structures on the island are colorful and decorated. Yet, what visitors truly gawk at is the Baroque architecture.

Despite its demography being dominated by people of African descent, its history as a British colony is still evident. Buildings with the British colonial architectural design are scattered all around the island.

These fascinating works of art are astounding to view, especially with the island’s natural beauty as their background.

If these descriptions aren’t enough for you, then you would have to take a closer look at Antigua. Here are some of its best features that would make for a perfect island vacation.

What Makes Antigua Unique?

A Different Beach for Every Day of the Year

No matter what type of beach you’re after, Antigua is sure to have it! With 365 beaches, there is an endless amount of white sands and clear waters to appreciate. Each one offers astounding sights with much to explore.

However, none of these numerous seashores are the same. There are those which are heavily commercialized. These are more touristy and more crowded but are more accommodating. There are also secluded beaches with fewer visitors and fewer structures.

It is up to you to decide what type of beach you would like to visit at the time. It’s recommended to research the several beaches the island has for you to know which one suits you best. To help you, here are some of the most famous beaches Antigua has to offer.

Dickenson Bay

Among the top beaches in Antigua is the luxurious tropical haven of Dickenson Bay. This beach is the full package.

It has the perfect warm sand and cool, clear waters, but what makes it perfect is its complete facilities. Everything you need is here. Anything you can want for an unforgettable beach experience is in your grasp.

The Dickenson Bay has resorts for your accommodation and beach-side restaurants for your meals. There are also shops and loungers if you just want to loiter around. You can also engage in watersports or experience a lavish nightlife among the bars and clubs by the bay!

Hawksbill Bay

The Hawksbill Bay is a long stretch of sand that is home to four stunning beaches. Its sands are a glistening cream in color while the pristine waters offer a scenic view.

However, three out of the four beaches are for resort guests only. The only public beach is called Eden Beach. It is as gorgeous as the others but is more crowded. Also, clothing here is optional, so you would be sharing the space with nudists.

Fort James Beach

Fort James Beach boasts golden sand and is equipped with loungers and umbrellas scattered around. This place has fewer visitors and it sports a tranquil atmosphere.

You can enjoy your day at this beach relaxing and admiring the captivating scenery. You can also choose to walk for a few minutes to reach and explore the fascinating ruins of Fort James. Here you would see an old barracks and several intact cannons.

A Taste of the Island’s Beauty in Every Bite

Antigua is an island rich in natural resources and talented chefs. Imagine the kind of cuisine that comes out of an abundance of fresh ingredients cooked by capable hands.

Now you have an idea of what Antigua’s dishes are all about. There are plenty of crisp crops, fresh seafood, newly-harvested spices and herbs, and well-cared-for poultry. Here, you can enjoy island-to-table food that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.

For you to have an easier time choosing from Antigua’s many tasty restaurants, here are some of its most prominent food establishments.

Catherine’s Cafe

Pigeon Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Antigua. On this lovely beach lies a stunning luxurious restaurant that utilizes its captivating setting.

Here, you would be able to taste the most sophisticated flavors of French dishes. They also offer cocktails, wines, and a kids’ menu. They also have vegan options which use the island’s fresh produce.

Sheer Rocks

If you’ve ever eaten beside the open sea, then you know just how amazing of an experience it is. Sheer Rocks makes this even better. With its location on the edge of a cliff, you would be treated to a stunning view and gentle sea breeze.

Of course, your eyes aren’t the only ones having that would have a feast. The dishes served in this restaurant are known for their fresh and juicy flavors. Prices here might be a bit more expensive than the local favorites, but they are worth every penny.

Papa Zouk

Do you want to enjoy the eclectic flavors of seafood dishes? Then Papa Zouk is the right restaurant for you. This gorgeous place is considered the number one rum and fish spot on the whole island.

It embodies Caribbean cuisine with its fresh seafood and smooth rum. You can enjoy seafood fritters, butterfishes, snappers, and a lot more! However, what you truly can’t miss is their incredible lobsters.

Vibrant Communities of Hospitable Locals

Structures and buildings in Antigua are as colorful and lively as the Antiguans. With a tranquil atmosphere, and a setting fit for paradise, the locals are known to be spirited and kind people.

Tourism is one of the key components of the island’s economy, so locals are accustomed to having visitors. This means that their warmth is extended no matter your race.

Walk in the sun and enjoy the vibrant streets of Antigua. Eat their flavorful street food and try to join in conversations. Take in mind that everyone in the place is on island time.

That means you have to slow your pace and relax. Enjoy the environment as much as you can, since you might miss this hushed atmosphere.

If you want the best way to mingle with the locals, then you should visit during a festival or an event! Here are the greatest annual occasions the island celebrates so you can schedule your vacation better.

One Nation Concert

The One Nation Concert is an annual event in Antigua and Barbuda. This is presented as an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents on the island.

Antiguan and Caribbean singers frequent this event, as well as some international singers. Most artists that perform in this event sing reggae. This is usually held during the first month of the year.

Gwadadli Festival

The Gwadadli Festival is a huge event by two Caribbean islands. The goal of this festival is to strengthen the relationship between the nations Guadeloupe and Antigua.

This can be seen as a cultural exchange on an extensive scale. Here, music, arts, and other traditions are shared. If you get the chance to join this festival, it would be like visiting two islands at once! The dates of the festival vary, but it is usually celebrated in April or May.

Antigua and Barbuda Restaurant Week

Antigua and Barbuda is a well-known destination for food tourists all around the world. Its unique Creole cuisine and talented chefs are thriving in the culinary world.

The Antigua and Barbuda Restaurant Week is an event that aims to showcase the island’s best food establishments and delicacies. It usually spans about two weeks during the month of May.

Antigua Carnival

The Antigua Carnival is dubbed as one of the biggest summer events in the whole Caribbean. This festival celebrates the emancipation of slavery in the country.

It holds a significant meaning for the whole region, making it an important event to uphold. This is a long event that starts in late July to early August. During this time, many colorful revelries occur.

Locals dress up in vibrant garments while pageants and parades are held. There are also talent shows, food fairs, and concerts! The festival starts with the J’ouvert where steel bands cover the streets of the island with dances and loud music.

The Comfort of Modernity Mixed With the Beauty of History

If you’ve ever visited a historical landmark before, then you know how uncomfortable it may be. Many historical sites are located in remote or underdeveloped areas.

In Antigua, however, fascinating landmarks can be reached without hassle. The country of Antigua and Barbuda is known to have 349 historical sites. Only 15 of these are situated on the island of Barbuda, which means more than 300 are scattered around Antigua.

Most hotels and beaches on the island are connected or are in the vicinity of a historical site. Generally, there’s no need to trek or walk long miles just to appreciate Antigua’s rich history.

Baroque Architecture With the Island’s Stunning View

It is in human nature to appreciate the beauty of our environment and the structures made by humankind. Perhaps one of the most well-regarded styles for buildings is the Baroque architectural style.

This is characterized by opulent designs utilizing pillars and dome-like structures. Some historical landmarks in Antigua sport this very design. The esteemed Saint John’s Cathedral on the island is the best example.

It is a large building going up to 156 ft (48 m) in height and 46 ft (14 m) in width. Its intricate interior is appreciated by tourists and locals alike.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s beauty can already be appreciated right before your plane lands on the island. Both airports are situated on the opposite ends of the island, giving you a wonderful view of the shore and the mountainous terrain.

As soon as get out of the airport, take a deep breath. You would be able to smell the sweet fragrance of the lush rainforests and the crisp air of the fresh sea breeze. It is recommended for you to rent a car in advance.

This allows you to explore the island to the fullest and at your own pace. Riding taxis are possible. However, the rough terrain and remote destinations might be uncomfortable and expensive.

Hotels and other accommodations in St. Lucia are more affordable than in most Caribbean islands. After all, the island is less commercialized than its counterparts.

Despite this, you have nothing to worry about as the friendly St. Lucians are sure to help you settle in. The locals of the island are kind and helpful, but you might find them to be tame. However, it’s a different story when there’s a festival.

Top tourist destinations in St. Lucia are adventurous, but your vacation here would be relaxed and natural. Appreciating nature and the pleasures of life is the usual theme for the island’s visitors.

You can go for a relaxing day at the spa or have your meals with your feet in the sand. There is no shortage of astounding views and exhilarating activities anywhere you go. So go out, and make sure to discover as much of the island as you can. It is the best way to fully enjoy the romantic setting of the place.

To understand what makes St. Lucia an ideal destination, it is best to see what it has to offer. Here are the island’s greatest qualities that would make you want to pack your bags and hop on a plane.

What Makes St. Lucia Unique

Lovely Beaches, Pristine Mountains, and Abundant Rainforests

St. Lucia has one of the most unique landscapes among the islands of the Caribbean. The region usually has islands with flat terrains or low-lying hills. St. Lucia on the other hand is filled with towering mountains and flourishing vegetation. This makes any place on the island a breath of fresh air — literally!

As with the other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia doesn’t run out of gorgeous beaches you can run around in. Here, you can experience glistening sands that sparkle under the sun, and clear waters that echo the warm colors of the sky.

However, what visitors find refreshing in St. Lucia’s beach scene are its rainforests. Most shorelines of the island are encompassed by fluttering trees and lush greeneries.

Imagine your feet on the sand, while a comforting heat falls on your skin. The gentle sea breeze whistles on your face and gets the trees swaying. Calm waves inch through the shores, bringing along the scent of the ocean. Such magical scenery is what you’ll experience on a St. Lucia beach.

There is also a place for you if you feel a need for adventure. Treks and hikes are popular ways to spend one’s time in St. Lucia. After all, the captivating views of the island are best enjoyed through close encounters.

You can explore landmarks of great historical significance or rainforests with vibrant wildlife. If you’re up for a challenge, you can also hike to reach mountain peaks.

Here, you can appreciate a panoramic view of the island at a higher altitude! Waterfalls are also popular trekking spots. It is an ideal location for those searching for hidden sanctuaries deep within the forests.

There are numerous places and ways to enjoy the natural beauty of St. Lucia. It would take weeks for you to be able to appreciate all the island has to offer. With that in mind, here are some of the best destinations that utilize the island’s pristine scenery to help you make an itinerary.

Rodney Bay

One of the best beaches in St. Lucia can be experienced in Rodney Bay. This crescent-shaped bay has all of the island’s best features rolled into one.

There are long stretches of glistening sand and pristine turquoise waters waiting for you to dip in. Greeneries and foliage along hills are plenty here as well. On the side of luxury, there are resorts, bars, shops, and yacht docks.

There are also numerous watersports for you to partake in. This bay is known to be the perfect place for kitesurfing and diving in St. Lucia. If you want a more relaxed day at the beach, you can choose to enjoy their tropical delicacies while trotting down the sands.

Marigot Bay

Have a taste of luxurious island life through the magnificent Marigot Bay. Here, you can pamper yourself with world-class accommodations and deluxe restaurants.

Al fresco dining is a popular choice on this beach as visitors can’t have enough of the captivating views. Food establishments are strategically placed near the waters. Your eyes would have their fill before your mouth! Marigot Bay Beach has one of the busiest waters in St. Lucia.

Numerous visitors travel here through their yachts to enjoy the fresh Creole cuisine and the stunning beaches. Due to this, the beach has adopted a vibrant yet relaxing scene. The Marigot Bay is also encompassed by hilly terrain.

This creates a unique scenery of the greeneries and blue waters. It also makes it the safest space for boat travelers during storms. If you want to indulge in the island’s luxury through its beach, then Marigot Bay is a must-visit.

Sugar Beach

If your idea of a perfect stay at the beach involves lying around for the whole day, then Sugar Beach is for you. Imagine a gentle sea breeze that comes along with the sound of a calm wave hitting the shores.

Fluttering trees sway around while you’re on a lounger underneath a shade. A sweet and refreshing cocktail is in your hand. This is how many visitors enjoy their stay on the astounding Sugar Beach.

It has a stunning stretch of white sand and tranquil waters perfect for snorkeling. What’s more, is that it lies on the foot of the world-famous Piton Mountains.

Vibrant World-Famous Festivals

St. Lucians’ way of life is simple yet full of life’s simple pleasures. This lifestyle hails from their history as a British colony. Most of their current population are descendants of African slaves.

Today, they have fully reclaimed their history. They represent this with celebrations and festivities that show their ownership and control of the past. Despite the tragedies they’ve gone through, St. Lucians are proud of their heritage and culture.

One of the ways you would get to encounter the St. Lucian culture is through their many festivals. Going to St. Lucia during a festival is guaranteed to be a whole new experience.

The island itself would appear more vibrant. Colorful designs would scatter the streets while the locals are in high spirits. For the lucky visitors, this would mean a better chance to get a glimpse of being a St. Lucian.

Each festival on the island celebrates a different part of their culture and heritage. No event would be similar to another.

So, to get an idea of what type of festivals St. Lucians celebrate, here are some of the ones you should check. Take note of the dates so you can plan ahead.

Saint Lucia Carnival

Enjoy the bright and lively atmosphere of the island through its longest and biggest festival! The St. Lucia Carnival is a month-long event that culminates in the middle of July.

During this time, the ever-lively traditions and rich heritage of Saint Lucians are celebrated. People would wear the most colorful costumes while dancing or participating in pageantries.

There are parties everywhere accompanied by delicious street food. By the end of the celebration, a two-day street parade comes. Here you would see live bands, DJs, and the peak of Saint Lucians’ energies!

Fishermen’s Feast (Fête Pêche)

St. Lucia is a bountiful island, and one of its most precious resources is the ocean. Due to that, fisheries are one of the island’s thriving industries.

The St. Lucians treasure this blessing and give their yearly praise for it. This is celebrated on the last Sunday of June at a festival called the Fisherman’s Feast. The locals would dress in their best garbs to go to their churches.

After that, their boats would be blessed, then the celebrations start. Different revelries would happen around the island. You would be able to enjoy some banquets, performances, displays, and even some fishing competitions!

Flower Festivals

One of the things visitors appreciate in St. Lucia is its astounding colors. With that in mind, one of the best ways to enjoy the island is going to one of its Flower Festivals.

During these events, the island’s vibrant flowers are put on display. The Rose Festival and La Marguerite Festival are cultural events that celebrate two communities. Each of them sings praises to their chosen flowers.

There are also pageantries and a royal entourage presided by a king and queen of the festival. If you want to enjoy the Rose Festival, then you should book your flights in August. La Marguerite, on the other hand, is celebrated in October.

Beach Parties and Bustling Streets

Asking people who’ve gotten the chance to visit St. Lucia would tell you one thing. Don’t miss the party!

One of the reasons this island is a favorite destination all around the world is its bustling nightlife. To top it off, their club scenes and street parties are situated in locations where you can enjoy the island’s astounding scenery.

There are bars, clubs, and restaurants for you to have a good time in every night. Although, if you want to experience the height of the island’s party culture, Fridays and Saturdays are your friends.

These days, locals and visitors alike let loose to the sound of the booming music and world-class drinks. Famous nightlife strips are also filled with food vendors. They sell fresh grilled seafood and other mouthwatering food.

On this island, you can let your hair down and dance your night away or enjoy late-night walks while having a food trip. Nighttime can be as fun as the day.

Here are some of the island’s best nightlife places so you would know what to expect.

Gros Islet Jump Up

If you’re wondering about the best place to party in St. Lucia, the answer is the Gros Islet. This place has a tradition of turning Fridays into an astounding street party. This has been going on for more than 50 years already.

Every week, people would crowd the place to join in the street raves and fascinating performances. There are also numerous stalls set up for arts and crafts, as well as mouthwatering food. It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable party!

Rodney Bay Village

The Rodney Bay Village is one of the most captivating places in St. Lucia. It is filled with the best sights of both sea and land. However, the true beauty of this place comes out during the night.

As the sun goes down, Rodney Bay Village is illuminated by the lights of numerous nightlife establishments. You can sing, dance, eat or drink your night away. All in the vicinity of countless gorgeous views.

Enchanting Island Food

The easiest way to describe St. Lucia’s food scene is magical. Most dishes you would encounter on the island incorporate Creole cuisine. You can expect your meals to be prepared using fresh local ingredients.

Meat, fish, herbs, and spices are usually procured right on the island. Perfect ingredients paired with talented chefs’ skills result in the most mouthwatering dishes.

The island’s flavors come to life as your taste buds would be met with crisp savory tastes that are somehow still light and comforting.

If your idea of perfect island food is familiar tastes, many restaurants also offer different cuisines. Some food establishments have Italian, American, Asian, and other international flavors.

However, something that all restaurants on the island have in common, is the stunning scenery. It is up to you to decide the type of food and environment you would like to enjoy your meal in. Some are seaside restaurants, while others offer food right on the sandy outdoors.

There are also food establishments on the inner parts of the island. Here, you are treated to the vibrant buildings and lush greeneries.

There are so many restaurants and other food establishments in St. Lucia that offer scrumptious meals. It would be impossible to try it all out without having to stay for months.

With that in mind, here are some of the island’s most prominent restaurants. Make sure to add these on top of your to-visit list.

Dasheene Restaurant & Bar

Dasheene is the esteemed restaurant of the famous Ladera Hotel. It is also known for serving the freshest dishes on the island.

Its farm-to-table routine brings the juicy and savory flavors of the island to life. To top it all off, this establishment offers the best view of the Pitons. Its open-air-dining experience utilizes the breathtaking scenery for the meal of a lifetime.

Flavors of the Grill

Flavors of the Grill is the go-to place for those who want to experience the local’s taste. This amazing restaurant serves colorful plates of Caribbean classics.

Visitors of this food establishment would frequent their fresh seafood selection for a hearty meal. You can choose to visit the place during lunch for a buffet.

On the other hand, you would have to order from the menu if you go for dinner.

Diverse and Flavorful Culture

St. Lucians are generally generous and joyful. Treatment of visitors is similar to their neighbors no matter what they look like.

When it comes to traditions and beliefs, the African side of their culture is more evident. For their food, structures, and arts, however, it is a different story.

Carib culture remains to have a strong influence on the island. However, it is also heavily affected by the cultures of Africans, English, French, and Dutch. It is a hotpot of traditions and beliefs that results in what is today’s St. Lucian culture.

This hodgepodge of cultures can be easily observed through the city’s landmarks. Several historical sites and significant buildings stand out. They are different from the common structures in the island’s communities. They sport intricate exteriors which are key features of European colonial architectural styles.

You would also notice the different languages spoken by the St. Lucians. Although their official language is English, Patwa is also a prevalent vernacular used by the locals. This is a French-based creole language that is usually used together with the English language.

Home to the World’s Only Drive-In Volcano

If you’ve ever tried to hike a volcano, you would know that it is not easy. Large rock formations and numerous minerals create a rough terrain. It makes a hard trek even harder! This is why one of the most famous destinations St. Lucia has is its drive-in volcano.

As long as you have a car, you can use it to drive directly up to the edge of the Soufriere Volcano’s springs. These springs, also called the Sulphur Springs, are known for their relaxing mud baths. Said baths are regarded as having healing properties for skin-related problems.

Imagine bathing in the warm springs of Soufriere Volcano. A comforting and embracing sensation surrounds you while your eyes feast on the most captivating sights you can only see at this height.

After your mud bath, you would be treated to one of the best waterfalls on the island. Clear off all the mud with the help of this 50 ft (15 m) tall waterfall, and feel your skin get revitalized.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also go on the La Soufriere Trail. This is a challenging point-to-point hike that stretches up to 6.8 miles (10.9 km). It is a well-known trail for frequent hikers but it can also be conquered by beginners. Just prepare for rough terrains and sudden shifts in temperature along the route. It will all be worth it as the trail’s peak offers the best panoramic view of the island.

Is Antigua or St. Lucia Nicer?

Antigua and St. Lucia are some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. However, that’s where most of their similarities end. They both have pristine shores and friendly communities as well, but their charms differ.

These two islands are guaranteed to present you with the opportunity for an unforgettable vacation. Yet, they offer very different experiences. It is up to you to decide which one suits you best.

Antigua’s most prominent features are its numerous stunning beaches and fascinating landmarks. There is no shortage of good places to visit on this island. Pristine shores along long stretches of sand would greet you on every shoreline.

Historical sites would also surprise you as they are scattered all around the place, each telling a story that is sure to pique your interest. The island’s landscape is also easier to travel through than St. Lucia’s.

It has hills and low-lying mountains, so renting a car would mean no trouble for your transportation. Easy travel and an abundance of unbothered spots make this the ideal destination for families and other large groups.

St. Lucia on the other hand is more popular as a romantic getaway or a relaxing destination for smaller groups. After all, this island’s selling point is its stunning sceneries.

These are brought by its mountainous terrain filled with vegetation and foliages. However, this also makes it harder to drive along. It would be worth it though, as each destination in St. Lucia offers many activities anyone will enjoy.

There are also beaches and landmasses to explore here. Yet, one of the island’s best features is its festive nature. There’s a party every night and a festival almost every month! St. Lucians love celebrating.

If your group is searching for a place to loiter around beaches and maybe throw some frisbees, then Antigua might be the nicer destination for you. However, if what you’re searching for is relaxation and letting your hair down, then St. Lucia is the place to go.


Is Antigua or St. Lucia Cheaper?

The average cost of a week in Antigua costs about $1,167. For St. Lucia, the number goes up to $1,871. Antigua is more commercialized than St. Lucia, and its cost of living is higher than the other Caribbean islands.

Accommodation, food, and miscellaneous expenditures are expected to be higher in Antigua. However, average costs in St. Lucia are higher because of the flight costs. If you expect to spend a lot on your destination, St. Lucia might still be the cheaper option.

Antigua or St. Lucia for Families

Antigua is recommended for families for the space and ease of transport. It is also more tourist-oriented so it is generally more comfortable.

Beaches are also easier for every family member to enjoy. St. Lucia on the other hand is still a good choice, as long as everyone can appreciate a day in the spa or a trek in the mountains.

Antigua vs. St. Lucia for Honeymoon

St. Lucia is a more popular choice for honeymoons and romantic getaways. This island offers more captivating views and intimate settings that are sure to make you feel loved.

Honeymoons are also better spent relaxing and treating each other with life’s pleasures. These are St. Lucia’s specialties!

Is St. Lucia in Antigua?

St. Lucia is not in Antigua. St. Lucia is a separate island state from the country of Antigua and Barbuda. They are both, however, a part of the Caribbean group of islands.

Is St. Lucia Near Antigua?

St. Lucia and Antigua are relatively near. The two islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe lie in between.

How Far Is St. Lucia From Antigua?

St. Lucia is 224 miles (360 km) away from Antigua by air travel. In terms of the sea, it is 196 nautical miles away. Direct air travel would only span about 0.4 hours.

Which Is Bigger – St. Lucia or Antigua?

St. Lucia is bigger than Antigua. St. Lucia has an area of 617 km² (152,464 acres) while Antigua only has 281 km² (69,436 acres). Despite this, the mountainous terrain of St. Lucia makes the island seem smaller for visitors.

How to Get From St. Lucia to Antigua

The mode of transportation for St. Lucia to Antigua is through a plane. There are direct and indirect flights for you to choose from.

How Much Is a Flight From St. Lucia to Antigua?

The price of a one-way flight from St. Lucia to Antigua averages $125. It goes for about $248 for a round-trip flight.