Barbados vs. St. Lucia

The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. In fact, it is the top choice for honeymoons, celebrations, and family vacations. But, this destination is more than just a pretty face. This tropical haven became a prominent destination for two main reasons. Picturesque beaches and lively communities! However, despite hundreds of fantastic islands, Barbados and St. Lucia stand out as the Caribbean’s best of the best.
Barbados vs. St. Lucia

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Barbados embodies the vibrant side of the Caribbean islands. The Barbadians value the simple pleasures of life. While in Barbados, they will make sure that you would enjoy it too! You would be treated to enthralling festivities and beaches that come alive at night. This vigorous island makes sure you wouldn’t come out with a frown!

St. Lucia on the other hand is the best destination for the curious traveler. St. Lucians take pride in their island’s beauty and mystique. Here, the adventurous soul would find themselves exploring jaw-dropping sights day in and day out. And along the night, relaxation comes in the form of a soothing and luxurious atmosphere.

Both of these Caribbean islands offer otherworldly experiences, however, how would you know which one to go to? Barbados has more tourists visiting every year, but does this mean it’s better?

Everyone has their idea of a perfect vacation. So, it is up to you to decide. To help you, listed below are the best features of the two islands. By the end of this article, you are guaranteed to know the contents of your next itinerary.


Barbados is an island country in the easternmost part of the Caribbean. It has a thriving and vibrant nature but is more popular for its lively community. The country has been a British colony for the longest time.

It gained its sovereignty in 1966 but only transitioned into a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations in 2021. Because of its history and European roots, Barbados’ population today is mainly of African descent.

The island is a melting pot of African and European cultures. This is why to explore Barbados is to discover a larger world.

Enjoying their cuisine would mean sending your eyes and tongue on a mouth-watering adventure of a wide range of food and beverages. Their festivities would give a refreshing sense of community even if you are a tourist! And a walk in the streets would tell you a thousand fascinating stories from their history.

The main attractions of the island showcase its natural beauty and history. Tourists often enjoy the harmonious clash of several European cultures that is evident in the architecture.

Most itineraries include gardens, malls, museums, beaches, and historical sites, but Barbados has more to offer. Here are some of its best destinations for you to have a glimpse of the island’s true beauty.

What Makes Barbados Unique?

Festivals to Experience Being a Barbadian!

Barbados has festivals that celebrate its culture and history. The joyous nature of the Barbadians made them a natural when it comes to merriment. Every month in Barbados is a new festival you can enjoy!

Join the festivities and watch the energetic atmosphere of the island get even higher. There are several celebrations for you to experience. Make sure to schedule your vacation in Barbados at the same time as the festival you want to go to, and you are guaranteed an unforgettable vacation. Here are some of the island’s best festivals you can choose from!

The Crop Over Festival

This festival celebrates the history and culture of Barbados as a sugarcane plantation. It is a two-month event celebrated from the start of June to the beginning of August, signifying the end of the sugarcane crop season.

During this period of time, the Barbadians breathe the island into life with their dancing, singing, and displays of arts and crafts. Your eyes would be bombarded with costumes clad in various colors and the Barbadians’ amazing performances.

The Crop Over Festival is filled with every form of revelry you can think of! There are even flower festivals and folk concerts that would pump your body with great joyous energy. Of course, this long celebration still comes to an end, but it culminates in the highlight of the festival — the Grand Kadooment!

Can you imagine the breathtaking scenery of Barbados erupting into a sea of colors? At the end of the festival, the island is flooded with astounding colors, music, food, and even fireworks.

If this won’t keep you partying up all night, what would? It is also an internationally renowned event, so you better watch out. You might be dancing next to an international superstar like the Barbadian, Rihanna!

Food and Rum Festival

One of the most fascinating things about Barbados is that it is known to be the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. That’s right foodies, this is the place for you!

Not only is the island heaven for food lovers, but it is also the best place to discover new food and expand your palate. Who knows, you might get to eat the favorite food or beverage you never thought you had.

The Barbados Food and Rum Festival celebrate the island’s cuisine and title as the birthplace of rum. This festival is a chance for the chefs, gastronomists, and mixologists of Barbados to showcase their talents.

The festival is only celebrated for a little over a decade, but it is already well-established and renowned. In fact, top chefs globally are known to frequent the festival to exhibit their own skills and techniques. If you want to enjoy this festival, then you should plan your trip to Barbados for the last week of October.


Barbados is known as a tourist spot, but one of its most prominent industries is its agriculture. This is why one of the biggest events on the island is an agricultural exhibition celebrated right in the capital city of Bridgetown.

It is an open-air exhibit that lasts for 3 days. The festival is usually held on a weekend in February. Here, you would be able to enjoy displays made by farmers and craftsmen that the family is sure to enjoy.

You can have interactions with animals, and enjoy the programs, performances, and challenges for kids. There are also stalls for fresh produce and food that would make your mouth water.

Reggae Festival

The Barbados Reggae Festival is one of the most booming, vibrant, and grand reggae festivals in the world. During the week in April when this festival is celebrated, reggae enthusiasts all around the world fly over to Barbados for the event of the year.

But, if you are not a fan of reggae it doesn’t mean that this festival is not for you. The great thing about this musical genre is it is welcoming. As long as you can enjoy the beat and vibe of the music, which you are sure to, then you are guaranteed to have the time of your life!

You would be able to enjoy the performances of both local and international reggae artists at several events across the island. By the end of the week, you would have a new appreciation for reggae one way or another.

Holetown Festival

During the middle of February, Barbadians celebrate the touchdown of the first English settlers in the country. It is a week-long festival where you would have the chance to enjoy festivities rooted in Barbados’ history.

The beginning of the festival is marked by a reenactment of the historical event. It is then followed by parades, dancing, bands, arts, crafts, and of course, food! It ends with a street-wide party that lasts for a whole day. It is sure to be a joyful and tiring day, but it is worth it to see a meaningful and colorful celebration of history.

Cuisine That Would Take You All Around the World

Anyone who’s been in Barbados knows that their food is to die for. There is an endless amount of cuisines to choose from. No matter what your taste is, you are sure to enjoy a food trip on this island.

Are you in for some fine dining overlooking the ocean? Or maybe some relaxed ambiance over the beach with grills for seafood and meat? Even if you just want to eat in a plain restaurant for some pizza, Barbados has got you covered.

You can treat yourself to the glorious taste of food all around the world or eat something comforting to soothe you for more exploring. Whichever you desire, you are sure to be satisfied by the astounding cooks of the island.

To help you see how diverse and mouth-watering your meals in Barbados will be, here are some of the establishments you should definitely try.

Oistins Fish Fry

The southern coast of Barbados is known for its active fishing industry in the town of Oistins. For foodies, this means that it is a hub for mouth-watering seafood dishes. With an endless amount of fresh seafood, the Barbadians have mastered the art of cooking their fish.

On the peaks of this expertise is the Oistins Bay Gardens’ fish fry! You can have mahi-mahi, flying fish, tuna, swordfish, and even some lobsters cooked in front of you. It has a comfortable setting with relaxing music and fascinating arts and crafts shops.

Perfect for a night of beer and grilled seafood! You can also tour the pier around the area and even feed some turtles.

Surfside Restaurant and Bar

One of the most prominent restaurants in Holetown lies on the west coast. The Surfside Restaurant and Bar is a casual dining experience that is as relaxing as it is astounding.

It is a beachside establishment, so you are treated to a picturesque view of the ocean. There are seats outdoors to maximize the view, but there are also indoor seating if the sun gets too much for you.

The restaurant serves local and international dishes. They are mostly known for their amazing seafood meals and drinks that are perfect for the tropical climate.

Champers Restaurant and Wine Bar

Are you celebrating an important occasion, or maybe you want to treat your loved one to a romantic date? Then there’s no place better to dine than Champers Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Enjoy the most delicious food in an ocean-side setting with impeccable service to boot. Fill your eyes and stomach at the same time with the most exquisite things life has to offer.

Some of the most renowned dishes on their menu include their Mediterranean and local cuisine. And if you want to make your meal a bit more special, you can reserve your seats to catch the sunset or fireworks after a festival.


Blue and ravishingly beautiful are some of the best ways to describe the Mediterranean. This is perfectly embodied by the Mediterranean-themed restaurant known as the Castaways. This restaurant also boasts a stunning ocean-side setting but has a relaxed ambiance.

It offers a larger variety of cuisines on the menu. This includes Caribbean, Creole, Mediterranean, and international cooking. The Castaways is chic and comforting, making it the ideal establishment for a meal with your family or date.

Chunky Monkey Cafe

If you’re looking for some familiar food or maybe you found yourself wanting some good ol’ snack, then the Chunky Monkey Cafe is the place for you. This cafe is a family establishment located at the entrance of the Welchman Hall Gully.

It utilizes the views of the east coast with an outdoor covered dining area. Here you can get some burgers, fish cakes, french fries, wraps and ice creams. It also has a wide range of beverages to choose from, including coconut water, rum, and soft drinks. There’s a treat for every member of the family in this fun cafe!

Exploring Nature Has Never Been More Fulfilling

Barbados has an abundant and luscious environment filled to the brim with fascinating flora and fauna. Tropical climates are known to be the ideal setting for nature to thrive. On this island, not only is nature aplenty but it is also preserved and cared for.

In return, it’s given people the most jaw-dropping sceneries in the world. Discover the beauty of nature through Barbados’ gardens, caves, beaches, and trails. These destinations offer a look at different parts of the earth, each with its own allure.

Explore the soothing streams, vibrant reefs, lavish forests, and many more of nature’s gifts all on this island. It might be impossible to visit each one, so here are some of the most fascinating spots you should prioritize delving into.

Turner’s Hall Woods

Barbados is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, but Turner’s Hall Woods proves that the island has much more to offer. This natural attraction is filled with towering trees that are sure to astound you.

It has an extensive range of about 50 acres (20 ha) which you can explore to encounter numerous flora and fauna. Hiking this nature reserve is a must-do as a picturesque scene overlooking the ocean awaits.

Hunte’s Garden

This garden made and designed by Anthony Hunte best embodies the beauty of Barbados. Hunte’s Garden, like the island, is filled with a kaleidoscopic color painted by the various plants and flowers.

Here, you can challenge yourself by spotting objects listed on the board. Of course, you can also choose to refresh and revitalize with their communal seats and fresh refreshments.

What better way to enjoy a garden than drinking your favorite drink while having casual conversations in a picturesque scene? It truly is a fairytale scene that comes to life!

World-Renowned Beaches and the Most Exciting Beach Sports

One of the most common things people go to Barbados for is its beaches. Who wouldn’t want to visit this sanctuary of fine sand and clear blue waters? If you’re imagining a beach with a calm ocean and a relaxing atmosphere, then in mind you’re already here!

But, there are actually many different beaches in Barbados that tourists love to enjoy. You might see rocky beaches or reefs and experience calm or busy spots. These are usually dependent on the region of the island you are in. To find out which beach suits you best, here are some of the places you should consider.

Northern Coast

The Northern Coast of the island is characterized by rugged shores. Its beaches are the ideal places for exploring caves, beachcombing, and sightseeing. Most beaches in this area are not recommended for swimming. But, you won’t be disappointed as you would be treated with panoramic views 24/7.

Western Coast

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly beach, then the Western Coast should be your destination. This area has the calmest shores, making it the best place for beach activities and picnics.

You can build sandcastles, throw some frisbees, or maybe play some beach volleyball. The clear blue waters are also great for snorkeling and relaxed swimming.

Eastern Coast

Much like the Northern Coast, this area is also filled with rugged beaches. Yet, what differentiates it is its formation of natural swimming pools!

There are also places for surfing, beachcombing, or diving. Here, there are many activities you can do while enjoying the exhilarating landscapes.

Southern Coast

If you want to enjoy more beach sports, the Southern Coast has got you covered. The waves in this part are lively enough for surfing, but calm enough to enjoy snorkeling as well.

The Southern Coast boasts azure waters and some vibrant reefs. You can enjoy it by taking a walk on the beach or by taking part in exhilarating activities. Some part of the coast is even ideal for windsurfing!

Fascinating History and Heritage

One of the things Barbadians take pride in is their history and heritage. They present it in a lively and colorful manner, but their past is filled with hardships and tribulations.

Barbados used to be an English colony. Most of the island’s current population takes roots from the victims of the African slave trade.

Due to its climate and abundant land, the island became a sugarcane plantation mainly run by slaves. After gaining their independence, the Barbadians made sure never to forget the past, they took it and turned it into something they own.

Now the dark past is presented accurately, but they mainly celebrate their community. Turning the island into one of the liveliest countries in the world.

Another fascinating part of the island’s history comes from its sugarcane roots. Every rum lover knows that they have the Barbadians to thank for their favorite drink. Rum was invented when the locals realized they could ferment part of the sugarcane. It was distilled and cleaned and they made the first rum.

Today, there are four huge distilleries in Barbados, creating the most exquisite rum. Any mixologist on the island would also be able to treat you with a refreshing rum mix like you’ve never had before.

If you want to explore the island’s history and heritage in a more extensive manner, then you should probably visit one of these museums.

Sunbury Plantation House

This museum is a dwelling used by the first settler of the island. It was built in 1660 and has artifacts that speak of Barbados’ history. Despite suffering from a fire, the house is still well-preserved with most of its rooms and gardens intact.

Here, you can see the items used by the plantation inhabitants for their day-to-day lives. You can also see some of the types of machinery and carriages they used. There is also a restaurant and bar for you to freshen up or rest after your exploration.

Barbados Museum & Historical Society

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society is the best spot to learn everything about the country. It is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is the preservation of the island’s history, culture, and heritage.

Here, you can discover numerous antiquities, as well as some of the best arts and crafts by the Barbadians. From time to time, there are also exhibits of contemporary arts held in the museum.

Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park

The birthplace of rum can’t have museums without honoring this drink. The Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park is a working rum factory with a folk museum for you to explore.

This place is also frequented by those who want to enjoy colonial architecture. After your tour, you can also taste some of the rum they take pride in. You can’t go wrong in a museum that’s both informational and delicious.

Bustling Nightlife on a Stunning View

Party like never before in an elegant yet soothing atmosphere! The island of Barbados has no shortage of establishments and activities even as the sun goes down. Party on the beach with an ocean view, or better yet, get on a yacht!

There are also performances and dinner shows that showcase the Barbadians’ musical talents. If these are not enough to entice you to go out at the night, then you might want to check the Atlantis Submarine.

It includes a night dive over 150 feet (46 m), allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Barbados’ reef. And when you’ve had your fill of aquatic encounters, you would be treated to a cocktail reception back on land!

Check these spots out if you want to see the best nightlife establishment for you to dance your night away.

St. Lawrence Gap

This place boasts the liveliest nightlife on the whole island. It is more commonly referred to simply as “the Gap”. Locals and tourists find themselves lost in the Gap with its lines of clubs and street vendors. One second you would be dancing, and in the other, you would be enjoying the best seafood. Your vacation in Barbados will only truly be complete with a night in the Gap!

Red Door Lounge

If you’re looking for something more private, then the Red Door Lounge is for you. It is an indoor club where you can dance your night away. This club has some of the best mixes on the whole island, so you’d be sure to party in style.

Harbor Lights

Dance and party on the stunning Carlisle Bay in this open-air club. Here, you get the perfect ambiance, entertainment, and drinks. If you ever get the chance to spend your night in Harbour Lights, you wouldn’t get a single boring moment.

Shopping and Luxury Tax-Free!

If you’re in search of the best place to shop, then you’ve found it! Barbados is the shopper’s friend. Although not entirely tax-free, it is a very low-tax environment, so you are guaranteed to have great deals.

The island has several shops that are sure to entice you. There are establishments for arts and crafts, luxury shopping, and antiques. There are also shopping malls and local markets that boast a wide variety of products. Here are some of the island’s most famous shopping spots for you to start.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is the place to be if you want to experience luxury. Surround yourself with premium international brands and shop until you drop.

For your meals, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and bars that you are sure to love. You can also appreciate the Grove Gallery for its astounding art installations.

Broad Street

In contrast to Limegrove’s luxurious atmosphere is Bridgertown’s Broad Street. This colorful road is filled with bargain shops and gift shops where you are sure to get quality items for a bargain price.

Yet, this place is also known for its pieces of jewelry that range from cheap unknown brands to luxury items.

Pelican Craft Village

If you want to appreciate the Barbadians’ artistic talents, then the Pelican Craft Village is the destination for you. Various kinds of artistic mediums can be found here. This includes paintings, sculptures, potteries, metalworks, and so much more. There are also hand-woven baskets and mats splashed with the most vibrant of colors.

Bask in Their Colorful Music and Arts

As one of the most vibrant countries in the world, Barbados’ culture is filled with the liveliest music and arts. One thing you would never lack on this island is entertainment.

It is not uncommon for people to perform on the streets on a regular day. There are also numerous arts and crafts centers, galleries, and stores. All of these tells of the sparkling nature of the Barbadians.

Tourists would tell of the island’s streets being with great positive energy that resonates within. This is why the Barbadians often find themselves wanting to release and manifest this vigor into something beautiful.

That is one of the possible reasons for the abundance of music and arts on the island. Another explanation is simply that the Barbadians want to share the beauty of their island. One thing is for sure, After your visit to Barbados, you would have a new appreciation for nature’s beauty and the vibrant music and art that comes with it.

St. Lucia

You’ve never truly seen the true beauty of Earth until you’ve visited St. Lucia. This island hides breathtaking sceneries that you’ve never even dreamed of. It is considered by many the most beautiful Caribbean island, and for good reason.

One of the island’s many allures is its mystical charm that draws in travelers from all over the world. Compared to the other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia offers a more adventurous spirit but has a warmer and friendlier atmosphere.

St. Lucia is the only sovereign state in the world that got its name after a woman. Coincidentally, it is the most comfortable and breathtaking destination there is. This island has a well-established economy based on its tourism and banana plantation.

Its lands are filled with trees and orchids that bring natural vibrant color to the whole state. Its mountainous terrain adds charm to its already stunning coasts and gives tourists more to explore.

Frequent visitors of St. Lucia don’t go to the island time and time again just for its gorgeousness. One of its best features is actually the St. Lucians themselves.

Just like the island itself, the locals are warm, welcoming, and vibrant. You would find yourself encompassed by a natural comforting atmosphere as though you’ve been part of their community all along.

Jaw-dropping sights, snug ambiance, and hospitable locals. St. Lucia is truly the ideal destination for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re with your family for a vacation or your partner for a romantic getaway, St. Lucia would give you the time of your life.

What Makes St. Lucia Unique?

Natural Beauty You Would Never Get Tired Of

St. Lucia has been shaped by volcanic eruptions, giving it rich soil filled with minerals. This in turn molded the island into a beautiful haven of springs, rainforests, hills, and bays.

Its mountainous terrain makes it harder to traverse through with vehicles but makes it so much better to walk on. A simple stroll in St. Lucia is similar to world-class nature tours! To know more about the island’s natural beauty, here are some of its most famous destinations.

Sulphur Springs

St. Lucia has numerous wonderful spots, but Sulphur Springs is its most exhilarating and unique destination. This geothermal field located in Soufriere is filled with black-water pool baths perfect for a revitalizing soak.

Its mud baths are world-famous for having supposed healing properties for many skin ailments. Of course, you are guaranteed to enjoy it too even if you have no blemishes! Sulphur Springs is also prominent for being the only drive-in volcano in the world.

You can enjoy the thrilling view in the center of the volcano without taking on an exhausting hike! Going to this place is sure to be fun, but if you want to fully explore it, it is recommended to hire a tourist guide for a better and more holistic experience.


Take in the beauty of the island through its most iconic landmark — the Pitons! These volcanic plugs are a gorgeous site together, but going on its peak offers a panoramic view of St. Lucia.

Here, you can take in all of the island’s beauty. From its lush greeneries, azure waters, lively shores, and colorful building, there’s really no better sight to see. The Pitons is a group of two landmasses, which are the Gros Piton and Petit Piton.

They measure 2,461ft (750 m) and 2,619ft (798 m) respectively. The towering Pitons are connected by the Piton Mitan ridge. There are several routes you can trek to get to one of the Pitons’ peaks. With that in mind, be sure to inquire and prepare before you hike.

Rodney Bay

If you’re looking for a place where you would not run out of activities to do, then the Rodney Bay is for you. This bay is located on the northwest coast of St. Lucia and has a distinct horseshoe shape.

It has calm waters, making it an ideal place for several beach and sea sports. This also makes it the most prominent yachting hub on the island. There are also hills and rainforests nearby for you to hike! Tourists of the bay would often visit it for its national park, street parties, and stunning beaches.

Marigot Bay

Do you find yourself searching for a luxurious spot to take a well-deserved relaxation? Then you’re lucky because Marigot Bay is the place for you. Experience luxury in a clash of nature’s bountiful sea and vibrant trees.

Here you can enjoy the best features of St. Lucia without facing the hassle of transportation. Marigot Bay has several bars, pools, spas, and restaurants for you to enjoy. Yet, what visitors really love about the place is the stunning views available right on their suites’ balconies. Imagine waking up in paradise!

Toraille Waterfalls

Your vacation in St. Lucia is never truly complete unless you’ve completed a trail to enjoy its nature. Many visitors’ problems with trails, however, is that it’s too exhausting. Toraille Waterfalls, on the other hand, is sure to revitalize you!

Despite having to go through a trail before reaching this destination, you are sure to leave it feeling lighter and more relaxed. This waterfall is one of the most prominent natural attractions on the island. It is known for its beauty as well as its pool where you can enjoy a most relaxing dip in the water.

The waterfall falls from a 50 ft (15 m) high cliff and is surrounded by lush and vibrant greenery. You are sure to fall in love with this tropical haven!

Carib, African, French, and English Culture in One

St. Lucia is known for its rich history as one of the most sought-after islands by both the French and English people.

Possession of the island has been fought over for many centuries until it was finally won by Britain through the Treaty of Paris in 1814. Currently, the population of the island is dominated by people of African descent.

There are also some remaining with Carib roots, but they are far and few in between. With that, it has turned into a hot pot of fascinating cultures that you can explore through the island’s landmarks and community.

This turns your St. Lucia adventure into a multicultural experience that takes you all around the world!

Get a Taste of the Caribbean With Their Cuisine

St. Lucia is not just a treat for the eyes. It’s also a feast for your stomach! Get your taste buds tingling with the many flavors prepared by St. Lucian chefs.

These seasoned cooks utilize the island’s fresh seafood to embody the bountiful sea and their rich Creole heritage. They handle their fish exquisitely, but the most prominent foods they serve are based on shellfish and lobsters.

With bananas playing a huge part in their economy, you can also enjoy numerous banana-based delicacies. This includes their world-famous baked plantain chips that might just make you forget about french fries. To help you map out your foodie itinerary, here are some of the best restaurants St. Lucia has to offer.

The Pink Plantation House

This place offers a cozy ambiance and world-class food. It is a French colonial house dated for over 150 years. It is situated in a vibrant garden.

One of the first things you would notice in this restaurant is the many antiquities decorated all over. However, as you go inside, you would be greeted by the smell of their mouthwatering Creole cuisine. After eating, you can explore the place and even enjoy an art gallery.

Martha’s Table

If you miss the warmth and taste of a homecooked meal, then Martha’s Table is the place to go. This amazing food establishment is simple yet acquires a comfortable setting. There is a colorful garden outside and a plain interior.

However, people don’t go here for its design. The food in Martha’s Table is something you are guaranteed to go back for. They serve Creole food using fresh ingredients and masterful cooking. Each bite would be like a savory hug for your mouth.

Treetop Restaurant and Bar

Feast on the panoramic view of the island while filling yourself with world-class food. The Treetop Restaurant and Bar would give you a magical view to best enjoy their savory dishes.

It is an open-air restaurant where you are encompassed by towering trees, only you are at the same height as most of them. Eating and drinking in this restaurant is a must-do for an unforgettable experience.

World-Class Beaches and Reefs

St. Lucia’s beaches are some of the most beautiful places in the world. It has fine stretches of sand and stunning clear waters. Yet, these are not what makes the island’s beaches unique.

The secret lies in the astounding landscape of St. Lucia. It magnifies the natural beauty of the shores by adding luscious land formations along with the scenery.

This creates a magnificent view perfect for a day at the beach. With that in mind, here are the best beaches in St. Lucia you shouldn’t miss.

Sugar Beach

The Sugar Beach represents the peak of a luxurious vacation in St. Lucia. This beach has gorgeous white sand and is encompassed by trees and hills, giving it a fascinating landscape.

Its picturesque views can be appreciated in the whole vicinity, no matter where you are and what activity you’re doing. That means you would be able to enjoy spa treatments, world-class meals, and even your own private villa surrounded by beautiful sights.

If that’s not enough for you, the Pitons, plantations, and other great sites are within walking distance. This is an ideal spot for relaxation and adventure!

Marigot Bay Beach

You may have heard of the Marigot Bay, yet it is important that you learn about its best feature- the Marigot Bay Beach! Just like most beaches on the island, this one also sports clear turquoise waters.

It is also encompassed by vibrant trees and foliage all around. What makes this beach unique, however, is its combination of both natural and man-made attractions. Here, you can enjoy the beach while being accommodated with a lot of seats, gazebos, and restaurants.

Everywhere you look on this beach is guaranteed to be jaw-dropping. That means the view in your room or while you’re out eating would be divine! You can also enjoy the sea cruising on a yacht. Its calm waters also make the perfect place for sunbathing and swimming. Talk about a fun day at the beach for everyone!

Reduit Beach

The Reduit Beach boasts a gorgeous stretch of sand going for about 1 km (0.62 miles). The golden sand has space for anyone who wants to enjoy various beach activities.

Visitors would often partake in fun water transports or water sports which offer thrilling fun. This beach is located on the northern coast of the island and is also celebrated for its landscape. Hills and greeneries surround the shores, giving tourists a stunning panoramic view you wouldn’t want to miss.

Pigeon Island

Complete your St. Lucia experience on the world-famous Pigeon Island. Discover its wonderful sceneries and historic sites in its well-preserved museum. This destination is known as one of the most momentous landmarks on the island.

It holds a strategic naval position so it became a pivotal setting for the island’s history as a British and French colony. The Pigeon Island, despite its name, is actually connected to the land through a causeway. It was built for military purposes, but now it serves to make transportation easier for tourists.

The island has a wide area of 44 acres (18 ha). It contains several military buildings, two beaches, and a few restaurants. There is even a lookout point that offers one of the best panoramic views available in the whole of St. Lucia.

Colorful and Exciting Festivals and Events

With its rich history and live community, St. Lucia never lacks a thing to celebrate. This is why the island is famous for the many festivals that commemorate its history, culture, and the island itself.

There is a lot to enjoy, including different revelries depending on the event. You may get the chance to see their exhibitions, performances, parades, or other exhilarating activities.

No matter the celebration, you are guaranteed to enjoy the merriment and explosive energy of the whole island. With that in mind, here are some of St. Lucia’s festivals and events that you should definitely check out.

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

One of the best ways to enjoy any great view is by listening to music. Luckily, in St. Lucia, the month of May has a celebration called the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

This festival brings saxophone, trumpet, and bass guitar players from all over the world in order to showcase their talents. You’ll know the festivities have begun once the beautiful island is filled with exquisite melodies by these jazz musicians.

Fishermen’s Feast (Fête Pêche)

Get a taste of the St. Lucia community by celebrating the Fishermen’s Feast with them! This annual festival is celebrated on the last Sunday of June.

During this time, the fishermen of the island commemorate a bountiful year in what can be considered their thanksgiving. You would be able to see the locals attending churches and having their boats blessed.

Yet, what tourists enjoy at this festival are the communal feasts which are sure to fill you up with the local’s favorite fresh and savory dishes.

Saint Lucia Carnival

The best event you can ever hope to have the privilege to join in St. Lucia is their magnificent carnival. The Saint Lucia Carnival is the island’s biggest and longest festival. It is usually celebrated in July and is famous for the many revelries locals and tourists enjoy.

Here, the St. Lucians honor their heritage and culture, making it a colorful and energetic event you’re sure to never forget. During the carnival, you can enjoy street parties, concerts, parades, and even boat rides!

Most of the locals would be dressed in colorful costumes. Of course, visitors are welcome to join in on the fun too. So, if you’re planning on going to St. Lucia for the time of your life, you might want to try to set your trip in July.

Thrilling Nightlife With the Locals

The natural beauty of St. Lucia is best appreciated during the day when there’s enough light to fully see everything. However, the nighttime is when the island truly comes to life!

With numerous bars and clubs over picturesque settings, locals and visitors alike are guaranteed to have the time of their lives. The lively and friendly St. Lucians spread their infectious energy, keeping any party exhilarating and fun.

There are strips of nightlife establishments for you to get your drinks. For your dinner, you can also enjoy varying cuisines including Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and American. If you don’t particularly feel like dancing, you can also go to Karaokes to sing to your heart’s content.

All of these are enough reasons for you to get out every single night of your stay in St. Lucia. To give you the best possible experience, see these nightlife establishments so you would know which one suits you.

Rodney Bay Village

The Rodney Bay Village is the busiest place on the island during the nighttime. This bustling area is filled with party crowds going to the strip of clubs and bars that are scattered throughout the place.

Here, you can drink, dance, and sing your night away while enjoying the best view of the island. You would be met with vibrant energy right on the streets. It only gets livelier inside the clubs and bars!

There are also places with live jazz music if you want to have a calmer and more relaxed night. You can even enjoy a quiet time at an open-air bar by the beach so you can feel the sea breeze and the warmth of a delicious St. Lucian drink.

Gros Islet Jump Up

Can’t decide whether you prefer to eat or party for the night? The Gros Islet Jump Up lets you do both. This street party is celebrated every Friday on the Castries-Gros Islet Hwy.

If you come here as the sun goes down, you’d be able to witness the transformation of a plain street into a festival. Vendors would crowd the place and communal tables are scattered around while a sea of partygoers flood in. You can enjoy your time here by eating fresh and delicious food or by dancing and partying with the locals.

Ultra Lounge

Ultra Lounge is where all the wild energy in St. Lucia is released. This is the place to go if you want to let loose and dance away.

You can spend your time here enjoying dance parties for as long as 6 am. There are numerous drinks for you to try here, including various cocktail mixes and rum punches. If you’ve got extra cash, you can also book a VIP area for a more luxurious evening.

Yachting and Sailing

If you’ve ever been to an island, then you should know that sailing along its shores is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience! What better way to enjoy the azure waters and picturesque scenes of St. Lucia than yachting or sailing?

Here, you would be treated to the revitalizing sea breeze and the occasional splash of water. All the while, a panoramic view of the island and ocean alike surrounds you. It would be like a scene in a movie once you’ve experienced the exhilarating feeling that you can only get out in the sea.

No St. Lucia trip is ever complete without encountering its waters. Yachting and sailing simply is the best way to do this!

Strong Sense of Heritage and Culture

Despite St. Lucia turning into a hot pot of culture, you would see that it is more than a mixture of varying heritages that chaotically clashes. Instead, the best way to describe their culture is as an amalgamation of several fascinating practices and traditions.

St. Lucians turned the different aspects of the African, English, French, and Carib culture into something that is purely St. Lucian. Although, it would be wrong to assume that St. Lucia has a homogenous way of life.

One of the things visitors notice on this island is that they have a diverse culture. For you, this means there are numerous arts, traditions, and lifestyles for you to discover. The best way to do this is by going through their museums. Here are some of their best exhibits to help you understand and appreciate the St. Lucians better.

Eudovic’s Art Studio

One of the best ways to understand one’s culture is by appreciating their art. With that in mind, you shouldn’t miss visiting Eudovic’s Art Studio. This gallery celebrates St. Lucia’s oldest and most prominent sculptor, Vincent Joseph Eudovic.

Eudovic mainly uses Laurier Canelle as his main medium which he always ends up turning into an exquisite wooden sculpture. However, this wood is actually already extinct on the island except for some roots and stumps.

This makes Eudovic’s work rare and more exotic. It doesn’t matter if you have an eye for details or art in particular. Once you’ve seen the masterful works of Eudovic, you are guaranteed to gain a new appreciation for wood sculpting.

St. Omer Artmagic

Dunstan St. Omer is regarded by many as the most famous St. Lucia artist. He is, after all, responsible for the astounding design of the state’s flag. St. Omer Artmagic is a gallery dedicated to the esteemed artist’s works.

He is known to have used several mediums, so you are guaranteed to see varying artworks. The building itself is also a thing of awe. It can be considered a fascinating work of art as it sports a European architectural style.

Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretive Centre

Pigeon Island’s role in St. Lucia’s history can be understood best in its extensive museum. Here, you would learn about the many battles between the British and the French to occupy the island.

The Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretive Centre is filled with remnants of the war. You can expect to see many interesting artifacts and well-preserved forts. Younger tourists might also enjoy the ruins and canons that you can find around.

However, you should wear comfortable clothes and prepare for long walks. It might take you a few hours to enjoy everything this wonderful museum has to offer.

La Maison Creole

The La Maison Creole is filled with numerous artifacts of St. Lucia that go back several generations. This amazing museum has a wide collection of things that St. Lucians used in their day-to-day lives.

These include furniture, equipment, crafts, musical instruments, toys, a boat, and their currency. Of course, there is also a huge collection of pottery. Different shapes, sizes, and styles are all around La Maison Creole, creating such an astounding display.

Is Barbados Better Than St. Lucia?

Barbados and St. Lucia are on the top of the list of the Caribbean’s best islands, but which one is better than which is for you to decide! These islands are known for their hospitable locals, stunning sceneries, and mouthwatering food.

They are also popular for honeymoons, romantic getaways, and family trips. Yet, Barbados and St. Lucia have a distinct and unique beauty to them that caters to different kinds of travelers.

Barbados offers a refreshing and revitalizing vacation that is perfect for anyone who wants to take their time to relax. There are endless activities to do on the island, but it is more commercial than St. Lucia.

This means that there’s better accommodation and more ways for you to treat yourself. Here, there’s a wide variety of shops and boutiques as well as numerous historical sites.

It is best enjoyed with friends or a partner for a chill yet fulfilling vacation. Families are still guaranteed to have a great time here, but it offers a lot more for the adults. After all, one of the best features of Barbados is its bustling nightlife.

St. Lucia on the other hand is the island for you if you want to go out in nature and explore the Earth’s natural beauty. St. Lucia has fascinating landscapes and picturesque scenes brought by its mountainous terrain.

The island calls out more to the adventurous soul. Here, there are fewer landmarks and commercial establishments than in Barbados. Yet, there are more nature and wildlife than you can explore in a week!

St. Lucia has a lot more family-friendly places and activities. Every single member of your family is sure to enjoy the serene beaches and exhilarating treks. It is still an ideal romantic getaway, but to fully appreciate the St. Lucia experience, you would have to go through exhausting activities. It might leave you with no energy for romantic walks or dinners.


Which Is Safer – Barbados or St. Lucia?

Some travelers who’ve been to both islands report that they feel safer in Barbados as it is more developed. This is backed by World Bank’s crime rate and statistics. According to it, Barbados has a crime rate of 9.77 (per 100k population) in 2018, while St. Lucia has 21.44 in the same year.

Which Is More Expensive – Barbados or St. Lucia?

Many of Barbados’ pleasures are luxurious, so it tends to be more expensive. Its establishments are also more commercialized than that of St. Lucia’s.

The average daily expenses of past visitors to Barbados go to about $300. Visitors of St. Lucia, on the other hand, report a daily expenditure amounting to a total of $169.

Barbados or St. Lucia for Families

If you want more activities for your family, St. Lucia is the place to go. However, transportation is hard on this island due to its mountainous terrain. Barbados is a great choice with many activities for everyone as well but it can be too crowded for a large party at times.

Barbados or St. Lucia for Honeymoon

If your priority is enjoying the beach, then Barbados is a better choice for a honeymoon. St. Lucia, on the other hand, is a better choice when it comes to the atmosphere and scenery.
Although Barbados has stunning views, St. Lucia has more picturesque scenes to enjoy.

St. Lucia or Barbados in October

Due to October being the rainy season in these islands, Barbados is a better choice. The beauty of St. Lucia lies in its sceneries and adventure in nature which is hard to do during a downpour.

On the other hand, Barbados gets less rain and has many establishments with fun indoor activities. This keeps your vacation from getting stale no matter what the weather is.

Which Is Bigger – St. Lucia or Barbados?

St. Lucia is bigger than Barbados. This island is 238 square miles (617 km²) large. Barbados on the other hand is 166 square miles (439 km²) only. Despite this difference in size, there are more attractions in Barbados.

Is St. Lucia in Barbados?

No, St. Lucia and Barbados are two different islands. Both islands, however, are parts of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.

How Far Is Barbados From St. Lucia?

When it comes to the distance of both islands’ borders, there is a distance of 147 km. This can be translated into 79 Nautical Miles. The distance between the islands’ centers, on the other hand, is 174 km or 94.1 nautical miles.

How Far Is St. Lucia From Barbados in Miles?

The distance between St. Lucia’s border to Barbados’ is 91 miles (147 km). On the other hand, the distance to each island’s center is 108.36 miles (174 km). This distance is about 19 times larger than the height of Mount Everest!

How to Get From Barbados to St. Lucia

The only way to get from Barbados to St. Lucia is through a plane ride. Airlines that offer this flight are Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, and American.

There are about 3 direct flights from Barbados to St. Lucia, the others are long connecting flights.

How Long Is the Flight From St. Lucia to Barbados?

Direct flights from St. Lucia to Barbados only last for about 40 minutes. Indirect flights, on the other hand, can go from 3 hours to a grueling 24 hours. Much of this time is spent waiting for a connecting flight.

How Much Is a Flight From St. Lucia to Barbados?

St. Lucia to Barbados flights cost $114 on average. Roundtrip flights on the other hand only cost about XCD 490 ($181).

Is There a Ferry From St. Lucia to Barbados?

Currently, there are no ferries that offer a trip from St. Lucia to Barbados. There used to be one, but operations have stopped already.

There may be ferry services for these islands in the future, but as of now, it is recommended to take a flight instead.

How Long Is the Boat Ride From St. Lucia to Barbados?

A distance of 100 nautical miles usually takes about 10–16 hours to travel. This is largely dependent on the cruise speed and size of your boat. However, forums about the old ferry of BEDY Oceanline that traveled from St. Lucia to Barbados are said to only take about 3 hours.