Bali vs. Maldives

Being two of the most romantic destinations in the world, Bali and Maldives are places worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. How do they differ? Bali has a little bit of everything: volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, and jungles. Maldives is an endless coast of clear blues, white sand, and marine life. Neither is truly better, and it all depends on what you’re seeking in a vacation: adventure, beaches, or both?
Bali vs. Maldives

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Feeling undecided on which is a better destination to visit? Here’s a quick read in case you’re pressed for time:

Bali is more of the expand-your-travel-horizons kind of vacation. There are beaches to relax in, jungles to explore, waterfalls to bathe in, and volcanoes & rice terraces to sightsee. It’s like a mash-up of relaxation, island life, outdoor adventure, and cultural history.

The Maldives stands out as a beach destination. Think luxury, fine sand, and sparkling turquoise-blue waters that stretch as far as the eyes can see. And of course, overwater villas. Cozy, wooden huts that sit above a lagoon or beach surrounded by water and thriving marine life.

Looking for the details about each place? Read on for everything there is to know about Bali and Maldives.


Bali is the more varied choice for any traveler. Being Indonesia’s most famous island, there’s something for everyone in Bali. Whether it’s water rafting, beach lounging, visiting temples, jungle excursions, or scenic mountain treks.

Not to mention, it’s pocket friendly. From food and transportation to accommodations. As far as scenery and landscapes are concerned, Bali has several postcard-worthy places to see. In fact, you could even go as far as to say that Bali is also a spiritual destination.

And not just in the form of yoga. Spiritual retreats are common around Bali, especially in Ubud. It’s where many seeking a spiritual experience go. You also have various temples that offer their own unique spiritual experience.

What else is there to love about Bali? A whopping ton. And it’s what the next sections are for.

What Makes Bali Unique?

Adventure That Never Seems to End

Adventure is king in Bali. Hiking couldn’t be any more exciting than the trail at Mount Batur, one of Bali’s active volcanoes. In just two hours, any experienced hiker will easily reach the summit. Plus, it happens to be one of the best places to watch a sunrise or sunset at any time of the year.

For a heart-racing thrill of adventure and heights, you can walk the suspension bridge at Bukit Lemped. Or, slide down a natural waterslide at one of the most scenic waterfalls, Aling Aling Waterfall. More waterfall adventure awaits in Sekumpul Waterfall and Banyumala Twin Waterfalls.

Speaking of waterfall adventures, Bali isn’t short of marine life and aquatic adventures either. Whether it’s catching surf breaks, swimming with manta rays, or snorkeling & scuba diving in its many dive sites.

Rice paddies also make do if you’re in the mood for soft adventure. It’s worth the trip, especially early morning when glamorous shades of orange cover the sky. Jatiluwih, Belimbing, and Tegallalang Rice Terraces are by far the most popular ones in Bali.

Next, be sure to try the iconic Bali swing. It’s a highlight for many and offers a grand view of the surrounding landscape while you’re strapped to a harness. Coffee plantations are just as much of a wonder of natural beauty as Bali’s rice paddies. Best way to get your coffee fix too, right? After all, Indonesia produces one of the best coffees and nothing beats sourcing a local cup of caffeine in Bali.

All in all, there’s something for every adventurous soul in Bali. Rest assured, you’ll never have an empty itinerary considering there’s so much to do all around.

There are Plenty of Ways to Relax and Experience Bliss

If you’re up for a relaxing day at the beach, you’ve got plenty of options.

There’s Nusa Dusa beach, for starters. Jimbaran Bay for a calming sunset experience. Thomas beach if you want to sunbathe and relax in peace or go for a secluded beach walk. Balangan beach for the ultimate laid-back afternoon. Keramas beach for a mix of pool relaxation and front-row ocean-surf seats. And Sundays Beach Club for the VIP relaxation treatment.

Did you know Bali also offers cream-of-the-crop spas and massage centers? You’re looking at the crème de la crème of wellness and relaxation in Indonesia. And Bali serves all its guests with a golden spoon of total bliss.

So, when sun and sand seem to become a little dull, there are dozens of spas guaranteed to pamper you to the max. The best part? Not all luxury spas come with hefty price tags. Sundari Spa is one example of that fact.

But for a small splurge, you can get a naturistic bamboo paradise at Fivelements Spa and spend the whole day in bliss. Those in dire need of undisturbed relaxation and peace will find it at the Sacred River Spa. A nature sanctuary made to set your gears to full-on relax mode.

For the VIP and six-star spa service, none can compare to The Spa at The Legian Bali. From its treatments down to its ingredients, The Spa at The Legian Bali screams “total bliss.”

Bodyworks, Prana Spa Bali, Spa Alila, and The Care Day Spa are all superb options as well. And just in case you’re craving a massage in the wee hours of the morning, AWAY Spa is open 24/7.

Accommodations to Suit Every Price Range

There’s no shortage of excellent accommodations in Bali. Whether you’re booking an Airbnb, hostel, resort, or vacation rental.

Does a lavish resort seem too pricey? Don’t worry. Choosing between an Airbnb or vacation rental is just as luxurious. In fact, it’s not hard to book an Airbnb in Bali that comes with a breathtaking view at a modest price. Not to mention, it comes with awesome amenities too.

Some lodging options are so unique you can even stay at a bamboo house situated in the jungle. And instead of having just a balcony, it also comes with a hammock perfect for relaxing on a rainy day. The majority of hotels and resorts in Bali also have private infinity pools and spectacular ocean/beach views.

Even if you were to choose a more luxurious resort, prices aren’t too steep that it would eat away your budget. On average, staying at 5-star hotels and resorts in Bali is about 2,027,788 to 7,209,912 Indonesian Rupiah or IDR (USD 135 to 480 at 15,000 IDR a dollar) per night.

However, you can easily find other resorts and hotels that cost below 1,500,000 IDR (USD 100). Overall, you’re bound to have an enjoyable stay in Bali regardless of which accommodation you choose. And it’s also one good reason why so many choose Bali if they’re tight on a budget.

The Warmth and Kindness of Locals

It’s so easy to make friends with the locals in Bali. The Balinese are some of the friendliest and warmest people you’ll meet in this world. In fact, the locals enjoy having conversations with tourists. In case you need help getting around, many are willing to offer you assistance and directions.

Did you know that Balinese are also well known for being excellent guides? Due to their hospitable nature, tourists easily feel welcome in Bali. Whether it’s locals you meet on the street or your local store operator.

All in all, there’s no doubt you’ll feel welcome as part of the Bali community. A trip to Bali is unforgettable not just because of its landscapes, beaches, and scenic adventures, it’s the warm and welcoming sense of community in Bali along with its people that truly makes any visitor feel valued and at home.


Some might believe that the Maldives is purely a snorkeling beach destination, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Picture Maldives as a small intimate island in the middle of the ocean.

It’s a divine beauty. Paired with soft white sands, aquamarine lagoons with mesmerizing shades of blue, and perfect beaches with swaying palm trees.

Surrounded by sprawling and lush greenery, the Maldives feels like beach heaven on Earth. And with its romantic atmosphere, you can’t deny that a trip to the Maldives is absolutely enchanting. In contrast to Bali, you won’t find a lot of adventure here, except for beautiful beaches and several water-based activities.

For any beach lover, staying in the Maldives is the ultimate getaway. And on top of that, this small, beautiful island is first-class luxury all around.

The overwater bungalows found all around the island are nothing short of elegant, relaxing, and luxurious. For an even more luxurious stay, the Maldives is one of the few places in the world that offers underwater villa accommodations.

If you love the ocean and want the most romantic experience, you can’t go wrong with this slice of paradise. But if you need a little more convincing, the next sections should tell you all there is to know about the island.

What Makes Maldives Unique?

One of the Most Romantic Places in This World

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, and for good reason. Staying at any resort in the Maldives feels like you’re on a private island. And not only does it feel exclusive, but you even get a butler to help carry out any romantic touches. Be it breakfast in bed, setting up rose petals on your outdoor bath, or any romantic idea.

The overwater villas are especially even more romantic. Surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, it’s near impossible to ever have a bad day with this much natural beauty around you. The minute you wake up, tantalizing shades of blue, as far as your eyes can see, greet you. Even better, you can jump in the water whenever you want to.

The sand is literally less than 50 steps away from your bungalow, and everywhere you look, it’s lush greenery and thriving marine life. Some overwater villas even come with their own pools.

At night, you can go on a dolphin cruise, dine exclusively on a private beach, or book a couple’s treatment at an underwater spa. Imagine that: total privacy and relaxation surrounded by fish and marine life.

What’s more, for a truly romantic and unique dining experience, there are several underwater restaurants in the Maldives. You’d literally be eating next to the fishes on the reef.

A candle-lit dinner also feels especially romantic in Maldives. Whether it’s at the beach or even in an overwater restaurant. Maybe it’s the scenery and landscape? Perhaps it’s because you have the entire coastline to yourself? Or it could simply be due to the fact that the Maldives is truly a romantic destination regardless of which part of the island you are on.

Ultra-Lavish Luxury

The minute you land in the Maldives is the start of your fuss-free vacation. It’s royal treatment throughout your entire stay. And private butlers are at your beck and call all the way. What makes the Maldives so appealing, apart from its idyllic beaches and lagoons, is its unparalleled service.

If you ever wondered what it was like to live like a king or queen, Maldives paints a pretty good picture of what that’s like. As if sea-facing overwater villas weren’t enough, you’re spoiled with luxurious amenities. Private infinity pools, in-room spas, Michelin-star food, access to private sandbanks, and so much more.

The Maldives is the definition of luxury, from its accommodations to the sand in between your toes. And it’s one of the few places worth splurging for.

Unique Aquatic Adventures

Surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are indeed popular activities to do in the Maldives. But you aren’t limited to just those. Because it also offers something unique: liveaboards.

Also regarded as houseboats and localized cruise ships, you can book a liveaboard and do a sea safari around the island.

What’s more, you don’t have to stay on just one island the entire time you’re in the Maldives. There are several islands to explore, and you can island hop to each if you’re looking for more than just your average snorkeling excursion.

Think of liveaboards as your own personalized yacht for the day.

You don’t just get to decide where to go. You can even customize the staff. Go as far as adding in a personal chef, on-site masseuse, dive instructor, and even a sommelier. There are several liveaboards available in the Maldives, all of which offer a wide range of amenities and accommodations.

For yet another unique aquatic adventure, Mudhdhoo Island is the only beach in the Maldives that glows at night. This spectacular phenomenon is also known as bioluminescence. At night, Mudhdhoo Island glows a brilliant, shimmering blue so bright you wouldn’t miss it even if you’re miles away.

Of course, snorkeling and scuba diving in Maldives are also without a doubt, fantastic. The Baa Atoll is one of the best dive sites and is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Marine life and exotic species of underwater flora and fauna are in large supply in the Maldives.

Out-Of-This-World Accommodations

When it comes to superior island living, Maldives sets the standard. Overwater bungalows and villas are a common sight, seclusion is expected, and natural beauty surrounds you. Accommodations in the Maldives are far above the mediocre standard. The same can be said for its restaurants and spas.

Although overwater bungalows are the usual lodging standard, it’s no longer just as simple as saying they’re stilted above water.

A clear example? Six Senses Lammu. An overwater lagoon villa at Six Senses Lammu comes with a glass-bottomed bathtub. That’s right. It’s like snorkeling 24/7. Just right beside the glass-bottomed bathtub is also an outdoor patio, perfect for sunbathing in the day and stargazing at night. And if that’s not relaxing enough, you can chill by the hammock that dangles just a few inches above the turquoise waters.

Soneva Jani is another modern overwater villa in Maldives that offers a truly unique experience. Right at your bedside is a button that when pressed, retracts the roof above your bed to reveal the starry night sky. Come sunrise, if you’re up for a swim, you can easily slide down to the aquamarine lagoon waters by using the water slide at your villa.

Other resorts and overwater villas all come with their own unique and world-class amenities. Be it a “hidden” rooftop loft deck, infinity pools, or exclusive access to unspoiled lagoons. Overall, resorts and villas in the Maldives have taken a step further into what it means to live luxuriously on an island.

And if you want true luxury, The Muraka at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort is one of the best you’ll find. The outdoor deck with its infinity pool and 24/7 butler service is already enough to call it a VIP accommodation.

But it gets even better. The Muraka is a two-level residence, and its master bedroom calmly sits below sea level. In other words, it’s an underwater villa and the first of its kind in Maldives. Which means you’d essentially be sleeping beneath the ocean. How’s that for an out-of-this-world accommodation?

An Island of Utmost Relaxation

Whether it’s at the beach, underwater spa, or cozy villa, staying in the Maldives is the epitome of what it means to relax.

For those who’ve been meaning to take a breather from work or life, this is the place. The fresh, salty scent of the ocean. Marine life and coral reefs are at your doorstep. Lagoons so blue and so clear all your problems seem to fade. And nature surrounds you to remind you you’re meant to get away from it all.

It’s total visual pleasure. And not only that. There’s no annoying noise like honking cars or loud sounds to distract you from having a great time; whether it’s sipping cocktails in peace, having a quiet moment to yourself by the sand, or simply taking a refreshing dip at the beach or lagoon.

The Maldives isn’t the place that gets busy and crowded with tourists, after all. Yes, you’re bound to see families and couples as well, but it’s got none of that peak-season-of-Spring-Break vibe that can be noisy and irritating.

All in all, Maldives is truly the place to go if you’re looking to disconnect from the world. It’s total bliss. And a nature lover’s and beach paradise at the same time.

Is Bali or Maldives Better?

Regardless of which you choose, Bali and Maldives are superb destinations. Both are worth visiting once in a lifetime. But also, it largely depends on a couple of things.

Are you looking for a relaxing vacation to unwind and disconnect? Or do you prefer sun, sand, and adventure in between?

When Bali comes to mind, many are quick to think of things like, “beaches,” “temples,” “nature,” and “honeymoon.” Beaches give a hint of relaxation. Temples and nature for spirituality and adventure. And honeymoon for a romantic getaway. But there’s a lot more than that.

Bali has everything in one place.

Not just beaches, temples, and nature. There are volcanoes, canyons, underwater caves, and jungles for even more adventure. Hundreds of temples if you’re looking for a spiritual retreat or experience. Dozens of beaches for water-based activities, sports, and relaxation. And incredible spas if you’re looking for a pampered time.

The Maldives is the opposite of what an adventurous vacation looks like.

And while adventurous souls will still enjoy their time around the island, Maldives is a place meant for unwinding. It’s also not solely limited to honeymooners and couples, by the way. Families, friends, and even solo travelers can enjoy the island’s vast pleasures.

If you’re after raw, natural, and unspoiled beauty, Maldives takes the lead. If you’re after the best beaches and lagoons, Maldives wins too. For those in need of a much-needed break, Maldives is the destination that will reward you for all the hard work you’ve put out.

In the end, how do you choose? Which is a better destination? And what’s a better fit for your needs?

Here’s how you decide:

Bali is for travelers seeking pleasure in both relaxation and adventure. Because Bali has just about everything beyond the sun, sand, and sea, it suits active travelers. Explorers. Wanderers looking for a naturistic vacation. Spiritual tourists and yoga enthusiasts. Families who enjoy doing a lot of activities during their trip.

Maldives favors honeymooners and couples looking for a truly romantic destination. But at the same time, it’s perfectly suited for those who love the ocean. Beach lovers. Travelers who seek first-class luxury. VIP treatment. Unique underwater experiences from diving to dining at underwater restaurants. Accommodations so out of this world that bliss and relaxation consume you.

Traveling to Maldives is an unparalleled resort experience. It’s the breather you always wanted and needed from your busy life. And it has all the privacy and exclusivity you could want in a secluded, need-to-get-away-from-it-all getaway.


Which Is More Beautiful – Maldives or Bali?

Maldives and Bali are beautiful destinations, each with its own distinct beauty. Both offer different sceneries and landscapes for travelers. Bali is more beautiful when you think of jungles, rainforests, picturesque mountains, and so on.

Compared to Bali, Maldives is more beautiful when you think of beaches, palm trees, white sand, and sunrises/sunsets. With coastlines and beaches that stretch as far as the eyes can perceive, you’ll see every shade of blue in its waters.

Bali has spectacular beaches too and beautiful coastlines, but also has amazing landscapes to sightsee. This includes rice terraces, active volcanoes, towering waterfalls, expansive rainforests, and more.

Maldives offers sparkling, cerulean beauty on its beaches. The greenery that surrounds the island is also a true gem that any nature lover would fall head over heels for. The lagoons are mesmerizing and teasing to the senses. Overwater villas and resorts, spas, and restaurants also hold a beauty of their own. They’re elegant, classy, stylish, and exude island luxury living.

All in all, both are beautiful in their own way.

Is Maldives Cheaper or More Expensive Than Bali?

Maldives is more expensive than Bali, and it’s quite common to hear that the island is an ultra-lavish destination. But while costs are definitely higher, that doesn’t mean the luxury island is only suited for lavish guests. Because it’s possible for budget-conscious travelers to experience the 5-star luxury of Maldives too.

Recent tourism laws lead to the opening of several local inhabited islands. This paved the way for more budget-friendly options instead of being exclusively limited to private resorts.

Despite Bali being the more economical option, Maldives has a few economical accommodations too. The islands Maafushi, Dhigurah, Thoddoo, and Guraidhoo offer price-friendly lodging options. This includes food and even alcohol set at reasonable prices.

On average, a luxury stay in the Maldives usually costs 7,725 Maldivian Rufiyaa or MVR (USD 500 at 15.45 MVR a dollar). Note that’s just the minimum amount. Costs can even go higher the more luxurious your accommodation is.

Food-wise, expect to pay an average of 772.50 MVR (USD 50) per meal at a 5-star resort. A seafood platter can easily go for 1,823 MVR (USD 118) and even soup costs between 370 to 494.40 MVR (USD 24 to 32).

But thanks to several islands opening their doors to tourists, you can shave a fortune in accommodation costs. Rather than stay at a luxurious resort, a guesthouse at, say, Maafushi costs much less. On average, the nightly price ranges between 463.50 to 1,081.50 MVR (USD 30 to 70).

Food is also much cheaper on the islands mentioned above (Maafushi, Dhigurah, Thoddoo, and Guraidhoo). The average price for food in these islands is about 77.25 to 154.50 MVR (USD 5 to 10).

Overall, visiting Maldives requires a higher budget than in Bali. But on the bright side, traveling on a budget is absolutely possible too.

Bali vs. Maldives for Honeymoon

Both Bali and Maldives are dreamy honeymoon destinations but are also very different from each other. How do you decide, then? It’s all about taking into account your travel personality.

For instance, say you’re more of the stay-at-the-resort or relax-by-the-beach kind of person. But your partner prefers more exploration along with sightseeing adventure and cultural activities. In that case, Bali is a better honeymoon option since it offers the best of both worlds.

Now, the other case is that both you and your partner aren’t looking for any thrill-seeking or action-packed vacation. Instead, your idea of a honeymoon is waking up to a tropical paradise and sand between your toes. The ocean recharges you both, and a private, intimate space is just what you both need right now. Even more so, your main purpose for traveling is to relax. Take a break. Be away from crowds.

If all this resonates with you, Maldives is the better honeymoon option.

Bali vs. Maldives Honeymoon Cost

Although the Maldives has a few price-friendly options, honeymoon costs in Bali are much cheaper overall.

The average stay in Bali at a luxury resort can cost as high as 4,953,234 IDR (USD 330). Compared to the Maldives, the minimum cost of a luxurious bungalow is upwards of 8,497.50 MVR (USD 550).

Food and alcohol are also more expensive in Maldives. Even on a tight budget, you can spend as little as 450,294 to 600,392 IDR (USD 30 to 40) per day in Bali. Of course, going to a luxurious spa or doing a ton of tours can also lead to higher costs.

In total, a luxurious package in Bali can cost up to 15,009,800 IDR (USD 1,000). That includes lodging, food, accommodations, and other activities planned.

In contrast, a luxurious package in the Maldives costs a lot more than 15,450 MVR (USD 1,000). Take for instance the fact that staying in a luxurious bungalow a night already costs 8,497.50 MVR (USD 550). So, a week-stay would already amount to 59,482.50 MVR (USD 3,850) for accommodations alone.

Of course, you have other luxury options that cost much less than 8,497.50 MVR (USD 550) a night. But the results are pretty clear that Bali is much cheaper as a honeymoon destination than in Maldives. That aside, with so many tours and excursions to do around Bali, these expenses can quickly add up too.

Bali vs. Maldives for Family Holiday

Bali and Maldives are safe, family-friendly vacations. However, Bali takes the lead when it comes to having more activities to do as a family. The Maldives is more of a couples’ retreat and offers a good range of water sports activities.

Having more scenic adventures and activities to do all around, Bali is more family-friendly. There are also more children-friendly activities to do in Bali than there are in Maldives. Plus, if you’re traveling as a large group, it’s more pocket-friendly overall.

Lastly, most of the activities available in the Maldives are limited to resort access. In other words, not many of its beaches are public. This means that water-based activities like kayaking or diving in certain spots aren’t readily available to just anyone. At best, you’d either need to book a night at the resort or get a day pass, which can be pricey depending on the resort.

If you prefer more family time at public beaches and the freedom to choose where to soak up sun and sand, Bali wins.

Is Bali in the Maldives?

Bali and Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, but both are separate islands. Bali is not in the Maldives and is a completely separate territory.

Is Bali Near the Maldives?

Although both Bali and Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, the distance between the two isn’t as close as you think. On average, it takes seven to nine hours to fly from one destination to the other.

Maldives to Bali Distance

Given a straight line distance, Maldives is 2,999 miles (4,826 km) away from Bali.

How Do You Get From Bali to the Maldives?

The fastest way to get from Bali to the Maldives is via plane. There are also no ferries that take you from either destination to the other.

Can You Fly From Bali to Maldives?

You can fly from Bali to the Maldives. The most common airlines that offer these flights are SilkAir, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines.

Are There Direct Flights From Maldives to Bali?

There are no direct flights from the Maldives to Bali and vice versa. All flights have at least one stopover, and on average, have a total flight time of 12 hours or longer.

Flight From Bali to Maldives

You can fly from Bali to the Maldives, but these aren’t going to be direct flights. Just like if you would fly from Maldives to Bali, expect there to be a stopover. Durations for stopovers vary depending on the airline and travel date but can be as short as 4 hours or as long as 43 hours.

Bali to Maldives Flight Time

Flight times from Bali to the Maldives vary. Taking into account stopovers, the quickest flight time would be 11 hours. Worst-case scenario, the total flight time could be 47 hours. This is usually for cases where you have an incredibly long stopover or two stopovers.

Maldives to Bali Flight Price

Flight prices from the Maldives to Bali vary, depending on the season and how early you book your flight. The peak season in Bali runs from June to August and late December to early January. For cheaper flights, traveling in the low season is better, which is from February to May.

For instance, low season flight rates can run between 6,750,000 to 8,550,000 IDR (USD 450 to 570). Peak season rates start at 12,000,000 IDR (USD 800) and can quickly shoot upwards of 18,000,000 IDR (USD 1,200).

Overall, booking a flight from the Maldives to Bali is expensive. Because there are no direct flights and lower demand, prices between the two destinations are higher than average.

Bali to Maldives Package

Several tour operators offer Bali-to-Maldives packages but might also include other destinations. For example, you can find a 16-night holiday package in Bali, Maldives, and Singapore offered by Lux Tripper. This includes airport and hotel transfers and a planned itinerary for the whole trip.

Other Bali-to-Maldives packages are a 15-night cruise tour starting from Bali, then Singapore and Dubai, and Maldives as the final stop. If you prefer strictly Bali and Maldives alone, there are Bali & Maldives honeymoon packages online. One worth mentioning is the package offered by Honeymoon Dreams.

The entire package includes six nights in Maldives at the Meeru Island Resort & Spa. Three nights in Ubud, Bali, at Frauma Villas & Spa. And three nights in Seminyak, Bali, at The Elysian Seminyak.

Rather than book a flight on your own from Bali to Maldives, it’s cheaper to go for all-inclusive deals. Bali-to-Maldives packages are better if you want to experience both destinations while having all the hard work taken care of. Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to book your stay or go through the hassle of choosing a cheaper flight. Some packages even come with planned tours and included meals so you can save a lot this way.

When it comes to Bali-to-Maldives packages though, you’ll have to ask for a quote from the website itself. In case you want to upgrade or customize a few inclusions, this can also affect the overall package cost.