Barbados vs. Grenada

Two irresistible slices of Caribbean paradise, Barbados and Grenada are as dreamy as they can get. Both have the best of Caribbean and Atlantic beaches, leaving every beach lover satisfied. With plenty of recreation, delectable cuisine, and more, you can never go wrong with either.
Barbados vs. Grenada

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It’s easy to choose the Caribbean for a tropical getaway. Its otherworldly beaches are enough to motivate any jet-setter to set foot on its sugary shores.

But narrowing down to which island is the hardest decision you can take for your vacation. And going back and forth between Barbados and Grenada isn’t any easier.

Both reel in tourists for their postcard-worthy beaches. But away from the main draw, they’re quite different: from the vibe down to their recreational offerings.

Feeling puzzled? Below are reasons why both are adept in alluring tourists.


Barbados is a siren call for the rich and famous and backpackers alike who want a piece of a tropical paradise. More than its turquoise waters and platinum sands, the island packs a ton of things to do on your trip. With rum, cricket, and lush natural wonders, Barbados is an unforgettable island.

So here are reasons why Barbados is worthy of getting checked off of your travel bucket list.

What Makes Barbados Unique?

Clear Azure Waters

When you’re in Barbados, it’s impossible not to dip your toes in the glistening waters. Beaches are Barbados’ crown jewel, and theirs are some of the best in the Caribbean.

Barbados has over 70 miles (113 kilometers) of white sand and more than 80 beaches to discover. Most of these beaches are open to the public, too, so that you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, almost anywhere on the island.

To top it off, Barbados is delightfully nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This gives you the choice of how you want to spend your beach day.

The west coast is where you’d find glamorous beaches that are postcard-worthy. It’s the epitome of a tropical paradise one could hope for: clear azure waters, sugary white sands, and the swaying palm leaves as your shade.

This is why the west coast is also known as the Platinum Coast. High-end hotels and luxury villas dot the area, and famous stars frequent here.

Meanwhile, the east coast has a more rugged charm that reels in a more active crowd. It’s the spot to be for surfing, as its coast has great rolling waves to conquer. The east coast also has a lively scene for other watersports, such as paddleboarding.

If you’re seeking the raw, untouched beauty of Barbados’ beaches, head to the underdeveloped north coast. Filled with clifftops and hidden coves, the north coast is perfect for an adventure.

Resorts for Every Budget

While a trip to Barbados can be as luxurious as you want, it’s not only a place for those with deep pockets. Barbados has all types of accommodations that fit your needs and your budget.

As you can expect, Barbados has accommodations that scream glitz and glamour. Most of them are on the Platinum Coast, and some allow you to park your yacht on the premises.

But if you want to tighten your purse strings, you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort and beauty of your stay. Barbados has affordable hostels by the sea and all-inclusive resorts. But most visitors opt for rustic seaside cottages, bed and breakfasts, condos, and boutique hotels.

Lively Night Scene

Most touristy activities are bound to the day, ending the fun for many. But in Barbados, excitement doesn’t go away when the sun goes down. For night owls, it’s when the island truly comes alive.

The night scene in Barbados ranges from world-class and opulent bars to lively and laid-back local bars and pubs. Dance in nightclubs, drink away at party cruises, and enjoy the breeze at beach bars and parties. Bar and grills, street parties, and extravagant shows are aplenty, too, on the island.

Barbados’ party scene won’t leave you hanging, especially if you know where to look.

The heart of Barbados’ party scene is St Lawrence Gap, also known as “The Gap”. In particular, head to the western side of St Lawrence Gap as this is where you’ll find the action. Its streets are always filled with the laughter and chatter of merrymakers, as this is where most of the bars and clubs are.

What’s considered the crown jewel of Barbados’ nightlife is the Red Door Lounge at Holetown. With its premium feel, this glitzy nightlife spot is where regular celebrities turn up.

If you’d rather drink away under the twinkling stars with the warm ocean breeze through your hair, head over to Harbour Lights on Carlisle Bay. At night, the shoreline lights up with a kaleidoscope of neon lights. Tropical beats pulsate throughout the night here, so you’re left with no choice but to get up and dance.

Hearty Cuisine

Meals are a crucial part of your day, especially when you need fuel for an action-packed day on your vacation. When you’re in Barbados, you’re in for a gastronomic adventure. This island is often unofficially dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, so your tastebuds are sure to get excited.

Bajan cuisine is a mix of several influences, including African and Creole backgrounds. The cuisine in Barbados is simple yet beautifully made, no fuss yet never leaves you unsatisfied. You can rejoice if you’re a seafood lover too, as the island serves you the freshest catch to swoon you.

Barbados’ delicious cuisine is everywhere, from food trucks and street food stalls to fine dining. They all boast the island’s top specialties. And this isn’t limited to fish such as their famous Mahi-mahi.

Their national dish, Cou Cou with Flying Fish, is a must-try. It’s a dish with cornmeal and fresh okra, served with flying fish and topped with a stew-like sauce.

Macaroni pie is one for those who want a good, hearty fill. It’s a version of baked mac and cheese with extra flavors such as mustard and ketchup.

Some restaurants are widely known to have their share of stars on the menu.

Chefette’s famous for its broasted chicken, while The Tides is a go-to for fish dishes. Banks Beer is the place to be for some fresh fruits, such as mangoes, sugar cane, and coconuts. While The Cliff is a crowd favorite for some international cuisine infused with exotic local flavors.

One of the best ways to taste-test Barbados’ incredible cuisine is the Oistins Fish Fry. Every 6 PM on a Friday, the Oistins Bay garden fills with clouds of smoke and the smell of grilled seafood. Food stands and shacks line the area selling flying fish, Mahi-mahi, and lobsters fresh from the grill.

Loads of Outdoor Fun and Wildlife

The island’s natural beauty is undeniable, but it’s not only a feast for your eyes. For a small island country, Barbados packs a ton of adventure and excitement whether you’re in the clear blue waters or inland.

Water activities dominate the must-try activities of tourists in Barbados. But if you don’t want to get wet, you’re not going to feel left out on the fun. Here are some of the island’s highlights for some thrills.

Water Fun

Plunging deep into the island’s glistening azure waters is irresistible, especially when you get to swim with rare sea turtles. Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles call Barbados’ waters their home. The best way to get up close and personal with these elusive creatures is to go snorkeling or scuba diving.

You can go deeper beneath the surface at Carlisle Marine Park and explore shipwrecks and meet a ton of marine life too. They include parrotfish, sharks, and trumpet fish.

There are loads of hotels and tourism agencies that offer clothes and equipment. If you’re a stranger to these watersports, don’t worry. Experts offer short-term training courses for you to see the magical wonders underwater.

If you love a good challenge, Barbados is a great place to surf waves, especially on the east coast. Training courses are available for beginners to learn how to surf. While local experts can help intermediate learners practice their skills.

On the west coast, the waves are calmer than ever from December to June. These conditions are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding. Kitesurfing, parasailing, and kayaking are some of the other watersports you can try on the surface.

If you want to stay dry, you can still enjoy Barbados’ waters. You can reach the bottom of the sea in a submarine on an Atlantis tour. Or you can opt to go on a Catamaran cruise while enjoying a fabulous lunch.

Sightseeing and Wildlife Spotting

The beauty of Barbados isn’t restricted to the beaches. The island’s interior is full of lush emerald gardens and technicolor gardens. They’re filled with exotic flora and fauna and are home to the mischievous green monkey.

Hunte’s Gardens is a well-manicured paradise featuring Caribbean flora species like orchid flowers. The Andromeda Gardens is a flora lover’s paradise hosting a wide variety of unique species to discover.

For avid wildlife spotters, you can meet interesting species at Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Green monkeys are common sights in the reserve, but you’re bound to bump into other animals. This includes mongooses, pelicans, flamingos, and exotic and colorful tropical birds.

Inland Excitement

If you want to be more active on your vacation, Barbados has a host of activities to keep the gear running. Cycling, tennis, horseback riding, and hiking are some of the few sports that you can do around the island. But golf and cricket are the stars for some inland fun.

Golf is one of the island’s major draws, as such, it’s home to some famous golf courses. This includes the Green Monkey at the famous Sandy Lane Hotel and The Royal Westmorland and Apes Hill.

Cricket is Barbados’ national sport and the locals are quite passionate about it. There are plenty of spots on the island for this, but the world-class Kensington Oval is the most famous venue.

A Rum Lover’s Paradise

Barbados is widely considered the birthplace of rum. And you won’t find any other rum quite like those that Barbados boasts of, as they know how to do it best.

Rum is the island’s national drink and is the staple of the island’s nightlife. It’s included in cocktails such as Corn ‘n’ Oil and Piña Colada, and liqueur such as Falernum and Malibu.

It’s no surprise that rum is deeply ingrained in the island’s culture. Barbados’ Mount Gay Rum Distillery is one of the oldest in the world, operating since 1703. And it still retains its reputation as one of the most popular rums in the world.

Touring the distillery is a relaxing yet fascinating way to spend your day. You can taste some of its oldest and greatest and learn more about its history and processes. The bottomless rum on your tour is the cherry on top!


Grenada is more than just its picturesque beaches, as it also has a strong reputation for its spices and chocolate. Apart from the gastronomic ventures, there are myriad opportunities for outdoor excursions too. Island-hopping, river tubing, and shipwreck diving are only some of the many things you can do in Grenada.

With Grenada’s irresistible offerings, you’ll find the small island to be an unforgettable visit.

What Makes Grenada Unique?

Idyllic Blue Beaches

It’s impossible to visit the Caribbean without heading for the beach. Grenada is no exception to that, boasting gloriously unspoiled beaches. Thanks to its convenient location, you can enjoy the best of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in Grenada.

The island’s Caribbean beaches are what you’d think of as tropical heaven: calm blue waters and sugary sands. Meanwhile, the wild Atlantic shores are perfect for a host of watersports.

Grenada has over 45 beaches, all free for you to enjoy. Some shores may look to be a part of resorts, but it’s required to allow everyone to have access to it.

The Grand Anse Beach on the southwest coast is the face of the island’s beach beauties. It’s a two-mile-long (3.2 km) cove of white sands dotted with almond and seagrape trees. Luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and watersport operators are nearby for you to make the most out of your beach trip.

Grenada also has some lesser-known beaches for you to escape the busy crowds.

Sagesse is a great surfing spot for its excellent waves. Levera beach is a nesting site for the rare leatherback turtle, but it also doubles as a superb bird-watching spot. Menere Point and Pink Gin are other spots for unwinding in peace.

Endless Outdoor Excursions

Grenada’s biggest asset is its world-renowned beaches. But there are other terrains inland that make for a rewarding excursion. Sprinkled throughout the island are waterfalls and tropical rainforests, to name a few of the island’s natural wonders.

Here are some worthwhile spots to explore for the outdoor enthusiast in you.

All-Around Trip

If you’re short on time, there’s no other place to be to soak in Grenada’s inland beauty than the Grand Etang National Park. It’s a massive expanse of magical lush rainforest that displays rare flora and fauna. Hiking opportunities here take you to other wonders that lie within the park.

One of them is the Seven Sisters Waterfall, and this is why most visitors hike here. Expect to get greeted by lizards, frogs, armadillos, and mona monkeys on your way for a refreshing dip.

The other is the Grand Etang Lake, a highly visited crater lake. The clear waters make it easy for visitors to go wildlife spotting without diving in.


Hit two birds with one stone and let jungle paths take you to Grenada’s waterfalls. Grenada has 18 major waterfalls, but a week-long trip may not be enough for you to visit each. So here are the best ones that you shouldn’t miss —

Annandale Waterfall is arguably the most popular. It’s a 30-foot-tall (12 m) cascading waterfall that’s easily accessible with its paved path.

The Concord Waterfalls is one of the most impressive natural wonders on the island. There are three waterfalls here in total, so the 45-minute hike is worth it. If you’d rather get there right away, a car ride to the falls is possible.

The king of them all is the Tufton Hall, an 82-foot-tall (25 m) waterfall. It’s a difficult ordeal to get there though, as it’s a three-mile hike (5 kilometers). If you want a tall waterfall, the 70-foot (21 meters) Marquis Falls is a great alternative as it’s a shorter, flatter hike.

River Tubing

The beach is not the only place you can go to beat the heat in Granada. Nestled within the interior of the island is the Balthazar River. Although it’s only three miles long (5 kilometers), you can spend hours of fun here.

Conquer the rapids on a tubing tour with Adventure River Tubing. Trained guides will take you through the tropical rainforests filled with various trees. You then end your trip when the river empties into the Atlantic, after which you can sip your rum or fruit drink away as you swim in the natural pools.


Though Grenada is a small island, many other smaller islands surround it. In total, Grenada has 20 islands, and two of the larger ones are popular destinations for island-hopping. These are the Carriacou and Petite Martinique islands.

So hop on a boat and make your way to either, or both, for an off-the-radar trip. You’ll find no large resorts here, and the beaches are not busy. You can have Grenada’s untouched beauties almost all to yourself!

Carriacou is the most popular of all the smaller islands of Grenada. A day trip here wouldn’t be complete without a hike to the island’s highest peak, the High North Peak.

The Wreck-Diving Capital of the Caribbean

With Grenada’s reputation for wreck diving, plunging into the deep sea is a must in the country. Apart from the thriving marine life, there’s so much to discover under Grenada’s magical waters.

Grenada has several ways for you to witness the beauty of its sea life. There are over 30 coral reef sites, shipwrecks, and reef walls. Among the diving spots in the country, Magazine Beach and Sandy Island Marine Park are the best spots to swim with Grenada’s varied marine life.

But for a unique underwater experience, here are the must-see places that you should flock to.

Underwater Sculpture Park

Here you’ll experience one of the most unique aquatic experiences in the world. At 16 to 26 feet below the water (5 to 8 meters), you’ll find an eerie ring of sculptures on the ocean floor. This is the Vicissitudes, a group of sculptures of 26 children forming a circle by holding hands. But this is only one of the many sculptures in the area that’ll make for an unforgettable experience.

Bianca C

Grenada has a total of 15 wrecks for you to enjoy underwater. But among all, the Bianca C, also nicknamed the “Titanic of the Caribbean”, is the most popular. This former 600-foot (183 meters) Italian cruise ship is the largest wreck in the Caribbean.

The Spice Island

Nicknamed the Spice Island, Grenada is perpetually perfumed by cloves, nutmeg, and other spices, all over the island. These spices make their way into the local cuisine and even into the country’s famous chocolate.

There are other ways for you to experience Grenada’s sparkling spice scene. And there’s no better way to gain an understanding and appreciation of it than to follow the Spice Route. You can visit plantations and see the painstaking work the locals do firsthand.

A tour of the Nutmeg Processing Cooperative is one of these spots. You’ll get a view of how nutmeg fruits and mace get separated by hand for food, balms, and more. This way, you won’t just go home with souvenirs for your family and friends but also the story behind them.

But while you’re in Grenada, enjoy the meals infused with these local spices. The best way to do this is to have a plate of their national dish, Oil Down. It’s a creamy dish cooked in coconut milk until the ingredients completely soak the milk up. It’s typically made with dumplings, callaloo, and spices, among others.

Care for some dessert after a hearty eat? Grab some nutmeg ice cream to top off your meal!

A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

Spices aren’t the only fine ingredients that Grenada is famous for. The island also exports cocoa and vanilla, and both make their way into their award-winning chocolates. To add, the International Cocoa Organization has also awarded Grenada the “fine flavor” distinction.

Criollo, forastero, and trinitario cocoa beans are all on this small island. Each makes high-quality chocolates with flavors that are not only hard to beat but also to resist. So sweet tooths can rejoice as Grenada has the best chocolates in the Caribbean.

Grenada embraces this reputation, and there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of this.

Like farm-to-table restaurants, you can find tree-to-bar farms in Grenada. There are also small chocolate boutiques that offer chocolates infused with local spices such as nutmeg and clove. Go on chocolate tours, visit cocoa farms, take a rum- and chocolate-tasting sunset cruise, and more!

At Belmont Estate, you can even tour their cocoa processing facility. See how cocoa turns into chocolate, go through fruit orchards on an ATV, and browse through their heritage museum.

Is Barbados Better Than Grenada?

Neither is inherently better than the other as the decision rests on what you want out of your vacation. Both have equally gorgeous beaches, so this shouldn’t affect your decision-making.

Barbados is better for you if you love shopping, nightlife, and ease of travel. It’s a bold and vibrant island that’s bustling with life. And it definitely attracts social butterflies.

Barbados is the more commercialized of the two, so its trade-off is its authentic vibe and crowded shores. But this also has some positives that will make your trip easier.

With Barbados’ better infrastructure, you can go around the island on a bus with ease, and the cost is cheap. It also has more international airlines that connect you to the island than Grenada.

To aid the vast influx of tourists, Barbados has more accommodation choices to fit every tourist’s budget and preference. This also means that Barbados has better availability for dates, facilities, and budget.

Meanwhile, Grenada is better if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or if you simply want an authentic Caribbean feel.

Grenada has a more diverse landscape that opens plenty of opportunities for jungle trekking, hiking, and much more. Grenada’s underwater experience is more exciting too. Choose between barrier reefs, shipwrecks, or the underwater museum.

The downside is that Grenada is less commercialized. Thus, accommodations and even flying into the country may be harder. But this also means Grenada is not as crowded as Barbados, and this may sway you in its favor.


Is Grenada or Barbados Safer?

Grenada and Barbados are equally safe travel destinations. The economies of these two countries rely heavily on tourism. Thus, public authorities have heavy visibility in touristy areas for your protection.

Even with this, no place is completely safe, and this goes for these Caribbean beauties too.

Petty crimes can still happen in these safe destinations, so you must be attentive to your belongings at all times. Keep yourself out of harm’s way and avoid any dark and secluded places as well.

Travel scams are also not rampant in the two islands, but they may still happen. An example is adding an extra fee for services, such as a taxi ride. But don’t get easily influenced and agree on the fare fees before getting in one.

Barbados is big on its night scene, and if you’re a party animal, there are chances of getting into trouble. So keep your guard up and keep an eye on your drink. Don’t entertain people who sell drugs to you as this is illegal in Barbados.

Other than these, both Grenada and Barbados aren’t LGBTQ+-friendly. Same-sex relationships are illegal in these Caribbean islands. But as long as you avoid any public displays of affection, you can avoid unwanted attention.

Barbados vs. Grenada for Honeymoon

Barbados and Grenada are lovely choices for honeymooners. Both have beachfront hotels, luxurious rooms and suites, and honeymoon packages. But depending on what you want as a couple, one is better than the other.

Barbados is better for couples who want a bustling atmosphere and lively nightlife. Because its tourism industry is busier, too, some key factors make Barbados easier.

You have more accommodation choices, so you’re bound to find a stay you like on the date you want. Infrastructure is better too, hopping on and off a bus will take you around the island with ease. This way, touristy ventures with your spouse are a breeze.

Meanwhile, Grenada is perfect for couples who love the great outdoors. When it comes to natural scenery, Grenada trumps Barbados as it offers more than just the beaches. Grenada’s physical beauty gives off a more romantic vibe: lush, emerald jungles, scenic hikes, and glistening lakes are only some of them.

Because Grenada isn’t as busy, you have less competition around. Grenada has a charming rustic charm. And coupled with its more isolated and secluded beaches, you’d have a more intimate time with your partner in Grenada.

Is Grenada Part of Barbados?

Grenada isn’t a part of Barbados, nor is it the other way around. They are two different countries, but both are in the Caribbean.

Is Grenada Close to Barbados?

The two island countries of Grenada and Barbados are close to each other, only 161 miles (259 kilometers) apart.

Where Is Grenada in Relation to Barbados?

Grenada lies in the southwest of Barbados. These two islands are conveniently nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Barbados to Grenada Distance

The total straight line distance between Grenada and Barbados is 161 miles (259 kilometers). This roughly equates to 140 nautical miles.

Is Grenada Smaller Than Barbados?

The island of Barbados is larger, with a size of 166 square kilometers (430 square kilometers). The smaller of the two, Grenada is only 133 square miles (344 square kilometers).

How to Get From Barbados to Grenada

The only way to get to Grenada from Barbados and vice versa is via plane. There are no ferry services between the two islands, so you can’t travel by sea.

Flights From Barbados to Grenada

Two popular airlines that fly between Grenada and Barbados are Caribbean Airlines and LIAT Airlines. There are weekly flights on this route, with a total of 5 direct flights available.

How Far Is the Flight From Barbados to Grenada?

The flight distance from Barbados to Grenada is 161 miles (259 kilometers). On average, this equates to a flight duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Several factors affect flight time, such as air traffic and weather conditions.

How Much Are Flights From Barbados to Grenada?

The average cost for a direct flight from Barbados to Grenada is 409 USD. Meanwhile, the average price for connecting flights is 418 USD.

Generally, the cheapest day to travel to Grenada from Barbados is Saturday, with a flight cost of 189 USD. And the most expensive day is Thursday, with ticket costs of 446 USD.

Barbados to Grenada by Ferry

There are no passenger ferries between Barbados and Grenada. So if you wish to travel between the two, your only option is to travel by air.

Barbados to Grenada by Boat

Unfortunately, you cannot travel from Barbados to Grenada by boat as there are no services for this. But several airlines connect these two islands, such as LIAT Airlines. With this, you can always book plane tickets to travel between both countries.

How Many Nautical Miles From Grenada to Barbados?

On estimate, the distance from Grenada to Barbados is 140 nautical miles.