Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach

The battle of the South Carolina darlings, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach offer quite a contrasting experience. With the endless thrill and a roster of cultural features, you won’t run out of interesting things to find and do in both Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach.
Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach

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With the different flavors they offer, they further add to the overall allure of South Carolina’s coasts. Myrtle Beach is perfect for the fun-loving, thrill-seeking crowd, even families. Hilton Head is for the more upscaled kind of fun and leisure, perfect for families as well.

Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is one of South Carolina’s most gorgeous island communities, fronting the great Atlantic. It is highly known for its award-winning golf courses and pristine beaches, not to mention a passion for wining and dining.

The slow island might not be as loud as some of its larger Atlantic tourism competitors. It is ideal for the leisurely traveler and the peaceful family on vacation. Hilton Head is the ideal spot for a weekend of fun and relaxation. The island was recognized by Travel Pulse as America’s Best Island – this recognition alone justifies a worthwhile visit.

What Makes Hilton Head Unique?

Wine and Food Festival

A week-long festival is held every March by the wine and food enthusiasts of Hilton Head Island. This is to mark the start of the island’s favorite spring season. For more than 30 years, the island has held this distinct celebration.

The festival showcases unique low-country cuisine and wines from international wine collaborations. It also honors humble local cultural gatherings and the true character of a unique community.

Visitors to Hilton Head in the spring won’t want to miss this must-attend festival. The island is home to a variety of activities that visitors can pick from, and it gets even more packed with this festival.

This consists of lectures on gastronomy, wine tastings, and perhaps many wine dinners. Over the course of the festival, several culinary competitions are held. Many of which are enticing to tourists and potential investors to the island. Plus, there’s also the much-awaited International Wine Competition.

The Beaches and Coligny Beach Park

You can expect to find a wide variety of beaches at Hilton Head thanks to its more than 12 miles (19 km) of immaculate white-sand coastline. There are locations with access to the beach everywhere. Additionally, these spots frequently offer free public parking. It has a wooden boardwalk or sand path that goes through the dune area to the sea.

A prime example of the island’s immaculate shore is Coligny Beach Park. This stunning beach stretch is one of the island’s most lovely and well-liked vacation spots. Coligny Beach is one of the top attractions on Hilton Head Island.

It is known for its beautiful coastal surroundings and excellent white sand. Despite the fact that the island has seven beaches in total, Coligny is a favorite among both residents and visitors.

This iconic Hilton Head Island landmark has a lot of features. Restrooms and lounging areas with chairs and umbrellas are available for the beach-loving crowd. Even swings and gazebos are available along the water if you’re looking for some shade.

The beach park also stepped up its facilities, as it is also friendly to wheelchair users. For those who must stay connected while traveling, the beach even offers free Wi-Fi. You can access the bike paths on Hilton Head Island from Coligny Beach. Take advantage of the adjacent dining and shopping opportunities.

Golf Courses

You should absolutely visit Hilton Head for the golf courses if not for the beaches. It is known for its expansive green fields, on top of its already gleaming white-sand beaches. Golf is one of the best ways to take in Hilton Head Island’s serene natural beauty. There are numerous golf courses nearby with sizable, meticulously maintained greens. They are perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Hilton Head boasts 400 holes and more than two dozen courses. This provides the best-golfing experience for players of different levels. The island is one of the best golf locations in the state and the nation.

Hilton Head’s facilities are spotless and surrounded by breathtaking low-country beauty. A few of the courses are even located close to the coasts so you can enjoy stunning views of the water while you play.

The best golf courses on the island go the extra mile by also including quite an array of restaurants and bars. In the winter, when many national resorts close for the year, Hilton Head’s golf courses are easily accessible. This is a result of its consistently moderate climate.

Bicycle Island

In a world where cars rule, taking a vacation to Hilton Head Island is a pleasant change of pace. On this beautiful island, automobiles are entirely unnecessary. Its small area allows the practical use of bicycles. Only five miles (8 kilometers) broad and twelve miles (19 kilometers) long, respectively. There are no difficult slopes to climb either. In reality, a bicycle can take you everywhere.

Smart and practical locals started developing a massive network of bike routes in 1960 for better access and use of bicycles. But even now many locals are still working on building more lanes. These in turn encourage biking and discourage gas-guzzlers and exhaust-belching vehicles. Bicycle lanes are found on most of the island’s access highways and surrounding streets.

There are bike paths as well, some of which lead to the beach or into the forest. This makes it simple to explore at your own pace as opposed to being caught up in the congestion, loudness, and exhaust of regular traffic.

It’s enjoyable to ride a bike along the community pathways on Hilton Head Island. The paths are incredibly well-kept and can take you through a variety of environments.

Although some routes pass through more forested areas, it is possible to visit vibrant parkland with a lot of vegetation. You can find bike trails that take you directly to the sandy beaches. Or, even through bridges over swampland if not onto the actual beaches themselves.

Myrtle Beach

A trip to Myrtle Beach, often known as the “Grand Strand,” will surely amuse and make you and your family very happy. All of the action at Myrtle Beach is for people of all ages, and the city was designed with your enjoyment in mind.

Enjoy the sun on the apparently endless, wide sandy beaches throughout the day. And then travel to Broadway on the Beach for food, shopping, and entertainment in the evening.

What Makes Myrtle Beach Unique?

The Grand Strand

Alluding to its name, the Grand Strand or Myrtle Beach’s beachfront is perhaps one of the longest in the continental US. The city serves as the gateway to the remainder of South Carolina’s northern coast because of its extremely extensive beach. Due to its extensive length, you can reach adjacent towns and cities with ease just by walking the beach.

The extensive sandy coast also goes by another name because of its sheer length; it is usually called “The Beach.” The beach is a gorgeous coastline that is home to several communities around Myrtle Beach and the South Carolina coasts. It also serves as an access point to several other cities.

For beachgoers who enjoy the outdoors and the constant sun, the beach is ideal. You can take advantage of a broad, sandy beach and breathtaking natural sights. And if you’re a huge adventurer, you can benefit from Myrtle Beach’s numerous adventures. It also has the stunning, expansive view that the horizon offers. Plan a whole day if you want to conquer the renowned golden beach by yourself.

You can stop at many interesting locations by traveling the Grand Strand from north to south. You can visit Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach, and Atlantic Beach along the northern section.

You can visit Pawleys Island’s south side, Garden City Beach, Litchfield Beach, and Surfside Beach. With such a lengthy stretch and variety of settlements, you can find a never-ending supply of opportunities for fun and adventure.

There are numerous activities available on the Grand Strand’s beaches. With its length, you’re bound to find something you’ll surely enjoy.

Deep-sea fishing and water-based parasailing are the most well-liked activities to try out if you’re one of the brave few. The abundance of marine life in the waters makes it worthwhile to explore the depths of the Atlantic and achieve a wonderful catch.

For the more cosmopolitan crowd, the shopping scene on the beaches just beyond the sand is great. You can find luxury shops, independently run boutiques, and a range of dining options.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

The crowded boardwalk at Myrtle Beach is one of South Carolina’s most magnificent landmarks and famous draw. It was completed in 2010 and stretches 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) along the stunningly blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The mile-long boardwalk stretches between First Avenue North and 15th Avenue North. It juts out into the beautiful Atlantic waters. Its allure invites you to pause for a quick dinner on a café terrace with a view of the water while you meander and take in the spectacular beach views.

You can look no further for a wide range of accommodations while at Myrtle Beach. The majority of the town’s numerous lodging options are situated here. You can also find a wide variety of family-friendly attractions, eateries, and gift shops along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

You’ll also find several stages along the mile-long coastal coastline. It is where performances, arcades, and other entertainment are hosted. They are held in different seasons of the year. You can look up online upcoming events on the boardwalk.

The three-sectioned Boardwalk and Promenade offer a wealth of attractions. They also provide access to numerous destinations to view. The North Walkway connects Plyler Park to the 14th Avenue North Pier. It has lovely scenery to go with its charming rustic elevated wooden deck.

The center of the boardwalk is the busiest area. Numerous stores, arcades, cafes, and other coastal attractions are all found there. The jam-packed section stretches from Plyler Park to 8th Avenue North. The South Promenade, which runs from First to Eighth Avenue North, is the remaining section.

A gorgeous waterfront park, a weekly fireworks display, and other open areas with chairs can also be found along the promenade. Various festivals are regularly held along the Promenade and Boardwalk throughout the year.

In addition, major festivals are held annually around the boardwalk. Just two examples are the Carolina Country Music Fest and the Myrtle Beach Seafood Festival.

Broadway at the Beach

A popular Myrtle Beach attraction, Broadway at the Beach is another vibrant and jam-packed part of the city. It is located in the center of the city on Celebrity Circle and covers 350 acres (141 hectares). Numerous respected destination lists constantly place the attraction highly.

Since its debut in 1995, it has consistently been among the top 10 destinations for both locals and visitors. The incredible variety of options in this attractive outdoor setting will delight visitors. You may eat, shop, and have fun here.

Three theaters, 100 stores, and more than 20 restaurants are among the area’s top attractions. And that’s in addition to the gorgeous 23-acre (9.3 hectares) Lake Broadway. Hotels, clubs, and other activities are also available nearby.

The area is so popular and dynamic that many spots on Broadway are hot list entries of their own. A day spent at Broadway at the Beach is one that you may want to completely block off.

Numerous well-known attractions are also available at the waterfront entertainment and shopping complex. Here, you may visit Ripley’s Aquarium and the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center. Even some restaurants in the vicinity pull large enthusiastic crowds. You can also visit the Hard Rock Cafe, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, and Wahlburgers while you’re at it.

There is so much to do here that previous visitors suggest planning a full day on your itinerary. Here, you can also make use of a wide range of exciting features, including rides and numerous other activities. Although Broadway at the Beach’s entrance is free, some activities have a cost.

A Golfing Capital

The city boasts around 100 top-notch golf courses around, some of which are so exceptional that they have received awards. Even major national events have been held at a number of these well-known golf courses.

Golfing is just right in Myrtle Beach, the self-described “golf capital of the world,”. It has quite an abundance of verdant, lush fields that cover the entire state. In the afternoon, you can play on some of the best golf courses in the South.

In contrast to many of the other golfing cities in the south, Myrtle Beach essentially created this moniker. If you play on one of the top courses in the city, you might understand why quickly. It has developed its own exclusive golfing paradise because of the diversity of fantastic sites it provides.

Another important factor is the climate of South Carolina. Many of its cities are covered in the most flora, with all of their vast swaths of green grass. Additionally, it gets more consistent sunshine and lesser rain. Myrtle Beach is currently ranked among the top golfing destinations in the state.

Here are some of the best courses:

True Blue Golf Club

True Blue boasts wide and challenging fairways, a rolling landscape, and an outstanding blend of its surroundings. It is generally rated as one of the Strand’s and even South Carolina’s best golf courses. Golf Magazine ranks the Mike Strantz course as the 77th finest one you can play.

What makes True Blue special is a design that is aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it is also constantly challenging, regardless of a golfer’s skill level.

This 7,062-yard (6.5 km) course was built on a former rice and indigo plantation. It winds through a range of environments, including saline marshes and dense woodlands. Thanks to the comfort and convenience of the on-site golf villas, golfers may stroll to the tee box for their rounds.

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

The Caledonia course offers a distinction from other courses in the city. It is obviously more difficult than most and has a remarkably distinctive beauty. It challenging, even for seasoned players.

The course is renowned for its intricate topography. It is quite visually appealing as well because of the pine and hardwood trees that flank the field’s boundaries. The peculiarities of the course present a challenge to even the best professional players.

The expanse was once a rice plantation, now it is a top-notch golf complex. The course was also created by architect Mike Strantz. Caledonia has an award-winning design and is well known for its gameplay and aesthetic appeal. Numerous national course-ranking lists include it.

TPC Myrtle Beach

This gorgeous course was built by the well-known Tom Fazio and is distinguished by untamed marshes and harsh pine trees. TPC Myrtle Beach is the only course in the area to obtain a five-star rating from Golf Digest’s “Places to Play” book. It is located at the southern end of the Grand Strand.

You must play the TPC Myrtle Beach course, whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro. Golfers face challenges on every shot, yet the game still rewards good swings with a variety of scoring opportunities. TPC measures 6,950 yards (6.4 km) from the Tournament tees, so you’ll need to be alert the entire time.

Which Is Better – Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head?

If you’re looking for a dynamic and energetic scene for your vacation, Myrtle Beach is the place to be. But, if you’re the type to take it slow, and prefer an upscaled and calming scene, then Hilton Head is for you. Ultimately, the kind of vacation experience you want decides which is better.


Which Is Prettier – Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head?

When it comes to prettier beaches in terms of general appeal, Hilton Head is much more pleasing. It is more upscale without the noise and crowds of Myrtle Beach.

It is perfect for relaxing and having a more peaceful time by the water. Myrtle Beach on the other hand is best reserved for those looking to have a bit of energy and dynamic.

Is Myrtle Beach Cheaper Than Hilton Head?

Prices and costs tend to be more expensive in Hilton Head than in Myrtle Beach. Due to its higher costs, a day’s worth of budget in Hilton Head should be around 195 USD, while Myrtle Beach is around 139 USD.

Myrtle Beach vs. Hilton Head Weather

The average highs of both Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head hit around 89 and 90 F, respectively. Both destinations have fairly similar climates, with an average number of sunny days of 215 to 218 each year.

Which Is Warmer – Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach?

Hilton Head is warmer than Myrtle Beach. From average highs to average lows, Hilton Head tends to have a degree or two higher than Myrtle Beach.

Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach for Family Vacation?

Hilton Head is the more family-friendly and appropriate option. But both destinations have their fair share of family-friendly features. It has everything to offer every type of family. It offers activities and charms for kids of different ages and adults as well.

Myrtle Beach on the other hand is considered less family-friendly with its rowdy features. Its electrifying nightlife and rowdy beach crowds can be less than ideal for kids and most families.

Is Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach Better for Kids?

Hilton Head is the better option for kids. It is less rowdy than Myrtle Beach’s party-oriented scenes.

Which Beach Is Better – Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head?

In general, Hilton Head’s upscaled, relaxed, and safer beaches are better than Myrtle Beach.

Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach for Golf

Hilton Head is arguably a better golf destination than Myrtle Beach. It offers more challenging golfing landscapes perfect for every type of golfer.

Where Is Myrtle Beach Compared to Hilton Head?

Myrtle Beach is 148 miles or 239 kilometers northwest of Hilton Head.

How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach?

Hilton Head is 148 miles or 239 kilometers from Myrtle Beach, directly. The driving distance is 221 miles or 356 km.

Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head

You can either drive or take a flight from Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head.