New York vs. Chicago

Welcome to the better-American-city showdown - New York vs. Chicago. On one side, you have the Big Apple, the concrete jungle with bright lights, big dreams, and more brands than you can count. On the other side is Chicago, a city of deep-dish pizza, architectural marvels, and Midwestern charm. Both places are irresistible, but which one truly takes the title of being the superior destination? Clue: it's the one that answers your heart's desires the most! 
New York vs. Chicago

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New York is for the tourists who can’t get enough of big-city charms. It’s one of the most famous metropolises and the only spot officially recognized as the City That Never Sleeps! Here, the day is as good as night, with countless entertainment and landmarks to sweep you off your feet.

Meanwhile, Chicago is a more laid-back destination for visitors who want to keep it low-key. In this city, you can relax and get lost in museums for hours on end. Plus, there are countless craft breweries for you to enjoy, filled with beer and ales of varying flavors.

No matter what city you decide to drop by next, know you’re making the right choice. The Big Apple and the Windy City are top-tier destinations, so you’ll never get the shorter end of the stick!

New York

When you think of New York, the first things that come to mind are its bright lights and towering skyscrapers. However, there’s so much more to the Big Apple than just that. It’s armed with endless attractions and activities that will undoubtedly make you want to return for more. It’s truly an iconic place worthy of being dubbed the most famous city on the planet!

It’s known as one of the major pillars of the fashion industry, home to countless brands setting worldwide trends. When night falls in New York, it’s as if the day never passed because of how bright the skyline is! And for those looking for something out-of-ordinary, it offers many walking tours through sites claimed to be haunted.

There are many more reasons to explore what makes this American spot one of the most beloved in the world. So no matter what your interests are, come experience the magic of New York in the flesh!

What Makes New York Unique?

The Greatest of All Art Forms

Oscar Wilde once uttered that theater is the greatest of all arts. You’d undoubtedly agree with this, particularly if you’re a huge theater buff. And, of course, it’s not surprising that this most delightful of all art forms thrives in New York – the greatest city on the planet!

Yup, you’ve read that right. The Big Apple has plenty of tricks that can make any traveler want to stay for ages, including its majestic theater scene. From classical to avant-garde to experimental works, you have no shortage of options here. Whether you’re looking for an epic musical, an intimate one-man show, or anything in between, New York has it all!

And when talking about theater in the Big Apple, it’s only natural to think of Broadway theaters. These theaters are a league on their own, releasing classical and contemporary masterpieces. There are also Off-off Broadway productions that are worthy of your time – they’re the city’s hidden gems you should definitely uncover!

Want to check out the best troupes and performances that can give you unforgettable encounters? Well, start with the St. James Theater, one of the largest theaters in the Big Apple. Here, you can watch the classics to your heart’s content, including productions of The King and I, Hello Dolly, and Oklahoma. More modern masterpieces are also showcased here, like the theatrics of Disney’s Frozen.

There’s also the Apollo Theater, a century-old landmark in New York City that remains functional up to this day. You’d enjoy many musicals here, with artists proudly delivering their lines between songs. And if classic plays are more of your thing, head to Vivian Beaumont Theater! It’s where you can find Broadway-worthy production and lovely reproductions of Shakespeare’s works.

If you’re thirsting for more theater spots you can spend your whole vacation on, then start with some (or all!) listed below:

  • Shubert Theater
  • Palace Theater
  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • St. Ann’s Warehouse

The Charm of Horror and History

New York may look like a modern city through and through, dripping in all the latest fads every season. However, behind this in-vogue mask lies several hundred years of history. For history buffs, this means that the American destination has long records of the past hidden in its iconic skyline. And for those who thirst for out-of-this-world encounters, the Big Apple is the perfect spot for spooky adventures!

From ghostly graveyards to old museums with mysterious pasts, there are plenty of sites that show the haunted side of this metropolis. You don’t even have to wait for Halloween to experience this frightful fun – haunted walking tours are available all year round. You can avail of these anytime during your New York exploration, and rest assured; it will be great whether you’re alone or with friends!

Ready to get spooked? You can start by going to the Jumel Mansion and learning in-depth about paranormal investigations. Here, you will be under the wing of an expert paranormal investigator, absorbing all his knowledge about ghost hunting. The best part is you get to apply this information in real time by doing a house-wide investigation of the oldest house in Manhattan!

You can also book the Ultimate Greenwich Village Tour, one of the city’s most sought-after haunted walking tours. You’ll be visiting the haunted buildings ‘proven’ to have ghost sightings, on top of sites where people were murdered years ago. Modern ghosthunters will also share their techniques and spooky discoveries, all of which happened in real life.

And if you’re feeling it, you can go on a candlelit ghost tour in the catacombs of old St. Patrick’s Basilica. This historical sight will surely creep you out, especially once you witness the countless vaults and catacombs in place. They’re genuine resting places of many people from the past, including the Catholic Delmonico family. Who knows, you may even feel their presence as you go deeper and deeper into the underground tomb.

Eager for more of these creepy adventures? Check out some more of the haunted tours offered in the Big Apple:

  • Merchant’s House Museum Ghost Tour
  • East Village Haunted Tour
  • Gangsters & Ghosts Tour

From thrill-seekers to history buffs, these tours will surely provide an unforgettable experience. So why not take a break from your usual routine and delve into the city’s spookier side? You never know what kind of ghostly encounters await you!

New Clothes, New Bags, New Everything

In this iconic city, no one can blame you if you take the phrase ‘shop until you drop’ literally. After all, you’re in New York, where new clothes, new bags, and new everything is an everyday norm! It’s well-known for its bustling shopping scene, with seemingly endless options for shoppers of all kinds.

In fact, it’s not an overstatement that every time you walk down New York’s streets, you’ll find yourself with more shopping bags than you’ve planned! From luxury labels to high-street stores and vintage boutiques, New York is every shopaholic’s paradise.

For high-end shoppers wanting to make use of their credit cards, there’s Fifth Avenue! It’s one of the most iconic luxury streets on the planet, dubbed the Golden Mile of Shopping. This spot has many high-class boutiques and department stores, like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Luxury brands are scattered in every corner of the avenue, from Dior and Gucci to Louis Vuitton and Chanel!

You can also drop by the South of Houston Street, called SoHo. It’s a bohemian district in New York rich in many trendy boutiques – Celine, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent; anyone? The unique factor about SoHo is that besides having many high-end stores, it’s also a hub for many luxurious hotels. This is a genius idea; after all, who wouldn’t be tired after hours of browsing through countless upscale stores?

Aside from the many expensive upscale stores in the Big Apple, there are also many budget-friendly ones —

For instance, you can visit Century21, a discount department store that generally prices brand-new items at 40 to 60% off. Don’t forget the local go-to budget outlet in Manhattan, Bloomingdale. You’ll find high-end gems here, including Marc Jacobs or Theory, for a lower price. And by lower, it means they’re discounted at a minimum of 30%!

For those who prefer more unique items, New York also got you covered. It’s full of vintage stores and specialty shops you can dive deep into, like Beacon’s Closet. This vintage spot is filled with many classic clothes from high-end designers. Think of all the epic old designs from Alexander Wang or Victoria Beckham – they may reside here in this thrift store!

The City That Shines Forever Bright

If there’s one thing you can say about New York, it has a skyline so bright it can rival even the night sky! This isn’t some myth or overstatement; the Big Apple is truly a river of the shiniest lights once darkness falls. It has an ever-shifting interplay of color as day turns to night, with the buildings creating a captivating spectacle.

Whether you’re watching from the ground or from above, it’s hard not to be awe-struck by the sheer beauty of it. And, of course, you’re not the only one who finds the Big Apple’s horizon a sight to behold. Many people will agree that it’s one of the most beautiful skylines on the planet, if not the best!

Ready to see this wonder from some of the best points in the city? You have plenty of options, but why not start with the Brooklyn Bridge? This vantage spot itself is a phenomenal scene, thanks to its 19th-century vintage craftsmanship. It’s the perfect place to see New York at night, especially if you’re not keen on towering buildings.

Another great vantage point to witness the Big Apple’s bright horizon is the Empire State Building. It has the highest open-air observatory in New York, meaning you’ll have grand skyline views here! Get ready to snap at the wonderful sights of Central Park, Times Square, and of course, the Statue of Liberty.

Looking for more places to witness the vibrancy of the New York City skyline? See the list below for some of the marvelous spots to do so:

  • Staten Island Ferry
  • R Lounge at Time Square
  • Summit One Vanderbilt
  • Edge Observation Deck


Welcome to one of America’s most iconic cities – Chicago! It’s a destination well-known for its deep-dish pizza, jazz music, and world-famous attractions, but that’s not all. This amazing Midwest metropolis is filled with so much to see and do, whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a quiet day of exploration.

You can get lost in time and explore its many museums, filled with unique wonders you can’t find anywhere else. There’s its amazing craft beer scene, a blessing for those who crave the buzz only the best alcohol offers! And if you’re a foodie, you’ll be in paradise with various incredible restaurants, cafes, and bars in the Windy City!

So come explore all that Chicago offers; it may be the best decision you’ll ever make. Let Chicago’s signature skyline guide you as you discover all its wonders!

What Makes Chicago Unique?

Get Lost in Time and Space

If there’s a city you can pleasantly get lost in, it’s Chicago! This wonderful Midwest metropolis is a wormhole into space, filled with many places of history that can bring you back to eras long gone. And, of course, who wouldn’t want to go down the yellow brick road of time and witness the grandeur each period brings?

You can do this in the Windy City, but only if you drop by its iconic museums! Here, you can find many relics that tell a story, be it an old painting, sculpture, or simply an item that has long been forgotten. No matter your interests, there is bound to be something for you here, so explore the rich culture and history that awaits you!

Need help navigating the diverse places of history in Chicago?

Why not start with the Field Museum of Natural History, one of the largest of its kind in the world? You can find traces of ancient eras here, from dinosaur fossils to well-preserved Egyptian mummies of royal bloodline! It’s the best spot in Chicago to learn about human culture; it’s rich in exhibits and even has a 3D theater for a more dynamic experience.

For those with a heart for art, the Art Institute of Chicago is a never-miss. It’s a world-renowned museum boasting an impressive collection of classic and contemporary works. You can admire iconic works like Monet’s Water Lilies, Degas’s The Star, and Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait here. Plus, the museum also has rotating events and lectures throughout the year to give you a deeper look into the world of art!

And if you’re looking for a truly unique museum, head to the International Museum of Surgical Science. It’s dedicated to exploring the past, present, and future directions of medicine. Don’t forget to whip up your camera to capture some of the rarest medical instruments present and take a peek at vintage medical photos.

Craving for more of these wonderful places that can get you lost in time and space? Here are more of them below:

  • National Museum of Mexican Art
  • Frederick C. Robie House
  • Driehaus Museum
  • DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center
  • Ukrainian National Museum

As you can see, the Windy City is full of amazing museums. No matter your interests, there is bound to be something for you here, so come and let your imaginations run wild!

It’s Always Beer o’Clock

Chicago has adopted many labels under its wing, among them nicknames meant to honor its amazing beer collections. It’s dubbed the Best Beer City in the USA, the Beer Capital of America, and the Greatest Drinking City in the country! If these aren’t enough to convince you to drop by the Windy City and have a taste of its concoctions, then nothing will.

And, of course, missing out on these liquid masterpieces is something you wouldn’t want to do! You see, Chicago is home to an array of unique and flavorful beers that are sure to please even the pickiest of palates. From traditional lagers and ales to hazy IPAs, there’s something for everyone in the city’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

To start your adventure in finding the best and greatest beer Chicago offers, head to Revolution Brewing! It had been featured in the 2013 film Drinking Buddies, but there’s more to this brewery than being part of a movie scene. It’s where you can bring the crispest Anti-Hero IPA home or taste barrel-aged sours known for their bold flavors and big hop aroma.

There’s the Half-Acre Beer Company, a local favorite best known for its hoppy full-flavored beer. Ask any Chicagoan, and they’ll point you to its Pony Pilsner or Daisy Cutter Pale Ale! However, you can still choose other beers from their excellent menu. Green Torch Lime Lager or Waybird Hazy IPA, anyone?

And, of course, no trip to Chicago is complete without dropping by Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse. It’s one of the city’s oldest and most beloved breweries, dating back to 1988. For a fruity encounter, order the Sofie Belgian Style Farmhouse ale with orange peel and creamy vanilla taste. However, if you’re into pilsner and carahell, get their Tropical Beer Hug instead.

Other noteworthy stops in your hunt for the most wonderful Chicagoan beer created are:

  • Forbidden Root
  • Corridor Brewery & Provisions
  • Cruz Blanca Cerveceria
  • Solemn Oath’s Still Life
  • Off Color Brewing’s Mousetrap

Food You Can Eat for Ages

You may know Chicago as the city that hits the right spot for beers and ales. It’s the place you go if you’re keen on exploring the passage of time, going on an adventure to find the best museum ever. However, the Windy City has yet another trick up its sleeves that can snare another kind of tourist – it’s a paradise filled with food you can eat for ages!

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or a culinary adventure, there’s a perfect dish waiting in Chicago. Get ready to get your taste buds tingling because this city can satisfy your cravings! From hotdogs and pizzas to phenomenal sandwiches, here are some other foods you must try when in the area:

  • Deep-Dish Pizza. If there are words to describe this Chicagoan dish perfectly, it’s the stuff of legend. The crust is made with thick-buttery dough, topped with mouth-watering toppings of every kind. There are classic combos like sausage and pepperoni, or pineapple and bacon. However, other inventive toppings like garlic spinach and artichoke hearts are also used. Don’t rule out the finishing touches of parmesan cheese and olive oil, too!
  • The Rainbow Cone. When it comes to dessert, this Chicago treat takes the cake literally. It’s made of chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, orange, and Palmer House sherbet ice cream, stacked high on a cake cone. You can savor dessert indoors or while visiting the city’s many sights!

Do these dishes sound tasty to you? Well then, rest assured Chicago has much more food to offer! Buckle up – it will be a tantalizing trip, but first, you’d have to check which spots are the most worth it. To help you with this, here are some of the best places to dine in the Windy City:

  • Luella’s Southern Kitchen
  • The Duck Inn
  • Honey Butter Fried Chicken
  • Lula Café
  • Mi Tocaya Antojería

Live Music Under the Shining Stars

It doesn’t matter what you call yourself – be it melophile, audiophile, or melomaniac. Chicago will undoubtedly become your all-time favorite destination. How so? Because the Windy City is a hotbed for musical talent, armed with an incredible variety of genres recognized all over the planet!

You’ll find everything here, from house music born on the streets to a rich history of blues. Don’t get started on its punk rock and hip-hop scene and, of course, its world-renowned jazz music. The best thing of all is it’s not necessary to whip up some moolah to witness these groundbreaking performances. You could drop by Chicago’s many parks, and you’ll have a whole night of live music under the shining stars!

For instance, you can head to the famous Millenium Park for free outdoor concerts. Not only will you save money by doing so, but you also get to mingle with other people with the same interests. Think of gushing over several artists while lying on a picnic blanket and sharing laughs with a fellow audience! You may even find a buddy for the rest of your Chicago exploration or gain a lifelong pal.

Aside from parks, you can also listen to live singers while adventuring through the Windy City’s many avenues. There’s always new talent eager to be discovered here, so take the time to be serenaded by an up-and-coming local performer!

You can also attend the plethora of festivals in Chicago, first and foremost of them the Lollapalooza. There’s also Ruido Fest, Mamby on the Beach, West Fest Chicago, Chicago Jazz Festival, and many others!

Eager to learn more about the creative brilliance that makes this city so unique? Maybe you can’t wait to discover why Chicago is known as a music mecca that’s so irresistible to many. Either way, you’ll find this list of the most sensational sound hubs in the area helpful:

  • Schuba’s Tavern
  • Old Town School of Folk Music
  • Thalia Hall
  • Green Mill
  • Metro

Is Chicago or New York Better?

The debate about which is better, Chicago or New York, has long been at a standstill. It’s no wonder this is the case; both cities are equally outstanding, which makes choosing between them an arduous task. However, if you wish to solve this parley, the only way would be to decide according to your preferences.

If you’re looking for a destination where you can let your hair down, the Windy City is the superior one. It’s where you can eat to your heart’s content and taste delicious dishes you won’t find anywhere else. And once you get thirsty, you’re free to grab a pint of some of the best craft beers in America. Plus, museums are present everywhere you look, each of them with more intriguing exhibits than the last!

On the other hand, if you’re craving a top-tier urban getaway, the Big Apple should be your choice. The city is filled with many stores and boutiques that cater to all kinds of budgets, so you’re free to shop until you drop! It’s also where you go if you’re a huge theater buff or want to know why plays are called the greatest of all art forms!


Is Chicago Safer or More Dangerous Than New York?

Based on the statistics by both BestPlaces and Numbeo, Chicago is a more dangerous city than New York. However, despite being less secure than the Big Apple, know that the Windy City is still a top-tier vacation spot. There’s no need to stress too much about your safety; as long as you travel cautiously, you’re bound to have a peaceful Chicago exploration.

Chicago vs. New York Crime

BestPlaces elaborated on two types of crime – Violent and Property. Chicago scored higher than New York in both of these offense categories. This reveals that it has more criminal acts on a day-to-day basis than the Big Apple.

To dive deeper into the findings, Chicago scored 49.9, while New York got 28.2 in terms of Violent Crime. Meanwhile, when talking about Property Crime, the Windy City has a rating of 46.3 compared to the Big Apple, which bagged 24.9. Note that the Best Places Crime Indeces range from 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime).

Despite these ratings, know that you’ll still have fun exploring the streets of Chicago! The city is still one of the best places in America, with measures to ensure your safety during your getaway.

Crime Rate in Chicago vs. New York

According to the data gathered by Numbeo, Chicago has a much higher crime rating than New York. The former has a Crime Index Rating of a whopping 65.80, while the latter only got 49.38. This means you’re more likely to experience an unfortunate event in the Windy City than in the Big Apple.

However, don’t let these statistics foil your plans to visit Chicago! It’s a wonderful metropolis with safety measures to ensure you can still enjoy that city to the fullest. So long as you act with caution and watch your belongings, then you won’t face anything out of the ordinary in the Windy City.

Is Chicago Cleaner Than New York?

In terms of cleanliness, Chicago beats New York hands down. It’s known for its avid use of mechanical street sweepers to manage litter, plus volunteers eager to pick up debris from many parts of the area. For reference, the Windy City bagged 25th place in The Street’s list of 30 Cleanest Cities in the World.

Meanwhile, New York is achieving the opposite. The BB Cleaning Service ranked it the dirtiest city in all of America, while Time Out revealed it’s the second dirtiest on the planet. The city government is doing all it can to reverse this, though. In fact, millions of dollars are allocated to get the garbage in the Big Apple under control.

Why Is Chicago Cheaper Than New York?

Chicago is cheaper than New York simply because the latter has a more prosperous market. The Big Apple’s economy is growing rapidly, thanks to the many successful sectors that fuel it. And, of course, the greater the economic growth, the higher the demand and the lesser the supplies become.

To help you understand it more, think of New York’s food scene, for instance. Food in the Big Apple is 23% higher than in the Windy City. In fact, a simple meal in an inexpensive restaurant in New York costs a whopping $25, while Chicago offers the same for only $20. This is mainly because restaurants in the Big Apple pay more to operate in the area due to steeper commercial leases.

For reference, rent in New York is expensive because there is strong demand for space in the city.

Chicago vs. New York Weather

Based on the Comfort Index by BestPlaces, New York has more pleasant weather than Chicago. The Big Apple got a rating of 7.3, compared to the Windy City, which achieved a grade of 7.0. Note that the mentioned scale ranges from 1 (not pleasant) to 10 (most pleasant).

To elaborate, Chicago has an average of 189 sunny days yearly. It has a summer high of around 83.9°F (28.8°C), and its coldest winter month reaches about 19.2°F (-7.1°C). The Windy City also faces an average of 38.2 in (970.3 mm) of rain and a whopping 35.1 in (891.6 mm) of snow per year.

Meanwhile, New York has about 224 sunny days per year. Its hottest summer temperature typically reaches 84.2°F (29°C), while its winter goes only as low as 26.1°F (-3.3°C). The Big Apple has about 46.6 in (1183.6 mm) of rain yearly and generally collects 25.3 in (642.6 mm) of annual snow.

Is New York or Chicago Colder?

Chicago is a much colder city than the Big Apple. The usual winter lows in New York tend to only reach 26.1°F (-3.3°C), in comparison to the Windy City’s winter temperature of about 19.2°F (-7.1°C).

Chicago Winter vs. New York Winter

New York has a much better situation than Chicago during the winter season. Not only is the Windy City’s winter low much harsher, but the cold typically last longer than the Big Apple.

To give you an idea, the average annual winter low in Chicago goes as cold as 19.2°F (-7.1°C), with snow that can pile up as high as 35.1 in (891.6 mm). Meanwhile, New York has a usual winter low of 26.1°F (-3.3°C), with only 25.3 in (642.6 mm) of snow.

Chicago or New York for Christmas?

Chicago and New York both belong on Condé Nast Traveler’s list of Best Places to Spend Christmas in the US. This is unsurprising, especially because the two destinations go all out to celebrate the winter holidays. As such, it can be hard to choose which place you’ll go to for Christmas. However, ultimately, it all comes down to your preferred type of holiday.

Christmas in Chicago means attending the world-renowned Christkindlmarket. It’s a genuine German Christmas market filled with unique crafts and treats.

And since the Windy City is colder during this season, expect its ice rinks to be more solid than ever! Here, you can skate to your heart’s content, embrace the Christmas spirit by sledding, or go on heated igloos to warm your body up. Don’t forget to get a warm ale or spend a few hours at dive bars with iconic live performances.

Meanwhile, Christmas in New York means not missing out on the perfect holiday drink: hot chocolate! It’s where you go if you want high-quality shopping galore, especially if you’re after sales and discounts. It’s also the perfect venue to watch theater performances centered around Christmas. Some examples include The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol.

Chicago Downtown vs. New York Downtown

Both downtown areas in Chicago and New York have irresistible vibes, to say the least. They’re brimming with entertainment, culture, and landmarks that you’ll have a hard time forgetting. This makes choosing between them a dilemma, but ultimately, you should follow your heart.

Downtown Chicago is known as The Loop, consisting of a few famous spots in the city. Some of these areas include the Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast, and Chicago Loop. The most notable sites you can visit here are the Navy Pier, Cloud Gate, Millenium Park, and of course, the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s the ideal area to get a taste of everything the Windy City has to offer, from art, culture, and architecture.

Downtown New York, on the other hand, is called Lower Manhattan. It encompasses the areas between New York Harbor, the East River, the Hudson River, and 14th Street. Here, you’re privy to a magnificent view of the Statue of Liberty, or take a ferry tour to get an up-close shot.

Other landmarks include One World Observatory, the Charging Bull, and Battery Park. This spot in New York is the perfect place to go on walking tours with all the statues and unique architecture.

Chicago Skyline vs. New York Skyline

Based on Thriller’s list of The Best Skylines in the World, Chicago has a much better skyline than New York. The Windy City bagged eighth place in the rankings, in comparison to the Big Apple, which only got fifteenth. Contrary to this, Rank revealed that New York takes the cake as having the best skyline ever. Meanwhile, Chicago only got the seventh spot.

Ultimately, choosing between the two cities based on their skylines depends on preference. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may think Chicago has a superior skyline and better buildings. However, another may prefer the bright light and towering skyscrapers of New York.

Chicago vs. New York Pizza

Choosing between Chicago and New York’s pizzas can be a challenge, especially since both slices are to die for. However, if you badly want to know which one is superior, then list down what your preferences are. It can’t be hard to decide after that, especially since both pizzas have plenty of differences.

First, Chicago’s pizza is commonly known as deep-dish pizza. It’s an inverted pan-pizza that typically measures 12 in (305 mm) in diameter, characterized by its thick crust and thicker toppings. This type of pizza also requires two baking stages: a few minutes for the crust and another thirty minutes to get the toppings well done. It also has more sauce but less greasiness than any other pizza due to its thick dough.

Meanwhile, New York pizza is usually hand-tossed before being placed on a pizza stone. It can span up to a whopping 36 in (914 mm) wide, with a thin crust that has cheese, sauce, and a few chosen toppings. It’s also a bit greasier than Chicago’s deep-dish slice, particularly because of the thinner dough.

New York Hot Dog vs. Chicago

When you compare New York’s hot dog with Chicago’s, you will notice one thing: it’s far simpler. It’s perfect for people who prefer to have minimal toppings, especially since the Big Apple likes to make theirs with efficiency in mind. It’s made with sausage topped with the city’s signature sauerkraut – a combination of mustard, sweet onion, and tomato sauce.

Meanwhile, Chicago-style hot dog is for those who are craving a plethora of flavors. It’s made with an all-beef hot dog topped with yellow mustard, white onion, tomatoes, and celery salt. Don’t forget the sweet pickle relish, dill pickle, and pickled sport peppers! The result is a tangy, salty recipe that you really can’t carry wherever you go.

Chicago Cheesecake vs. New York Cheesecake

Both Chicago and New York produce cheesecakes that can be considered the stuff of legends. Choosing between them is not a walk in the park, but if you really have to do so, then decide which of these American treats is more to your liking.

Chicago-style cheesecakes have something that you won’t find anywhere else: their unbelievable creaminess. It’s a dessert well-known for its dense exterior that, when broken down, reveals the creamiest interior ever. This is thanks to the extra cream cheese added to the batter recipe, which leads to a filling-like inner layer.

The Windy City’s version of cheesecake also uses shortbread crust, unlike others who opt for graham crackers.

Meanwhile, New York-style cheesecake is creamy but not as much as Chicago’s take on the dessert. It’s made of graham crackers, adding a bit of crunch to the otherwise dense and rich texture. This version is made with cream cheese, heavy cream, and just the right amount of sour cream to avoid freezing.

Is Chicago Similar to New York?

When comparing Chicago and New York side by side, you’ll notice that they sport a few similarities.

First, the two American gems are known for being thriving metropolises with shining skylines. They also have similar weather conditions, experiencing the highs and lows of summer and winter, as well as spring and autumn. The two spots are also known for having strong economies and diverse cultures. And of course – they’re both popular tourist destinations!

However, despite their similarities, you can say that the two cities still have different identities. The Windy City is known for having a more laid-back vibe, while the Big Apple is famed for its fast-paced environment.

Is New York in Chicago?

No, New York is not in Chicago. Rather, they’re two different cities located in the United States of America.

How Far Is Chicago From New York?

To get the accurate distance of your New York to Chicago journey, you have to know what mode of transport you’re going to use. If you’re traveling via plane or railway, the average distance would be 1144 km (711 mi). However, if you’re taking the car, then the trip will span approximately 1281 km (796 mi).

Is Chicago Close to New York?

Chicago may not lie right next door to New York; however, they’re still two cities that are close to each other. This is because they’re located in the same country, meaning there’s no need to cut across the globe to travel between them. In fact, it’s possible to drive between these two metropolises – the journey won’t even last a day.

Chicago vs. New York Size

When it comes to geographical mass, New York wins over Chicago by a small margin. The Big Apple spans about 783.8 sq. km. (302.6 sq. mi), in comparison with the Windy City, which is only 607.4 sq. km (234.5 sq. mi).

Is New York Bigger Than Chicago?

New York is definitely bigger than Chicago, both in terms of land mass and population.

Chicago vs. New York Population

When talking about population, there’s no doubt New York beats Chicago by a landslide. In fact, based on the data by BestPlaces, the Big Apple has a whopping 8,736,047 residents. 52.3% of them are female, while 47.7% are male.

Meanwhile, the Windy City has only 2,742,119 people who call it home. 51.5% of the total population is female, while 48.5% is male. This means that New York has over three times more citizens than Chicago.

Chicago vs. New York Drill

There’s no need to compare Chicago and New York when it comes to drill music. Both have their own respective charms, so it’s really up to the listener to decide which of the two is the better choice.

For reference, drill music is a subgenre of trap music focusing on the darker things in life. Unlike other genres, there are no metaphors or punchlines used with drill. There are only blunt lyrics about various violent situations.

Chicago drill is the original type of drill, characterized by 65 to 70 beats per minute of slow tempos. This unhurried delivery is emphasized by a straight-faced vocal style, resulting in more musical spaces. Some may not like these big margins, so other Chicago drill artists prefer to use autotune to make up for the lack of expressions.

Meanwhile, the New York drill has a more upbeat sound than the Windy City’s. Yes, it still has bits of a monotonous approach, but it’s also more energetic and expressive. Drill artists in the Big Apple don’t prefer to use autotune in their pieces. Plus, they sing about different kinds of topics not limited to death and violence.

Chicago vs. New York Accent

Based on the survey by Big Seven Travel, New Yorkers have a better accent than Chicagoans. The Big Apple bagged the third place on their list of 50 Sexiest Accents in America; the Windy City ranked fifth. Ultimately though, deciding on the superior accent depends mainly on the listener’s preferences.

Chicago and New York both treat their ‘th’ sounds in a similar way – by pronouncing them into ‘d’ instead. This is the only resemblance between these two; the rest of their lexicons and inflections are different from one another.

To elaborate, the locals from the Windy City are used to doing a vowel shift. ‘A’ sounds get emphasized and shortened; “O” sounds get pronounced with a flat tone; and “U” sounds are usually said as ‘aww’. They also have a unique way of using ‘ch’ sounds, using it as a replacement for longer words.

In comparison, the Big Apple residents like to drop the “r” sounds from most of their words. They prefer to replace it with a drawn-out “ah” or “uh” sound, which sometimes results in a nasal pronunciation. Plus, words with solid “aw” sounds typically get pronounced with a longer “aw-uh”.

How to Get From Chicago to New York

There are several ways to get from Chicago to New York. You can either book a flight, take the train, or go on a road trip to reach your destination.

New York to Chicago Distance by Flight

If you’re planning to take the plane from New York to Chicago, the distance will span 1144 km (711 mi). This means that if you’re riding a commercial airliner with a speed of 805 km/h (500 mph), you will reach the Windy City after only an hour and 20 minutes. However, note that the actual duration may depend on weather conditions, passenger load, routing, and cruise speed.

New York to Chicago by Sleeper Train

If you’re aiming to get on a sleeper train from New York to Chicago, you’re in luck. There is the Amtrak 51 Cardinal, a direct overnight train connecting both cities without a need to switch rides. Tickets for this particular ride start at $90 but may increase depending on which class seating you prefer.

Amtrak 51 Cardinal offers three seat classes: seat, roomette, and bedroom. To have the best comfort when traveling, opt to get the bedroom class, as this will give you access to a private toilet and sink. However, if you’re fine with sharing bathrooms with others but would still prefer some privacy, go for the roomette.

Seat classes are for travelers who don’t mind sharing space with strangers and for those not interested in getting a bed.

Note that travel duration via railways has an average course of 28 hours. You’ll be staying inside the train for most of the journey spanning 1144 km (711 mi). As such, it’s best to maximize your comfort, especially since you’d be traveling at night.

Luxury Train From Chicago to New York

The luxury train ride going from Chicago to New York is hosted by Amtrak via their Lake Shore Limited line. It’s a nineteen-hour journey going through South Bend, Cleveland, and Buffalo. The railroad also passes through some of the most majestic shorelines in America. These include the south shore of Lake Michigan, the Mohawk River, and of course, the Erie Canal.

Taking the luxury train from Chicago to New York is a great idea for travelers who prefer scenic views. However, note that the cost for this mode of transport is steeper than normal and may vary depending on chosen accommodations. The initial price may range from $588 and above per person.

Chicago to New York Drive

The drive from Chicago to New York spans 1281 km (796 mi) and lasts for about 12 hours and 15 minutes on average. However, if you’re planning to take a leisurely road trip, then travel time may last longer than that. There’s no blaming you if that is the case, especially since the road from the Windy City to the Big Apple offers plenty of lovely sceneries en route.

To elaborate, the drive from Chicago to New York will allow you to admire at least six states, on top of showing landmarks from the Great Lakes. Some notable rest stops include Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Princeton.

Distance From New York to Chicago by Car

The driving distance from New York to Chicago spans 1281 km (796 mi).

Chicago to New York Drive Time

When traveling from Chicago to New York via car, expect the journey to last for 12 hours and 15 minutes on average. Note that actual travel time may vary depending on driving speed and the number of stopovers you do during the trip.

How Many Tolls From Chicago to New York?

Determining the exact number of tolls during your Chicago to New York trip would require knowing what roads you’re going to travel by. However, the most common route between the two cities only has one toll, in which you have to pay about $35 to $102 to pass. Price may vary depending on the type of car you drive, the time of your journey, and your chosen payment method.

Scenic Route From Chicago to New York City

If you’re looking for a scenic route from Chicago to New York, then going via train is the best choice. It’s not going to be the cheapest, but expect the journey to be well worth it. Just imagine crossing several wonderful cities, like South Bend, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Plus, you can’t ever resist not taking photos of the prettiest coasts in the USA: Lake Michigan, the Mohawk River, and the Erie Canal.

Best Route From Chicago to New York City

Deciding which is the best route from Chicago to New York depends on what your priority during travel is. If you’re eager to reach the Big Apple as quickly as possible, then booking a plane ticket is the best way to go. If you’re in it for the wonderful sceneries, traveling via train is the key. And, of course, if you’re eager to experience the road from Chicago to New York up close and more personally, driving is the best path for you.

Cheapest Way From Chicago to New York

You may be surprised by this, but the cheapest way from Chicago to New York is via plane. It’s a lot more budget-friendly than booking a train ticket and also more economical than going on a road trip. For reference, the average flight from the Windy City to the Big Apple costs only $84. However, this may still go lower if you’re lucky enough to get discounts and airline promos.