Paris vs. New York

Paris and New York are two big-named cities located on entirely different continents. However, they're still often mentioned in one sentence because of their similar reputations as hot tourist hubs. This doesn't mean they're cut from the same cloth, though. In fact, it's quite the opposite. 
Paris vs. New York

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The French capital is famous for its undying vintage appeal, dripping with history and tradition everywhere you go. People are insanely attracted to the place for several reasons, one of which is its unique atmosphere. Don’t forget the abundance of artworks from different eras, making Paris a hub for art virtuosos.

Meanwhile, New York is a concrete jungle brimming with modernity and futuristic appeal. You’d find a domineering skyscraper everywhere you go, making it a hub for people with a heart for contemporary charm. In addition, the city is also rich in terms of diversity, home to people of varying cultures and beliefs.

The two cities exude auras that are poles apart, but choosing between them can still pose a challenge. This is especially the case if you have a strong sense of wanderlust and want to tour all places in the world. Check out this article guide to help you decide which to visit first!


Paris is a tourist destination that truly stands out among the rest. There’s something magically unexplainable about the city, a particular je ne sais quoi that you can only find in fairy tales. Its age-old streets, majestic architecture, and natural love for all things delightful may be some factors that make this aura.

The French capital has many nicknames, each more romantic than the last. It’s dubbed the most beautiful city in the whole wide world for a very good reason. Once you step inside the city walls, you’ll question whether you’ve been transported to a place straight out of a movie scene.

Don’t forget that it’s also the City of Love and Light, where all things bright and passionate abound. Every avenue is dripping with romance, the atmosphere so light you wouldn’t consider leaving.

These are only some of the reasons why Paris is a tourist-favorite getaway. You’d find plenty more grounds why it’s well-loved by locals and visitors alike, so long as you give the city a chance.

What Makes Paris Unique?

La Ville Lumiere

If you’ve long dreamt of roaming the streets of Paris, you probably stuffed yourself with knowledge about the place. One of the interesting things about it is that it’s known as ‘La Ville Lumiere’ or the City of Light. There are explanations for this, aside from the fact that it houses the Eiffel Tower, the shining beacon of the French capital.

Of course, Paris being the home to this industrial infrastructure contributes greatly to this label. It offers sparkling illumination seen beyond the city walls, reaching the far-off suburbs. However, the reason does not stop there.

Paris is attractive not only to the pioneers of the art and fashion industry. It’s also a magnet for several intellectuals aiming to share and gather ideas about different innovations. These academics are considered the ‘lights’, which also makes a lot of sense. Simply put, the French capital is also dubbed the City of Light because it attracts enlightened individuals.

Several spots in Paris are made for tourists and locals that are big on building knowledge. These infrastructures are not only focused on academics, but they’re also a jaw-dropping site to see:

Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève. This library is not losing in terms of aesthetic appeal in all of Paris. Its visually stunning walls are filled with regal architecture. It’s also ingrained with the names of intellectuals that made a permanent mark in history. Are you a huge fan of Copernicus, Shakespeare, or Galileo? You’ll feel closer to them and their legacies in this library than ever.

Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris. If you’re truly a Parisian at heart, then stopping by this library may be one of the best decisions you make during your trip. It’s filled to the brim with books, manuscripts, and collections about the proud history of the City of Love. It’s not as big as other reading spots, but that makes it cozier, especially with Paris’ atmosphere.

Lighthearted Parisian Ambiance

Many have expectations about Paris so far from the truth, generally called the Paris syndrome. They think the French capital is a perfect, restrictive city brimming with harsh, model-looking locals dressed up to the nines. In their minds, Paris is a real-life movie set filled with elegant humans with equally opulent ways of life.

They can’t be any more wrong, though. The city is just like any spot on Earth, with warm people navigating their daily lives as a normal citizen would. However, what makes Parisians attractive is their mindset – they’re friendly and focused on living the French lifestyle.

It’s rare to find a Parisian panicking and losing their cool. Rather, they spend their time hunting for small everyday delights. Good food, good wine, good talks – the goal of every local you can encounter in Paris. This makes the city an ideal getaway for people wanting to relax and experience the good life.

The French capital is brimming with enjoyment here and there. There’s vintage wine available throughout the city, each uniquely paired with side dishes of varying flavors. You could even lounge around in different cafés like a true-blooded Parisian – something you don’t know you needed in your European getaway.

You’re also free to hang out and enjoy good conversations with a local, even when it’s your first meeting. So long as you offer them fun, genuine chitchats, you’ll be met with warm affection. This is a big deal, especially if you’re traveling alone and craving sincere human interaction. You’ll also learn a lot from these people, something you won’t forget if you’re on a journey for self-cultivation.

The Gastronomic Meal of the French

There’s no denying that the French have magic at their fingertips, enough for their cuisine to be dubbed one of the best on the planet. Their cooking is so good that it secured a spot in UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Officially dubbed as the Gastronomic Meal of the French, there’s no better place to experience this than France’s own heart, Paris.

The French capital is the center of all the country’s genius dishes, ranging from full-course meals to sweet local delicacies. Expect the streets to be a true foodie heaven, filled with high-quality Michelin restaurants and pastries. Their coffee game is also out of this world, honed to perfection due to the Parisian’s natural love for caffeine.

Here are some of the food spots you’d be bummed out to miss during your trip to the City of Love and Light:

Jòia. If you’re looking for comfortable French flavors with a twist of global touch, then this restaurant is for you. The menu won’t fail to give you the best of both worlds, especially as the restaurant is owned by Hélène Darroze, ranked as the best female chef globally. If that isn’t enough, take a look at their wine selection which you can’t find anywhere else.

David Toutain. Up for some of the greatest culinary adventures of all time? Drop by the most interesting restaurant in Paris, handled by two-star Michelin chef David Toutain. The menu is ever-changing, so you really can’t have the same experience twice.

Attractions of a Lifetime

Paris isn’t dubbed the Most Beautiful City just for show. Many wonders are scattered across the small city with a big heart. They range from vintage museums to castles that scream history and romanticism. In fact, the French capital is filled with beautiful creations, to the point that even its bridges are known for being iconic masterpieces.

Of course, no one can miss the dominative Eiffel Tower that lights up the night sky. Standing at 330 m (1083 ft), this Parisian beacon can be seen across the city’s vicinity. You really can’t miss it, especially during nighttime when it lights up the whole sky.

That’s not all, though; the Eiffel Tower is just one of the many attractions you can enjoy on your trip to Paris. There are plenty of landmarks to visit, each with a different vibe that can match what you’re going for.

It doesn’t matter if you came to the City of Love for the history or the Parisian vibe; there’s always a place that will catch your eye. Check some of the attractions worth visiting below:

Pont Alexandre III. It’s only natural for the most beautiful city to own the most beautiful bridge on the planet. This bridge sports Beaux-Arts architecture, elegant gilded statues, and stunning Art Noveau decorations. It’s considered one of the most highly-prized pieces in the French capital, linking Grand Palais and Hotel des Invalides.

Nightfall is the best time to witness this bridge in all its glory; it’s when all 32 lampposts are lit up, creating a majestic scene.

Seine River. If you’re tired of walking or climbing the cobblestone streets of Paris, you can head over to the Seine River. It’s the city’s main waterway that passes throughout the city, which means it can access every view imaginable.

You can cruise along this river, with wine in hand, while the sun sets for a magical encounter. You could also hold a picnic alone or with your companions by the Seine for a fun outing.

New York

Music fanatic or not, you may have heard Alicia Keys’ song, ‘Empire State of Mind,’ blasting through your café’s speakers during its peak. That, or you have encountered it playing over and over on the radio during your ride home. Either way, it’s an iconic song showcasing the charms of the concrete jungle of New York.

It’s a city made for those that have big dreams, literally. It’s known as The Dream City, the spot where lots of modern talents congregate to start their career. You’ll find no shortage of sirens serenading you with love songs and acoustic musicians singing their souls on the subway. There are also artists keen on acting and perfecting their craft, eager to show you the performance of a lifetime.

There’s a lot more that New York has to offer; you just need to look past the surface. To give you a clue on what to expect when you drop by the Big Apple, check out some of its charms below:

What Makes New York Unique?

Ultimate Melting Pot

It’s not an understatement to say that New York is the capital of the world. The city is not just a famous tourist destination; it’s also where people of different kinds decide to establish their roots. It doesn’t matter what race you belong to; the Big Apple is the spot to go if you’re looking for a place rich in diversity and multiculturalism.

In fact, another nickname New York is known for is ‘The Melting Pot’. Immigrants from all over the world choose to restart their lives in the city due to its allure and the offers of a better life. This strong, unending tradition led to the merging of various cultures in NYC, turning it into a hub of overwhelming diversity.

You’ll find traces of every race, even from the tiniest street arts, cuisine, and music collections. The city can give you the vibe that you’re everywhere at once, be it Asia, Mexico, or Spain – anywhere in the world you’d want to be.

It’s the ideal destination if you immerse yourself in different cultures without going on countless trips. Bask in Asian cuisine during breakfast and drop by friendly multicultural boroughs while still getting the best NYC has to offer. Tip: visit the 19th-century Tenement Museum to explore the city’s interesting immigration history.

Boulevard of Theater Dreams

If you’re a person with a flair for acting, there is no doubt that New York is one of your dream destinations. Show-stopping performances will capture your heart on Broadway, NYC’s very own theater district. Each stage gets better than the last, with varying genres that will entertain you for hours on end.

You can watch any performance on Broadway. There are classic musicals like The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera to award-winning ones like Hamilton and Hadestown. Several theatres line up in this NYC district, so the only thing you should do is choose one that fits your cup of tea.

Aside from enjoying the city’s theatre shows, you can get first-class tours from Broadway performers. Are you curious about what happens backstage during magical scenes or heartwarming monologues? Well, a two-hour Broadway tour may just be what you need to spice up your trip even further.

Electrifying Culinary Scene

True to its ‘Melting Pot’ reputation, New York has long absorbed the cuisine of different cultures all over the globe. This is inevitable as people from many lands dream of settling in the city. Vietnamese, Chinese, Jewish, and Mexican – everything your picky palate is looking for can be found in New York.

However, this doesn’t mean the Big Apple has lost its identity in terms of gastronomy. In fact, the city is also well-known for its New York–Style everything. Their own take on the culinary scene has become well-loved even outside the country.

Supersized Food Galore

When you think of New York–Style, the first that comes to mind is giant slices of pizza with the cheesiest topping. It’s one of the frontrunners of the city’s world-famous cuisine, so there’s no blaming you for this one. Who wouldn’t want to partake in the juiciest and biggest slab of pizza that melts in the mouth?

Well, New York has plenty of pizza hotspots that it can boast about. Too many that you can’t visit them all in a day, even with a ravenous appetite. Here are some shops you shouldn’t miss:

  • Mama’s Too! If you’re looking for a reputable pizza spot in New York with many tricks up its sleeves, look no more. This hole-in-the-wall pizzeria belongs on the roster of best NYC pizzerias, despite having only opened in 2017. The shop offers both iconic New York slices thicker than ever and golden Sicilian squares.
  • Rizzo’s Fine Pizza. This pizzeria has both history and the right flavors on its side, serving pies that no other can compare. Established in 1959, it’s well-known for rectangular pizzas with genius topping combinations. These pizzas are all made with premium ultra-thin crust, ensuring you won’t miss any of their tangs.

There’s plenty more where these shops come from, so be sure to explore the streets of New York with an eagle’s eye. If pizzas are not your cup of tea, other New York–Style recipes will surely attract your taste buds. Make way for New York–Style bagels, pretzels, and burger joints that will ignite your inner gourmet.

Bask in Diverse Food Cultures

Yet another reason you should tour the streets of New York once in your lifetime is its culinary diversity. The Big Apple was dubbed the Capital of the World, and you can see why in its rich gastronomy. No matter where you turn your head, you’ll find a selection of restaurants and trucks that offer food from different nations. In fact, the city provides awesome chow of varying kinds, including the following cuisines:

Chinese. NYC is home to many Chinese people, so it stands to reason that it adapted to their palate. You can say that the Big Apple’s own take on Chinatown is like no other. It’s filled to the brim with authentic Chinese foods like classic Fujian specialties. You’d best prepare your stomach for delicious kung pao chicken and mouth-watering shark fin soup.

Mexican. If you’re someone with a taste for New York streetscapes, you will find countless Mexican trucks lined by the roadside. Tacos, enchiladas, and machacas are just the surface of these wonders you shouldn’t miss out on. Even the pickiest eater will enjoy plenty of topping combinations, including beef, fish, and vegetarian tofu.

Infrastructures of Global Renown

New York is a magnificent jungle full of lofty infrastructures that can almost touch the sky. The spot is not lacking in skyscrapers in any way; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This signifies how far the Big Apple has advanced, with companies scrambling to build their home within the city.

However, aside from their overwhelming modernity, these buildings are all man-made wonders. They make the New York Skyline impressive and phenomenal to look at, in addition to how bright it is. Check out some of the most beautiful buildings NYC has to offer:

  • Empire State Building. Many tourists will travel to New York to glimpse this world-famous building. Granted, it’s not the tallest building in the city, but no doubt it’s the most well-known. It’s attractive not only for its Art Deco design but also its panoramic view from the 86th floor.
  • Statue of Liberty. When you hear New York, the first thing that comes to mind is the towering statue of Lady Liberty. You can’t call your trip complete if you haven’t taken even a single IG photo of this beacon of freedom and democracy. You could even get a meal in the Crown Café, a food stop in the monument serving great burgers and lobster rolls.

Aside from these concrete wonders, New York is also brimming with hotspots close to nature. That’s right; the Big Apple has plenty more to brag about than infrastructures made of brick. In fact, you’d be surprised at how such an advanced city kept its treasure trove of natural wonders. Check some of these sites during your NYC trip if you want to be close to Mother Earth:

  • Central Park
  • Roosevelt Island
  • The Ramble
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Pelham Bay Park

Live Music Delights

New York isn’t called the Dream City for nothing. It’s the place where artists of every kind can go big today or try again tomorrow. In fact, musicians far and wide can find their very own spot in the Big Apple, performing to their heart’s content.

If you’re a fan of undiscovered gems that tickle your ears, there’s no better place than New York. The city is full of singers and musicians that have perfected their craft or are still discovering their voices. From big names to local bands, there’s no shortage of live music delights on the streets of the Big Apple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into the cool techno scene, a country sweetheart, or big on rock-and-roll – the city has it all. You can even hear singers serenading on the subways, tempting you to follow their angelic voices and watch their performances. Every district or borough of the city is home to artists waiting to be discovered, eager to showcase their talents to locals and tourists alike.

Drag performances, comedy acts, and gigs are also available throughout New York, truly an ideal city for everyone. Of course, the Big Apple doesn’t lack big shows from established artists in the industry. The city has long been a hot tub of famous performers aiming to tour the world.

Book a spot in the Yankee Stadium, drop by Brooklyn’s Barclay Center, and visit Madison Square Garden for the best live experiences.

New York or Paris – Which Is Better?

New York and Paris are two cities that would never lose a spot in the world’s list of most famous tourist destinations. This is for a good reason, especially if you factor in everything the two places offer. They’re both brimming with amazingly good cuisines, booming cultures, and many irresistible charms.

In fact, the cities are so phenomenal that you’d have a hard time choosing which one is the better vacation scene. However, if you have to select between them, go where you feel you’d enjoy the most. Both destinations have different allures and can offer you entirely distinct vibes.

New York City is where you go if you’re eager to meet different people in your life. Seeing things from different perspectives is possible, thanks to the city’s ‘Melting Pot’ reputation. If you want to experience every culture imaginable, then tour the streets of NYC.

Meanwhile, Paris offers an entirely different environment than the concrete jungle. You’ll find joy in the little things the city has to offer, like allowing you to let go and prioritize the good things in life.

Had the urge to do nothing all day and lounge around coffee shops like a cat? Eager for a relaxing break, stuffing your face with every dessert that tastes better than the last? Paris will not judge you; the city will indulge your every whim, so enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Which Is More Beautiful – Paris or New York?

No doubt Paris and New York are both great places to be. However, the French capital has dominated the rankings of beauty, snatching the first spot in the list of Most Beautiful Cities in the World. This is based on the data gathered by the travel website Flight Network.

In the meantime, New York easily bagged second place out of fifty cities. The Big Apple and the City of Light have unique attractions to boast about. However, Paris’ ethereal appeal with a vintage touch has an edge against New York’s tall, concrete jungle.

Is Paris Safer Than New York?

Based on the Safe Cities Index 2021 conducted by The Economist, New York is a much safer city than Paris. The rankings state that the Big Apple easily took over 12th place with a rating of 77.8%. Meanwhile, the French capital bagged the 23rd spot with a grade of 74.3%.

Note that the Safe Cities Index analyzed all kinds of broad safety pillars. These include infrastructure, personal, and health measures. Additionally, the rankings also took into consideration both environmental and digital security.

Crime Rate of Paris vs. New York

If you were to compare the crime rate of Paris and New York, you’d be surprised. The City of Love and Light has a whopping crime rate of about 57.20%, per Numbeo’s analysis. This is within the 40 to 60 range, considered on the moderate scale by their general Crime Index.

Meanwhile, New York City has a crime rate of 48.84%, which is also classified in the moderate range. However, there’s quite a big difference between the two cities’ ratings.

Is Paris Dirtier Than New York?

Contrary to hearsay, Paris is not actually dirtier than New York. In fact, the Big Apple has bagged third place in the Timeout Index’s poll rankings of the Dirtiest Cities on the Planet. Despite the city’s many achievements, it still has a growing reputation of being dubbed The City That Never Washes.

On the other hand, Paris may not be considered the cleanest destination in the world. However, expect the City of Light to clean up nicely, especially with its clear vintage cobblestone streets. It is far from the ‘Ville Poubelle’ reputation it once had, particularly in the 1990s.

Is New York More Expensive Than Paris?

New York City is not big on being called a budget-friendly destination. Of course, it’s a great tourist hotspot, but you really can only enjoy most of what it has to offer if you have a lot of moolah up your sleeves. On average, New York is about 20% more expensive than Paris, based on the findings of the France Hotel Guide.

First off, the transport costs in New York are 26% more expensive than in Paris. A single one-trip ticket in New York will cost you about $3, equivalent to 2.58€. Food costs in the Big Apple are also through the roof, with staple product prices 40% higher in NYC. Similarly, bars and restaurants in New York charge way more: a single coffee may cost you $3.05 alone.

Of course, if you’re a tourist aiming to stay at an NYC accommodation, you should get your budget ready. A simple Airbnb alone can cost $261 a night, a three-star hotel $355 per night, and a five-star hotel a whopping $870 overnight.

Statue of Liberty in Paris vs. New York

The original Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, New York City. It’s a colossal statue measuring 305 ft (93 m), easily as tall as a 22-story building.

The monument of a woman holding a torch is a joint effort of France and the United States, symbolizing the solid friendship between their people. It also serves as a well-known symbol of freedom and democracy, occupying a spot in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Meanwhile, Paris also has smaller versions of the Statue of Liberty. The first one is located in Ile aux Cygnes, near the Pont de Grenelle and facing the direction of NYC. It stands at 37.73 ft (11.5 m) and is officially dubbed the Liberty Enlightening the World. This smaller variety of the Statue of Liberty was USA’s return gift to France.

There are also six other variations of Lady Liberty across the French capital in different sizes. They are located in Jardin de Luxembourg, Musee d’Orsay, 5 rue du Cirque, and on top of a péniche by the Eiffel Tower. The other two are located in the Arts-et-Metiers Museum and the 2 Place Michel Debré.

Is Paris in New York?

Paris, home of the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral, is not located in New York. In fact, both are cities found on two entirely different continents, Europe and North America. To be more specific, Paris is the French capital, while New York is one of the original states of the USA.

However, if you’re looking for a different Paris, then yes, Paris is in New York. It’s a small town in Oneida County, New York, established in 1792.

New York to Paris Distance

The flight distance between New York and Paris is 5836 km (3626.32 mi). This is the most convenient method of travel if speed and comfort are your priority.

Latitude of New York vs. Paris

New York City is located at a latitude of 40° 42′ 59.99″ N. On the other hand, Paris sits at a latitude of 48.8566° N.

The Big Apple is located on the 45th parallel of latitude, generally considered as the halfway point of the equator and North Pole. Paris is on the southern part of the 49th parallel, the circle of latitude located north of the equator.

Paris vs. New York Size

Contrary to its big reputation, Paris is a small city spanning only 105 sq. km (41 sq. mi). This is several times smaller than New York City, with a whopping land area of about 784 sq. km (303 sq. mi). This is not surprising since the Big Apple is the largest city in North America, which is the third largest continent in the globe.

In fact, four out of five boroughs in New York are bigger than the whole city of love and light. This is with the exception of Manhattan, which measures only about 59 sq. km (23 sq. mi).

Paris Density vs. New York

The city of Paris may be a bit smaller in terms of land area, but it has a higher density than New York. In fact, Bloomberg data reveals that the French capital houses 56,000 people per square mile. On the other hand, New York City only has about 27,000 residents per square mile.

Paris vs. New York Population

Paris is more densely populated than New York City, with over 11 million people residing within the capital. This may seem surprising since Paris is such a small city, particularly when compared to New York. However, Bloomberg reported that the city of love and light is home to a whopping 56,000 residents per square mile.

On the other hand, New York City only has 27,000 people per square mile. This means that the Big Apple has only over 8 million residents in total.

If you’re wondering why this is the case, there’s only one reason: age. Paris is a much older city than New York, developed during Medieval transit advancement. This means that it has plenty of time to accumulate residents. It’s also the perfect city for urban settlement patterns, which are attractive to most people.

Time in Paris vs. New York

The city of Paris is six hours ahead of New York. The French capital functions in Central European Time. On the other hand, New York City is under the Eastern Time Zone.

How Far Is Paris From New York by Plane?

The air distance between Paris and New York is 5836 km (3626.32 mi). This means that if you’re traveling at a flight speed of 805 km/h (m/h), you will arrive at your destination after 7 hours and 46 minutes. This can vary depending on the type of plane you ride, though.

New York to Paris Flight Time

Traveling from New York to Paris via plane will take 7 hours and 46 minutes on average. However, note that many factors may affect your flight duration, including the speed of the plane and sky conditions. There’s also an allotted time for takeoff and landing, which may add one hour or more to your flight.

Paris Metro vs. New York Subway

If you were to compare which has the better subway system, no doubt Paris will come out victorious. The Paris Metro has long been considered one of the best in the world, occupying the 7th spot in both the CEOWORLD Magazine and Metro Rail News rankings. It’s also the second busiest metro system in the European continent. This is for a good reason, especially if you consider its charm on commuters and sightseers alike.

The French capital’s subway system is well-known for its density, allowing you to travel to many parts of the city without much fuss. The cherry on top is that it’s beautiful, too, armed with elegant Art Nouveau designs and uniform architecture.

On the other hand, New York City Subway bags the 8th place in both global listings. It’s one of the oldest public transit systems still standing and also has the most stations. One of the best features of this transit system, though, is its 24-hour availability. However, the downside is that its stations are outdated, noisy, and mostly unkempt.