St. Thomas vs. Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is home to some of the best tropical destinations in the whole world. St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are two of the Caribbean destinations that you shouldn’t miss. Both locations are well-loved locations. You can tell from the fact that Puerto Rico and St. Thomas are always filled with visitors happily touring and lazing around.
St. Thomas vs. Puerto Rico

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St. Thomas is the most popular of the three main islands in the US Virgin Islands. Most will say it’s the most beautiful and lively of all islands. It offers an energetic but laid-back atmosphere that visitors from all parts of the world will enjoy. Its main draw is the magnificent and breathtaking landscapes.

On the other hand, Puerto Rico is overflowing with the beautiful Latin flair. Think colorful and joyful environments. Puerto Rico is never boring, with unending beautiful sights and activities. However, the real adventure lies with the warm people, culture, and history of the destination.

St. Thomas

One of the three main islands of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is blessed with white-sand beaches, breathtaking views, and a rich history to match. This is to be expected of all main islands of the US Virgin Islands. However, St. Thomas is arguably the most beautiful of all islands.

It’s called the “Rock City” because it’s one big mountain, but its landscape is breathtaking beyond that. It’s the perfect mix of beauty, relaxation, and luxury. Despite the laid-back vibe of St. Thomas, its nightlife is well and alive for those looking for entertainment and celebrations.

What Makes St. Thomas Unique?

Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the US Virgin Islands. It’s a busy location, especially because it’s one of the most visited cruise ports in the region. Many people, mostly those coming from cruise ships, love Charlotte Amalie. This is because of the extensive choices of duty-free shops. However, there’s more to Charlotte Amalie than the luxurious vibes you get from shopping.

Beyond being a great shopping place, Charlotte Amalie boasts a rich history. There are many sights to see that will give you a better idea of what St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands have gone through. In Charlotte Amalie, you can find Blackbeard’s Castle, Fort Christian, and Seven Arches Museum. All of these are stunning historical sites.

It’s a bonus that Charlotte Amalie’s nightlife is buzzing and full of life. If you want to relax, Charlotte Amalie has the right laid-back vibe for you. But if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and friendly, the night is well and alive.

Unique Culture and History

St. Thomas is the center of history in the whole US Virgin Islands. If you’re looking to dive deep into what made St. Thomas what it is now, you’ll find everything you need in the historical sites and attractions.

What’s even more interesting is that St. Thomas highlights a combination of different cultures. When you visit St. Thomas, you will be able to observe both American and Caribbean cultures. But more than that, it also has some European and African descent. This is all you need to understand to know that a St. Thomas trip will be unique because of the local culture.

Here are some of the best pieces of St. Thomas’ culture and history:

99 Steps

The 99 Steps is the most popular attraction and landmark in St. Thomas. The Danish built the 99 steps in the 1700s. They lead through the streets, going to the top of the hills that rise above the city. It offers a great panoramic view of the island.

The 99 steps of St. Thomas were actually made from bricks of the ships that were used to make travel around the islands more convenient. Despite the name 99 steps, there are actually more than a hundred of these steps leading to the top.


The US Virgin Islands celebrates the carnival almost all year round. The Carnival at St. Thomas happens after easter, from mid-April up to the beginning of May. This runs close to a month, making the St. Thomas Carnival one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean.

The Carnival is a colorful celebration, but hold it in one of the liveliest places in the Virgin Islands and it’s bound to be much better. It’s filled with high energy and beautiful music. It’s truly one memorable celebration in this tropical paradise.

Emancipation Garden

The Emancipation Garden is a beautiful park in St. Thomas. It celebrates the liberation of slaves by Governor Peter von Scholten in July 1848. There are two statues that show the heritage of the island: a scaled-down replica of the Liberty Bell and a bust of Danish King Christian.

The Emancipation Garden is the place for many important events in the US Virgin Islands. Some of the important events that happen here are the Emancipation Day and the inauguration ceremonies of the US Virgin Islands. When there are events in the Emancipation Garden, the beautiful park transforms into a breathtaking sight.

Top-Rated Beaches

St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands is one of the best places in the Virgin Islands to visit if you’re looking for a perfect seaside escape. The white sand and clear turquoise waters paired with warm sunshine all year round are enough to draw anyone to its beaches.

St. Thomas Beaches aren’t top-rated for no reason. They’re well-loved because of the memorable experiences and breathtaking views you will see.

Here are some of the best beaches in St. Thomas:

Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach can be found in the eastern part of St. Thomas. It boasts bright blue waters and white sand. You will be able to get an amazing view of the neighboring island of St. John from this beach.

Sapphire Beach is a great place to lay down and relax, but if you’re looking to experience some adventure, this is a good choice, too! It’s an amazing location to windsurf and snorkel in. The marine life in Sapphire Beach shouldn’t be missed. Snorkeling will show you a wide variety of tropical fish as well as sea turtles.

Magen’s Bay Beach

This is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. It’s a beautiful cove that’s filled with a mile of powdery and soft sand. There’s plenty of space for everyone despite it always being filled with people enjoying their vacation.

Relaxing and swimming in Magen’s Bay Beach gives off a heaven-on-earth feel. It feels like you’re inside a postcard. It’s always the perfect beach for swimming and playing by the beach.

Coki Point Beach

This beach may be small, but it has a lot of great experiences to offer. Coki Point Beach is one of the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands. On this beach, you’ll always hear some chill reggae music. It’s the best beach to go to if you want a completely laid-back experience.

Endless Fun Activities

The charm of St. Thomas may be in its beaches and history. But the seemingly endless activities that you can do make it hard to leave this great destination. Whether you love landscape adventures or you’d rather be with the marine life, there’s something for you at St. Thomas.

St. Thomas offers great snorkeling, diving, surfing, and sailing, among others. In St. Thomas, you can even have close encounters with the marine wildlife. You can swim with the sharks and be one with the fish.

Of course, you can also try some zip-lining, skydiving, and horseback riding on land. Truly, wherever you go in St. Thomas, you will have something fun to do. Despite being a small island, you will not run out of adventures. In fact, you may have a hard time choosing what to do first.

Puerto Rico

A trip to Puerto Rico is like experiencing a world more vibrant and colorful than you have ever imagined. Puerto Rico is the heart and soul of the Caribbean because that’s exactly what it is. The Caribbean is a livelier and more colorful place because of Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, everything mixes in perfectly. The landscapes blend well with the endless adventures and the vibrant culture. Because of this, it’s able to capture the hearts of anyone who visits. It’s easy to fall in love with Puerto Rico, and it’s hard to leave.

Whether it’s the rich diversity, beautiful sights, or colorful culture that draws you in, there’s only one thing for sure. Puerto Rico is exciting and a perfect tropical paradise.

What Makes Puerto Rico Unique?

The Bioluminescent Bays

What makes Puerto Rico unique from the rest of the world is that it’s home to three of the world’s limited number of bioluminescent bays. Laguna Grande, Mosquito Bay, and La Bahia Fosforescente are the three bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico that no one should miss. If that’s not enough to draw anyone in, what will?

Mosquito Bay is not only the brightest out of the three bays, but it’s the brightest bioluminescent bay in the whole world. It’s truly a unique experience to see it unfold.

These bays are the way they are because of the bioluminescent creatures in them. Once shaken up, they emit bright blue light. What’s even better is that you’re able to join them. You can dive into the sparkling and bright waters and get an up-close experience.

Perfect Food and Drinks

Puerto Rico is the Dining Capital of the Caribbean, and for a good reason. Puerto Ricans cook with a lot of passion, and you will know that by trying out the different cuisine available in the country. The delicious food is a party for your taste buds because of the exotic flavor that they possess.

Here are some of the most notable food and drinks in Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rican Rum

Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world, and that should be enough to encourage you to try the rum there! In Puerto Rico, rum comes in every shade possible. You can buy rum everywhere you go. It’s the national drink. If you go down to a local bar and restaurant, they will be more than happy to offer a signature cocktail with the use of the best local rums on the island.

Roast Pig

The famous Lechon Asado in Puerto Rico always completes a Puerto Rican vacation. It’s a must to find a roadside stand that roasts whole pigs. It’s a Puerto Rican delicacy that’s perfectly seasoned and crisp. It’s tender and smoky, and just perfectly cooked that the meat falls off the bone. This dish is always prepared during special holidays and occasions, as it is Puerto Rico’s national dish.


Just like the lechon asado, no trip to Puerto Rico is complete without the Mofongo. To the normal eye, it might not look like much, but once you get a taste of it, you will want to keep having more.

The mofongo can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can eat it as a side or main dish. You can eat it with or without meat. And the best of all, everywhere you go in Puerto Rico, you will be able to find this dish. It’s the perfect blend of mouth-watering flavors that will never leave your taste buds once you try it.

More Than Relaxation

Puerto Rico is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and truly relax. However, there’s more to Puerto Rico than rest and relaxation. There are a lot of adventures that you can unfold. You will never run out of new experiences when you’re in Puerto Rico.

When it comes to water activities, there’s a great range of things to do. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking, among other things. However, nothing really beats snorkeling and seeing the diverse and colorful marine wildlife that Puerto Rico has. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you can enjoy and bask in the breathtaking sights of the diverse and unique ecosystems underwater.

On land, there are also plenty of things to do. You can go on many different tours that showcase not only the beauty of Puerto Rico but also the rich history of the country. There are many places to explore, with each one giving off something new, exciting, and unique. If you’re feeling up to it, you can go hiking and golfing.

Lastly, there’s nothing better to cap off a day of relaxation and adventure than partying with other travelers and locals. Puerto Rican nightlife is something not to be missed. It’s as colorful as the days, with more music and laughter.

Nature All Around

Everyone loves visiting Puerto Rico because it has unspoiled and beautiful natural landscapes. Despite being a small island, it’s home to many diverse natural wonders and sceneries. Your eyes will be more than satisfied with what you’ll see when you go around Puerto Rico.

Here are two places in Puerto Rico that prove just how breathtaking nature is:

El Yunque

El Yunque, at 29,000 acres (117 sq km), is the smallest tropical rainforest. However, despite its size, it’s the most diverse in terms of living species. It’s the only tropical rainforest in the United States’ national forest system. If you want to bask in nature and see for yourself just how amazing it is, El Yunque is the place to be.

In El Yunque, you don’t only get to see the wonders that nature offers, but you can be part of it. The most popular thing to do at El Yunque is to go hiking toward one of the natural pools. There are many trails in the rainforest, so you can choose one that fits your expertise the most. All of these trails will lead you to a pool or body of water where you can wind and cool down.

If you truly want to be wowed by this beautiful rainforest, head over to Yokahú Observation Tower. The trip to it is worth it because you will be able to see everything from above. It’s also the best place to take photos of the lush mountains and the blue and clear beauty of the ocean.

Guanica Dry Forest

The Guanica Dry Forest receives about 30 inches of rainwater annually. With that, it’s the driest land in Puerto Rico. It’s a ​​United Nations International Biosphere Reserve and it’s one of the most massive pieces of dry land in the whole world.

Different species of plants, birds, reptiles, and more will welcome you. Despite being a dry land, the atmosphere is vibrant and teeming with life. This reserve is even home to some endangered species who have found a safe space in the Guanica Dry Forest.

Here, there are 12 different hiking trails you can choose from. Each one has a varying degree of difficulty. If you’re the kind who loves a good hike, this is a great place to be. But even if you prefer shorter hikes that will let you admire the beauty of the forest, there’s also a good option for you.

Overflowing Culture and History

Puerto Rico is one of the richest countries when it comes to cultural and historical heritage. Even if Puerto Rico is a part of America, you will feel like you’re being transported to a different place. Puerto Rico enjoys different cultures that have come together to create one rich and artistic Puerto Rican culture.

When you experience Puerto Rico in all its beauty, you will understand and experience the true Latin and Caribbean flare. It’s even most present during celebrations and festivals. You will feel this flare in the people you meet, in the places you see, and in the food you eat.

Going around Puerto Rico will also show you just how much history has shaped the country. It has long Spanish roots that are still present to this day. There are so many historical sites and attractions to see that you will feel like you’ll never have enough time to appreciate and visit them all.

Which Is Nicer – St. Thomas or Puerto Rico?

St. Thomas exudes relaxation and luxury. Anyone wanting to get away from their daily lives to slow down will have the time of their life in St. Thomas. It gives off a laid-back atmosphere that’s brimming with history and culture. It can be the adventure you need, but it can also be your little calm haven.

More than its rich culture and history, St. Thomas is beautiful. It’s the perfect vacation for your body, eyes, and soul.

Puerto Rico, on the other hand, is such a vibrant and colorful destination. It’s the perfect contrast to the laid-back vibe of St. Thomas because it’s a real treat and adventure being in Puerto Rico.

Much like St. Thomas, Puerto Rico is home to a rich culture and history. Paired with the beautiful Caribbean and Latin flare in Puerto Rico is the perfect scenery. Every turn you take will take your breath away.

Both St. Thomas and Puerto Rico are beautiful with a great touch of history that gives them a celebrated personality. Finding out which is nicer between the two is identifying the adventure that you want to partake in.

Would you rather be in St. Thomas where you can relax and turn away from the rest of the world? Or would you rather be in Puerto Rico and live it up to the highest level every day?


Puerto Rico vs. St. Thomas Cruise

There’s no doubt that St. Thomas is home to the best cruises, what with the fame of Charlotte Amalie. Cruises in St. Thomas are beautiful and breathtaking. They give a picture-perfect vibe, which is why many people love a St. Thomas cruise.

In St. Thomas, people can shop to their heart’s desire, while learning more about the deep history of Charlotte Amalie. St. Thomas is the perfect cruise stop that visitors love.

Puerto Rico doesn’t fall behind because of the tropical and lively energy that it exudes. A cruise to Puerto Rico will lead people to Spanish colonial towns like Old San Juan and diverse landscapes and wildlife. There’s nothing else you may ask once you step foot in Puerto Rico as part of your cruise. A Puerto Rico cruise is truly magical.

Is St. Thomas Part of Puerto Rico?

St. Thomas is not a part of Puerto Rico. St. Thomas is part of the US Virgin Islands, which is a United States territory like Puerto Rico. The US Virgin Islands, which St. Thomas is a part of, and Puerto Rico are both unincorporated United States territories.

Is St. Thomas Near Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is not near St. Thomas, although St. Thomas is just east of Puerto Rico. You cannot travel from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico by land. You will either have to take a plane or a ferry to get from one place to another.

How Far Is Puerto Rico From St. Thomas?

Puerto Rico is approximately 103.76 miles (167 kilometers) away from St. Thomas. It’s not too far away when you travel from one place to another, but it’s also not close to each other that you can travel by land.

Is Puerto Rico Bigger Than St. Thomas?

Puerto Rico is a lot bigger than St. Thomas. St. Thomas, being only part of the US Virgin Islands, is only 32 square miles (82.87 square kilometers) in area. On the other hand, Puerto Rico is 3,515 square miles (9,104 square kilometers). Puerto Rico is around 100 times larger than St. Thomas.

Can You Get to St. Thomas From Puerto Rico?

Yes, it’s possible to get from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas. There are ways where you have to stop by a different place, and there are ways when you can go directly from one place to another.

How to Get From Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

The main transportation to get you from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas is an airplane. Some flights go from Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands where St. Thomas is.

There are also instances where ferries are available to go from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas and vice versa. However, there are barely any direct ferries from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to St. Thomas From Puerto Rico?

Since both St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are United States territories, a passport and visa are unnecessary. If you’re a United States citizen, you can enjoy a trip to these two beautiful destinations without your passport. However, it’s always best to bring your passport to make sure that you have relevant documents with you when needed.

Can You Fly From Puerto Rico to St. Thomas?

Yes, there are flights that go directly from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas. There are also flights that go from Puerto Rico to other parts of the US Virgin Islands which have access to St. Thomas.

What Airlines Fly From St. Thomas to Puerto Rico?

There are many airlines that fly from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico. JetBlue is the most common and most frequent airline that goes from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico and vice versa. Silver Airways and Cape Air also have flights from and to these two destinations, although not as frequent as JetBlue.

How Far Is St. Thomas From Puerto Rico by Plane?

The flight distance from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas is 78 miles (125 kilometers). With this distance, a plane can get from one destination to the other in a matter of 35 to 50 minutes.

Is There a Ferry From Puerto Rico to St. Thomas?

There are not a lot of ferries that go from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas or the US Virgin Islands for that matter. In fact, there are instances when a ferry to St. Thomas is unavailable. However, you can fly from Puerto Rico to the Beef Island in the British Virgin Islands and then take a ferry from there to the US Virgin Islands or St. Thomas.

How Long Does It Take to Sail From Puerto Rico to St. Thomas?

A one-way sailing trip from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas will take approximately a whole week or seven days. This is based on a catamaran trip from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas.

How Much Is the Ferry From Puerto Rico to St. Thomas?

A ferry ride from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas will cost around 13 USD for a one-way trip.

How Long Does It Take to Get From Puerto Rico to St. Thomas?

Depending on the transportation you take, your total travel time can take anywhere from 35 to 50 minutes. The fastest way to get from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas is through a plane ride that will take anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes. Ferry rides will take at least 45 minutes.