Amsterdam vs. Rotterdam

Amsterdam and Rotterdam may look similar at a first glance, but they offer a distinct feel. Amsterdam has an old-town feel, with centuries-old architecture to boot. While Rotterdam has a big city vibe, with innovative modern architecture decorating the landscape. But this is only scratching the surface as this isn't the only reason why tourists set foot on their lands.
Amsterdam vs. Rotterdam

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Like many other capitals and second cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam have a rivalry. Amsterdam’s tourism is much larger, as its industry has been going on much longer. While Rotterdam’s tourism is much younger, so it often flies under the radar of tourists.

Amsterdam is a city brimming with history. And it features a more traditional cityscape with a famous canal system and charming facades. A city filled with green pockets, Amsterdam also has tons of oases to escape the hustle and bustle.

While Rotterdam is a more futuristic city, offering the best taste in contemporary designs. Hiding among the innovative buildings are historical landmarks that have survived war bombings. Though there are only a few of them, they’re harder to find.

Still, they’re so alike in many ways, and it’s easy to be stuck in choosing between the two. So below is a list of each of these cities’ unique draws to help you decide.


The picturesque city of Amsterdam is a favorite of travelers for its interesting draws. Apart from its illustrious history and art, it has unusual attractions that showcase its reputation as a liberal city. And with its gastronomic scene, lush sceneries, and majestic canals, there’s a ton to do and see in Amsterdam.

What Makes Amsterdam Unique?

World-Renowned Art Scene

With a long history under its belt, Amsterdam is home to some world-class museums and artworks. The city’s home to some of the world’s most iconic paintings, and it’s not only Van Gogh that will entertain the art lover in you.

Amsterdam’s Golden Age brought about some of the most talented artists in history. Rembrandt is the most famous artist of this age. But you can find works from other big names here such as Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, and Frans Hals.

Further creating the city an art lover’s paradise is Amsterdam’s contemporary art scene. Amsterdam continues to flourish as an art city, a hub for creative minds that add vibrancy to it. Attractions range from temporary avant-garde exhibitions to photography museums to private art galleries.

One of the most renowned museums in the city is the Rijksmuseum. This is the home of the city’s most important artworks from the Golden Age.

Famous paintings here include two of Rembrandt’s works. One is the Night Watch, an iconic and massive painting that attracts tons of viewers. The other is his Self Portrait, a display of the artist’s mastery of chiaroscuro.

Also in Rijksmuseum is one of Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid. It’s one of the artist’s most recognizable masterpieces.

Rijksmuseum’s rival when it comes to popularity is the Van Gogh Museum. It houses his most prized masterpieces, one of which is the world-celebrated Sunflowers. Another one of his iconic artworks here is the haunting painting of The Potato Eaters.

Amsterdam’s famed artworks aren’t limited to these two museums though. The city has dozens more museums that are begging to get explored.

The Mauritshuis Museum is the home of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring. This is easily one of the world’s most recognizable artworks, and it’s one you shouldn’t miss.

The Venice of the North

An exciting draw to Amsterdam is its diverse cityscape. Amsterdam is also a city of waterways, with a network of 165 canals throughout the city. This labyrinth of waterways creates 90 islands in the city, all connected by thousands of bridges.

This makes Amsterdam such a photogenic city at every turn. And while they’re perfect for pretty touristy pictures, there’s also a ton of fun you can do here.

One of the best ways to see the city’s charm is to go on a canal cruise. And there are a variety of tours that suit any budget and preference.

You can go on the traditional canal boat, taking you to scenic spots in the city. More active options are the canal bike or the pedalo, on which you can thrash away on the canal on your own. You can even hire a mini boat for the day to check out the quieter parts of the city.

Amsterdam has over 15,000 pleasure boats and houseboats at your disposal. So there’s no shortage of ways to float through this UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Exhilarating Events

An adventurous spirit runs through the city, evident in its art scene, locals, and even the city’s string of cultural events. There’s no lack of festivals in the city, as there’s always something going on. Whether your interests lie in food, art, or dance music, Amsterdam knows how to have a fun time.

The most-awaited festival in Amsterdam is King’s Day when the city comes alive for hard partying. This annual event fills the waterways of the city with shades of orange, the national color. Celebrate with the locals as you find yourself in a maze of street vendors, outdoor bars, live music, and a ton of boat parties!

Arguably the best internationally-known event in the city is the Amsterdam Gay Pride. This festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly. It fills the streets with colors of the rainbow, with tons of exhibitions and street parties for partygoers.

The highlight of this vibrant event is the Canal Parade. You’ll find elaborate and rainbow-clad boats floating through the waterways. You can join the lively crowd by the waters, cheering on as these floats pass through.

Another must-see event is the Light Festival at the Amsterdam city center. This festival occurs every early December to late January.

During this period, architects, artists, and light designers from around the world gather at this spot. Together with them are their light installations and artworks. These fill the center with light and color, placed on two routes, each one with a unique theme.

A Green-Space Paradise

Amsterdam is a sprawling green-clad land full of lush pockets to retreat to. With 30 parks in the city, you’re never too far from an oasis to escape the busy center.

Vondelpark is the local’s favorite hangout spot on a hot summer’s day as it has tons of open green spaces. Filled with sculptures and wildlife, it’s a great scenic spot for art and nature lovers. Vondelpark also has an open-air theater with free concerts during the summer.

If you love plants, Hortus Botanicus is the perfect place to be. This garden is home to a vast collection of over 4000 plant species. It’s one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens too, originally established as a medicinal herb garden.

The largest park in the city is Amsterdamse Bos, a woodland recreational area. The park features around 150 species of native and foreign trees. And it’s the home to a vast array of colorful birds.

A stretch of glistening water flows called Bosbaan flows throughout the park. While it’s a great picnic spot, it’s also a venue for rowing competitions during the season.

At the west of the stream is the Bosmuseum, showcasing the natural history of the park. But there are tons of recreational opportunities here too. Plunge into swimming pools, munch at a pancake house, or pet some goats at the farm. You can even go on a canoe or pedal-boat ride at the nearby lake of Grote Vijver.

One of the most breathtaking sites in the city is the Keukenhof. This is the world’s largest flower garden, a must-visit site in Amsterdam. It’s a sprawling land filled with the iconic Holland flower, the Dutch tulips. Not only are there thousands of tulips here, but they also come in over 800 varieties.

Keukenhof has an overwhelming color palette not only brought about by tulips. But there are also tons of other flowers here. This includes orchids, roses, carnations, daisies, and more!

The Glorious Food and Beer

Amsterdam is a foodie’s paradise, particularly, for those who have a sweet tooth. The city boasts dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants for upscale dining, a few of which are in Hotel Okura alone. But at the heart of the food scene are the smaller shops that offer the best Dutch delights.

The staple comfort food of the locals is Stamppot. It’s a dish of onion, carrots, and potatoes mashed together. It’s then served with sausage and meatballs for the hearty eaters.

Poffertjes is the favorite of local sweet tooths. These are bite-sized pillowy pancakes, topped with butter and powdered sugar.

Another famous treat is the Stroopwafel. It’s made with two chewy waffles, pressed together with gooey caramel in the center.

Amsterdam’s food scene also has tons of international influences. If you’re feeling adventurous, start your gastronomic adventure with Surinaams broodje pom. This dish is a mix of beef and pomtajer that’s served on a bread roll.

While the food scene in the city is exciting, Amsterdam is also a city for beer aficionados. It’s the home of one of the world’s best-loved beers, Heineken. While the brewery is no longer in operation, you can take an interactive tour of the brewery at the Heineken Experience.

A Progressive Tourist City

Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in the world, and this is widely celebrated in the city. Due to this, Amsterdam offers an experience that’s hard to look for in other destinations. This is one of the city’s biggest draws, attracting millions of tourists each year.

The face of Amsterdam’s progressive attitude is the internationally known Red Light District. Known locally as De Wallen, this spot is a line of over 290 red-lit windows with women and transvestites.

Although it’s an area devoted to adult entertainment, the Red Light District also has a long history. The activity here dates back to the 1300s when the city was still a trading harbor. It’s only popular in recent years as brothels have been legal in the city recently, in 2000.

Another aspect that backs up Amsterdam’s liberal reputation is its soft drugs scene. In Amsterdam, you can walk into a coffee shop and get a few grams of soft drugs. This is widely tolerated in the city, and as long as one doesn’t exceed the limit, nothing happens.

In other parts of the country, only residents can buy these. So Amsterdam is the city of choice for adventurous tourists.


With its modern and contemporary style, Rotterdam gives you an edgier view of the Netherlands. It’s a city packed with iconic sights, from its architecture to the museums and galleries. But with a blend of the vibrant food scene, trendy nightlife, and more, Rotterdam urges tourists to take a closer look.

What Makes Rotterdam Unique?

Striking and Innovative Architecture

Rotterdam’s landscape is a stark contrast to old-world Europe architecture. The city lost most of its buildings during World War II. And in rebuilding the city, contemporary architecture dominated the cityscape.

This contributed to the bold, and ultramodern cityscape that Rotterdam has today. Strolling around the city feels like you’re in a contemporary museum as there are tons of iconic landmarks around.

One of the most impressive landmarks in the city is the Kijk-Kubus or the Cube Houses. It’s a series of yellow and ray cube houses that tilt to one side. A homeowner here turned one house into a museum for the public to see, so you can get a peak at the custom furniture inside!

Another architectural wonder in the city is Markthal, which is a market hall. It’s shaped like a massive horseshoe and features stunning artwork within the arch. Known as the “Horn of Plenty, this is one of the largest artworks in the world.

On the south side of the city lies De Rotterdam, a building complex of three interconnected towers. This building is special in that it takes a different shape depending on where you view it from the city.

Erasmus Bridge or “The Swan” is arguably the most iconic site in the city. This cable-stayed bridge stretches over the river, people are welcome to stroll around here.

Lively Art Scene

Rotterdam has a flourishing art scene, with tons of outdoor sculptures, installations, and street art across the city. Art may be everywhere in the city of Rotterdam but it’s within the city’s museums that you’ll find a treasure trove of masterpieces.

Rotterdam has over 46 museums and galleries, some of which are world-renowned. And while most of these house innovative art, like the city itself, Rotterdam also has some timeless pieces.

The Museum van Boijmans Beuningen is one of the oldest in the city. Its collection ranges from classic Dutch artworks from the Middle Ages to modern masterpieces of the 21st century. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Monet are only some of the big names whose artworks you can marvel at here.

Inside the museum is an impressive Surrealism wing. Devoted to the great Salvador Dali, it’s one of the largest collections of the artist’s works.

Another excellent museum in the city is the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. What’s special about this museum is its commitment to continuously changing its exhibitions. It refreshes its displays to reflect political and social change, presenting curated pieces and live events.

Scrumptious Food Scene

Rotterdam’s history as a port town made it a melting pot of cultures, evident in its cuisine. With diverse influences, you can get a taste of just about any cuisine in the city. And in Rotterdam, you get fresh and locally sourced food, like how locals want to eat.

The best place to start your gastronomic adventure in the city is the stunning Markthal. Within this architectural wonder is a dizzying array of 100 food stalls. These not only fill your tummy, but they also sell fresh produce and offer cooking classes!

Upscale dining options are also aplenty in the city. Rotterdam has eight Michelin-starred restaurants, with famous ones being FG and The Millen.

But sometimes, what you’re eating is more important than the restaurant. And if you want to eat as the locals do, here are some dishes you should get—

Kapsalon is the Dutch version of the kebab. Heartily calorific, this meaty meal has four main ingredients. This includes melted gouda cheese, spicy sambal sauce, fries, and kebab.

Nieuwe Haring is one of the popular fish dishes in Rotterdam. Although it’s for the more adventurous foodie. It’s a raw herring that’s filleted, topped with pickles or onions, and eaten by hand.

Trendy Night Scene

The Dutch love their beer and gin, and the same goes for those in Rotterdam. Sprinkled across the city are tons of laid-back bars, serving booze. With a vast array of nightlife spots in the city, your fun-filled vacation isn’t limited to the daytime!

Rotterdam has a bar no matter what your preference is. And as long as you know where to look, you’ll end up in the right crowd.

For beer aficionados’ Boudewjin is your spot. This bar serves over 100 different Belgian beers, giving you a varied experience!

You’ll find a more hipster crowd in the trendy Café LaBru. Come here to drink your way through an impressive collection of top-notch gins and tonics.

A more speakeasy vibe awaits you in Dr., which is a former brothel turned into a bar. A very secretive spot, you can only figure out where it is once they approve your appointment!

The tropical-themed Aloha Bar is one of the more unique nightlife spots in the city. It’s situated in an outdoor swimming pool repurposed into a trendy bar!

At the De Witte Aap, you’re not only going to sip on some tastefully-crafted concoctions. But you’ll also see stunning art displays that surround you. This dynamic bar changes its displays each month too!

Rotterdam has a maze of waterways, and they’re not only for sightseeing. You can also go on a Boat Beer Tour to add a bit more excitement to your merrymaking.

Scenic Tourist Spots

If you want to take a break from the city’s creative buildings and stunning art, Rotterdam has other attractions up its sleeve. These spots take you away from the modern look and feel of the city. Instead, they are more rooted in history and culture so you can get to know the city a bit better.

Though not as famous as Amsterdam’s, Rotterdam also has an extensive network of waterways. There are tons of water taxis that run around the city for you to enjoy the scenery and breeze. And while these take you to quieter, scenic spots in the city, don’t forget to head to Delfshaven.

Delfshaven was once an important harbor to the city’s economic relationship with Delft. Unlike many parts of Rotterdam, Delfshaven was free from World War II bombings. Today, it stands as one of Rotterdam’s most underrated historical sites.

There are 18th- and 19th-century warehouses here, along with old houses flanking both sides of the main canal. These give you a glimpse of what the Delfshaven once was.

Another spot that made use of the city’s waterways is the Floating Farm. The farm is home to cows from where the farm’s milk and yogurt are from. You can come to the farm and taste these yourself, making it another must-visit spot for the foodies!

Away from the city center, you can visit The Mill Network at Kinderdijk. The 18 massive windmills hear are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built back in the 17th century. This offers a more authentic and scenic view for tourists, and thankfully, it’s within biking distance from the city!

Fun-Filled Events

While the art scene and nightlife play a part, these aren’t the only factors in Rotterdam’s lively vibe. The city has a packed schedule of annual festivals. Some are internationally acclaimed, while others are more intimate.

One of the most popular events in the city is the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Every end of January, cinemas in the city show new and experimental filmmakers’ works from all around the world. You can also join in some film-related events and parties to mingle with a like-minded crowd.

Another much-awaited event is the North Sea Jazz Festival, occurring every July. This prestigious event attracts famous jazz musicians from around the globe. And over the course of three days, thousands of musicians gather on one stage to showcase their talent.

Though these are the stars of the city’s festival scenes, the smaller ones are just as exciting.

The Liberation Festival at De Park happens every May. Be one with the crowd and enjoy tons of activities, including live music and performances.

De Geheime Tuin is a nice change of pace among the bustling festivals in Rotterdam. It’s a festival that celebrates poetry, yoga, food, silent disco, and live music. The location changes by year, and it’s quite secretive.

The Bierfestival Hop is a festival for craft brew lovers. It creates a vibrant atmosphere, with brewers presenting their beers and tons of DJs to entertain festivalgoers. And with good beer comes good food, so there are tons of cool street food stalls lined up.

An event for the more active crowd is the Water Festival. Every August, locals come together and get into a rowboat, SUP, sloop, kayak, or canoe. There’s also a dragon boat race on the Willem-Alexander Rowing course.

Which Is Better – Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

Both cities have their strengths that every tourist should consider. These will help you figure out which city is better for your trip, as it will depend on what your priorities are. And below is a quick overview of these factors.

Both cities have stunning architecture, but they have stark differences. If you want to see some historic buildings, then go to Amsterdam. But if you want to delve into modern architecture, go for Rotterdam.

For budget-conscious travelers, your money stretches further in Amsterdam. Because Amsterdam is a busier city and is more populated, the expenses there are higher. Meanwhile, you have less competition in the quieter city of Rotterdam, driving costs down.

If you’re an art lover, Amsterdam may be the better choice for you. Amsterdam has a more diverse art scene, with artworks dating from several periods. Rotterdam’s art scene, though cool and modern, is quite limited to contemporary art.

If you’re a foodie, you should pick Rotterdam for your trip. Though both have similar cuisines, Rotterdam is a melting pot for international food. The city offers more diverse food options, ranging from Greek mezze to East Asian falafel to Hungarian goulash.

When it comes to hotels, it’s a tie.

Amsterdam has a ton of quirky boutique hotels at various price points. And with over a thousand individual hotels, you have tons of options. But Amsterdam is busier and prices skyrocket and hotels get full fast. You won’t have this problem in Rotterdam. But the city has more business-oriented hotels.


Rotterdam vs. Amsterdam Tourism

Being a more popular city, Amsterdam has a busier tourist scene. The capital city is often regarded as the gateway to the Netherlands. Thus, many fly into the city, too, as it’s accessible to other cities in the country.

It’s easy to see why Amsterdam is the favorite Dutch city of many. Tourists come for the rich history and culture, evident in the buildings and the art scene. Other than that, a unique draw to Amsterdam is its liberal views, one of the things that make it world-famous.

Meanwhile, Rotterdam is often overlooked by Amsterdam. It sees fewer tourists yearly compared to the capital city, so it’s much less crowded. Even with this, Rotterdam still packs a ton to offer.

It’s the best place for some modern and contemporary designs. Art is everywhere in the city. From the buildings to the outdoor sculptures to the paintings housed in world-class museums. So while it lacks the illustrious historical sites that Amsterdam does, it is still a great place for tourists.

Rotterdam vs. Amsterdam Nightlife

Both cities have vibrant nightlife, although they have quite different vibes. Neither city is better, so it all depends on your preference.

Rotterdam’s nightlife is full of Dutch-oriented bars and pubs, offering a more authentic night scene. Meanwhile, Amsterdam’s nightlife is more touristy. On top of that, Amsterdam is a more gay-friendly place.

The EDM and techno scene dominates Rotterdam’s night scene. This means that you’ll see a ton of world-class DJs making regular appearances in the city’s clubs. Other than that, the city also has a ton of comedy clubs and live music spots for something different.

To top it off, Rotterdam is the home to the trendiest of nightclubs. This includes the monthly-changing art displays of De Witte Aap and the pool-turned-bar of the Aloha Bar.

In Amsterdam, you’ll have more variety though. Other than the bar-fringed streets, you also have the Red Light District and “coffee shops” to go to. These offer a different type of late-night merrymaking, although they’re not for the faint of heart.

Rotterdam Zoo vs. Amsterdam Zoo

Amsterdam’s zoo, the Artis Royal Zoo, is a small yet entertaining zoo. Still, Rotterdam’s Zoo, Diergaarde Blijdorp, is widely regarded as the much better one.

In the Artis Royal Zoo, you can find a ton of attractions. There’s an aquarium, a botanical garden, a zoological museum, and a planetarium. There’s also a zoo micropia, where you can appreciate microorganisms.

The issue with the Artis Royal Zoo is that it’s quite limited in space as it’s in the middle of the city. While the Diergaarde Blijdorp is larger, there are tons more to see and do. It’s considered one of the main attractions in the country, with millions of visitors each year.

Among the animals that live here are sea lions, red pandas, gorillas, and more. There’s an underwater cave under the aquarium complex where you can view giant sea turtles and sharks. You can go to the African savanna for some giraffes and lizards, and the butterfly pavilion for tons of colorful butterflies.

Is Rotterdam in Amsterdam?

Rotterdam and Amsterdam are two different cities. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. While Rotterdam is the second city that also lies in the west of the country.

Is Rotterdam Close to Amsterdam?

Rotterdam is quite close to Amsterdam. The city’s center is only about an hour’s drive away from the center of Amsterdam.

How Far Is Rotterdam From Amsterdam?

The straight line distance from Rotterdam to Amsterdam is only around 36 miles (58 kilometers). The driving distance is longer due to the road curvature. This covers a distance of around 46 miles (74 kilometers).

Is Rotterdam Bigger Than Amsterdam?

When it comes to land area, Rotterdam is the bigger city of the two. It has a land area of around 125 square miles (324 square kilometers). While Amsterdam has a land area of 85 square miles (219 square kilometers).

But when it comes to inhabitants, as the capital city, Amsterdam is bigger.

How to Get From Amsterdam to Rotterdam

You have four transportation options when traveling from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. There’s the option of taking the train, the bus, a taxi, or a car transfer service.

The cheapest way to travel to Rotterdam from Amsterdam is by taking a bus. This option covers 35 miles (57 kilometers) which usually takes around 1 hour and 16 minutes to complete. Around 5 buses travel this route per day, with the earliest one leaving at around 9:30 AM.

Bus tickets on this route often cost around 17 to 18 USD.

The fastest way to travel from Amsterdam to Rotterdam is to take the train. This option covers roughly the same distance, but trains only need around 41 minutes to complete it on average. Around 105 trains run this route a day, with 55 of those being direct trains.

Train ticket prices are not far off from bus tickets. On average, they only cost around 19 USD.

How to Get to Rotterdam From Amsterdam Airport

Since there’s a train station below Schiphol Plaza, it’s easy to travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam. Just take an escalator or lift downstairs and you’ll find it!

On average, the train ticket price on this journey is around 15 USD. With 91 trains a day and 86 direct ones, you’re sure to catch one.

The first train leaves from the Schipol Station to Rotterdam at 12:26 AM. While the last train leaves at around 11:56 PM.

This journey has a distance of around 29 miles (47 kilometers). And the average travel time only takes about 34 minutes. But faster trains can make this travel time shorter at around 26 minutes.

How Far Is Rotterdam From Amsterdam Airport?

The straight line distance from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam is 30 miles (49 kilometers). A more accurate distance is the driving distance, which varies depending on the route.

The fastest route is the A4, with a distance of 37 miles (60 kilometers). Another route is via A4 and A12, which covers a distance of 41 miles (66 kilometers). While the longest route is via A4 and A20, with a distance of 42 miles (67 kilometers).

Transportation From Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam Cruise Port

There are four ways to travel from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam Cruise Port. You have the choice of taking the train, a bus, a taxi, or a car.

The easiest option is to take the train. Luckily, Amsterdam Schipol Airport has a dedicated train station. Take a lift downstairs from the Schiphol Plaza, where you can find the Schiphol Train station.

From there, you can take a direct train to the Rotterdam Central station. Once there, you can take either the metro D or E to head to the south. This means you can take any destination except Den Haag Central.

Now you can get off at Wilhelminaplein metro station. This station is only 1450 feet away (442 meters), around a 6-minute walk. Although you can always take a taxi if you want to.

Distance From Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam Cruise Port

The distance from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam Cruise Port is around 39 miles (63 kilometers) via A4. Another route is via A4 and S114, which covers a distance of 43 miles (69 kilometers)

Amsterdam to Rotterdam by Boat

There are no service ferries that will take you from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Unless you want to rent a boat, the only option is a bus, train, taxi, or car transfer service.

Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam by Train

Traveling to Rotterdam from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is easy. The airport has a train station on the airport grounds just under the Schiphol Plaza. You can either take a lift or the elevator downstairs and start your journey.

Around 91 trains travel from the station on the way to Rotterdam per day. And 86 of those are direct trains, so you don’t have to make a change along the way.

These trains leave Schiphol Station and make their way to Rotterdam as early as 12:26 AM. While the last train to leave on this route departs at around 11:56 PM.

On average, the ticket price is around 15 USD. But if you book your ticket early, you can have a much lower price.

Since Amsterdam and Rotterdam aren’t far, your journey only covers a distance of about 29 miles (47 kilometers). The average travel time on this route is around 26 minutes.

How Much Is the Train From Rotterdam to Amsterdam?

The average train ticket price from Rotterdam to Amsterdam is around 18 USD. But train ticket prices change frequently. So make sure to check online for more accurate prices.

Rotterdam to Amsterdam Distance by Train

The train distance from Rotterdam to Amsterdam is only around 35 miles (57 kilometers).

Taxi From Amsterdam to Rotterdam

For a comfortable journey from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, you can always take a taxi. If you’re coming from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can hire an airport taxi for a fixed rate. Elsewhere in the city, taxis may charge you per meter or you can negotiate a price with the drivers.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam Taxi Cost

While convenient, a taxi ride from Amsterdam to Rotterdam costs a fortune. An airport taxi has a fixed price that costs around 166 USD.

But if you’re somewhere else in Amsterdam, this price depends as you can get charged per meter or you can negotiate a price. You can also hire a taxi online for a fixed price. But these prices vary from one company to another.

Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam Taxi Cost

From the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can hire a taxi to make your way to Rotterdam for a fixed price of about 166 USD.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam by Car

Several companies offer private car transfers from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Usually, it’s a door-to-door service, too, for your convenience. Prices vary from company to company, but on average, it starts at 44 USD per seat.

Best Way to Travel From Amsterdam to Rotterdam

The best way to travel from Amsterdam to Rotterdam is by taking the train. It combines affordability and speed. Train ticket prices have an average cost of only 19 USD, and travel times usually take around 34 minutes.