Antwerp vs. Ghent

Choosing between Antwerp and Ghent can be difficult, as both cities have their unique attractions and charm. Antwerp offers a mix of fashion, art, and history, while Ghent boasts a vibrant atmosphere and medieval beauty. In this article, we will delve into what makes these two Belgian destinations special and help you decide which one is right for you. So, are you ready to discover the wonders of Antwerp and Ghent?
Antwerp vs. Ghent

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Belgium is a treasure trove of delightful cities that cater to various interests and tastes. As you venture through this enchanting country, you may find yourself wondering which destination to choose for your next adventure. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the insights needed to make an informed decision. Keep reading to explore the best of Antwerp and Ghent!

History & Culture

Diving into the history and culture of Antwerp and Ghent is a thrilling experience. Both cities have rich pasts, but each offers a unique perspective on Belgian heritage.

In Antwerp, you’ll find a blend of old and new. This city has played a key role in the world of diamonds, and its influence is still felt today. Antwerp’s medieval history is also evident, with ancient structures telling tales of the past.

Ghent, on the other hand, boasts well-preserved medieval architecture. Walking through its streets feels like stepping back in time. Ghent’s vibrant past shines through in every corner of the city.

Antwerp is known for its vibrant arts scene. Many famous artists called this city home, enriching its cultural heritage. Today, you can still feel the artistic spirit in Antwerp’s many galleries and museums.

Ghent also has a strong connection to the arts. Its history of craftsmanship and design is evident throughout the city. Ghent’s artistic legacy lives on, attracting creatives from all over the world.

Festivals are a big part of Antwerp’s culture. They celebrate various aspects of life, from music to fashion. These events draw in both locals and tourists, making Antwerp a lively destination.

Ghent, too, enjoys its fair share of festivities. Cultural events and celebrations bring the city to life throughout the year. Ghent’s festivals showcase its rich traditions and dynamic spirit.

In summary, Antwerp and Ghent both have fascinating histories and lively cultures. Antwerp’s blend of old and new, along with its connection to the arts and world of diamonds, sets it apart. Ghent’s well-preserved medieval architecture and vibrant past make it a must-visit destination. No matter which city you choose, you’ll be immersed in Belgian heritage and charm.

Attractions & Activities

Exploring Antwerp and Ghent, you’ll find plenty of attractions and activities. Each city offers unique experiences to make your trip memorable.

Antwerp is famous for its diamonds. Visit the Diamond District, where you can learn about the industry and admire sparkling gems. The city is also home to the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady, a must-see architectural marvel.

Ghent’s attractions include the iconic Gravensteen Castle. This medieval fortress transports you back in time with its impressive history. Another must-visit is St. Bavo’s Cathedral, housing the famous Ghent Altarpiece.

Art enthusiasts will love Antwerp. The Rubens House, once the home of artist Peter Paul Rubens, now showcases his masterpieces. You’ll also find the Museum aan de Stroom, an eye-catching modern building with fascinating exhibits.

In Ghent, you can explore the Design Museum Gent. It celebrates design through the ages and features contemporary exhibits. The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent is another must-visit, housing an incredible collection of art from various periods.

Architecture buffs will enjoy Antwerp’s diverse buildings. The city has a mix of historic structures and modern designs. Antwerp Central Station, with its grand facade, is a prime example of the city’s architectural prowess.

Ghent is a haven for architecture lovers too. Its well-preserved medieval buildings create a unique atmosphere. Take a stroll along the Graslei and Korenlei, two picturesque streets lined with historic structures.

For a touch of nature, visit Antwerp’s green spaces. The Plantin-Moretus Museum has a beautiful garden, perfect for a peaceful break. Middelheim Park is another serene spot, with stunning outdoor sculptures to admire.

Ghent offers its own natural gems. The Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Nature Reserve is perfect for wildlife spotting and leisurely walks. The Blaarmeersen recreation area provides a relaxing escape, with its lush greenery and peaceful lake.

A boat tour is a great way to see Antwerp. Float along the city’s waterways, taking in the sights from a different perspective. The historic port area is a popular spot to start your journey.

In Ghent, a canal cruise is a must-do activity. Glide through the city’s charming waterways, admiring the picturesque scenery. It’s an ideal way to see Ghent’s beauty up close.

To sum up, both Antwerp and Ghent offer a variety of attractions and activities. Antwerp’s diamond industry and diverse architecture make it unique, while Ghent’s medieval charm and impressive art scene captivate visitors. Whichever city you choose, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions and activities.

Eating, Drinking & Nightlife

Both Antwerp and Ghent offer amazing culinary experiences. Each city boasts diverse dining options and vibrant nightlife to enjoy. Let’s explore what each destination has to offer.

Antwerp is known for its delicious cuisine. The city offers a wide range of eateries, from fine dining to cozy cafes. You’ll find traditional Belgian dishes and international options to satisfy your taste buds.

In Ghent, you’ll also discover great food. The city has a thriving food scene, with many restaurants featuring local ingredients. Vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful, making Ghent a paradise for plant-based eaters.

Drinking in Antwerp is a treat. Belgian beer is famous, and Antwerp has many bars where you can sample local brews. Don’t miss trying a Bolleke, Antwerp’s signature beer, at one of the city’s traditional brown bars.

Ghent’s beer scene is equally impressive. With a wide selection of local and craft beers, you’ll find something for every taste. Visit a historic pub or a modern beer bar to experience the city’s beer culture.

When it comes to nightlife, Antwerp doesn’t disappoint. The city offers a variety of options, from trendy clubs to laid-back bars. The South District is a popular area, with fashionable spots to dance the night away.

Ghent’s nightlife is vibrant as well. You’ll find plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues to enjoy. Oude Markt, known as the longest bar in Europe, is a must-visit spot for a night out on the town.

For a unique dining experience, Antwerp’s Fiskebar offers fresh seafood dishes. This stylish spot is perfect for a memorable meal. For dessert, indulge in Belgian chocolates at a local chocolatier.

In Ghent, visit the Pakhuis for a fantastic meal. This converted warehouse serves up delicious dishes in a stunning setting. For dessert, try a traditional Ghent specialty, the sweet and crispy Gentse neuzen.

In conclusion, both Antwerp and Ghent provide excellent eating, drinking, and nightlife options. Antwerp’s diverse dining scene and fashionable clubs make it an exciting destination, while Ghent’s food focus and historic pubs create a charming atmosphere. No matter which city you choose, you’ll be delighted by the culinary and nightlife experiences on offer.


Antwerp and Ghent both offer unique shopping experiences. Let’s dive into what each city has in store for shopaholics.

Antwerp is famous for its shopping scene. The city is home to high-end fashion boutiques and trendy concept stores. You’ll find plenty of options to update your wardrobe.

Ghent, on the other hand, offers a mix of shopping options. The city features a blend of independent shops and well-known brands. Ghent is perfect for finding one-of-a-kind items.

In Antwerp, the Meir is a must-visit shopping area. This pedestrian street is lined with well-known brands and department stores. It’s ideal for a full day of shopping.

Ghent’s Veldstraat is a popular shopping destination. The busy street offers a mix of clothing stores, bookshops, and souvenir spots. You’ll love exploring the variety of shops available.

Antwerp is also renowned for its diamond district. Here, you’ll find many jewelry stores and diamond traders. It’s the perfect place to splurge on a special piece.

Ghent has a unique shopping experience at the Great Butchers’ Hall. This historic building houses local food vendors, selling regional delicacies. It’s a great spot for food lovers to shop.

In Antwerp, don’t miss the Stadsfeestzaal shopping center. This stunning venue features elegant shops and eateries. You’ll enjoy shopping in this beautifully restored building.

Ghent’s Vrijdagmarkt is a lively outdoor market. Held every Friday, it’s a great place to find clothing, accessories, and local products. Be sure to check it out during your visit.

Overall, both Antwerp and Ghent offer exciting shopping experiences. Antwerp is known for high-end fashion and diamonds, while Ghent provides a mix of shops and unique markets. Whichever city you choose, you’ll have a fantastic time shopping.


Finding a cozy place to stay is important. Let’s compare the accommodations in Antwerp and Ghent.

Antwerp has a wide range of lodging options. You’ll find luxury hotels, boutique inns, and budget-friendly hostels. There’s something for every traveler’s budget.

Ghent also offers diverse accommodation choices. From charming bed and breakfasts to modern hotels, you’ll find the perfect place. Ghent ensures a comfortable stay for all.

In Antwerp, the city center is a popular area. Many visitors choose to stay near the main attractions. You’ll be close to shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

Ghent’s historic center is an ideal location. Staying here puts you within walking distance of major sites. It’s a convenient spot for exploring the city.

Antwerp’s accommodations often showcase its rich history. Many hotels are set in beautifully restored buildings. You’ll enjoy a stay steeped in charm and elegance.

Ghent’s lodging options reflect its medieval past. You can find accommodations in centuries-old buildings. It adds a touch of history to your visit.

In conclusion, both Antwerp and Ghent provide great accommodation options. Antwerp is known for its luxury hotels and central locations, while Ghent offers charming historic lodging choices. No matter which city you visit, you’ll find a welcoming place to rest your head.

Family-Friendliness & Children’s Activities

Traveling with family can be fun and exciting. Let’s see how Antwerp and Ghent cater to families and children.

Antwerp is a family-friendly city with many activities. Kids will love the exciting attractions and interactive museums. Your family will enjoy exploring together.

Ghent also offers engaging activities for children. From playful parks to educational exhibits, kids will have a blast. Ghent provides a memorable family vacation experience.

In Antwerp, one popular spot is the Antwerp Zoo. This historic zoo is home to various animals and beautiful gardens. Your children will be delighted.

Ghent has a lovely nature reserve, Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen. Families can explore trails, spot wildlife, and enjoy a picnic. It’s a perfect place for outdoor fun.

Antwerp’s MAS Museum features interactive exhibits. Children can learn about the city’s history and culture. They’ll have a great time while gaining knowledge.

Ghent’s Design Museum offers hands-on activities for kids. They can discover the world of design and creativity. It’s both fun and educational.

If your family enjoys bike rides, Antwerp is a great choice. The city offers several family-friendly bike routes. You can explore the city on two wheels.

Ghent also has lovely cycling paths. Pedal along the picturesque canals and historic sites. It’s a delightful way to spend time together.

Antwerp has a variety of playgrounds for children. From modern equipment to natural play areas, kids will have a blast. Parents can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Ghent is home to several parks with playgrounds. Your children can run, climb, and make new friends. It’s a perfect spot for family bonding.

Both Antwerp and Ghent offer fantastic family-friendly experiences. With a variety of children’s activities and attractions, each city provides a memorable vacation for the whole family. Whether you choose Antwerp’s bustling city vibe or Ghent’s charming atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of options to keep your kids entertained and happy.

Getting There & Getting Around

Planning your trip is crucial for a smooth journey. Let’s compare Antwerp and Ghent on getting there and getting around.

To reach Antwerp, fly into Brussels Airport. It’s about 28 miles (45 km) from the city. Trains connect the airport to Antwerp Central Station.

Ghent is also accessible via Brussels Airport. The airport is roughly 34 miles (55 km) away. Regular trains run from the airport to Ghent.

Antwerp boasts an efficient public transport system. Buses, trams, and trains make getting around easy. You’ll navigate the city with ease.

In Ghent, public transport is reliable too. Buses and trams connect the city’s attractions. You’ll find it simple to explore.

Antwerp offers bike rentals for active travelers. Cycle through the city and enjoy the sights. It’s a fun and healthy way to get around.

Ghent is also bike-friendly with rental options. Pedal along charming streets and canals. Discover the city at your own pace.

Taxis are available in Antwerp for a comfortable ride. They’re convenient for reaching your destination. Keep in mind the fares.

Ghent has taxis as well for hassle-free transportation. It’s a good option for a quick and easy trip. Be aware of the costs.

Driving a car in Antwerp is possible. However, parking can be challenging. Consider public transport or cycling instead.

Ghent is also navigable by car, but parking might be tricky. Opt for public transportation or bikes for a stress-free experience.

In summary, both Antwerp and Ghent are easily accessible from Brussels Airport, with convenient train connections.

Each city has a reliable public transport system, with buses and trams ensuring smooth travel. Biking is a popular way to explore both destinations, and taxis are available if needed. While driving is possible in both cities, parking can be difficult. Consider using public transport or renting a bike for a more enjoyable experience.


Weather plays a key role in your travel plans. Let’s look at the climates of Antwerp and Ghent.

Antwerp has a mild maritime climate. Winters are cool, with January averaging 36°F (2°C). Summers are comfortable, with July temperatures around 65°F (18°C).

Ghent shares a similar climate due to its close proximity. Winter temperatures hover around 36°F (2°C) in January. July sees average temperatures of 64°F (18°C).

Spring in Antwerp is pleasant and mild. Temperatures range between 46°F (8°C) and 59°F (15°C). It’s a nice time to explore the city.

Ghent also enjoys a gentle spring season. Expect temperatures from 45°F (7°C) to 59°F (15°C). Sightseeing is enjoyable during this time.

Autumn in Antwerp brings cooler weather. Temperatures drop to between 45°F (7°C) and 57°F (14°C). Pack layers for your visit.

Ghent experiences a similar autumn climate. Expect temperatures from 44°F (7°C) to 57°F (14°C). Be prepared for cooler days.

Rainfall in Antwerp is moderate and spread throughout the year. Carry an umbrella and a raincoat. Stay prepared for wet weather.

Ghent also sees consistent rainfall year-round. Pack rain gear to keep dry. Don’t let the rain stop your adventures.

In conclusion, both Antwerp and Ghent share a similar maritime climate with mild winters and comfortable summers. Spring and autumn seasons are pleasant but be prepared for rainfall during your visit. Pack accordingly and enjoy your time in these charming Belgian cities.


Safety is important when traveling. Let’s compare Antwerp and Ghent in this aspect.

Antwerp is a safe city for tourists. Use common sense and stay aware. Petty crime is low.

Ghent also enjoys a low crime rate. Keep an eye on your belongings. Practice usual safety measures.

Both cities have well-lit streets. Walking at night is generally safe. Stick to populated areas for extra security.

In case of emergencies, dial 112. This number works in both Antwerp and Ghent. Help is readily available.

Public transportation is reliable and secure. Buses and trams in both cities are monitored. Feel at ease using them.

Cyclists should wear helmets in Antwerp and Ghent. Bike lanes are present in both cities. Ride safely and follow traffic rules.

In conclusion, both Antwerp and Ghent are safe destinations for travelers. Petty crime rates are low, and public transportation is secure. Remember to practice common safety measures, and you’ll have an enjoyable trip to these Belgian cities.


When traveling, budget is important. Let’s compare Antwerp and Ghent in terms of cost.

Antwerp can be a bit pricier. Hotels average €100 ($110) per night. Expect to pay more in this city.

Ghent is more budget-friendly. Hotels average €80 ($88) per night. Save some money in Ghent.

Eating out varies in both cities. A meal in Antwerp costs around €15 ($16). Ghent offers meals for €12 ($13).

Public transportation is similar. A ticket in Antwerp is €3 ($3.30). Ghent’s ticket price is €2.50 ($2.75).

Museums in Antwerp charge around €10 ($11) for entry. In Ghent, you’ll pay about €8 ($9).

In summary, Ghent is more budget-friendly than Antwerp. Accommodation, food, and attractions are generally cheaper. However, both cities offer a range of options to suit different budgets.

Which Is Better – Antwerp or Ghent?

Antwerp shines with its rich history. Ghent, too, has a storied past. Choose based on personal preference.

For attractions and activities, Antwerp offers more. Ghent still has plenty to do, though. Decide on the type of experience you seek.

Regarding eating, drinking, and nightlife, Antwerp has a more vibrant scene. Ghent is quieter but still enjoyable. Choose depending on your social preferences.

Shopping enthusiasts will love Antwerp. Ghent has fewer options but is still delightful. Your shopping needs dictate the choice.

Antwerp provides more luxurious accommodations. Ghent has a wider range of budget-friendly options. Weigh your priorities before choosing.

Families with children will enjoy both cities. Antwerp has more family-friendly attractions. Ghent offers a more relaxed atmosphere. Consider your family’s preferences.

Transportation is convenient in both cities. Antwerp has a more extensive public transportation system. Ghent is easier to navigate on foot. Your preferred mode of transportation can help you decide.

Weather is comparable in both cities. Antwerp experiences slightly cooler temperatures. Ghent has milder weather throughout the year. Choose based on your preferred climate.

Safety-wise, both cities are quite safe. Be cautious in crowded areas. Follow standard travel safety tips.

Lastly, Ghent is more budget-friendly. Antwerp can be more expensive. Your budget will be a significant factor in your choice.

In conclusion, the choice between Antwerp and Ghent depends on your preferences and priorities. History buffs and shopping enthusiasts will prefer Antwerp, while those seeking a more budget-friendly, relaxed experience will enjoy Ghent. Ultimately, both cities offer a unique and memorable Belgian experience.