Copenhagen vs. Amsterdam

Copenhagen and Amsterdam. They are among the best cities in the continent of Europe. These places showcase the most beautiful things in Denmark and Netherlands. Read this and see for yourself.
Copenhagen vs. Amsterdam

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You’re on a break and the idea of visiting a couple of European cities gets you excited. The dream-like beauty of Copenhagen and Amsterdam will surely make your vacation unforgettable. In contrast to the chaotic and stress-inducing situations in some cities, both are known for having a tranquil atmosphere.

Despite being the capital of their countries, Copenhagen and Amsterdam aren’t too involved with the rat race. If you want a relaxing getaway without being off the grid, these two are great destinations for that. Your stay in both cities would be filled with joy because of the positive energy of the people.

Try to add the pretty visuals of these cities into the mix and you’re going to be in a great mood for exploration. After working so hard, you must reward yourself by taking things slow in Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Don’t lock yourself up in a hotel room. Look for great food, take cool pictures, and make new friends.

These destinations would bring happiness and inspiration back into your life. So if you’re on your way to Europe, make sure to check these cities out. Be amazed by their unique attractions and mingle with the nicest people who are looking forward to seeing you there.


As a beautiful city in one of the world’s happiest countries, Copenhagen is a very uplifting destination. Combining wonderful sights with the cheerfulness of its people would make you feel so great. The capital city of Denmark is a pleasant place for anyone who’s going for that easygoing vibe.

The name Copenhagen (København) means merchant’s port. It was founded in 1167 and its location has made it an ideal place for tourism and commerce. Copenhagen is the most visited city in Denmark because of its unique attractions and the friendliness of its people.

Aside from its attractions and inspiring atmosphere, Copenhagen is also among the world’s safest cities. This is a place where you can have a very relaxing vacation. If you’re on a break for a week or a couple of days, spending your time here is always a neat idea.

From water canals to colorful houses, the sights in the city are postcard-worthy. Art lovers from different parts of the globe cannot resist the captivating colors of Copenhagen. The warm reception and the precious smiles are some of the things that you’ll always remember about this place.

From March to August, tourism in Copenhagen is in full swing. Even in the colder seasons, some time off in Denmark’s capital city would still be a great experience. Seeing the water in the canals freeze during winter is quite something.

Don’t miss this awesome chance to visit Copenhagen. If a comfortable and relaxing trip is what you’re aiming for, you’re on the right track. Take it easy as the city’s inspiring atmosphere helps you capture that almost elusive zest for life once again.

What Makes Copenhagen Unique

Tivoli Gardens

Make your stay in Copenhagen a super fun experience by spending some time in Tivoli Gardens. Simply known as Tivoli, it’s a garden and amusement park where visitors relax and find entertainment. Opened in 1843, it’s the third oldest active amusement park in the whole world.

You’re going to be filled with excitement while you’re inside this world-famous attraction. The park’s beauty and the enthusiasm of the people around you will make you think you’re in a fairy tale. You can’t help but smile as Tivoli shows you that a magical place does exist in real life.

Its lush gardens and old structures have a calming effect on people who want to slow their pace down. Taking a leisurely walk on this part of the park is a great way to take it easy and decompress. The kid in you won’t get bored because there are sections where you can pick the pace up and have thrilling moments.

This old theme park is filled with fun rides like Fatamorgana, The Little Dragon, Carousel, and The Ferris Wheel. The Demon, The Temple Tower, and Villa Vendetta are great spots for the braver bunch out there. The horror-inspired presentations in Villa Vendetta will surely send chills down your spine.

There are so many thrilling rides here that can give competing theme parks a run for their money. Tivoli is a fun and exciting place for all ages. Get that adrenaline rush by trying out this park’s rides or have a relaxing time in its greener areas.

The Parterre Gardens, Bamboo Forest, Hanging Gardens, and Tivoli Aquarium are great spots for relaxation. Hungry? Don’t worry because cafes, restaurants, and food stands are everywhere and they’re ready to take care of you. There are shops where you can buy lovely souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones at home.

Tivoli is open throughout the year and admission can range from 65 to 22 USD.

Nyhavn Waterfront

Come and visit one of the most recognizable spots in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Nyhavn Waterfront.

Nyhavn means New Harbour in Danish. It is a passage constructed in the 1670s. It’s a gateway canal where boats and small ships go through. Tourists gather here for recreational activities while merchants show up for trade.

The most striking thing about this place in Copenhagen is the colorful townhouses along the canal. The old designs of these houses have been inspiring artists and entertaining casual visitors for quite a while. Since Nyhavn is an entertainment district, you’ll find bars, restaurants, and other shops along the way.

It plays a big part in Denmark’s tourism and cultural identity. You’re going to find the Veteran Ship and Museum Harbour in the inner section of Nyhavn. Some of the historic vessels here are Svalan af Nyhavn, Anna Møller, Mira, and Lightvessel XVII Gedser Rev.

A few ships are still functional because of their quality materials and the craftsmanship of their builders. This is where sailors used to hang out to eat and drink. Now it’s an even livelier place and a perfect destination for people who are looking for a good time in Copenhagen.

Eat delicious food, and grab a refreshing drink while enjoying the sights and the ambiance of this colorful waterfront. Don’t forget to take a lot of photos so you can keep them as souvenirs. Though the majority of Nyhavn is open to the public, some parts of it are private residential areas.

A Copenhagen vacation is not going to feel complete if you don’t drop by and take a nice break in Nyhavn Waterfront. This canal is very iconic and it properly represents the beauty and friendliness of Denmark’s capital city. You can interact with the locals and other tourists as you explore the surroundings and discover the greatness of Nyhavn.

National Museum of Denmark

Discover more interesting facts about Denmark by going to its National Museum in Copenhagen. Conveniently located near Nyhavn Harbour, it is the country’s largest cultural history museum. Taking a walk along its storied and exquisite halls is a great opportunity for you to enjoy and learn.

The National Museum of Denmark (Nationalmuseet) opened its doors in the 1800s. Its collection covers 14,000 years of Danish history so a tour will show you how this nation was shaped. Exhibits include stunning works of art and archeological finds from the prehistoric ages.

Many people are so fascinated by tales about the Vikings that these stories are now a part of popular media. You’re going to see a good amount of Viking-related stuff like coins and weapons inside this museum in Copenhagen. Skillfully made films reveal mind-boggling details about this once dominant group in Scandinavia.

Although the Vikings’ exhibits are popular, there are more treasures for you to see. The most notable items on display are Snoldelev Stone, Hjortspring Boat, Seikilos Epitaph, and Holmegaard Bow. A replica of the Golden Horns of Gallehus is also included in the collection.

The original horns were stolen and melted in the 1800s. The National Museum is a hub for the fields of archaeology, ethnology, conservation, and natural science. By taking a guided tour, you’re going to learn more about Denmark’s evolution in a very entertaining way.

Guided tours usually take 45 to 60 minutes and within that period, you’re going to discover a lot of cool things. This is a great spot for the curious bunch so spend some time here if you can. It’s a very important site for Danish people. Tours help visitors understand what makes Denmark and its citizens tick.

The National Museum of Denmark is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day except for Mondays. People who are 17 and below can enter the premises for free while adults and groups need to pay 12 to 14 USD for admission. This museum gives you a chance to get to know Denmark on a deeper level while you’re in Copenhagen.

The Round Tower

Sightseeing and stargazing from an elevated platform are nice things to do while you’re on vacation. In Copenhagen, there’s a well-known tower that can give you that calming experience. People all over the world have always been curious about what’s beyond the clouds. The existence of this tower can prove that.

The Round Tower (Rundetaarn) was built as an astronomical observatory tower and its construction was completed in 1642. It was a very useful venue for the astronomers of that period as it provides a space for their research. But as technology progressed at the dawn of the 19th century, the outdated building was decommissioned as an observatory.

The pollution from nearby cities during that time didn’t help its case as smog obscured its surroundings. Fortunately, this wonderful structure became one of Copenhagen’s most popular landmarks. The tower gets another lease in life as a tourist attraction and as an observatory for amateur astronomers in the 1920s.

Its exterior is impressive enough but wait until you get inside and you’ll get a pleasant surprise. Instead of using a standard spiral staircase, this tower lets you use a ramp/equestrian staircase. The cylindrical shape of the building is pretty similar to how lighthouses are structured.

Through its windows and its observation deck, you’re going to get a glimpse of Copenhagen’s glorious cityscape. Don’t forget to capture the visual treat in front of you. You can also use the cityscape as a background while you’re smiling and posing elegantly for the camera.

The Round Tower is open to the public from October to March, and admission will only cost you 1 to 4 USD. That sounds like a fantastic deal! If you’re in the city of Copenhagen during those months, make sure to give The Round Tower a visit. From 10 am to 9 pm, you can have a fun and relaxing time inside this super cool Copenhagen attraction.


Amsterdam is known for its laid-back atmosphere and artistic heritage. Like Copenhagen, it’s a place surrounded by water and has an intricate canal system where boats go through. You’ve seen photographs, paintings, and souvenir items that display how gorgeous Amsterdam is.

Founded in the 13th century, Amsterdam quickly attracted settlers who used the area for habitation and trade. Since then, the city has continued to prosper and invited more people to come. The name Amsterdam (Amstelledamme) was derived from the Amstel river where a dam was developed.

Pictures are nice to look at but two-dimensional images cannot always match a full experience. You have to see Amsterdam’s awesomeness up close to understand why it’s a top-notch tourist destination. The heart of the Netherlands never failed to impress the people who decided to check out its popular attractions.

This city is a perfect destination for artists and tourists who are looking for a fun and relaxing time. With its splendid attractions, you just can’t deny how impressive and welcoming the city is. After all these years, the stylish buildings that decorate the city of Amsterdam still hold up.

If you’re stressed out, it’s time to distance yourself from the chaos and go to a place where you can unwind. Take it easy. Let the coolest Dutch city pamper you and take care of your vacation needs. Let the calming ambiance of Amsterdam bring your stress level down.

What Makes Amsterdam Unique

Van Gogh Museum

One of the greatest painters in history who met a tragic end is the main character in Don Mclean’s hit song “Vincent”. Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who played a very important role in the world of modern art. He’s known for his use of vivid colors and turbulent brush strokes in his paintings to express feelings and ideas.

Amsterdam was once home to this world-renowned artist. A museum was built in this city to posthumously honor him. The Van Gogh Museum will awaken the creative and art-loving part of your soul. This art gallery gives you a chance to see how different people, places, and events influenced Van Gogh’s unique art style.

He was a troubled artist during his lifetime. His struggles prevented him from getting recognition. Seeing Van Gogh’s immense talent shine through his iconic paintings, you can’t help but feel sad because the accolades came too late. Though he’s not around to enjoy the fruits of his labor, you’re more than welcome to show some appreciation.

If you’re an art lover or just a curious passerby, a trip to the Van Gogh Museum is so worthwhile. Some of his paintings in this gallery are Irises, Sunflowers, Bedroom in Arles, The Yellow House, and The Potato Eaters. He used flatter strokes and subdued, earthy colors in The De Ruijterkade in Amsterdam painting.

Several self-portraits emphasize his postimpressionist style. The man has already mastered the art of good-looking selfies way before selfies became a thing. No matter what field you’re in, his legacy and passion for his craft will inspire you to be creative and brave.

While you’re in Amsterdam, see to it that a tour inside the Van Gogh Museum is on your bucket list. The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays. On weekends, it opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 6 pm. The price of admission is 11 to 21 USD.

Chocolate Shops

When a sweet tooth gets a hold of chocolates, everything is hunky dory. And if you’re a big fan of this sweet and delightful treat, Amsterdam is the right place for your chocolate cravings. The Netherlands is famous for the production of cocoa and dairy products. There are plenty of chocolate shops within the city.

As a chocolate lover, you’re probably familiar with the Van Houten brand which originated in Amsterdam. It was founded in 1828 by the Dutch chemist Coenraad Van Houten. The company is known for its cocoa production and other related products for domestic and commercial use.

Since cocoa is easily available, shops that specialize in chocolate making started to pop up. A chocolate-filled adventure while you’re on vacation sounds great! Come and explore the streets of Amsterdam and get a taste of the most delicious chocolates in the Netherlands.

The local shops offer a wide variety of mouth-watering chocolate products. From thick bars to small lozenge-sized servings, there’s always something for you. Though chocolate is widely available across the globe, the local stuff is very special and unique.

You’re going to discover that the Dutch folks have mastered the art of chocolate making. The popular and mass-produced chocolates are at times inferior to the locally made treats in Amsterdam. Some of the city’s most popular shops are Rokbar Chocolate, Choco & Things, Sweet Carambole, and Pure Kakaw.

You can order their stuff online but stopping by their shops is more fun and engaging. There are vegan-friendly chocolates as well so everyone can enjoy the rich taste of their products. Amsterdam is so dedicated to chocolate making because the Cacao Museum is open for tours and workshops too.

With each variant, you’re going to find out what makes Dutch chocolate so special. Take a nice walk along the streets of Amsterdam and taste the best chocolates while you’re on a relaxing vacation. A pleasant box of sweets is going to be an absolute treat for a sweet tooth like you.

Canal Cruise

Cruising Amsterdam’s elaborate canal system is an experience that every tourist should try. The city’s historic and water-filled labyrinth is a thrilling place to explore. A tour allows you to see the colorful sights of Amsterdam from a different angle or perspective.

An energetic and friendly guide will tell stories about the intersecting canals of Amsterdam. Cruising the city’s waterways is a relaxing activity for families, couples, or lone travelers. The gorgeous sights and uplifting energy won’t leave you feeling lonely because everybody is welcome to join the fun.

You can book a tour in advance but it’s not always necessary because you can easily board a boat by showing up. A single tour is about 70 minutes long so you can have a wonderful meal or a drink while you’re on the boat. Canal cruising in Amsterdam is a romantic idea for dates and a wholesome activity for reunions.

The price of a single tour can range from 15 to 20 USD. Regular cruise tickets are cheaper. Pricier options usually include meals, drinks, and a trip to other Amsterdam attractions. Evening tours are available so you can see how mesmerizing the city lights are.

Heineken Experience

Ever wondered where those famous green bottles of beer came from? If you enjoy that little rush to the head that a few pints can give, you’ve come to the right place. Amsterdam is the home of the world-famous beer Heineken.

It was founded by a young Dutch entrepreneur named Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1864. He was just 22 years old when he began his brewing business in Amsterdam. His brand kept on growing and now his beer is widely consumed not only in the Netherlands but worldwide.

You can learn about this beer’s humble beginnings by visiting its very first brewery in Amsterdam. A tour inside this building shows you the different processes that Heineken goes through. The Heineken Experience demonstrates how this brand achieves that distinct and refreshing taste.

Get a glimpse of the company’s interesting past by looking at the old materials on display. A guide will tell you cool stories about how the brand became a powerhouse in the brewing business. After absorbing a lot of information about this world-famous beer, it’s time to relax for a bit.

Finish this beer-inspired tour by going to the building’s rooftop. There, you can take a serving of Heineken with you while enjoying the breeze and the view of the city. Beer lover or not, you’re going to have a great time inside Heineken’s building in Stadhouderskade, Amsterdam.

Tours are available from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. Buying a ticket in advance through their website is preferable. Since this attraction involves alcohol, minors are not allowed to enter or participate. A ticket will cost you 21 to 35 USD depending on the type of tour.

Which Is Better – Amsterdam or Copenhagen?

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are perfect destinations for relaxing and recreational activities. The choice still depends on what you are looking for or the attractions you prefer. Taking a pick is a challenge. As two of the safest and happiest cities in the world, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

If spending time in a theme park is your thing, Copenhagen will take care of you. Amsterdam is a haven for people who love beer and sweets. But food is usually better in Copenhagen.

When it comes to art and visually pleasing cityscapes, The two places are very similar.

Amsterdam is a city for those who prefer a carefree, Bohemian-inspired lifestyle. If your idea of relaxing is attending wild and wacky weekend parties, an Amsterdam trip is for you.

Copenhagen, on the other hand, is a more family-friendly place. For people who want a more laid-back vacation, Copenhagen is a better choice.

Their attractions are duking it out but the decision will depend on your taste, lifestyle, or the demographic you’re in. Both cities can give you a good time but Copenhagen is a cozier, less crowded destination.


Copenhagen vs. Amsterdam for Cycling

Copenhagen and Amsterdam are among the most bike-friendly cities in Europe. The infrastructure in both cities can provide safe and clean spaces for people who enjoy cycling. Using a bike to explore helps tourists get some exercise and decrease carbon emissions.

Is Copenhagen Near Amsterdam?

Copenhagen is a northern city in Denmark while Amsterdam is on the west coast of the Netherlands. The two cities are 384 miles (620 km) apart. They’re not that close to each other but you can travel from Copenhagen to Amsterdam within 12 hours.

Copenhagen to Amsterdam Distance

The distance between Copenhagen and Amsterdam is 384 miles (620 km). Germany is the country between them. Copenhagen is on the northern side of Germany while Amsterdam is on the west.

Copenhagen to Amsterdam by Ferry

Because of Copenhagen’s geographical location, there are no direct ferry routes from there to Amsterdam. The most common means of transportation are trains, planes, buses, and cars. Even from Esbjerg, Denmark, there are no ferries that directly sail to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Copenhagen by Night Train

You can board a night train from Amsterdam to Copenhagen and vice versa. A train ride takes 10 to 11 hours and tickets cost 50 USD and up. There are 34 daily departures and each trip involves two changes or train transfers.

Amsterdam to Copenhagen by Car

A drive from Amsterdam to Copenhagen is a long one but it’s a shorter trip compared to train rides. You’re going to need a 9-hour drive to cover the distance between these cities. Trips from the Netherlands to Denmark involve a few stopovers within the borders of Germany like Hamburg.