Paris vs. Amsterdam

Paris and Amsterdam are two capital cities located in the Western part of Europe. Both are famous for their museums, each containing relics, and masterpieces that survived the passage of time. Both are also well-equipped with distinctive charms, making newbie or seasoned travelers torn on where to step foot next.
Paris vs. Amsterdam

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The French capital is for people who find comfort in classic vintage pieces and those who yearn to travel back in time. It’s a city that has long mastered the perfect formula for allure and artistry, effectively bewitching the globe. If you see beauty in everything, both mundane and extraordinary, you won’t regret visiting Paris.

Meanwhile, the Dutch capital is made for tourists who tackle life in fast-forward motion. It’s for people who ache for something more, wanting to explore the leisures of the world to the best of their abilities. Amsterdam is your best bet if you want to discover things you haven’t known before.


Paris is not just any urban area; it’s a whole universe by itself. The streets of the French capital will give you a vibe so otherworldly you’d think you’re walking straight inside a vintage painting. Well, can you expect less from a city considered the most beautiful in the world?

Of course, this title is not only because Paris is home to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. There are many reasons why the French capital is globally recognized for its beauty. Every stone pavement is saturated with history; every building is made with the ultimate craftsmanship. It’s even home to delightful works dating back several centuries.

The city is also a haven for the modern aesthete, one with love for all things fashionable. Countless avenues in Paris are jam-packed with boutiques, each with different styles and trends. It’s also where you go if you want to feast on various landmarks or feel the electrifying romance in the air.

Truly, a walk down the City of Love and Light will resonate deep within your soul. It’s where you go if you simply want to be, not worrying about anything but your next travel destination. Paris is genuinely a unique European spot you wouldn’t want to miss in your lifetime.

What Makes Paris Unique?

Abode for the Fashion-Forward

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about Paris and its people, they’re always dressed to kill. It doesn’t matter if you see them walking on their way to work or lazily lounging in cafés during the weekends. They always look so put together, their every style becoming a worldwide fashion trend.

This is not surprising, especially since the French capital has worn the crown as the World Capital of Fashion since the 17th century. Of course, other cities have also established themselves when it comes to clothing trends. However, nothing comes close to Paris’ influence. It’s home to globally-famous Fashion Houses and the starting place of brands that made ripples worldwide.

Maybe you’ve seen your favorite celebrities sporting their collections on TV. That, or you personally owned a piece from a certain season. Familiar with Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Lauren, or Hermés? Perhaps you’re more into Paco Rabanne, Mugler, or Isabel Marant.

It doesn’t matter what your preference for designers is; the streets of Paris are brimming thick with high-end brands from left to right. You’d surely enjoy a trip to the French capital and adorn your hands with several shopping bags.

Traveling down the avenues of Paris with a limited budget but still want to upgrade your wardrobe? Worry not because the fashion capital has plenty of cost-friendly shops to help you with that. From vintage pieces to secondhand haute couture, no doubt you’ll find high-quality, affordable ones that fit your style.

Aside from spending money on shopping spots, you can also enjoy the city’s jaw-dropping fashion shows. Big brands often showcase different collections each season, particularly during February and September.

Smaller-scale fashion shows also occur in galleries all year round, like the one at Galeries Lafayette. The event is for reservations, but you can book a seat on the department store’s official website.

If you’re a fashionista at heart, you’ll find Paris a paradise on Earth. It’s home to the latest trends and the most stylish brands; you’d regret not staying even a minute longer. To make the trip more immersive, try to cop classic Parisian looks to blend in with locals, particularly the Chic-Décontracté dress code.

Sanctuary for Artistic Souls

Where do souls that feel strongly about art go when they want to express themselves? The City of Love and Light, no doubt. The French capital is considered a sensation on its own, especially if you factor in its unique ambiance and dignified landmarks. However, there are other reasons why those with love for creativity dream of stepping into the city.

If you haven’t noticed, Paris can attract brilliant minds that can create heart-stopping works of art. Its unique charm makes it the subject of several masterpieces, be it paintings, sculptures, or poetry. In addition, the city is home to creations that survived the passage of time in pristine conditions.

History geeks will also enjoy going down to the museums in Paris because of their rich cultural preservation. Take the Louvre, for example. It’s globally recognized as the largest museum in the world, containing over 550,000 artworks. Most of these pieces are hidden in storage, and only 35,000 are available for public viewing. Despite this, it’s a number you won’t be able to marvel at for a day or two.

If you were to allocate 30 seconds to appreciate each work of art in the Louvre, you’d have to walk around the museum for 200 days. It’s impossible to tour all collections if you’re on a brief travel getaway. As such, it’s in your best interest to prioritize the main masterpieces you’re dying to gaze at. Here are some of the most notable ones available for viewing at the Louvre:

  • The Dying Slave (Michelangelo Buonarroti)
  • Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Death of the Virgin (Caravaggio)
  • Dante and Virgil in Hell (Eugène Delacroix)
  • Alexander and Diogenes (Pierre Puget)

Think the Louvre is the best and only museum the City of Love has to offer? Well, you can’t be any more wrong. The French capital is filled with world-class museums that house a plethora of artworks. Here are some of them below:

Centre Pompidou. Paris has no shortage of eye-catching buildings, one of which is this museum that rivals the iconic Eiffel Tower. It’s considered the matriarch of the city’s contemporary art – uniquely made with industrial pipes and open glass windows.

The museum is filled with every masterpiece, from modern to contemporary ones. It’s also a library, a performance spot, and a cinema in one, so visiting it is definitely worth the time.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Located in the same area as the Louvre, this museum can’t be described as anything but grand. It’s filled to the brim with beautiful collections that show the French’s extravagant lifestyle. Detailed carpets, shining crystals and porcelains, and regal tapestries can be found left and right.

The museum is also Paris’s second oldest historic building, home to the world’s largest decorative arts and fashion stash.

Landmarks That Make a Mark

It’s not an exaggeration to say that when you step foot inside Paris, you’ll never want to depart. The French capital will provide you with many reasons to stay, maybe even have you wishing you were born into the city yourself. The main one is this: the most beautiful city in the world is home to many exquisite landmarks that will leave a mark on your heart.

Of course, you’ve heard of the majestic Eiffel Tower many times than you can count. Paris’ shining beacon is a hit background scene in countless movies and is a famous site where lovers ask for their partner’s hand. However, the City of Love and Light is more than just a starring scene in productions and a host to people’s romantic gestures.

It’s also home to many beautiful infrastructures, the French capital itself being a work of art. The paved cobblestone streets and the majority of buildings are of Haussmannian architecture. You’d find the avenues in the city sporting the same style, all with uniform exteriors and gilded balconies. This is one of the many reasons tourists love to walk around the arrondissements for hours.

Aside from the classic streets of the city, plenty of magnificent structures are scattered within the French capital. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of some landmarks that will make you wonder whether Paris is a city or a paradise on Earth:

Pont Alexandre III. The French capital is famed for its beautiful bridges, the most iconic being the Pont Alexandre III. It’s a Beaux-Arts-style bridge that separates Paris into two parts and symbolizes peace between France and Russia.

Gilded statues of ethereal nymphs and the mighty winged horse, Pegasus, adorn the bridge. Even glancing at this famed tourist spot from afar is enough to invoke feelings of wonder and awe.

Sainte-Chapelle. No photo can do justice to this gothic-style Parisian chapel built in 1248. Many consider it an architectural gem because of its intricate stained glass windows.

However, there’s plenty more you can do in this place, like checking out the holy relics collected by King Louis IX. It’s also where you go if you want to listen to classical music or visit the Conciergerie where Marie Antoinette was once jailed.


Amsterdam, one of the most visited cities in Europe, boasts of its unique streets made of water. It’s a genuine water maze of wonder, filled with countless boats and infinite possibilities for fun. Ever dreamt of cruising down canals and enjoying houses and mansions, each with a design much better than the last? How about going to Venice but not letting go of the electrifying party scene?

Well, Amsterdam is the answer to all your desires. It’s a city where you can do everything, from exploring many museums to watching graceful vessels filled with flowers. The Dutch capital even changes face at night, bringing out the big guns of the techno party scene. It’s where you let yourself loose, dancing to soul-deafening music and hopping to pubs of different genres.

It’s safe to say that the city is the perfect getaway scene for tourists of every kind. It doesn’t matter who you are; Amsterdam is where you’d like to spend fathomless days exploring. It’s perfect for people belonging under the rainbow banner and for those who want to dig deep into culture and history. It’s also where party animals can prowl 24/7; the Dutch capital truly has everything for everyone.

What Makes Amsterdam Unique?

Venice of the North

If you’ve gone on a trip around Europe and grown fond of the floating city of Venice, you’d enjoy spending time in Amsterdam. This destination has been coined the Venice of the North mainly because of its similarities with the Italian town. To be specific, Amsterdam possesses a concentric canal system very much like Venice.

In fact, it’s even superior regarding the number of canals within the city limits. Venice has 150 channels, while the Dutch capital has a whopping 165 canals. Amsterdam’s inner canal system is so phenomenal that UNESCO dubbed it a World Heritage Site. It’s over 400 years old, making the channels majestic and historical to boot.

You’ll enjoy the numerous canal cruises the Dutch city offers, especially at night. With all the shimmering city lights, you’d see Amsterdam from a whole new perspective. There’s no better way to end your day tour than by riding a boat and enjoying the view with wine. Your only dilemma? Choosing which cheese goes well with the wine you’re drinking.

Here are some of the most famous canals in Amsterdam you’ll see during your cruise:

Herengracht. This waterway is Amsterdam’s most luxurious, particularly due to the properties surrounding it. It’s dubbed the Lord’s Canal or the Gentleman’s Canal because it’s where the city’s governors lived during the 16th to 17th Centuries.

Prepare to be starstruck once your cruise reaches the canal’s Golden Bocht. It’s filled with majestic double-wide mansions that will take your breath away.

Brouwersgracht. Also known as Brewer’s Canal, this waterway is one of Amsterdam’s prettiest sites. It’s where you can find merchant houses that date back to the Golden Age of the Netherlands.

It’s also your go-to spot if you want to check out high-class breweries and taste first-class wine made by locals. If you’re up to it, you could even go to the A Van Wees de Ooievaar. It’s a craft distillery known for its process of creating spirits from authentic copper kettles from age-old recipes.

Mighty Flower Power

Generally, the first thing people associate with Amsterdam is its idyllic waterways. However, the Dutch capital is more than its boat cruises and numerous bridges connecting the city. It’s also a place that can confidently boast of its spectacular flower scene, a genuine haven for anthophile.

You may think it’s impractical for a city dominated by canals to develop mighty floral power. However, Amsterdam made it possible, creating the only floating flower market on the whole planet. Locals call it Bloemenmarkt, a set of water stalls that started way back in 1862.

It’s open all year round, making the Dutch capital a fragrant city throughout the seasons. You could drop by during your trip and find flowers of all kinds, perfect as a dried souvenir or gift for a loved one.

Of course, you’ll encounter plenty of tulips, but other species are also available. Hyacinths, crocuses, snowdrops, and peonies are just some of the flowers you’ll witness in all their glory in the floating market.

Aside from Bloemenmarkt, you can also enjoy Amsterdam if you’re eager to attend glorious flower festivals. The Tulip Festival is the most famous, held from March to May. This period is known as the tulip season, so expect to witness only the best, most colorful flowers.

If you’re not keen on traveling to Amsterdam during this time, worry not. The city has plenty of floral spots you can enjoy all year round, including the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. It’s the ideal place if you want to dive deep into the Dutch capital’s special relationship with tulips.

This museum is a cozy place filled with photographs of the process of tulip cultivation in the city. It’s also where you can buy the prettiest tulip-themed souvenirs, so ensure you have some money for them.

There’s also the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, a great choice if you’re not a big fan of flowers. It’s one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, containing different kinds of plants. You’ll marvel at the big greenhouses home to various herbs and trees like palm, ficus, and cinnamon.

Green thumbs and anthophiles will appreciate Amsterdam since the Dutch capital is blooming the whole year. Similarly, tourists who love beautiful things will enjoy touring the city since it’s a delight to look at. It’s a maze of canals filled with pleasant surprises, overflowing with the ambrosial scent of flowers.

Museums Here, There… Everywhere

Amsterdam is a city abundant in canals and bridges, making it an ideal spot for tourists eager to explore something new. However, did you know it’s also a famous hub for those with a heart for history? The Dutch capital has the most museums per square meter out of all cities.

Statistic Netherlands claims that within 5 km (3 mi) of Amsterdam, there are approximately 23.7 museums. A 10-kilometer-radius (6.2 mi) sweep of the city reveals that 45.4 museums are waiting to be explored. This means you’ll surely encounter several historical sites in the Dutch capital within a few minutes of travel.

Curious as to what museums are worth dropping by? Well, here are some of the most visited ones you can enjoy in the Venice of the North:

Van Gogh Museum. This museum is considered the most visited in the country, raking in over 1.5 million tourists annually. It’s dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch painter known for using bright colors and emphatic brushwork.

This Amsterdam hub of art contains the largest collection of his work, numbering about 1,300 pieces. You may be familiar with some of them, such as the Sunflowers and The Self Portrait. Other artists include Claude Monet and Maurice Denis.

Rijksmuseum. Known as the national museum of the Netherlands, this spot is home to many Dutch Golden Age works of art. It’s where over 8,000 pieces of Dutch history are stored, telling the story of the Netherlands from 800 years ago.

If that’s not enough reason to book a trip to this museum, you may be convinced by the countless European paintings and artifacts it contains. Your inner history geek will surely rejoice with the abundance of cultures in the Rijksmuseum.

Party Till the Sun Rises

Amsterdam has been coined the Venice of the North due to its similarities with the Italian city. However, one of the main differences between them is that Venice is not a venue fit for wild nights of fun. Amsterdam, on the other hand? Well, you could say that the Dutch capital is a genuine hedonist’s haven. It’s jam-packed with pubs and every known ingredient for amazing nightlife.

Some would even claim that Amsterdam took the best bits of Barcelona, Berlin, and Budapest and combined them all in one big party cauldron. The result is phenomenal; the ultimate nightlife scene will make even the pickiest party animal come out to play. You’re free to go all-out drinking in different clubs or dancing to your heart’s content until the sun rises in the Dutch capital.

Make way for some of the smashing party spots you can find in the Venice of the North:

  • Shelter. Craving for an extremely brutal night out you will never forget your whole life? This club is Amsterdam’s answer for people who wants to let go of the reins during their trip. The music is ear-shattering, paired with an all-black decor that screams pleasure and intensity. This cool underground club plays pulsating electronica that will deeply resonate with your soul.
  • Vondelbunker. This party spot is the club for the cool and the courageous, built in a unique location you won’t find anywhere else. It’s tucked under a bridge, meant to be a hidden bomb shelter during WWII. This hidden underground club needs a bit of exploring, but it’s worth it if you think of the punk nights you’ll enjoy. The entrance is free to boot, perfect for tourists with a budget limit.

If you don’t have a strong affinity for alcohol, then Amsterdam has other activities you can explore. For instance, you can time your visit during the Dutch capital’s world-famous dance event. Known as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), it’s a five-day music festival that happens every October.

People from around the globe would visit the Dutch city during this time, so you’d have plenty of opportunities to make friends. You can also showcase your talents, especially if you have a dancing bone hidden within. There’s no shortage of studio sessions, art workshops, and performances from local artists in the ADE. Other notable events include the Amsterdam Light Festival and the Holland Festival.

Paris or Amsterdam – Which Is Better?

You can never truly know a city until you’ve experienced its streets firsthand. Similarly, you can only judge which is better between Paris and Amsterdam after exploring them more intimately. The only way to do so? Set foot in both European capitals and compare your experience in the two cities.

Doing these tasks simultaneously is impossible, so you’d have to decide which one you will visit first. Choose Amsterdam if you can’t wait to taste amazing nightlife and have an endless buzz of booze. It’s a destination you can look forward to due to its many faces, one of which is the city’s party animal identity.

The Dutch capital is also where you go if you want to experience traveling in a new light. The city is a big marvel of concentric canal systems, one you can only appreciate by riding a boat. The infrastructures in each district are all a sight to behold, something you’ll admire more if you travel to Amsterdam through the water.

Meanwhile, opt to visit Paris first if you’re the type to enjoy a city that looks straight out of a vintage painting. The French capital has a certain charm that is fatal to people with artistic abilities. It’s also where tourists with a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics flock, spending hours in museums and fashion boutiques.

Paris is the ideal destination for people craving peace. The city possesses a particular stillness you can’t find anywhere else. Within its city walls, you’re free to let go of all your responsibilities and tackle every day gently with wine in your hand.


Is Amsterdam Cheaper or More Expensive Than Paris?

Based on Expatistan’s data, expenses in Amsterdam is 3% higher than that in Paris. The Dutch capital is the tenth most expensive city in Western Europe. On the other hand, the City of Light is a close contender and occupies the eleventh place in the rankings out of 85 cities.

To elaborate, Amsterdam’s transportation costs are 27% more costly than Paris’s. Booking a taxi in the Dutch city will cost you $26 for a 5-mile (8-km) distance, while the French capital will have you pay only $20.

Additionally, accommodations in Amsterdam are 3% more pricey compared to Paris. Clothes are also 7% more expensive in the Dutch city, with one pair of jeans costing an average of $97. The City of Light, known as a fashion hub, sells its jeans for only $83 per pair.

These expenses matter, especially if you’re a tourist staying in the Dutch city for several days. Don’t be too bummed out, though. Entertainment in Amsterdam is 13% cheaper than in Paris, so you can still enjoy the city. For instance, a pint of beer in the Dutch capital costs about $5, while Parisian beer is a whopping $7.

Paris or Amsterdam in December?

Deciding between Paris and Amsterdam for your December trip can be challenging. No one can blame you; both cities are overflowing with unique, individual charms. However, the trick to choosing the right place is this: prioritize what you want to experience for your end-of-the-year getaway.

Get ready for a trip to Amsterdam if you’re eager to experience a one-of-a-kind December riding a boat. It’s the ideal ride in the Dutch capital, perfect for when you want to watch the city’s many Christmas festivals. For instance, you can get the perfect view of the Light Festival on a cruise while enjoying a platter of the best wine and cheese.

Choose Paris if you’re eager to get the best of the end-of-the-year shopping deals. The city is known as a hub for fashion and art, so expect only the best and the brightest trends to surface during Christmas. As a bonus, the city can get extremely cold during December. It’s the perfect excuse to explore the endless cafés in the city for excellent coffee and hot chocolate.

Paris or Amsterdam in Winter?

Paris and Amsterdam are two European cities that can get extremely cold during the winter. Both capitals are stunning this season, their streets covered in pristine white snow. No one can blame you if you’re having difficulty choosing which will be your destination during wintertime.

Go to Amsterdam if you prefer to avoid large crowds during your winter getaway. It’s the perfect place to spend your cold days, especially if you enjoy a beer or two. The city is rich in breweries, so you have plenty of access to deliciously warm beer. Winter is also the perfect time to walk along the canal and find a solid spot you can skate to your heart’s content.

Meanwhile, book a trip to Paris during winter if you’re excited about the coming Christmas season. During this time, the city is clad in shining lights and armed with mini bazaars from left to right. You get to interact with a plethora of people, play fun games, and even share a cup of vin chaud.

Amsterdam to Paris Distance

The distance between Amsterdam and Paris depends on which kind of transportation you’d use. If you’re going to ride a plane or take the train, you’d have to travel a total of 268 mi (431 km). The aircraft is the better option if you’re short on time, but choose the train if you’re looking for a scenic journey.

Meanwhile, taking the direct bus from Amsterdam to Paris will have you commuting for 315 mi (507 km). Car rides are possible too, but be ready to drive for a total of 320 mi (515 km).

Amsterdam vs. Paris Size

Compared to Paris, Amsterdam has a bigger geographical size. The Dutch capital measures 219 sq km (85 sq mi), while the City of Light is only 105 sq km (41 sq mi). This makes Amsterdam over twice as big as the Fench capital.

Despite this, the population size in Paris is many times larger than in Amsterdam. To be specific, the data released by World Population Review shows that the City of Light is filled with over 11 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, Amsterdam is home to more than a million residents.

Amsterdam to Paris Flight Distance

The flight distance between Amsterdam to Paris is 431 km (268 mi). Ideally, you’ll reach Paris after about 32 minutes of flying. However, you’ll also have to allocate about thirty minutes for takeoff and another thirty for landing. This makes your total flight duration an hour and 32 minutes long.

Of course, remember that this can be affected by several factors. You’d have to consider the aircraft type, the speed at which it goes, and the plane’s designated route. Don’t forget the weather conditions and the wind speed during your schedule.

Amsterdam to Paris by Train, First Class

Traveling from Amsterdam to Paris via a first-class train will cost an average of $200. If you have more than enough money to buy a ticket to a first-class, don’t hesitate to do so. It’s the most premium way of travel via land, offering the best comfort for travelers aiming to set foot in the French Capital.

There is an abundance of perks available for first-class travelers you wouldn’t find anywhere else. First, delicious meals free of charge are offered during the three-hour ride. Free Wi-Fi, access to electrical outlets, and magazines are available for your convenience. The best of these benefits? First-class trains provide wider space to their customers, with bigger windows for a more scenic view.

Is There a High-Speed Train From Amsterdam to Paris?

If you’re looking for high-speed trains that travel the Amsterdam to Paris route, fret not. Thalys has got you covered, operating their futuristic TGV high-speed commuter trains every two hours or so. In some instances, they may even depart every hour, particularly during the peak seasons.

Twelve bullet trains depart daily, traveling at a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph). This means you can arrive from Amsterdam to Paris in only three hours. However, you’d have to book the tickets three to four months in advance to secure a spot for your target schedule.

Is the Train Ride From Paris to Amsterdam Scenic?

Train rides from Paris to Amsterdam are scenic, with picturesque views you can easily see through the clear windows. The route mostly passes the beautiful French countryside, but you can also witness a portion of magnificent Belgian lands. Don’t forget the jaw-dropping visuals of Dutch lands, a perfect background for pretty Instagram posts.

Paris to Amsterdam by Car

If you plan to travel from Paris to Amsterdam via car, know that you’ll have to drive a distance of 515 km (320 mi). This will take about 4 hours and 35 minutes on average but may vary depending on your chosen route.

For instance, you may encounter traffic on the road or other incidents that may cause delays. You may also be tempted to stop in a few cities, especially since the road to the Dutch capital offers plenty of entertainment. In this case, your travel time may extend to several hours, maybe even a few days.

Paris to Amsterdam by Car Rental

Renting a car is the best option if you like to travel smart while still enjoying the road from Paris to Amsterdam. It’s more budget-friendly than riding your vehicle while offering more flexibility than going via train. It’s also accessible to boot, mainly because the French capital has many car rental companies eager to seal the deal.

You can choose a one-way car hire, where you don’t have to return the vehicle to its point of origin. Instead, you’ll only have to set up an arrangement with the company and drop it off at a certain location in Amsterdam. Normally, you’ll be required by the car rental shop to leave it somewhere convenient. Some of the most efficient spots for this are the Amsterdam Central Railway Station and the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS).

There’s also the option of getting a round-trip contract, wherein you book a car to travel to Amsterdam and then return it to Paris. If you’re not staying over at the Dutch capital for several days and only there for a brief visit, this is the best for you. It’s way cheaper and faster than commuting back to the French capital.

Driving Distance From Paris to Amsterdam

The driving distance from Paris to Amsterdam is 515 km (320 mi). If you were to drive at an average of 112 km/h (70mph), you’d reach the Dutch capital within 4 hours and 35 minutes.

Amsterdam to Paris Road Trip

If your main priority when traveling from Amsterdam to Paris is leisure, you’ll have the best time riding a car. Not only is this option comfortable, but it also offers flexibility and freedom. You don’t have to chase a strict schedule or line up in a queue to get your ticket. You can explore as many cities as you want, so long as they are on the way to the City of Love.

In fact, there are plenty of awesome spots you can drop by during your road trip from Paris to Amsterdam. One of these is the Dutch town of Rotterdam, known for its abundance of vintage ships and exhibits. You could visit the Rotterdam Zoo, an all-in-one spot where you can glimpse plants and rare animals. It’s an ideal resting spot in which you can spend several nights and not get bored, especially if you have children as companions.

Another great stopover is Marne-le-Vallée, an up-and-coming town near the French capital. It’s where Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park are located, so it’s perfect if you want to have some fun.

Day Trip to Paris From Amsterdam

A day trip from Amsterdam to Paris is plausible, so long as you’re ready for a jam-packed schedule. First, you must prioritize the best transportation possible to arrive in Paris earlier. Flights are the fastest option, with an average travel time of 1 hour and 32 minutes. Trains also offer a quick route, with you reaching Paris after about 3 hours and 23 minutes if you’re riding a high-speed one.

After securing your travel option, you should also prioritize the destinations you want to visit in Paris. Expect your itinerary to be limited, so you should create the best touring plan possible. For instance, it’s ideal to see only two Parisian spots that are a short distance from each other.

You could also hire a city guide if you have enough money or avail of a day-tour package to get the most out of Paris. Private excursions usually cost about $750, but there are also hop-on hop-off bus tours that are only $41.

Cheapest Way to Get From Paris to Amsterdam

The cheapest way to get from Paris to Amsterdam is by taking the bus. Since you’ll be traveling directly without switching transportation, expect to spend $31 on average. If you’re lucky enough to book during the promo season, you could save and pay less than $20.

Buses are also the most environmentally-friendly option if you want to travel from Paris to Amsterdam. Additionally, you don’t have to drive and worry about whether you’re traveling in the right direction. However, remember that the travel time may take a while, with the journey taking 7 hours and 1 minute on average.