Maldives vs. Tahiti

If you’ve been searching for a tropical paradise for your next vacation, then you’ve probably heard of Maldives and Tahiti. These astounding places are some of the world’s most renowned vacation spots, and it’s not hard to see why. Both islands boast rich cultures, spectacular destinations, and luxurious options.
Maldives vs. Tahiti

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Maldives and Tahiti are a collection of islands as well as atolls. These are a collection of islands forming a ring that surrounds a lagoon. These make for a fascinating landscape that you are sure to love. While both have a similar type of geography, they are quite different.

Despite the Maldives being much smaller than Tahiti, it holds ten times more islands. This is because Tahiti is composed of two large landforms, the eroded volcanic cones known now as the Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. Because of this, its environment is filled with jagged mountains.

The Maldives on the other hand is composed of numerous small islands formed in groups of atolls. You can expect countless beaches here and some forests and mangroves. While its islands do not have hills, some dunes go as high as 3 meters (10 ft).

The islands of Maldives and Tahiti have tourism and services as their main industries. This means that they are well-equipped and prepared to accommodate visitors. You wouldn’t face a lack of facilities, hotels, and restaurants to visit. It should also make it easy for your transport and communication.

Both places have many similarities that visitors would notice, but there are so much more features that are unique to each other. Tahiti and Maldives’ charms are largely different but are guaranteed for you to love them.

Their culture and atmosphere also bring varying experiences, so how would you know which place to go to? With that in mind, read up so you can check the best features of these islands and decide which one you’d have the best time in.


Once you’ve enjoyed a quality vacation in the Maldives, you’d experience paradise better than your wildest dreams. As your plane hovers around the country, your jaws will drop at the sight of its beauty. Maldives’ unique geography composed of numerous atolls is sure to make you instantly fall in love with the place.

The country of Maldives is made of small islands formed in a circular pattern encompassing a lagoon. Imagine the sight of beaches, greeneries, and azure waters. All of which you can enjoy without having to travel far. These formations are also known to have bountiful marine life with abundant reefs and high biodiversity.

As rich and colorful as the island’s environment is, so is its culture. There are many influences on this country’s traditions and lifestyle. This includes African, Indian, Malaysian, Persian, Indonesian, Arab, and even Sri Lankan. It all mixes into a vibrant hot pot of cultures that mend so well with each other.

You can enjoy the complexity of Maldives’ culture simply by going around places. However, you can also join in festivities, watch performances, or take a step further to immerse yourself in their daily lives. You would have an easy time in this place as Maldivians are generally polite people. Just make sure to respect the customs of their Islamic faith.

The place itself has a lively atmosphere that is perfect for adventure. Yet, some of its most famous destinations are focused on relaxation. The Maldives has numerous beaches and a rich underwater scene, so most of its attractions are water-based. There are several water sports for you to do, and underwater establishments to visit!

The country is considered to be newly independent, so much of its infrastructure and systems are relatively new. Maldives’ main industry before was agriculture before it was overrun entirely by tourism and services. Despite this, it is a secure place with a low crime index, perfect for a carefree vacation.

The country of Maldives has become one of the leading vacation spots in the world. Its natural beauty, enriched culture, and astounding landmarks are guaranteed to be unforgettable. If these aren’t enough to convince you to visit the Maldives, then read on. Its best features would show you just how amazing this place is.

What Makes Maldives Unique?

Underwater Hotels, Restaurants, and Other Establishments

Maldives’ islands are small, so to make up for their few lands, many establishments are underwater! Forget going to aquariums, here, you can enjoy the company of underwater creatures while pampering yourself. So, if you love the sea and everything that goes with it, then you cannot miss going to the Maldives.

You can book a hotel room with your windows showing the clear sights underwater, or dine in with corals while sea creatures roam around you. If you’ve ever dreamed about what it’s like to live life underwater, then this is as close as it gets without getting wet.

Your Maldives getaway wouldn’t be complete without going to an underwater establishment. That is why you should check out these top underwater restaurants. No matter where you decide to stay or go, it is a must to have a meal in one of these places.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

This restaurant is hailed for being the first undersea restaurant in the world. Now, it is regarded for being a prime establishment that gives unforgettable meals.

Here, you would be able to eat the best dishes while viewing a panoramic view of the sea. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant lies 5 meters (16.5 ft) below sea level.

They offer the local Dhivehi cuisine with a tinge of Western influences present in their dishes. What’s more, you can book the place for an intimate occasion!

5.8 Undersea Restaurant

This restaurant is a world-renowned establishment for several reasons. One of them is because it is the largest all-glass undersea restaurant in the world. Another reason is because of its awards for excellent service. This is why you know that you are getting a luxurious dining experience in this wonderful restaurant.

The 5.8 Undersea Restaurant offers course meals that you are guaranteed to love. You’d be able to enjoy several options, including a seafood, vegan, or 5-course meal for lunch. For dinner, you can choose between seafood, vega, and a 7-course meal. You also shouldn’t miss its top-tier wine collection.

Minus Six Meters

Dining in Minus Six Meters is a delightful experience you shouldn’t miss. This restaurant offers a bit of a mystical experience with its lighting and design. It has a great menu and stunning view, so you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

This establishment lies 6 meters (20 ft) below sea level, hence its name. The dishes served here are mainly of European and seafood theme. They offer lunch, dinners, and even a champagne breakfast. What’s more, if you’re staying in the OZEN Maadhoo Resort for more than 4 nights, you can dine here for free!

The Best Place to Go Island-Hopping

With over 1200 islands in its area, there’s no better place to go island-hopping than in the country of Maldives. As a place laden with atolls, this country does not lack islands and lagoons for you to explore. Each of these has a unique charm that you are sure to enjoy.

Going island-hopping is simply a must-do in the Maldives. You might get claustrophobic staying on one of the country’s small islands. There are numerous ways for you to go cruising around, and all of them are thrilling adventures. From your trip to your actual destination, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Numerous Bountiful Atolls to Explore

There are a lot of people unaware of one of nature’s most beautiful sceneries, which is the atolls. These land formations are composed of crowning islands that encompass a lagoon. There are few sights that can be considered as amazing as these!

These formations are actually quite rare to see. There are only about 400 atolls all around the world. Lucky for you, the country of Maldives has more than 20 of these. This makes it the best place for you to appreciate a beach and lagoon experience.

Malé Atoll

This atoll is known to have the capital city of Maldives, from which it is named from. It is divided into two parts — the North Malé Atoll and the South Malé Atoll. This place is popular for its clear and bountiful waters.

Due to the nature of its waters, the lagoon in this atoll is a famous spot for diving and snorkeling. It is also a famous place for various water sports. The islands in this atoll are also prominent so you would be able to find numerous activities to enjoy.

Rashdoo Atoll

The Rashdoo Atoll is a popular destination for its marine life and fascinating islands. There is much to explore in this place despite being a relatively small atoll. You are guaranteed to enjoy a unique experience in this place.

This atoll is an ideal spot for scuba diving as it is frequented by hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and schools of fish. Other than that, the culture of the Rashdoo islands is also worth exploring.

Ari Atoll

This atoll is on the larger side of Maldives’ atolls. It comprises more than a hundred islands and is divided into two administrative regions. These regions are known as the Northern Ari Atoll and Southern Ari Atoll.

With its numerous islands, 20 of which are tourist spots. These are developed resort islands equipped with various recreational facilities. To top it all off, the view from this atoll is second to none!

Astounding Gastronomic Experience With the Dhivehi Cuisine

The Maldivian culture is a mix of various cultures all around the world. However, it is arguable that one of the biggest impacts came from the Indians. Maldives’ cuisine is mainly Dhivehi, which is also the cuisine of Minicoy, India.

The Dhivehi cuisine specialized in using unique herbs and spices that bring out earthly flavors to hearty dishes. What’s more, the Maldivians found a way to incorporate other cultural influences into their food. That’s why you can expect a different charm to their meals than in Minicoy, India!

To top it all off, many restaurants in the Maldives offer an underwater experience. Your view would be as delightful as the dishes that you would get to feast on!

Fascinating Landmarks in the Capital City Malé

If you want to appreciate the culture of Maldives through its monuments and other attractions, then going to the city of Malé is a must. This city is known to be the country’s capital. There is so much to explore here that would show you the rich history and culture of Maldives.

There are many fascinating points of interest in Malé. Some of these hold cultural significance including their mosques and monuments. There are also museums and art galleries for you to delve deeper into their culture from a different perspective.

With several options to choose from, the next step would be knowing which landmarks would suit you best. With that in mind, check out these fascinating places. You might just find the best attraction in Malé that you wouldn’t want to miss.


The Muliaage is an exquisite architectural wonder built as the residence of the president of Maldives. It is situated in the historic center of the city. In this location, it is also near great landmarks such as shrines, mosques, and a minaret.

This building has an elegant design that utilizes pure white backgrounds with intricate patterns. The blank color of its wall is met with the lively hues of the patterns. This, in turn, creates a unique exterior that you are sure to marvel at.

National Museum, Maldives

Visiting the National Museum of the country of Maldives is the best way to learn about its history. In fact, most of the exhibits in this museum would show you part of its past. The building itself is historically established during the National Day of the country.

The museum also includes the Police Museum. It goes in-depth about the history of its police department in a series of fascinating exhibits. It also has a gallery for stamps and banknotes which are ideal for enthusiasts. The historical part of the museum would bring you to the ancient, medieval, and modern periods of the country.


Satisfy your need for adventure by going to the beautiful islands of Tahiti. This astounding place is known to be one of French Polynesia’s precious gems. Its environment, culture, and numerous landmarks are things you shouldn’t miss out on.

Tahiti is largely dominated by the mountains in its center. Due to this, you can expect abundant rainforests and waterfalls all around its vicinity. There is much for you to explore that would show you spectacular sights while surrounded by nature. You can hike through trails and visit great vantage points for sightseeing.

Despite a huge part of Tahiti being untouched nature, its coastal areas are densely populated. With its rich population also comes a vibrant culture coming from its French Polynesian roots. Tahitian culture is most visible through its arts, especially music, culture, and visual arts. All of which, you can enjoy and observe as long as you explore the islands!

You can also expect to have a great time relaxing in this place. Being composed of islands, the people of Tahiti are also used to having a chill and go-with-the-flow mindset. While here, it is best to at least go on a day just sipping your favorite drinks while on the beach.

Lucky for you, beaches are plenty in this place. To top it all off, Tahiti is famous for having some of the best beaches in the world. It has a good amount of black-sand beaches that make for astounding pictures. There are also pretty white beaches if you want to see something more familiar.

Tahiti’s demography is dominated by those Polynesian roots. They first settled on the islands as early as 500 BC. The French population of the islands goes as low as 10% only. Despite this, the influences and the blend of the varying cultures are still evident.

The island of Tahiti has the capital city of French Polynesia. While most of the country is rural, being the cultural and economic center turned Tahiti into an urban destination. That means there are more facilities and establishments to accommodate visitors. However, you can also expect prices here to be steeper.

Traveling around the island of Tahiti is also easy enough. It is best to rent a car so you can control when and where you would go. However, the island’s infrastructures are well-built so public transportation is still a great option. If you’re up for more exercise, using a bike might be better as you would also get to enjoy the scenery.

Tahiti is also known to be generally a safe space. Petty crimes exist, but you wouldn’t have anything to worry about as long as you stay careful. Going to this island would be like going to the paradise of your dreams. If you still aren’t sold on its beauty, check out its best features so you’d understand better.

What Makes Tahiti Unique?

Most Gorgeous Beaches of French Polynesia

If you’re visiting Tahiti, then going to one of its beaches is a must. One of the things this place is known for is its beaches, after all, some of them have gorgeous black sands. Tahiti also has its fair share of pristine white beaches that are matched with clear waters. These make its islands a true tropical paradise.

The beaches of Tahiti vary in many ways. Some are perfect for a picnic while there are others ideal for surfing. You can find rocky or coarse sands to fine white or golden shores. That is why it is guaranteed that Tahiti would have a beach perfect for your preferences.

With that in mind, the next thing you would have to do is find your ideal beach. To help you, here are some of Tahiti’s most famous beaches. You might just be able to add one of these to your itinerary.

Lafayette Beach

Near the capital city of French Polynesia is its most famous black-sand beach known as the Lafayette. This astounding beach boasts exquisite sand unlike what most are used to. It is perfect for a photoshoot or lazing around!

Despite its fame, Lafayette beach rarely gets crowded. This is why it is also a favorite spot for swimming and basking in the sun. To top it all off, it is also near the world-class Pearl Beach Resort. It has never been easier to be on a luxurious and unique beach!

Venus Point Beach

Venus Point Beach is an astounding place for you to enjoy a day on the beach while appreciating nature. Not only is this gorgeous place another black-sand-beauty, but it is also rich in vegetation. The black and green motif of this beach makes it such a unique destination that you shouldn’t miss.

This beach is also popular for being the landing site for several explorers, including James Cook. If its beauty and history are not enough to entice you, you can also surf, dive, or snorkel here!

Mahana Park Beach

The Mahana Park Beach is a fantastic destination for families to enjoy and relax on the beach. Here, visitors often go on picnics or engage in recreational activities. Snorkeling and swimming here are also top-tier as it is near an abundant reef.

The shore of this beach is also fascinating as it is made up of white pebbles. It creates a unique feel and atmosphere that you shouldn’t miss. It also has azure waters and a lesser crowd, making it the perfect place for a quiet day.

Exhilarating and Enriching Authentic Island Experiences

One of the reasons Tahiti gets hundreds of thousands of visitors annually is its fascinating culture. Here, you can truly enjoy and experience the island living of French Polynesian people. You would be able to observe their traditions and lifestyle through their day-to-day lives.

If you want to delve deeper into their culture, you can also discover their art by witnessing their performances. You would be able to see their creativity and cultural pride through their music, dance, and other visual arts. There’s no better way to feel like you are part of the community than by immersing yourself in their society.

Island Escapade With a 4×4

Tahiti is composed of large vegetation due to its mountainous regions. There is so much to explore that you would find it hard to hike through. That is why one of the most popular activities in this place is riding a 4×4. With this, you can go around Tahiti’s islands without tiring yourself out.

A 4×4 escapade allows you to enjoy the beauty of Tahiti without having to hike for hours. This allows you to go through different vantage points and points of interest in a short amount of time. It is an absolute must if you want to enjoy the islands and their natural beauty.

A French Polynesian Adventure for Your Taste Buds

Tahiti’s cuisine is largely based on traditional Polynesian cooking. However, what differentiates it from the usual, is having a French twist to it. This makes Tahiti a great place for foodies to visit! The savory flavors and exquisite French techniques add to the already great dishes of Polynesia.

You can expect to have meals that utilize the freshest ingredients available on the island. There are meats and vegetables prepared with the utmost skill and flavors. Yet, what you truly cannot miss are their fruits, coconut-based meals, and fish! These are the staples of their cooking, and the best way for you to truly savor the island taste.

Your Tahiti getaway cannot be truly complete unless you’ve tasted their best dishes. That’s why it’s important to go to their well-renowned food establishments. With that in mind, here are some of the best restaurants you should check out.

Blue Banana

The Blue Banana is easily one of the most famous restaurants in the whole of Tahiti. This amazing place is situated in the Puna’auia, offering great views while dining. They offer dishes of French and Polynesian roots that you are sure to love.

Some of their best meals are quite familiar but different in flavor. This includes their pizzas, steaks, and seafood. Although you’ve heard and probably eaten these before, Blue Banana’s take on these dishes is sure to blow your mind.

Le Lotus Restaurant

If you’re searching for an intimate ambiance for a romantic meal, then the Le Lotus Restaurant is for you. This wonderful restaurant is situated in the InterContinental Tahiti Resort. It is a prime dining spot that ensures a special yet cozy environment for you and your loved one. You would be seated on a hut atop the waters, giving you a gentle breeze and a stunning view.

The Le Lotus Restaurant prides itself on its tasty seafood and meat. Their dishes are elevated through the French and Polynesian flavors. The savory and creative sauces are complemented by the freshness of the ingredients that come straight from the island.

La Casa Bianca

If you want a hefty yet mouthwatering meal, then going to La Casa Bianca is a must. This comfortable restaurant is the go-to for those craving Italian dishes. Here, you can help yourself to large portions of your favorite meals. This includes pizzas, pasta, and even salads.

The La Casa Bianca has options for indoor and outdoor dining. What’s more, if you don’t have the time to dine in, you can choose to go for takeout. However, it is recommended to dine in here, so you can fully appreciate their selection of beers and wines.

Numerous Historical and Cultural Landmarks to Explore

Tahiti is a vibrant place shaped by its refined culture and fascinating history. There are so many stories to tell about the place, its people, and the events that transpire here. Lucky for you, you wouldn’t have to search for these stories one by one. Instead, you can visit Tahiti’s landmarks to know the islands on a deeper level.

There are various points of interest in Tahiti that would show you its story. You can choose from numerous historical and cultural landmarks, including museums and monuments. Most of which would have plaques or informative displays to help you learn about the islands’ history.

Which Is Better – Tahiti or Maldives?

Choosing between Tahiti or Maldives is a win-win situation, it’s impossible for you to be disappointed with either! However, one of these is bound to be better suited for you and your group’s preferences. Both of these places are tropical heavens with numerous islands and other natural attractions to explore. What exactly makes them different?

Tahiti is French Polynesia’s cultural and economic center due to having the country’s capital in its area. Naturally, this gave the islands more developed infrastructures and establishments. In turn, it became a contemporary tropical destination. On the other hand, Maldives is generally rural with a more tranquil atmosphere.

The Maldives, not unlike Tahiti, is filled with beaches and lush vegetation. Both places also boast their lagoons which are truly a sight to see. However, if these are what you’re searching for, Maldives has a lot more to offer. Being largely composed of atolls, it is the perfect destination for beach and lagoon enthusiasts.

While both places have several islands, Tahiti only has about 118 despite having an area of 1,045 km² (403.47 mi²). On the other hand, Maldives has about 1,200 islands on an area of 297.8 km² (114.98 mi²). This is mainly due to Tahiti’s main islands being enormous eroded volcanos, while Maldives’ islands are much smaller in size.

Maldives and Tahiti are also known for their vibrant culture that is heavily influenced. Maldivian culture is shaped by a number of its Asian neighbors and even a tinge of African tradition. Tahiti has distinct Western and Eastern cultures from its French and Polynesian influences. These gave both places a rich way of life, traditions, and even art.

You can expect to spend a lot in both destinations but so much more in the Maldives. There are a few establishments in this country, especially if you’re staying on a small island. Chances are, your meals would be right in your resort hotel. Transportation here may also cost you more if you plan on going to various islands.

Food in both places is also noteworthy. The Maldives offers Indian cuisine while Tahiti has Polynesian dishes with a French twist. Either way, your mouth is sure to feel unique and savory tastes.

Tahiti is the perfect destination for those who want the comfort of modern living everywhere they go. There would be more establishments and easier transportation, so it might also be better for those traveling with kids. It is also great for those wanting to find unique natural attractions, including black-sand beaches.

The Maldives on the other hand would be for you if you want to fill your eyes with the sight of astounding lagoons. Here, living the island life is inevitable. You would spend most of your day either exploring various islands or lazing around beaches. Whichever you do, you would have a great time and even greater scenery.


Is Tahiti Cheaper Than Maldives?

Yes, Tahiti is cheaper than the Maldives. This is mainly due to the unique landscape of the Maldives that made city development a bit challenging. With numerous small islands, there is less land to put roads and establishments in. That makes transport more difficult and establishments more specialized. Its underwater attractions are also more on the luxurious end, so you should expect to spend more here.

Maldives vs. Tahiti for Honeymoon

Tahiti and Maldives are both popular destinations for a tropical island honeymoon. However, each island offers different activities for the newlyweds to enjoy.

Generally, Tahiti is popular for being a particularly romantic and beautiful island. It is known for its stunning sceneries, several romantic spots, and greater vantage points. Therefore, Tahiti has more intimate views that couples can enjoy.

On the other hand, Maldives is famous for better underwater experiences. The island best suits couples who lean more toward adventure, exploration, and exciting activities.