Maui vs. Big Island

Give yourself a break from a world of bustling streets and towering skyscrapers. Treat yourself to a much-needed relaxation on the islands of Hawaii. Let your body rest and enjoy a slow-paced island experience in the United States’ tropical haven. Here, you can appreciate 360 degrees of scenic views anywhere while towering trees flutter around.
Maui vs. Big Island

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No buildings would spoil your views as Hawaii’s skyline is as natural as it goes. Stunning beaches and lush greeneries are common in this state. As well as the most pleasant and lavish accommodations for your comfort.

Hawaii is the place to go for anyone who wants a perfect vacation. But the question remains, where in its many islands should you go to? All its isles have their features and best assets, but which is the best?

Well, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, then Maui and Big Island are the places to go to!

Maui and Big Island gather millions of visitors every year for their authentic island experience. These islands boast golden glistening shores, azure waters, and lush forests. In other words, breathtaking views and abundant resources. Both of these, you can enjoy by staring at your room’s window, strolling in the sand, or dining in the open.

If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can also appreciate it by snorkeling in the clear waters or trekking the fascinating trails. Other than that, Maui and Big Island also have captivating food, music, and festivities that you are sure to love.

Ideally, your trip to Hawaii should have these two islands together. However, most itineraries can only have one. So read up for you to know which island suits you best.


When people think of Hawaii, they usually think of the same thing. Beaches of varying kinds, a laid-back atmosphere, water sports, and fluttering palm trees. If this is your idea for your Hawaiian trip, then Maui is the place for you.

This island is known for its endless stretches of sand along the clear blue waters on its shores. It’s perfect for fun beach activities and exhilarating water sports.

The entirety of Maui is rural. No tall buildings or bustling streets would be in sight. Instead, you would be greeted by stunning views of mountains encompassing the island.

Maui has a tranquil atmosphere and amazing scenery. This makes it the ideal destination for a refreshing and revitalizing vacation.

The island is composed of numerous distinct beach towns. Each one offers a different experience. Some might be packed with tourists, but the general atmosphere always remains calm and collected.

Of course, the island’s food is also something to look forward to. Locals of Maui exemplify the Hawaiian regional cuisine in their dishes. Crisp produce and fresh seafood are the stars of every table. The island also has some festivals celebrating their culture, arts, and food!

If these are not enough for you, then you should check its best features. You are sure to want to pack your bags after this!

What Makes Maui Unique?

Astounding Views of Migrating Whales

The open sea is one of the world’s greatest wonders. Seeing the largest creatures in the ocean playing around is one of the best spectacles ever. This makes Maui the best place to visit from November to May.

During these times, North Pacific Humpback whales go through their winter migration and Hawaii is on their route!

Join a whale-watching cruise or tour and enjoy the sea breeze while waiting for the majestic whales to arrive. You would be pleased with the captivating panoramic views and the relaxing atmosphere of the calm waves.

If you’re lucky, a whale or two would grace you with its presence. They might play around your boat, blow their holes, and splash around in a gargantuan display of nature’s beauty.

It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable scene that would give you a new appreciation for the marine.

Responsible whale watching promotes the appreciation of wildlife in their habitats. So spruce up your Hawaiian vacation by enjoying Maui’s whale-watching tours. Not only would you have an unforgettable experience, but you would also be helping the whales as well!

Hawaii’s Own Valley Isle

Each of Hawaii’s islands has its nickname which represents its unique features. Maui’s inner geographical landscape has no land formation going over 60 meters (196 ft.) above sea level. This is despite the island being encompassed by towering mountains. And this is how the island earned the title of Valley Isle!

Maui’s valley is a connector for the two volcanos which comprise the island. In a way, Maui’s center is just a bridge for these towering land masses. For you, this means an unrestricted scenic view all over the island as well as an easier time going around.

Maui’s interesting landscape gives it a unique appeal no other Hawaiian islands have. There are more lush vegetation and fluttering trees scattered around the island.

It is also protected against harsh weather, especially storms. This gives the island a peaceful and more relaxed atmosphere perfect for a vacation.

You would discover the valley part of the island as you explore its city center, but how about the surrounding mountains? They play a huge part in the island’s charm, so it is best to have a look at them too. With that in mind, here are the two volcanos that make up the island’s geography.

Mauna Kahālāwai

The Mauna Kahalawai, also known as the West Maui Mountains, is composed of rich vegetation and sharp ridges. It is an eroded volcano and now protects the island from harsh weather.

Its skyscraping peaks and deep valleys allow for varied environments to exist in its vicinity.

These different zones serve as a habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna. In fact, the mountains themselves are home to 18 endemic plant species.

Other than its fascinating nature, the Mauna Kahalawai is also a favorite landmark on the island. Its distinct shape and lush greeneries give Maui more personality.

You can also hike through its peaks, and feel the breeze while enjoying the most stunning panoramic view on the island. Mauna Kahalawai is also an important place for the locals as it holds great cultural significance.

Many historical sites lie on its grounds, and it is linked to some of the Hawaiian revered gods and goddesses. Another name for this place is “Hale Mahina” which pertains to Hina, the goddess of the moon.


Of the two volcanos in Maui, Haleakala is the bigger one. This marvelous volcano is responsible for 75% of the island’s land. It is also known as the East Maui Volcano for being located on the eastern side.

The entirety of the volcano along with its surroundings is turned today into the Haleakala National Park. It is an extensive park with an area of 47.16 mi² (122.15 km²). However, about 40 mi² (100 km²) of which is just barren space.

Yet, two distinct locations are noteworthy in this park, the Summit District and Kipahulu District. The Summit District is the place to go if you want a rewarding challenge. Here, you can hike the tallest peak in Maui and get to enjoy the premiere location for appreciating the sky.

Those who are lucky enough to get here usually bring a telescope. Nothing beats sunset watching and stargazing in this place.

The Kipahulu District, on the other hand, is like an entirely different location. Instead of the barren lands, here, you would be met with abundant greeneries and astounding waterfalls. You can appreciate nature’s beauty or swim in the cool waters.

Beach Towns

Instead of the large bustling metropolises, Maui is composed of numerous beach towns with unique characters.

No matter what you like, there is sure to be a town in Maui for you to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for relaxation, adventure, or a cultural experience, the island’s got you covered.

Maui would treat you with the beauty of the diverse Hawaiian culture. Each beach town on this island offers a different experience you can revel in. A week in Maui would be like a year of traveling the world!

You can bask in the sun in a tranquil town with historic landmarks, and on the next day, enjoy bustling nightlife in a crowded place. There are also towns boasting their art galleries, cowboy culture, and windsurfing. Your Maui trip would have a wide-ranging itinerary!

It might be hard to believe the beauty of these beach towns through a few words. That is why it is important to look at them more closely. So here are some of Maui’s best beach towns you should take a look at.


The town of Pa’ia used to be overlooked by visitors in the past as they go to other towns. However, today, its bohemian style and the laid-back atmosphere are sought after. It is now a thriving place that you shouldn’t miss.

Pa’ia is the best place to visit if you are fond of shopping. There are numerous stores scattered around the town as well as art galleries and craft shops. The place is also regarded for its delightful mornings with brewed coffees and delightful breakfast meals.

There are several beaches near the town, but it is recommended to go to Pa’ia Bay Beach. This stunning beach has fine golden sands, teal blue waters, and tall trees in the background. It is a popular place for water sports, but it is also an ideal spot for relaxing when the waves are calm.


Maui is generally a quiet island perfect for relaxation. However, if you find yourself missing the buzz of the city, the closest thing you’d find is the town of Lahaina. This astounding place is a favorite spot for tourists, so it tends to be busier than most towns.

Lahaina is a historic port that was once a thriving fishing village. Today, it is a hub for tourism and is filled with fascinating landmarks that you are sure to love.

There are numerous bars here if you want to experience Maui’s nightlife. Shops for handcrafts and artworks are also scattered around.

Lahaina is also known for having the best beach on the island which is Ka’anapali Beach. You can spend your whole vacation in this town, and you’d still have the full Hawaiian package!


The town of Hana is a must-visit place for those who want to refresh and revitalize. It is a quaint place with a serene atmosphere and stunning views. It is perfect for lounging around and taking in nature.

Appreciating the town starts with your journey going to it. The famous road to Hana is a challenging path filled with views of rainforests, waterfalls, and the ocean.

Depending on your starting point, this trip may take 2 to 4 hours. For Maui’s visitors, this makes going to Hana either more appealing or a deal-breaker.

In this town, you can enjoy many relaxing activities. There is a farmer’s market, a cultural center, a museum, and art galleries. You can also snorkel in its calm waters or take a nice dip in its cool pools.


Makawao is another one of Maui’s historic towns, but it focuses on the island’s Paniolo culture. Essentially, it is known by visitors as the cowboy town. You can expect to encounter a scenery reminiscent of the wild west, but with paved roads and cars instead of horses.

Here, you can visit the many farms and ranches scattered around. There are also art galleries and displays that tell the story of the town. This is one of the best places in Maui to visit if you want a unique cultural experience.


If you want to know more about Maui’s history, then Wailuku is the best place to go. This town used to be the premier destination of the island until the resorts took over.

Today, it is still a popular tourist spot, especially for those who want to see historical sites.

The best attraction of the town is called Market Street. It is exactly as it sounds — a street filled with unique shops for you to enjoy. Here you can find antiques, artworks, handicrafts, clothing, and many more.

A Taste of The World’s Best Cuisine

Maui’s food scene can be described best in two words: simple and diverse. Simple may not be what you’re looking for in a meal, but Maui’s straightforward cuisine is made extraordinarily well. On the other hand, the diverse selection of food on the island gives you an endless choice of flavors.

Restaurants in Maui serve dishes of Hawaiian regional cuisine. It is considered to be a blend of western and eastern practices, where powerful flavors meet unique cooking styles.

The island’s resources are used to present customers with the freshest ingredients. The result?

Stunning aromatic meals with exceptionally blended flavors.

The diversity of cuisines on the island is one of its best features. On the same day, you can enjoy fresh Hawaiian seafood, meaty burgers, and flavorful Asian dishes. Here, there are no shortages of good food!

These are a taste of what your meals would be like in Maui. However, the different restaurants on the island have their specialties that might just be your new favorite.

With that in mind, your vacation in Maui needs to include the best restaurants. So here are some of the best establishments you should not miss out on.

Merriman’s Maui

This restaurant is an oceanfront establishment with expertise in using the freshest ingredients. You can choose from American, Hawaiian, and international cuisines. It is recommended to try their seafood and deserts.

The Bamboo Hale at Hāna Farms

This place has one of the most unique ambiances you can dine in. It is an open-air establishment with most of its structures made mainly out of bamboo. The restaurant’s specialty lies in its fruits and vegetables which create the crispest and most juicy meals.

Star Noodle

Star Noodle is an open-air oceanside restaurant that utilizes a scenic view for an intimate meal. They mainly serve dishes of Asian cuisine focusing on playful flavors using seafood. It is recommended to try at least one of their noodles and fish.

Honu Oceanside

Honu Oceanside has a nice modern ambiance perfect for romantic dining beside the ocean. The restaurant’s focus is on Mediterranean cuisine and local flavors. They are also known for their seafood.


This restaurant has a modern design and an elevated atmosphere. Yet, meals served in this place are more casual and comforting. This is the place to go to if you want Filipino and Hawaiian flavors.


Locals and frequent visitors of Maui know this restaurant as the premier Japanese place. Here, you can have savory Japanese dishes and enjoy fresh sushi at the sushi bar. Everything from the place’s design and cooking screams authenticity.

Mama’s Fish House

Mama’s Fish House is a great place to enjoy the local’s take on seafood. The establishment is said to take its supply of fresh seafood straight from the island’s fishermen. There is an option for indoor and open-air dining.

Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante

This restaurant has a stunning European design and a sweet oceanside location. Its ambiance is ideal for an intimate meal. The restaurant’s specialty is Italian dishes. It is recommended to try their salads and pizzas which utilize the island’s fresh ingredients.

The Most Amazing Beaches in the World

If you see yourself on a Hawaiian vacation with tiki torches, lounge chairs, and fluttering palm trees on a beach, chances are, you’re thinking of Maui.

This island has numerous astounding features, but its beaches are what it’s known for. No matter what you’re looking for on a beach, Maui’s got it for you.

There are long stretches of shores all around the island, flaunting different beaches. You can find black, gold, and white sands on rich azure waters. Some have rocky shores with calm waters, while there are plain ones with raging waves.

Most beaches are surrounded by healthy vegetation and trees, creating captivating views. Some have facilities and amenities for your convenience. While some seem undisturbed and untouched. There is a place for you to do any beach activities you can think of.

Your vacation in Maui is not complete without spending at least a day on the beach. To help you create your itinerary, here are some of the beaches on the island. Check them all out so you would know which one suits you best.


This beach is small and sometimes gets crowded, but it packs a lot of surprises. For one, it sports a stunning black shore. It is also known to have a fascinating lava tube sea cave that’s waiting for you to explore.

If you would try to go to the town of Hana, it is worth it to take a small detour to enjoy this hidden gem. It is located in the Waianapanapa State Park about 3 miles(4.82 km) away from Hana.

Makena Beach State Park

The Makena Beach State Park also known as the Big Beach is a must-visit if you ever get to the southern part of Wailea.

It boasts a long stretch of fine golden sand and is properly equipped with the best amenities for your accommodation.

Ka’anapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the entire country. It was once given the title of America’s Best Beach.

It has a long stretch of warm glittering sand along clear azure waters. It is also surrounded by lush vegetation with vibrant colors.

Here, you can do almost any beach activity you can think of. You can have a picnic, jump on a cliff, go snorkeling, whale watching, or learn to surf. It is impossible to run out of things to do!

Kapalua Bay Beach

This place is the ideal destination for those who want to spend their day on a lounge chair on the beach. The Kapalua Bay Beach offers calm crystal clear waters and a thriving aquatic scene. Snorkeling and diving here is a must-do for a complete Maui vacation.

Lush Forests and Waterfalls

Maui is a humid mountainous island that regularly experiences rainfall. This is the perfect condition for a rich green environment to thrive in. This is why one of the island’s best assets lies in its lush forests and hidden waterfalls.

You would fall in love with this island’s natural vibrant colors that comes from its abundant greeneries.

Scenic views in Maui aren’t just on its shores, there are plenty of breathtaking sights waiting for you in the mountains as well. You can also encounter fascinating creatures and captivating plants.

This one is for the traveler that yearns for an adventurous vacation, as you can only truly appreciate it through hiking. There are plenty of trails to choose from on the island. All of which would reward you with the best places to embrace the island’s beauty.

You can also trek through Maui’s several trails that lead to waterfalls. Depending on the site of your choosing, you can get a thrill out of raging falls or enjoy the soothing flow of water as it drops down.

It is also possible to take a dip in some of the waterfalls. There’s no better way to enjoy the island’s views than splashing about in cool waters.

Big Island

The Big Island, also known for its official name as Hawaii, has many hidden gems you are sure to enjoy. Most Hawaiian islands are known for their gorgeous beaches, but that is not Big Island’s best feature.

While Big Island does not lack astounding shores of fine sands and blue waters, it is more known for its diverse environment. You would be able to see various beaches, towering mountains, and volcanos, as well as abundant greeneries.

All of these are scattered across Hawaii’s 8 climate zones. That means you can experience the tropics in one moment, and then the tundra in the other.

Big Island is built through the activities of five volcanoes: Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai, Kohala, and Kilauea. Today, it is known as the most volcanically active in all of Hawaii. 4 out of the only 6 active volcanos in the state lie on this island.

Such fascinating nature turned the island into one of the most adventurous places you can visit. Yet, it still has a serene atmosphere and scenic views all over. This makes it a perfect destination for a fast-paced trip as you get to enjoy it better with the slower island time.

Nature isn’t the only thing diverse on Big Island. Its Paniolo culture is a mixture of Mexican and Hawaiian cultures, resulting in the Hawaiian Cowboy. This fascinating culture also gave way to a unique cuisine. Their cooking is filled with farm-to-table dishes and light yet scrumptious pastries.

To top it all off, they have festivals and events celebrating their astounding traditions and lifestyle. For you to see more clearly how beautiful Big Island is, here are some of its best features you should put on your itinerary.

What Makes Big Island Unique?

Colorful Cultural Experiences

The Big Island is one of the most culturally diverse places you can visit. The island’s demographics are filled with races coming from the four corners of the world. Whites and Asians are the most prominent groups, but you would also see numerous people of European and African ancestry.

The thriving Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander cultures are also noteworthy on the island. Their way of life and heritage brings a distinctly Hawaiian flavor to the hotpot of cultures on Big Island.

Many think that their influence is what gave the Hawaiian culture a calm and rhythmic nature. Their island style of living focuses on enjoying the simple pleasures of life and going with the flow.

One of the most prominent cultures on the Big Island of Hawaii is its Paniolo culture. Those who practice this lifestyle are also known as the Hawaiian Cowboys, thanks to their way of life being reminiscent of the old west.

Its history is rooted in the influence of the Spaniards as they brought the first cowboys into the place. Now, their beliefs and traditions remain intact and are still regularly practiced.

These are just some of the fascinating cultures you can observe during your stay on the Big Island. A mixture of some of the world’s most fascinating societies awaits for a vacation with great cultural experiences.

Fun and Diverse Environment

Diversity being Big Island’s main feature does not only apply to its people. The island’s geography itself is an eclectic environment you are sure to love.

Numerous volcanos worked to bring this place to life, and you get to enjoy their hard work’s results.

Going around Big Island is similar to traveling across the world’s different continents. You can encounter tropical zones with lush forests and vegetation with an arid desert right beside it.
It is also possible to experience a humid rainy atmosphere that slowly turns into raging snow as you go on.

The Big Island is one of the smallest regions in the world to have this many climates in its area. This means tons of activities for you to do.

On the same day, you can go snowboarding, skiing, desert hiking, cliff diving, and snorkeling. Big Island truly is the complete package!

Revitalizing Adventures

The best way to truly appreciate the beauty of Big Island is simply by going out and discovering its environment. Tap into your adventurous side and prepare for long walks.

You would be rewarded with breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. No matter how tired you’d get, it is guaranteed to be a worthy adventure.

Due to the diversity of environment and culture, each place on Big Island offers various distinct experiences.

There is a place on this island for you, no matter what you want to do or what sight you want to see. This makes it an ideal destination for those who want new experiences and thrilling adventures.

Big Island does not lack fascinating places for you to discover. So much so that even a month won’t be enough to explore it all. With that in mind, you should plan carefully in your itinerary which trail you would want to visit. Here are some of the island’s best hikes you should definitely check into.

Pololu Valley

The Pololu Valley is where the Awini Trail lies. It is a long and narrow trail akin to a spear which is what the term ‘Pololu’ refers to.

You can go on this quick hike that leads to the gorgeous valley to appreciate stunning views. There is also a black-sand beach perfect for pictures and a nice stroll.

‘Akaka Falls State Park

The ‘Akaka Falls State Park features a hike that leads to a long raging waterfall. Along this trail, you can experience the beauty of nature as though you are in the middle of a forest.

Yet, you wouldn’t have to traverse through vines and mud as you would go through a cemented floor. It is a short hike with rewarding views that even kids can enjoy.

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea features a fascinating trail called the Humu’ula. On this trail, you would hike through elevated land with large empty spaces surrounding you.

You would know when you’re reaching the peak as soon as the temperature drops and snowy floors are visible.

The Humu’ula trail is challenging, especially for beginners. The elevation would get untrained legs tired easily. Luckily, the trail is well-marked and the payoff is huge.

Getting on top of the mountain is a divine experience. You would be on top of the clouds with a panoramic view of the island.

Kilauea Iki Trail

The Kilauea Iki Trail is a 4-mile (6.44-kilometer) hike that would treat you to fascinating views. It would take you through abundant greeneries that gradually thin out into parched lands as you got closer to the crater.

Conquering this hike would be a great and unique experience. Not often does one get the chance to brag about going into a volcanic crater.

Kaumana Caves State Park

This trail is an exciting adventure that lets you peek into a long lava tube. You would be treated to a unique scenery inside the cave.

If you want to enjoy it best, you might want to bring a flashlight. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to explore the entirety of the cave as it goes through private property.

Volcanoes Galore

The Big Island is Hawaii’s largest island mainly due to the fact that it is made by the merging of 6 towering volcanos. Out of these, 4 remain active up to this day. This turned the island into a place of abundant nature.

The volcanos of the island are different in sizes, shapes, and even climate zones! This is why Big Island’s wildlife offers a fascinating experience.

It is known to be one of the most biologically diverse places on the whole planet. There are more than 20,000 species of flora and fauna treating this wonderful island as their habitat.

Much of the Big Island’s personality has been molded by these volcanos. It can be said that the island’s diverse nature is derived from the volcanos themselves! These towering lands have distinct characteristics and fun features that you can enjoy.

With that said, you need to check out the island’s volcanos. Your Big Island vacation wouldn’t be complete without a fun day in one of these places. Here are some of the volcanos you should check out.


This astounding mountain is known to be the oldest volcano on the island. It is a shield volcano with centuries of stories to tell.

There is much to explore on this mountain, including valleys as far as the eye can see. You can also appreciate marvelous sceneries that showcase the island’s beauty.


Kilauea is one of the most active volcanos in the world. It is a fascinating landmass you can visit with caution. In its vicinity, you can observe steam vents, geysers, and mud pots.

The safest way to enjoy and learn about the volcano, however, is by going to the Volcano Art Center Gallery.


Hualalai is a volcano on the western part of Big Island. It is also a very active volcano but is generally less dangerous.

There are many settlements surrounding it and it plays a major role in the island’s ecology. It is also a popular hiking spot as there’s much wildlife to observe in its vicinity.

Gorgeous Beaches and Abundant Reefs

Big Island is home to unique beaches and rich aquatic life. The island’s diverse nature gave birth to varying shores that are fascinating, to say the least.

This makes the island a perfect destination for beach-lovers who are tired of the usual golden or white sands.

This island does not lack beaches with scenic views and clear waters. Yet, what visitors look forward to are the different colored beaches that are perfect for a one-of-a-kind picture. Make sure to prepare your cameras, beach body, and summer outfits!

Another feature of Big Island’s shores is its snorkel spots. There are thriving coral reefs along the island. These create some of the best aquatic sceneries you can ever imagine.

The island’s high biodiversity reaches its waters as well, so you can expect unique underwater encounters.

Can you imagine yourself enjoying Big Island’s astounding beaches? Or perhaps you see yourself swimming side-by-side with fascinating marine creatures. If that’s the case, then you should check these out. Here are some of the island’s best beaches for you to love.


This place is known for its historical significance as a place fit for royalty. The beaches in this place are top-notch. Beautiful white sands stretch far while the waters are clearer than the sky.

This is the perfect place for beach goers who want comfort as it is very touristy. Excellent facilities and amenities would accompany you for a perfect beach day.


Beaches in Hilo are one-of-a-kind. Instead of the usual sand and rocks, greenery meets the crystal clear waters. These are perfect for families as the main activities here include picnics and family snorkeling.

Waikoloa Beach

Waikoloa Beach is the place for you if you’re searching for a place to take the best pictures. This gorgeous place has fine white sands and turquoise waters. But what makes it unique is the lush vegetation and towering mountains in its background.

Fresh and Tasty Hawaiian Feasts

Every itinerary in a Hawaiian vacation always includes a journey to their food scene. The varying flavors of Hawaiian cuisine are just impossible to resist.

All the ingredients a cook needs for an excellent dish are readily available on the island. This gives you a chance to turn each meal into a luscious taste of Hawaii.

Big Island’s main cuisine is composed of strong flavors and fresh juicy ingredients that just explode in your mouth. Each bite would be a refreshing taste of paradise.

Yet, you would be wrong to assume that all food on the island are similar. Many restaurants in the place offer varying cuisine.

Some of the famous food establishments on Big Island serve Asian or European cuisines. These are, of course, refined by crisp ingredients and the Hawaiian approach, giving a distinct Hawaiian twist to the international food favorites.

To help you imagine what your meals could be like on Big Island, here are some of its best restaurants you should look over.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

The L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a household name in Hawaii. This is a place where every local has a favorite. You can find a franchise of this food establishment scattered around. Their specialty is the local cuisine, made with savory and comforting flavors.


This restaurant is the best establishment for you to dine in if you want to enjoy an ocean view while eating. Manta is an elegant open-air restaurant that offers a different experience depending on the time of the day.

Breakfast buffets are the focus during the mornings, while the extravagant menu is the star during lunch and dinner. Nighttimes are more intimate as it is a great time to enjoy the restaurant’s wine bar.


This establishment boasts a stunning oceanfront view. It is a more casual choice, but their food is lavish in every way except the price. Their specialty is in their local and western cuisine. It is recommended to try their steak and fish.

Amazing Cultural Activities

What better way to appreciate Hawaii’s culture than by joining in their celebrations? Big Island has a lot of exciting and colorful events that would give you the chance to be part of the community. You can mingle with the locals, enjoy their performances, and partake in feasts!

Big Island has festivals that aim to commemorate its culture and heritage. Most of which, focus on the island’s music, food, and natural beauty.

These exciting events would only exemplify the already astounding aspects of the island. Check these out to see what festivals you can revel in!

Merrie Monarch Festival

This festival is one of the most highly regarded events on the whole island. It is a celebration of the Hawaiians’ rich culture, specifically their love and passion for hula.

During this time, hula shows and competitions are held. There are also art exhibits and a grand parade!

Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival

The Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival embraces the Japanese culture of the island. It is mainly focused on viewing the blossoming of 60-year-old cherry trees in a pink scenic display. There are also cultural performances, arts and crafts, foods, and teas for you to enjoy.

Panaewa Stampede Rodeo

This celebration is held to commemorate the thriving Paniolo culture on the island. The main event of this two-day festival is the interesting displays of the cowboy’s skills. It is an important cultural and historical event that anyone can enjoy.

There are several booths displayed during this event. This includes mouthwatering food booths and gorgeous displays in crafts booths. There are also displays that aim to maintain the leather and saddle-making traditions of the locals.

Which Is Better – Maui or Big Island?

Maui and Big Island are some of Hawaii’s best vacation spots. Having a getaway on either of these islands is guaranteed to be an amazing experience.

However, they offer quite different sceneries and activities. So the question is which one suits you better?

More often than not, Hawaii in pop culture represents islands similar to Maui. Gorgeous beaches and fluttering palm trees are this island’s specialties after all.

So, if this is your idea of a perfect Hawaiian vacation, then you should start preparing your itinerary for Maui! On the other hand, if you want to experience diverse environments and thrilling activities, then Big Island is the way to go.

Generally, Maui’s atmosphere is serene and refreshing. Its best assets lie in its astounding beaches with their corresponding beach towns.

If you fancy a relaxing vacation where you would spend your time lounging on the beach or enjoying boat trips, then Maui is for you.

Big Island is a better destination if you want to explore nature’s beauty to your heart’s content.

Aquatic exploration and adventurous hikes would be the perfect activities for this island. And when you’re tired, you can just lie on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and colorful sky.

Neither of the islands is known for its nightlife. As both are rural places, relaxing and appreciating the environment is the main entertainment. If you still want to party in Hawaii, however, there are more bars for you to enjoy on Maui than on Big Island.


Which Is More Beautiful – Big Island or Maui?

When it comes to beaches, Maui has a lot of golden glittering sands and clear azure waters that you are sure to love. Its shore is also usually surrounded by trees and vegetation, creating stunning sceneries.

On the other hand, Big Island has a richer environment and more natural destinations to offer.

Is the Big Island Cheaper or More Expensive Than Maui?

Big Island tends to be a cheaper destination than Maui. It is a more common tourist spot so they have adapted to accommodate all types of budgets. You can expect a daily expense of $206 in Big Island. For Maui on the other hand, you should prepare about $220.

Maui vs. Big Island for Families

Most families have an easier time enjoying their vacation on a beach, so Maui is a better choice. As the Valley Isle, it is also easier to travel here.

Big Island’s attractions are also more spread out, so families might have a hard time when it comes to transportation.

Maui or Big Island for Honeymoon

Maui is commonly more preferred for honeymoons than the Big Island. Maui has more luxurious resorts and lavish restaurants. Its gorgeous beaches are also perfect for a romantic time together.

Big Island’s features are more geared towards adventure, so it might not be the best for intimate vacations.

Maui vs. Big Island Beaches

Maui’s beaches are what you would think of as soon as someone mentioned the word beach. Fine sands and clear waters are Maui’s forte.

Big Island, on the other hand, features varying beaches of different colors. It offers more unique scenery and a refreshing experience.

Snorkeling in Maui vs. Big Island

Maui and Big Island both have clear waters and a thriving shore that’s ideal for snorkeling. However, Maui has a calmer atmosphere and serene waves that makes it easier to snorkel.

Big Island, on the other hand, has higher biodiversity so there would be more aquatic encounters to look forward to.

Diving in Maui vs. Big Island

Big Island is a better destination if you plan on diving. This island is known for having numerous diving spots. It also helps that it has rich marine life. This means you are guaranteed to find fascinating creatures swimming with you underwater.

Helicopter Tours in Maui vs. Big Island

Big Island’s helicopter tours are more fascinating and exciting than Maui’s. Big Island has a lot more to show due to its diverse environment. You would be treated to lush forests, snowy peaks, different colored beaches, deserts, and waterfalls.

Maui or Big Island in January

Maui is the better destination in Hawaii during the month of January. During this time, rain is common in the Hawaiian islands.

Maui and Big Island, on the other hand, are rarely affected by this. However, what makes Maui a better destination in January, is it’s a great time for whale watching on the island!

Maui or Big Island in December

Big Island may be a better destination in Hawaii during the month of December. Maui and Big Island are barely affected by the rainy season. Therefore, the amount of activities you can do on the island is what matters. It is generally more chilly at this time, so lounging around the beach might not be the best idea.

Is the Big Island and Maui the Same?

Big Island and Maui are not the same places. Big Island is a nickname for the island of Hawaii.
It is more commonly used to avoid confusion when referring to the island and the state.

Big Island and Maui are also very different when it comes to their best features, landscapes, and even beaches.

Where Is Maui in Relation to the Big Island?

Out of the 8 major islands in Hawaii, Big Island is on the southernmost part. Right on top of it are Maui and Kaho‘olawe. These are the eastern islands of Hawaii.

How Far Is Maui From the Big Island?

The center of Maui is 96.8 miles (155.78 km) away from the center of Big Island. However, their closest distance is as near as 26 miles (41.84 km).

Is Maui Visible From Big Island?

Parts of Maui are visible from some of Big Island’s northernmost areas. Most notably, the Hapuna Beach and Waikoloa offer a view of the neighboring island on clear days. If you really want to see Maui, you might want to bring a telescope or binoculars.

How Big Is Maui Compared to the Big Island?

Maui has an area size of 727.42 mi² (1,884 km²) while the Big Island has an astounding area of 4,027.82 mi² (10,432 km²). Despite the huge difference in size, Maui is actually the second largest island in the whole state of Hawaii.

Can You Get From Maui to the Big Island?

Yes, you can go to the Big Island from Maui. Short flights are available for you to go island-hopping easily.

How to Get From Big Island to Maui

The most practical way of getting to Maui from the Big Island is through a direct flight. If you have more to spend, you can also travel through the islands on a cruise.

Can You Take a Helicopter From Maui to Big Island?

Yes, you can take a helicopter from Maui to Big Island. While these are allowed, it is not a common form of transportation. There are no scheduled helicopter trips taking this route.

The only way to do this is by booking your own private helicopter. It would be a fun but very expensive experience.

Is There a Ferry From Maui to the Big Island?

No, there is currently no ferry ride from Maui to the Big Island. The interisland ferry in Maui only goes to Lanai. There used to be another existing interisland ferry service, but it was shut down for environmental reasons.

How Long Does It Take to Get to Maui From the Big Island by Boat?

A nautical trip from Maui to Big Island would take an estimated time of about 1 hour. The nautical distance between the islands is 72.1 nautical miles. This is equal to the 82.93 miles (133.46 km) distance between Maui and Kailua-Kona.

How Much Does It Cost to Go From the Big Island to Maui?

The average cost of interisland flights in Hawaii costs about $100 for a one-way trip. Two-way trips, on the other hand, may go for an average of $230.

If you would prefer to go on a cruise, you can expect to pay about $1,200 to $5,000. Although these prices are for a 14-day trip along with going to different islands in Hawaii.

How Long Does It Take to Get From Big Island to Maui?

The average time for a flight from Big Island to Maui takes about 45 minutes. For a boat ride on the other hand, it would take about an hour with the use of an average-sized vehicle.