Oslo vs. Stockholm

Northern Europe is a popular region for vacations. Visitors kept coming back because of its amazing attractions. In the cities of Oslo and Stockholm, you'll have a fun and memorable time.
Oslo vs. Stockholm

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Howdy! It looks like you’re done packing up your stuff for an exciting getaway. The easygoing vibe in this beautiful region of Scandinavia was able to draw you in. It’s time to visit the most amazing cities in Norway and Sweden.

Oslo and Stockholm are capital cities where you can appreciate art, food, music, and history. These two are known for their exceptional beauty that attracts so many tourists each year. There’s something about the look and energy of European cities that make people feel so optimistic.

The metropolitan culture in Oslo and Stockholm makes their nightlife so interesting. Despite their modern backdrop, the roots and unique identities of the two are still intact. If you stop and look around, these two cities’ traditional side is strong and easy to spot.

Come and visit these wonderful destinations on the northern side of Europe. Don’t miss the chance of having an excellent and unforgettable vacation. Oslo and Stockholm are places where you can just chill out and forget about your worries for a bit.


The city of Oslo. It is Norway’s most populated area and economic center. Locals are so proud of their roots. They affectionately nicknamed their home “The Tiger City”. Formerly known as Christiana (Kristiana), Oslo is a popular tourist destination.

Compared to other Scandinavian cities, Oslo’s buildings are more contemporary. But despite its modern look, its strong identity is still alive and kicking. One of the best things to do while you’re taking a nice break is to try out some local food.

You’ll notice the impressive architectural designs in Oslo’s cityscape photos. The city is also famous for seafood. There are so many restaurants that serve the best seafood dishes in Northern Europe. People are lining up for the satisfying taste of fresh, iodine-rich food in this city.

Nightlife in Oslo is the most vibrant among other Scandinavian cities. This is where tourists let themselves loose and celebrate life through art, music, and a couple of drinks. If you want to party until dawn while you’re in Norway, Oslo is more than excited to welcome you.

What Makes Oslo Unique


You’ve made your way to Oslo and one of the best ways to start your vacation is by eating good food. Ekebergrestauranten (Ekeberg Restaurant ) is a place where you can enjoy a super delicious meal. While chowing down on a special Norwegian dish, your eyes can also feast on the wonderful view.

The restaurant is on the hillside that overlooks the downtown area of Oslo. You wonder what is so special about this building. It has a simple and unassuming outer appearance. But this hillside restaurant looks super classy on the inside.

Ekebergrestauranten is very precious to the city of Oslo. Established in 1929, it was once the city’s most visited dancing restaurant. It went through years of restoration before reopening to resume its operations in 2005.

Ekeberg Restaurant is ready to accommodate people who want a top-notch dining experience in Oslo. No one’s going to feel out of place because you can have meat or vegetarian meals. But the superstars of this cool restaurant’s menu are traditional Norwegian seafood dishes.

Some of their best dishes are smoked salmon sandwiches, fish soup, duck leg confit, and salt-baked beetroot. Give yourself a treat by getting a taste of authentic Norwegian food. The beautiful view of the city is going to make your meal even better.

Fill your famished tummy with the best stuff in Norwegian cuisine and marvel at Oslo’s beauty. This cozy resto is open from 12 pm to 11 pm every day. Before digging in, you can also take pictures of your meal’s super classy presentation.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

At the center of Frogner Park (Frognerparken), you’ll find different sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland. Tourists call this spot in Frogner the Vigeland Sculpture Park / Vigeland park.  The eye-catching works of the renowned Norwegian sculptor will make you appreciate art even more.

The different expressions and poses display the complexity and craziness of human existence. There are more than 200 sculptures inside the park and these works stand out. They’re all made by the talented hands of the same artist from 1924 to 1943.

You can tell how dedicated he was to his craft. His creative streak was only ended by old age and death. Vigeland Park looks like an open-air museum. Most of the sculptures look quirky but you can instantly tell that the weirdness was very intentional.

The works that would grab your attention are The Monolith, The Sundial, Dancing Young Woman, and Angry Boy. You’ll notice that the characters in this park are in the nude. Vigeland’s main reason for this artistic choice is to make his sculpture timeless.

You can say that his works will never be confined to a specific period or trend. In a way, his works do symbolize freedom. If you’re a curious and free-spirited kind of person, you’re going to have fun in Vigeland Park. Let the unique and thought-provoking sculptures show you the artistic side of Oslo.

There’s a café at its entrance where you can buy souvenir items and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. If you’re on your way to Frogner Park, you won’t have a hard time finding Mr. Vigeland’s sculptures. This park is always open and the entrance is free. Check this one out and have fun exploring.

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Oslo is a city that celebrates the uniqueness of Norwegian culture. You can learn more about Norway’s rich history and traditions by visiting its Cultural History Museum. Here you’ll find the nation’s most treasured objects with strong ties to its identity.

Museums always give a clear and unique perspective to visitors who are willing to learn. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History can do that with ease. Each item in the exhibit will take you to Norway’s past so you can catch a glimpse of its interesting history.

The folks of Oslo are going to show you how proud they are of their roots. Without a doubt, they’ll be pleased to know that you are interested to know their home’s story. The pieces inside the museum are great conversation starters. You can meet new friends while taking a tour.

The extensive collection includes items that came from different regions of Norway. Indoors, you’ll find furniture, clothing, handicraft, and silverware from past centuries. The outer area is an open-area museum where old but culturally significant buildings stand.

You can also watch different performances that celebrate Norway’s traditions. 160 buildings emphasize the different facets of life in each region. You can say that these old-fashioned structures are very postcard-worthy. You’ll be taking photos in no time.

If you want to travel through time and learn more about Norway, this place is for you. The museum is a beautiful and family-friendly attraction, so check this one out. There’s also a gift shop and a café where you can wrap a tour up with souvenirs and food.

From guided tours to traditional performances, you’re going to have a very fun experience here. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is open every day from 11 am to 4 pm. Tickets will cost you 13 to 17 USD. Seniors will get a discount while visitors who are below 18 can enter the museum for free.

Oslo Opera House

Your eyes cannot miss the unique and striking design of a 21st-century building in Oslo’s harbor. The Oslo Opera House is Norway’s national theater and the home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. This massive structure covers an area of 49,000 m² (530,000 ft²) and it has 1,100 rooms inside.

This opera house’s contemporary design was made by Snøhetta architectural firm. The said firm got the gig after winning the contest held by the Norwegian legislature. Its construction was completed in 2007 and opened in 2008. Since its opening, the place has become a regular venue for different performances.

Different art projects were commissioned to help decorate the outer and inner areas of this opera house. Guests gather here to watch the musical and theatrical performances of Norway’s best talents. You can also take guided tours to see the inner parts of the attraction.

The top and center of the performance hall look beautiful when the massive chandelier’s lights are on. Looking at it will remind you of a full moon that shines brightly. If you’re a fan of music and dance numbers that highlight the classical side of Norway, the opera house of Oslo is a great destination for you.

Visitors are allowed to go to this building’s rooftop which gives everyone a chance to see the beautiful view from the top. The best time to hang out on the opera house’s roof is during sunset. Watch the sunlight give the city a very picturesque lighting before the day ends.

This place allows everyone to witness and enjoy Norway’s rich culture. The people who run this attraction prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their guests. So they offer special parking spaces for disabled guests. You can also find a gift shop and a restaurant in the Oslo Opera House.

Give your vacation a classy twist by going to the Oslo Opera House. Guided tours are available from September to April but hours may vary depending on the season. Ticket prices and discounts would depend on a guest’s age, seat location, and the type of performance he/she would be watching.


Stockholm is one of the most wholesome cities in Northern Europe. It’s a wonderful destination for anyone who is looking for a nice and relaxing vacation in the Scandinavian region. Stockholm’s attractions won’t hold back in giving you a super fun experience.

There are plenty of gift shops, museums, and cafés where you can give yourself and your loved one a memorable treat. The happy faces that you’re going to see will add a very healthy dose of optimism to your trip. This positive energy is so contagious that you’ll find yourself smiling as well in no time.

Stockholm’s clean surroundings will surely have a calming effect on you and everyone. The city has taken good care of its traditions and rich culture. That’s why the old buildings are still around to enhance and emphasize how beautiful the place is.

The locals are going to greet you with enthusiasm and they’d be super happy to have you as a guest. If you want to take a break so that you can have a fun trip somewhere in Europe, Stockholm is a great choice. Let the good times roll and make yourself feel happy and comfortable while roaming around the streets of this awesome city.

What Makes Stockholm Unique

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum located in Djurgården Island, Stockholm. It was established in 1990 and it has more than a million visitors each year. This is a Scandinavian attraction where you can find a 17th-century Swedish warship called Vasa or Wasa.

Its voyage was very short and it almost became a forgotten ship. The installed bronze cannons gave it a stronger, more intimidating look as a maritime weapon. Though it sank in 1628, the ship maintained its form through the salvaging efforts of Anders Franzén in the 1950s.

The ship is the main star of the museum but there are more shops and archeological finds to see. This attraction is focused on Sweden’s maritime excellence during the 17th century. The other ships on display are Finngrundett, Bernhard Ingelsson, Sankt Erik, and Spica.

If historical ships do fascinate you, this is a great place for a history enthusiast like you. The Vasa Museum will let you take a peek at Sweden’s past maritime adventures. Aside from ships, the exhibit also includes other items like old leather boots and sculptures.

Its walls are decorated by artworks and maps that follow a very 1600s theme. There are audio and video presentations that enhance the experience of taking a tour.  Another awesome thing is you can have free access to Wi-Fi! If you’re hungry after the tour, there’s a restaurant where you can eat a very pleasant meal.

How about some warship-inspired souvenirs? You can buy super nice items in this museum’s gift shop. A ticket for a tour will cost you 28 USD. Guests who are 18 and below can enter the museum for free. The Vasa Museum is open every day from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Gröna Lund

A lot of tourists enjoy the experience of visiting an amusement park while on vacation. Despite its smaller area, Gröna Lund is a place that doesn’t hold back in entertaining its guests. So if you’re looking for a fun time in Stockholm, this one is a very neat place for recreation.

It is smaller compared to other theme parks because of its location in the center of Stockholm. The Gröna Lund theme park was first opened in 1883 and gave countless fun moments to visitors for 139 years. It’s the oldest amusement park in Sweden. While your feet and eyes wander, you’ll notice the pretty and old-fashioned look of this tourist spot.

Are you ready for a thrilling ride? There are 31 rides inside Sweden’s oldest amusement park. 8 of them are different types of roller coasters. The names of these coasters are Insane, Jetline, Kvasten, Monster, Nyckelpigan, Tuff-Tuff Tåget, Twister, and Vilda Musen.

Attractions like Blue Train, Eclipse, Flying Carpet, and House of Nightmares can also give you a thrilling experience. If roller coasters are too scary for you, there are less intimidating rides that you can try out. Circus Carousel, Flying Elephants, Fun House, Little Paris Wheel and Mini Bumper Cars are kid-friendly rides.

Gröna Lund is a popular venue for pop and rock concerts so music fans gather here to enjoy great songs. One of the biggest concerts that happened here was attended by a large crowd. In 1980, reggae legend Bob Marley performed in front of 32,000 people.

Considering this amusement park’s size, that’s a very impressive number. If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush while you’re on a summer break in Stockholm, make your way to Gröna Lund. It’s such a fun and special place to visit.

The entrance fee is 10 USD. The Åkband ticket option lets you have unlimited rides in one day for 30 USD. Gröna Lund is open to visitors from April to September. This park’s peak season is summer and it’s open from 10 am to 11 pm.

Nobel Prize Museum

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. The recipients of this award are major contributors in the fields of science and art. People who took the lead in promoting peace and other humanitarian acts are being recognized as well.

In Stockholm, the former Stock Exchange Building has turned into a museum that focuses on Nobel Prize history. It was opened in 2001. Inside, you’re going to see a long list of names who dedicated their lives to improving the world.

The museum showcases the people who won the prize and their contributions to humankind. A few of this prestigious award’s winners are Adolf von Baeyer, Bob Dylan, Malala Yousafzai, and Marie Curie.

Adolf von Baeyer was a German chemist known for his discovery of phthalein dyes. Bob Dylan is a prolific songwriter who inspired music listeners through his poetic lyrics.

Marie Curie was the one who discovered radium and polonium and dedicated her life to finding cancer treatments. During the age when only a few women were involved in scientific research, Curie was able to stand out. She showed the world that gender doesn’t have the power to stop anyone from creating great things.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist known for her female education advocacy. Like Marie Curie, Yousafzai is another example of a woman who tried her best to improve the world.

If you want to know more about the greatest minds who made the world a better place, this museum is a cool destination. Inside the museum, the exhibit will show you photographs of the winners. Information about their contributions are on display.

Touring this museum is a great way to show your appreciation for fellow human beings who worked for a better tomorrow. If you want to take a relaxing and educational trip to Stockholm, The Nobel Prize Museum is a place that you can visit.

Get inspired and keep your faith in humanity strong by booking a tour. The ticket for admission costs 8 to 13 USD. The Nobel Prize Museum is open every day from 11 to 5 pm.

Gamla Stan

Go back in time to see the old version of Stockholm by going to Gamla Stan (The Old Town). Officially known as Staden Mellan Broarna (Town Between the Bridges), it is among the city’s best attractions. So if you want to have a relaxing stroll while you’re in Stockholm, Gamla Stan is the perfect spot for you.

This is where you can experience the old-fashioned and colorful side of the city. The narrow alleyways and the colorful paint of the buildings in Gamla Stan will make you feel like you’re in a movie set. There are shops where you can buy delicious treats and gift items.

Don’t forget to take a lot of pleasant pictures because this old town’s beauty is captivating. Gamla Stan’s best spots are Stortorget, Mårten Trotzigs Alley, Slottsbacken, and Stockholm Cathedral. The houses, shops, church, and public square look so appealing and they never fail to attract visitors.

Take a walk along the streets of Gamla Stan and see the unique and vibrant side of Stockholm. Visit a gift shop, eat good food, and enjoy the visual treat that surrounds you. This is a nice destination for visitors who are fascinated by things that came from the 17th to 18th century.

Stockholm or Oslo – Which Is Better?

Oslo and Stockholm are awesome vacation spots for tourists who are excited about a Northern Europe adventure. If you want to visit a more contemporary city, Oslo is a great choice. But if you’re looking for a traditional trip and a fuller Scandinavian experience, Stockholm is the city for you.

The cost of visiting Stockholm is also cheaper compared to a vacation in Oslo. Foodies will have a better experience in Stockholm. The people in both cities are very nice. You can make new friends. Have a wholesome and super amazing time with them.

Oslo is a good destination but there are more fun things to do in the city of Stockholm. The cheaper expenses and richer culture of the city will make you want to go back for another trip in the future. Oslo and Stockholm are wonderful destinations and you should visit both of them if you can.

Stockholm is the winning city for this round. Despite being traditional, it is a very exciting place. Though there are also fun things in Oslo, Stockholm is a slightly better destination.


Oslo to Stockholm Distance

The distance between Oslo and Stockholm is 258 miles (416 km). Oslo is in the southeastern part of Norway while Stockholm is in the southeastern part of Sweden. You can travel the said distance by bus, plane, or train.

Oslo to Stockholm

You need to go east to travel from Oslo to Stockholm. Covering the distance between them by land would take you at least 6 hours and a few minutes. The fastest way to travel from one city to the other is by plane.

Stockholm to Oslo by Ferry

There are no direct ferry trips from Stockholm to Oslo and vice versa. Though there’s a ferry route from Sweden to Norway, it doesn’t include the cities of Oslo and Stockholm. The only available route for a ferry ride is the Sandefjord to Stromstad route.

Train From Stockholm to Oslo

You can board a train that will take you from Stockholm to Oslo. Stockholm Central Station and Oslo Central Station are the train stations that connect the two cities. A train journey usually takes 6 hours and the average ticket price is 56 USD.

Stockholm to Oslo by Direct Train

Four direct trains travel from Stockholm to Oslo every day. Tickets can range from 56 to 103 USD or higher depending on the train and ticket type. Pricier ticket options include wider seats, meals, Wi-Fi, and power sockets.

Stockholm to Oslo by Night Train

There are no night trains that directly travel from Stockholm to Oslo. That makes traveling by train at night less convenient and time-consuming. Train rides aren’t always recommended if you’re going from Stockholm to Oslo during the wee hours.

If a regular trip takes 6 hours, going for a train ride at night could take 12 hours. A night trip would make you change trains and board a bus to get to Oslo. Taking a direct train ride during regular hours is a less tiring option.

Stockholm to Oslo Train Scenery

The train ride from Stockholm to Oslo is not as scenic compared to other Scandinavian train routes. You can spot a few pleasant spots along the way like pines and lakes. But most places that you’ll see along the ride are plain-looking areas of land.

Oslo to Stockholm Train Cost

The cost of a train ride can range from 56 to 103 USD depending on the ticket type. Other ticket options are more expensive because of more spacious seats and extra services. SJ trains do offer economy and business class tickets.

Distance From Oslo to Stockholm by Train

The Oslo Central Station and Stockholm Central Station are 258 miles (416 km) apart. You can board a train that will take you directly to Stockholm during regular hours. There are 4 train departures for the Oslo to Stockholm route each day.

Oslo to Stockholm Train Time

The average duration of a direct train ride from Oslo to Stockholm is 6 hours. If you’re making a few stops or changing trains in the middle, the journey might even take 8 hours. At night, the limited availability of trains could make your trip 12 hours long.

Driving From Stockholm to Oslo

Driving from Stockholm to Oslo takes 6 to 7 hours under normal traffic conditions. You’re going to cover a distance of 329 miles (530 km). You can make your way to Oslo via the E18 motorway. The speed limit for this highway is 68 miles per hour (110 km/h).

Best Way to Travel From Stockholm to Oslo

The best ways to travel from Stockholm, Sweden, to Oslo, Norway, are by plane and by train. Flying is the fastest option as well. A direct train trip takes 6 hours while a single flight usually takes an hour and a few minutes.

If you are willing to go on a road trip, you can also drive a car from Stockholm to Oslo. A direct drive can take 6 to 7 hours. You can make a few stops in the middle of the trip and the best spots are Fredrikstad Tourist Office Old Town and Örebro Castle.

The cheapest way to Oslo is riding a bus. Bus fare only costs 20 to 40 USD.  A direct bus ride is going to take 7 hours and 20 minutes before reaching the nearest bus station in Oslo.