Finland vs. Sweden

Choosing between Finland and Sweden can pose quite the challenge. Both nations, nestled in the heart of Scandinavia, boast an abundance of history, unique cultures, and stunning natural beauty. Could the land of a thousand lakes and the Northern Lights tip the balance, or will the kingdom known for Vikings and a deep-rooted monarchy enchant you more? Isn't it intriguing to delve into these nordic gems and see what suits you best?
Finland vs. Sweden

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Venturing into the frost-kissed landscapes of Scandinavia, the allure of Finland and Sweden is undeniable. Each country captivates visitors with a distinctive allure rooted in their histories and cultures. Eager to discover more? Buckle up, as we take you on a virtual journey through these breathtaking destinations.

History & Culture

Dipping your toes into the history and culture of Finland and Sweden can feel like stepping back in time. It’s like leafing through the vibrant pages of a history book, each chapter more intriguing than the last.

In Finland, a country with a relatively short independent history, the culture is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western influences. You’ll find echoes of both neighboring Russia and Sweden in their traditions, folklore, and even architecture. The Finns are proud of their ‘sisu’ spirit – a unique Finnish concept translating to a mix of courage, resilience, and determination.

Meanwhile, Sweden, the largest of the Scandinavian countries, touts a long-standing history dating back to the Vikings.

The Swedish monarchs have been shaping the country’s culture and traditions for centuries, resulting in a rich tapestry that blends old-world charm with modern sensibilities. From the Vikings to the Nobel Prize, Sweden’s cultural heritage is diverse and deeply rooted in its history.

The comparison doesn’t end there. Art and literature also play vital roles in both nations. Finland, the home of the Moomins and epic Kalevala, and Sweden, the birthplace of world-renowned children’s author Astrid Lindgren and many Nobel laureates in Literature, both have a strong literary and artistic presence that reflects in their cultures.

Yet, in spite of their similarities, Finland and Sweden retain their unique identity. The Finns’ fascination with their natural surroundings and the magical Northern Lights shapes their way of life. Sweden, on the other hand, with its love for tradition and its monarchy, combines the old and new seamlessly in everyday life.

In summary, both Finland and Sweden offer a rich tapestry of history and culture that can entice any traveler. The ‘sisu’ spirit of Finland and the regal charm of Sweden are bound to mesmerize you. It’s not a question of which is better, but rather, which one speaks to your soul more?

Attractions & Activities

Beyond history and culture, Finland and Sweden offer a world of attractions and activities, each with its unique charm. These treasures tucked away in the heart of Scandinavia will leave you craving more.

In Finland, your adventure begins with exploring the Finnish Lakeland. A labyrinth of lakes and islands, it is a sight to behold. A boat trip here will let you experience its beauty firsthand.

Nature lovers may find themselves lost in the sprawling national parks, each offering unique ecosystems and wildlife. For the brave-hearted, ice swimming is a must-try winter activity that captures the spirit of the Finnish people.

Sweden, on the other hand, is filled with historical gems and natural beauty. The Drottningholm Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers an insightful glimpse into the life of Swedish royals.

If you’re more inclined towards nature, a hike through the Kungsleden, or the King’s Trail, will take you through some of the country’s most breathtaking landscapes. Winter sports enthusiasts will find much to do in Sweden, with its world-class ski resorts.

Both nations excel when it comes to appreciating the simple yet beautiful aspects of life. In Finland, you can relax in a traditional Finnish sauna, an integral part of Finnish culture. Sweden also has its unique traditions, such as ‘Fika,’ where you take a break during the day for a coffee and a snack.

But the real showstopper, shared by both nations, is the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights, a spectacular natural phenomenon, is something you can witness in both Finland and Sweden, making both countries a paradise for stargazers and nature lovers.

To sum up, whether you’re an adventurer, history buff, or nature lover, both Finland and Sweden have a range of attractions and activities that cater to diverse interests. Each provides its unique experiences, be it soaking in a Finnish sauna or tracing the steps of Swedish royals. The question remains: which adventure calls to you?

Eating, Drinking & Nightlife

Sampling the local food and drinks and exploring nightlife – these are quintessential elements of any travel experience. Finland and Sweden, with their unique culinary traditions and vibrant after-dark scenes, have much to offer in this regard.

In Finland, your palate is in for a unique treat. Finnish cuisine is a delicious blend of East and West. Must-try dishes include ‘Karjalanpiirakka’ (Karelian pie) and ‘Kalakukko’ (fish pie). For the brave-hearted, ‘Salmiakki,’ a type of salty licorice, is a beloved sweet treat.

On the other hand, Swedish cuisine is famous worldwide, thanks to the popular Swedish meatballs. However, it’s more than just meatballs. ‘Surströmming’ (fermented herring) and ‘Kanelbullar’ (cinnamon buns) are Swedish culinary classics that deserve a spot on your must-try list.

Finland and Sweden also have their unique beverage traditions. In Finland, coffee lovers will rejoice. Finns consume more coffee per capita than any other nation. Try a cup of ‘Kahvi’ to start your day the Finnish way. As for alcohol, ‘Koskenkorva,’ a Finnish vodka, and ‘Salmiakkikossu,’ a salty licorice-flavored cocktail, are local favorites.

In Sweden, ‘Fika’ – the art of having coffee – is a beloved tradition. Apart from coffee, ‘Brännvin,’ a type of Swedish schnapps, is a popular alcoholic beverage. Not to forget the globally popular Swedish vodka, Absolut.

As the sun sets, the nightlife in both countries comes alive. In Finland, the city of Helsinki, with its variety of clubs and bars, offers a vibrant nightlife. In summer, the ‘nightless nights’ add a unique touch to your night out. Sweden’s nightlife, particularly in Stockholm, is equally appealing with a range of options from high-end clubs to cozy pubs.

To wrap up, whether you’re sampling Finnish ‘Salmiakki’ or biting into a Swedish ‘Kanelbulle,’ sipping a Finnish ‘Kahvi’ or enjoying ‘Fika’ in Sweden, both countries offer a feast for your senses. And when it comes to nightlife, both Finland and Sweden offer unique experiences that make your nights as exciting as your days.


Retail therapy is a part of any good travel experience. In Finland and Sweden, shopping can be an exciting exploration of local craftsmanship, design, and taste.

Finland is renowned for its design heritage. Helsinki, the capital city, is a shopping paradise for design enthusiasts. From Marimekko’s bold prints to Iittala’s timeless glassware, Finnish design items are must-buy souvenirs. Finland also has a thriving artisan culture. Handcrafted Finnish ‘Puukko’ knives and traditional Sami ‘Lapland’ jewelry make great keepsakes.

Sweden, on the other hand, is globally recognized for its minimalist and functional design. Stockholm’s ‘Design District’ is home to numerous stores selling iconic Swedish brands like Ikea, Acne Studios, and Cheap Monday. For lovers of vintage items, ‘Antikmässan,’ the annual antique fair in Stockholm, is a treasure trove of unique finds.

Bookworms have something to look forward to in both countries. Finland, a nation of avid readers, offers numerous bookshops. ‘Akateeminen Kirjakauppa,’ the Academic Bookstore in Helsinki, is worth a visit. In Sweden, ‘Bokslukaren,’ a charming children’s bookshop in Stockholm, and ‘Antikvariat Verklighetsflykt,’ a haven for secondhand books, are highlights.

In summary, whether you’re in Finland or Sweden, the shopping experience promises an exciting blend of design, crafts, and books. So, whether you’re bringing home a piece of Finnish glassware, Swedish minimalist attire, or a captivating Nordic tale, you’re sure to cherish these souvenirs from your journey.


Where you lay your head at night can be just as significant as what you do during the day. Finland and Sweden provide an array of accommodation options, each with its distinct charm and comfort.

Finland offers a unique blend of modern hotels and traditional cottages. In Helsinki, you’ll find a range of hotels from luxury to budget. But for a uniquely Finnish experience, renting a ‘mökki,’ or a Finnish lakeside cottage, is a must. If you’re seeking more adventure, you can even opt for a night in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland.

Sweden, similarly, offers everything from luxury hotels in cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg to quaint countryside cottages. In Stockholm, the boutique hotels are known for their stylish interiors that reflect Swedish design. For those who want to embrace the Swedish concept of ‘friluftsliv’ (open-air living), camping in one of Sweden’s national parks can be a rewarding experience.

In conclusion, whether you opt for a Finnish mökki by a tranquil lake or a trendy boutique hotel in the heart of Stockholm, both countries offer diverse accommodation options. Each guarantees a comfortable stay, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Family-Friendliness & Children’s Activities

Family holidays create lifelong memories, and both Finland and Sweden are wonderfully family-friendly destinations with plenty of activities for children.

Finland, often ranked as one of the best countries for children, offers a mix of nature and fun activities. A visit to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, where you can meet Santa any day of the year, is a dream come true for any child. Additionally, the country’s many national parks offer family-friendly hiking trails and picnic spots.

Sweden, likewise, ensures a fun-filled family vacation. From exploring the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm to discovering the magical world of Astrid Lindgren at Junibacken, there’s no end to the adventures. Don’t forget to visit the Universeum in Gothenburg, a science center with an indoor rainforest, guaranteed to fascinate children and adults alike.

Wrapping up, both Finland and Sweden offer an array of kid-friendly activities. From meeting Santa in Finland to exploring indoor rainforests in Sweden, your family is sure to leave with bags full of wonderful memories.

Getting There & Getting Around

Arriving at and navigating a new destination are important aspects of your travel experience. Finland and Sweden, despite their northerly location, are well-connected and easy to traverse.

Getting to Finland is straightforward, with Helsinki-Vantaa Airport being the main international gateway. The airport is approximately 12 miles (19 kilometers) from Helsinki city center and is well-served by airlines from around the globe.

Sweden’s main international hub is Stockholm Arlanda Airport, about 23 miles (37 kilometers) north of Stockholm. It’s well-connected to various international destinations, making it easily accessible.

Once you’re in, getting around both Finland and Sweden is a breeze. Both countries boast efficient public transportation systems. Finland’s train network covers the length and breadth of the country, including a train that takes you to Santa Claus Village.

In Sweden, the extensive train and bus network make it easy to explore the country. For city travel, both Helsinki and Stockholm have efficient metro systems.

In summary, whether you’re flying into Helsinki or Stockholm, or exploring the farthest corners of these countries, you’ll find that getting there and getting around in Finland and Sweden is straightforward and convenient. These efficient systems ensure you spend less time navigating and more time enjoying your Scandinavian adventure.


The weather plays a huge role in planning your vacation. Finland and Sweden, located in the far north, present a unique climate that makes each season special.

Finland’s weather is characterized by cold winters and relatively warm summers. The coldest month is usually February, with temperatures dipping to 10°F (-12°C). Yet, the summer months from June to August see pleasant temperatures, averaging around 70°F (21°C), perfect for outdoor activities and exploring.

Sweden shares a similar climate. The winters can be chilly, especially in the north, with temperatures in January falling to 23°F (-5°C). But come summer, especially in July, temperatures rise to a comfortable 75°F (24°C), creating the ideal condition for sightseeing and enjoying nature.

The magic of these countries, however, lies in their distinct seasons. In winter, you can witness the ethereal Northern Lights, while in summer, you can experience the Midnight Sun, where the sun barely sets in the northern regions.

In a nutshell, Finland and Sweden offer a unique climatic experience. Be it the winter chill or the summer warmth, each season wraps these countries in a different hue, making every visit unique.


Safety is a paramount consideration when choosing a holiday destination. Thankfully, both Finland and Sweden rank high on safety.

Finland is considered one of the safest countries globally. Crime rates are low, and people generally feel secure, even at night. Sweden shares similar standards, with low crime rates and a high level of safety. The locals are helpful, and most are fluent in English, making communication easy.

One unique safety aspect in these Nordic countries is their preparedness for cold weather. Both countries have excellent systems in place to ensure safety during the harsh winters, such as well-maintained roads and easily accessible information about weather conditions.

In conclusion, whether you choose Finland or Sweden, you can rest easy knowing you’re in one of the safest regions in the world. The combination of low crime rates and high safety standards ensures that your trip will be carefree and secure.


Your holiday budget can dictate your travel choices. While both Finland and Sweden are part of the Eurozone, there are differences in costs that can influence your decision.

In Finland, you’ll find a meal in a decent restaurant could cost around €15-20 (approximately $18-24), while a night in a three-star hotel might set you back €80-120 (around $96-144). Local transportation is reasonably priced, with a one-way ticket on local transport costing about €3 ($3.6).

On the other hand, Sweden is slightly more expensive. Dining out in Stockholm could cost around €20-30 ($24-36) per person, and a night in a similar hotel could cost around €100-150 ($120-180). Public transport tickets in Sweden are slightly cheaper at around €2.5 ($3).

Summing up, while both Finland and Sweden can be more expensive than other European countries, they offer high-quality services that are worth the price. The overall cost for food, lodging, and transportation is reasonable considering the unique experiences these countries offer.

Which Is Better – Finland or Sweden?

When comparing two Nordic gems like Finland and Sweden, the decision is never easy. Both countries boast a rich history and culture, exciting attractions and activities, scenic beaches, delicious food and drink, vibrant nightlife, unique shopping experiences, varied accommodations, family-friendly activities, and efficient transportation systems.

Add to that their distinctive weather, reassuring safety standards, and the overall cost factor, choosing between the two can seem overwhelming. But certain aspects might swing your decision in favor of one over the other.

In terms of history and culture, both Finland and Sweden offer a rich tapestry of stories. However, if you’re drawn towards the mysterious allure of the Viking era, Sweden’s historical depth might resonate more with you. Yet, if modern design and music festivals tickle your fancy, Finland is the place to be.

When it comes to attractions and activities, both countries offer a great mix. However, Finland might appeal more to nature lovers with its thousands of lakes and forests. But if you are an urban explorer who loves architectural marvels and royal palaces, Sweden’s buzzing cities are hard to beat.

As for the beaches, Finland’s coastline is speckled with thousands of islands, offering a unique beach experience. Sweden, however, has sandy beaches like those at Skåne, which are perfect for summer relaxation.

Eating, drinking, and nightlife provide a vibrant snapshot of a country’s lifestyle. Finland offers a unique dining experience with dishes like reindeer and cloudberry jam. Sweden, with its smorgasbords, meatballs, and strong coffee culture, offers a different yet equally exciting culinary journey.

Shopping in both countries offers a variety of local and international brands. Sweden, with its world-famous brands like IKEA and H&M, is a shopper’s paradise. Finland, on the other hand, is the go-to place for unique design pieces and traditional handicrafts.

Finland and Sweden both offer a wide range of accommodations to suit different budgets. From boutique hotels to quaint cottages, you have various options. However, if you wish to experience staying in an ice hotel, then Sweden’s ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi is an experience of a lifetime.

Both countries are very family-friendly, with numerous activities for children. But, if your children are fans of Moomins, then Finland, the home country of these beloved characters, would be an absolute treat.

When it comes to getting there and around, both Finland and Sweden offer efficient public transport systems and are well-connected to other European countries. Your choice might depend on your starting point and the type of transport you prefer.

Weather-wise, both Finland and Sweden have cold winters and warm summers. But if you wish to witness the Northern Lights or experience the Midnight Sun, then your choice could depend on the time of your visit.

Safety is stellar in both countries. They are among the safest countries in the world with low crime rates and efficient emergency services.

Finally, cost-wise, while both countries can be a bit heavy on the pocket compared to other European destinations, the quality of services and the unique experiences they offer make it all worthwhile.

In conclusion, whether you choose Finland or Sweden, you’re in for a delightful experience. The best choice really depends on your personal preferences, and what you want out of your Nordic adventure.