Los Angeles vs. New York

Two of the most desirable visits in the country, Los Angeles and New York are quite different cities. One is a sun-kissed paradise, while the other is a buzzing, vibrant metropolis that never sleeps. Yet it's never an easy choice to decide which one to travel to first, as both have tons of tempting allures a traveler could dream of.
Los Angeles vs. New York

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Both New York and Los Angeles excel in many aspects that make your trip worthwhile. A diverse food scene, a bevy of attractions, and tons of exciting activities are only some of them. But while their draws overlap, these two offer different flavors.

Los Angeles, for one, has a more laid-back appeal. Its charm is a blend of natural wonders, easily accessible from the big, bustling city.

Meanwhile, New York is all about urban charm, its dynamism, and its ever-energetic vibe. You’ll experience its loud character no matter what time of the day, whenever you want.

If you can’t decide which city to tick off your bucket list first, don’t worry. Below, you’ll get to know both more so you’ll figure out which one suits you best!

Los Angeles

Known to be the playground of celebrities, there’s more to Los Angeles than its glitz and glamor. It’s one of the country’s tourism powerhouses for its food scene, beaches, and wealth of natural wonders. But this laid-back, sunny paradise still has more allures to charm you.

What Makes Los Angeles Unique?

A Nature Lover’s Playground

Life in most big cities is often so fast-paced, making you feel like you can’t stop and smell the roses. But Los Angeles’ laid-back vibe will rub on you so that you can enjoy the beauty it has to offer. And being so filled with natural wonders, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of your time outdoors, like a local.

Los Angeles has countless lush, natural spots in and around the city. Inside the city are gorgeous and distinct green pockets, offering tons of variety. Around Los Angeles, you’ll find forests, valleys, and mountain ranges where you can find hidden gems, such as waterfalls and lakes.

Whether you want to retreat to nature and escape the busy city or go on a wilderness adventure, it’s easy to find the right spot for you.

If you don’t want to leave the city to enjoy Los Angeles’ natural beauty, you don’t have to!

Runyon Canyon Park is a popular hiking spot that lies at the eastern end of Santa Monica Mountain. Griffith Park also has tons of hiking trails and spots for outdoor recreation. You can even hike up to Griffith Park Observatory, where you’ll pass by the iconic Hollywood sign along the way!

Check out the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens too. This is one of the most unique green oases in Los Angeles, a 130-acre land (53 hectares) of 16 themed gardens. You’ll find no shortage of picturesque areas here, such as the Desert Garden and the Chinese Garden.

Further making Los Angeles an outdoorsmen’s paradise is its proximity to national parks. Joshua Tree and Channel Islands National parks are the nearest ones. But Los Angeles is also not too far from the following:

  • Death Valley National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Yosemite National Park

A World-Famous Beach Paradise

Undeniably, the biggest draw of Los Angeles is its world-famous beach scene. The Los Angeles coastline runs 75 miles (121 km) and is home to a great variety of local beaches to suit everyone’s idea of a great beach. Splash around with your dog, catch some waves on your surfboard, or sunbathe on the soft sand!

A trip to Los Angeles is never complete without dipping your toes in the sand and enjoying the sea breeze. Thankfully, you’re never too far from a pristine beach here.

An iconic beach town in Los Angeles, Venice Beach deserves a spot on your itinerary. Come here to enjoy the silky golden sand and the many water sports options.

But you’ll be hanging around much longer for its bustling and vibrant boardwalk that makes Venice Beach so famous. Here, street performers dazzle you, local artists display and sell their work, and more. Skate at the famous skatepark, watch bodybuilders work out, or ride a bike to Santa Monica!

If gorgeous beach views are your priority, there’s no better beach to go to than El Matador State Beach. This beach has a stunning panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. And there are tons of big rock formations and hidden sea caves here to explore.

A beach that has graced the silver screen is the charming Paradise Cover Beach. You may have seen it in Charlie’s Angels and American Pie 2, but people come here for its famous café, which stretches from the beach to a romantic cove. With a welcoming vibe, it’s a beautiful spot to enjoy the soft sand, sandstone cliffs, and swaying palm trees.

These beaches are the highlights of any Los Angeles trip. But if they’re not your cup of tea, Los Angeles has at least 15 more beaches for you to explore!

Endless Entertainment Options

When you’re in such a bustling and vibrant area like Los Angeles, you’ll never have to worry about getting bored. Los Angeles has a diverse collection of entertainment options. From theater fans to music lovers, and everyone in between, Los Angeles allures all its visitors from day to night.

One can’t deny Los Angeles’ significance to film and television. With its world-famous entertainment industry, it’s been the backdrop of tons of shows and movies. With this, it’s fun to stroll around Los Angeles and look for spots that you may have seen on TV!

Visit the Bradbury Building, which you may remember from Blade Runner and The Artist. Both La La Land and Jurassic Park used the famous Griffith Observatory. Rosenheim Mansion was a film location for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and American Horror Story.

Another thing that Los Angeles does well is music, and it’s renowned for its strong music scene. You’re never too far from a live rock show or concert here. And there’s always a gig here to keep you entertained at night.

You’ll find an exciting indie scene of new and local bands at Silver Lake and Westlake. Choose from old, new, and legendary music venues at Sunset Strip. If you’re looking for big-name artists, make your way to the Greek Theater or Hollywood Bowl.

If theater is your nighttime entertainment of choice, Los Angeles has an answer for you. You can choose from several traditional theaters here, like the Geffen Playhouse and Mark Taper Forum. Los Angeles also has a thrilling experimental theater scene at Zombie Joe’s or Bootleg Theater.

Perhaps you’re more of a game or comic fan. You’re in luck because Los Angeles has tons of comic book shops, game-themed art shows, board game venues, and more!

Come to Gallery 1988 or Creature Features for exhibits starring video games. Have fun playing board games at Game Haus or Angel City Brewery. You can also go on a studio tour at Warner Brothers or Universal Studios!

Its Diverse and Renowned Culinary Scene

With its diverse and influential food scene, Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the US for foodies. The food scene here is ever-evolving, shaped by trends and influenced by the freshest seasonal produce.

And because Los Angeles is so ethnically diverse, you could find every cuisine from around the world here. Have Ethiopian for breakfast, Korean for lunch, and Japanese for dinner.

Los Angeles has several cultural towns that offer great authentic food! Explore Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, or Little Ethiopia and see what they have to offer.

Dining in Los Angeles not only has something for every palate but also for every budget. Experience fine dining at upscale restaurants by celebrity chefs. Or you can grab some delicious yet affordable eats from a food truck.

What’s distinctive about Los Angeles’ food scene is its emphasis on healthy food options. This is why farm-to-table restaurants that use locally sourced and organic ingredients are so popular.

More than that, Los Angeles has tons of eateries that cater to your needs. From special diets to religious restrictions to food sensitivities, its food scene doesn’t make you feel left out!

Going to a restaurant isn’t the only way to enjoy Los Angeles’ food scene. You can always indulge the foodie in you in an experimental food-tasting tour!

With Six Taste Food Tours, you’ll wander through some vibrant neighborhoods and get a taste of their diverse cuisine and culture. You’ll go through Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, discover hidden gems around downtown LA, and visit the top restaurants in the area!

Shop and Party to Your Heart’s Content

Shop by day and party at night, these are two allures that you can expect from a big, bustling urban area like Los Angeles. And Los Angeles does both quite well.

Los Angeles may have a laid-back vibe that’s also clear in how the locals dress. But for passionate fashionistas, this is where one goes on a serious retail therapy.

You’ll find streets fringed with independent boutiques and markets everywhere. But the highlight of Los Angeles’ shopping is the high-end, international fashion scene.

One can’t talk about the Los Angeles fashion scene without mentioning the famous Rodeo Drive. Here’s where you can shop Julia Roberts–style, walking into boutiques of big luxury brands. Think of Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and every famous high-end brand you could think of!

A bonus for some when shopping (or window shopping) in Rodeo Drive is celebrity spotting. You may find Hollywood A-listers strolling around here!

Rodeo Drive isn’t the only shopping paradise in Los Angeles though.

For some familiar brands like Nike and Topshop, make your way to the outdoor shopping complex of The Grove. If you’re looking for a hipster scene with trendy boutiques, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the place to be.

Once you’ve had enough shopping for the day, prepare for a fun night out! When the sun sets, Los Angeles lights up with lights of all colors and loud music from bars and nightclubs.

If you want to dance all night, Los Angeles has plenty of dance clubs where celebrity DJs play tunes. Check out Exchange in the downtown area or Playhouse in Hollywood. Dance to some Latin music at The Mayan, or enjoy dance music at LA Live.

If dancing isn’t your thing, you can always head out to a bar or lounge. The Rooftop at the Standard is the perfect place for some drinks, with a panoramic view of LA in the backdrop. Or try the tasty cocktail concoctions at The Edison.

New York

New York is a tourist’s dream, as there’s so much to explore and discover in this vibrant and dynamic city. A blend of different cultures, an entertainment hub, a fashion mecca, and a premier art city. All these are only some of the reasons why New York captures the hearts of many.

What Makes New York Unique?

A Premier, World-Class Art Hub

A melting pot of cultures, a trendsetter, and home to wildly creative individuals. New York is one of the most important art cities in the world. And with its world-class museums, art galleries, exhibitions, and more, there is no shortage of ways to immerse yourself in its art scene.

Among the many art museums in the city, three make it to the top as the must-visits for art lovers. Known as the “big three”, these three are the best, world-class museums in New York:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: The home of some of the world’s finest collections of art that span various periods. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary photography, it’s easy to see why this is one of NYC’s most prized museums.
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): This museum houses some of the most recognizable modern masterpieces in the world. From van Gogh’s Starry night to Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, there are tons to marvel at here.
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: A charming, nautilus-shell-like museum, this building is a masterpiece in itself. But inside its walls are artworks from renowned artists, such as Wassily Kandinsky.

These three destination museums attract millions of people around the world. But they’re not the only museums that are worthy of being part of your trip.

Visit The Frick Collection for world-class paintings by the likes of Vermeer, Renoir, and Rembrandt. Or check out one of the city’s renowned contemporary art galleries, Pace. Yossi Milo Gallery is full of color, dedicated to photography, video, and paper-based art.

New York’s art scene isn’t limited to the confines of a museum though. The city’s creativity is also prominent in the streets!

Check out the urban art of New York, an expression of the local’s thoughts, emotions, and what’s going on in the city. Some of the best places to view these are:

  • Tuff City
  • South Bronx Block
  • The Audubon Mural Project

A City That Gets Livelier at Night

There’s likely no better place for a night owl to be than The City That Never Sleeps. When New Yorkers unwind at night, they want to do so way past midnight. Unlike other cities that turn quiet at night, New York keeps the fun going all night.

So here in New York, you’ll never run out of fun things to do, no matter how late it gets!

When you talk about nightlife, people from all around the world agree that drinking and partying are the way to go. And the same is true in the bar- and nightclub-filled city of New York!

Dancing the night away is a big part of New York’s nightlife. The parties don’t start until after 11 PM, and they keep going until 4 AM the next day. Some clubs in the city open much longer, so you’ll have tons of options if you want to dance until dawn.

Nothing beats the experience of marveling at the city’s twinkling skyline while sipping on some booze though. New York has tons of rooftop bars for you to choose from too!

But it doesn’t have to be all about drinking in New York.

Why not hop on a bike and cross the Brooklyn Bridge? At night, you’ll have no competition for the views from the bridge.

Or maybe watching a late-night comedy show may be more your speed. Laugh the night away in any of the city’s many comedy clubs! Most of them don’t open until after 10 PM, so it’s perfect for night owls!

You may want to check out New York’s famous jazz scene too. From Harlem to Greenwich Village, you’ll find no shortage of venues for some late-night jazz music.

Go bowling, have fun on a party cruise, play in an arcade, and more! There’s still so much to the New York nightlife that it’ll take forever to uncover all its nighttime allures.

An Exciting, Uniquely New York Food Scene

New York welcomed immigrants from all around the world from the 1850s through the 1900s. Bringing their culture with them, especially through food, shaped the city’s food scene as you know it today. And this is why dining in New York makes you feel like you’re in many places at once.

And throughout centuries, some of New York’s most iconic eats are from these immigrant cultures. New York embraced these and remixed them in creative ways. So much so that some dishes, like pizza, have become synonymous with the city.

You’ve probably heard of New York–style pizza, the best type according to New Yorkers. You can get one in massive slices with generous toppings, no matter how cheap you bought them. Make sure to inspect it first, if you can’t fold it, it’s not the New York pizza that people rave about!

Another must-try food in New York is pastrami on rye, a staple of the city’s many Jewish delis. Head to a deli and grab an order of thinly-sliced pastrami piled on toasted rye bread, paired with Dili pickles, and you’ve got a New York lunch!

More than its iconic dishes, New York is also known to impress visitors with foreign flavors. Grab some dim sum, have a bowl of ramen, or tickle your taste buds with soul food. Whatever your craving, New York likely has it.

Not only is New York’s food scene so diverse, but it’s also so dense with restaurants and food stalls.

The city has enough to house tons of artisanal ice cream shops, countless pizza styles, and more bakeries than you’d ever need. Right on the corner, you’ll find a food stall selling quick eats. And even mid-level restaurants here have creative bartenders serving up tasty cocktails.

Dining in New York can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. And in a city with so many options, you’ll never go hungry here.

Countless Scenic Green Pockets

No one can deny that New York’s urban vibrancy is part of what makes tourists so drawn to the city. But sometimes, you just want to get away from the city’s energetic vibe. But with around 1700 parks spread across New York’s five boroughs, you’ll always have a tranquil refuge right around the corner.

No matter the season, New York’s parks and gardens welcome you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Soak up the sun in the summer, or have some quiet time and people watch during winter.

New York’s parks offer more than a picnic experience too. Many host seasonal events, such as movie screenings, markets, outdoor concerts, and more. Some are great spots for some fun time with your furry friend, while others are the perfect backdrop for some pretty pictures.

You can even feel like you’re out of the city right in the heart of the ever-bustling Manhattan. The massive, world-famous Central Park has a wilderness area called the Ramble. Located on the west side of the park, you’ll find tons of trails, streams, and more, to discover here.

But venture off to the city’s outskirts and you’ll find more unique attractions that’ll fit your likes.

If you love going on a stroll, The High Line is the perfect spot for you. This was once an elevated railway, but it’s now a lush, floating garden. Verdant greenery lines the walkway that stretches over 2 miles (3 km), with sculptures and shallow pools to make The High Line more enticing.

A perfect, all-around green oasis, Brooklyn Bridge Park is the go-to park of many. There’s a historic merry-go-round here, sports fields, a playground, basketball courts, and a skating rink. The park also has a stunning view of Manhattan right across the river.

The Iconic NYC Landmarks

A city that’s immortalized in the media time and again, New York has some landmarks that people from all over the world have seen on shows and movies. Tons of other famous cities across the globe have iconic landmarks too. But none of them can likely beat the sheer number of New York’s famous sites.

The prime landmark of the city, the Statue of Liberty is synonymous with New York. It’s loomed over the Hudson River since 1886 as a gift from France. And while you can get a great viewpoint of the statue from afar, you can also see it up close and personal.

Ride a ferry and reach Liberty Island, where the statue sits. Take the narrow stairs to the top, where you’ll find the viewing gallery within Lady Liberty’s crown.

You can get a panoramic view of the skyscraper-dense city from the top. But two of those iconic NYC landmarks have graced the silver screen plenty of times. These two are the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

The historic and charming Grand Central Terminal is one of the most remarkable architectural wonders in the city. Operating since 1871, you can go on a tour and learn more about what shaped the station throughout the centuries.

Another must-visit site is Times Square, the best spot to feel the bustling vibe of New York. Although it’s famous for its massive illuminated billboards and flashing neon lights, there’s more to Times Square. It’s a vibrant entertainment hub, filled with countless music venues, nightclubs, and the home of the famous Broadway!

New York or Los Angeles – Which Is Better?

The better city of the two depends on what you want out of your trip. And for you to decide on this, here’s who these cities are best for.

If you’re looking for a laid-back destination where nature is always within reach, go to Los Angeles. Not only does it have tons of parks and gardens, but it’s also near national parks! Los Angeles also boasts pristine beaches, which New York doesn’t have.

But if you’re more of a big-city person, New York is your best bet. It’s a significant art city, a culinary powerhouse, a fashion mecca, an entertainment hub, and more, all rolled into one compact city.


Is Los Angeles Safer Than New York?

It’s the opposite, New York is safer than Los Angeles. In fact, New York is one of the safest big cities in the country.

With 100 being the safest, New York’s crime index, according to NeighborhoodScout, is 15. Meanwhile, Los Angeles has a crime index of 9. New York’s total crime rate is 24.83, while Los Angeles’ is 32.00.

With this data, New York is statistically safer than 15% of the United States cities. While Los Angeles is only 9% safer than most cities in the country.

These are all based on both cities’ crime data, which has two categories. It looks into the city’s violent crime rate and property crime rate.

New York’s crime rate for violent crime is 5.21. While the city’s crime rate for property crime is 19.62.

Los Angeles’ crime rate for violent crime is 7.40. And its crime rate for property crime is 24.60.

Keep in mind that Los Angeles is a sprawling city, while New York is a much more compact one. With this, it’s easier to avoid shady areas in Los Angeles. Whereas in New York, these areas are much closer to the heart of the city.

Air Quality – New York City vs. Los Angeles

New York has better air quality than Los Angeles. According to Numbeo’s data, New York’s air quality is 47.05, which is classified as moderate. Meanwhile, Los Angeles’ air quality is 36.60, which is low.

Air pollution plays a big part in this data. New York’s air pollution is moderate at 52.95. Meanwhile, Los Angeles’ air pollution is high, with a score of 63.40.

To break this down, you can look into the World Health Organization’s air pollution data. This takes PM 10, PM 2.5, and PM10 pollution levels into account.

PM 10 are small particles whose diameters are 10 micrometers or less. These are of great concern as they’re small enough to enter the lungs, which can lead to health issues. Meanwhile, PM 2.5 is an air pollutant, which poses threat when its levels in the air are high.

The PM 10 in New York is at 14, and it’s at 25 in Los Angeles. PM 2.5 in New York is at 7, while it’s at 12 in Los Angeles.

New York has a low PM-10 pollution. While Los Angeles has low to moderate PM-10 pollution.

Is Los Angeles or New York More Expensive?

New York is a more expensive city than Los Angeles almost across the board.

In New York, the average daily cost in the city is around 238 USD. Meanwhile, the average daily cost in Los Angeles is around 203 USD. Here’s a breakdown of this estimated cost so you can see where your money is going.

Accommodation for one person in New York costs around 137 USD, while it’s only 111 USD in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a double-occupancy room, you’ll shell out 274 USD in New York and 222 USD in Los Angeles.

Transportation costs in New York are 39 USD daily and around 33 USD in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that New York is highly walkable, so you can save money if you walk. But Los Angeles relies a lot on cars, so you need to spend money on transport.

Meals for one day will cost around 37 USD in New York and 46 USD in Los Angeles. Entertainment costs, like ticket shows, are 77 USD a day in New York and 64 USD in Los Angeles. Alcohol for a day is around 23 USD in New York and only 11 USD in Los Angeles.

Similarities Between New York and Los Angeles

New York and California are more different than they are alike, but they still have key similarities.

First, these two are major urban cities. They’re big, bustling, and crowded, attracting millions of tourists from around the world each year.

New York and Los Angeles are both very ethnically diverse cities. You’ll see people and hear people from across the world. And this has shaped both cities’ culinary scenes too. From Japanese to Italian to Ethiopian, you’ll find almost every cuisine you’re craving in either city.

Both cities’ multicultural identity also shaped their art scene. You’ll find museums, galleries, and more, that reflect this.

Speaking of art, both also attract artists of all kinds. New York and Los Angeles are magnets for artists, comedians, writers, and everyone in between, hoping to get their big break. They’re cities of fiercely ambitious dreamers!

New York and Los Angeles also have undesirable similarities.

Commuting is one of these. Los Angeles, a car-centric city, is notorious for heavy traffic. New York has great public transportation, but it takes a long time to get around.

Air quality is another, as Los Angeles has smog issues. Exhaust from vehicles is a bigger issue in New York.

New York to Los Angeles Distance

The straight line distance between New York and Los Angeles is around 2451 miles (3945 km). But if you’re traveling by land, the distance is longer due to the road curvature and this will depend on the route you take. But if you travel from New York to Los Angeles via Interstate 40 West, you’ll cover 2778 miles (4471 km).

Los Angeles vs. New York Size

Los Angeles is a much larger city than New York. Its land size is around 502 square miles (1299 square km). Meanwhile, New York’s land size is around 303 square miles (784 square km)

New York vs. Los Angeles Population

New York, despite being smaller in size, is more populated than the city of Los Angeles. According to the US Census Bureau’s data, New York has a population of 8.468 million. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is home to around 3.849 million people.

In both cities, there is a higher female population.

New York has a higher female population at 52.3 percent. Meanwhile, Los Angeles’ female population is at 50.5 percent.

The male population in New York is 47.7 percent. While the male population in Los Angeles is at 49.5 percent.

New York vs. Los Angeles Culture

What New York and Los Angeles have in common in this regard is their incredible ethnic diversity. These two are among the most diverse cities in the United States. And you can expect an interesting blend of cultures when visiting either of the two.

But when it comes to everyday life, these two cities are quite different.

In Los Angeles, there is a strong car culture, and the locals rely so much on cars.

New Yorkers heavily rely on public transit to get around the city. It’s common for locals here not to have a driver’s license, and it’s not unusual to meet someone who has never driven a car. Even those with cars choose mass transit in New York.

Life in Los Angeles is more laid-back, while New York has a fast-paced way of life. Those in Los Angeles have time to hike, stroll, or hang out on the beach. In New York, people are always on the go.

This also makes it easier for Angelenos to lead an active lifestyle, as they love to stay fit. Los Angeles is also more inclined to have a healthier diet, which is why even their pizza is full of various veggies.

New York vs. Los Angeles Film Industry

In almost every aspect of filmmaking, Los Angeles is better than New York. Think of it this way: New York is a theater town first and a film town second. In comparison, Los Angeles is the complete opposite, so it’s a better city for those whose eyes are on the silver screen.

This is evident in the pool of actors in each city. Los Angeles has TV and film actors who dabble in theater occasionally. In New York, this is the other way around.

These two have different filmmaking cultures too—

Los Angeles’ film culture follows Hollywood. It’s glamorous, polished, meticulously made, and emphasizes mastering the craft yet feels more relaxed.

New York’s film culture is more humanistic and gritty and focuses on the individual’s talent more. And it’s all about the hustle and the “let’s do this” attitude.

Moreover, there are tons more films being shot in Los Angeles, so there are more opportunities for everyone. But the city has more people, which means more competition for everyone too.

Generally, actors are better off in Los Angeles. But writers and crew members will do better in New York. Aspiring producers and directors can choose either of the two.

New York or Los Angeles for Music?

Both New York and Los Angeles have strong yet vastly different music scenes. And this will all depend on what your musical inclination is, along with other key factors.

First off, remember that Los Angeles is a TV and movie city and that New York is a theater city. This alone should give you an idea of what kind of music works best in each.

New York’s music industry is rooted in its Broadway and live-theater scene. The Big Apple is also a better city for classical and jazz music.

But for contemporary music, Los Angeles is a better city. Los Angeles is best known for its pop music scene and underground bands or musicians.

Los Angeles is also home to more labels and music venues. And since it’s a film/TV city, there are more opportunities for music-related work here. Whether you want to work in a studio as a sound engineer or work behind the scenes, etc.

But Los Angeles is brimming with musicians, producers, etc. This means that competition is fiercer here too.

When it comes to culture, New York values creative individuality more. But in Los Angeles, the emphasis is on how well you network.

New York vs. Los Angeles Rap

Both New York and Los Angeles are widely known for their rap scene. But when listening to their rap music, you’ll find some key differences.

New York, particularly the Bronx, is the birthplace of rap. New York rap is witty, using a ton of metaphors and wordplay to showcase a rapper’s lyrical prowess. With this, a key component of New York rap is its emphasis on complex lyrics, one that begs for attentive listening.

New York rap, as many would say, is continuous and free-flowing. It also sounds aggressive and hard-hitting.

Especially in its earlier days, New York rap focused on poverty and crime, telling a story of hardships.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles rap prioritizes beats and its music. It’s heavy on the bass, and sampling of older records is common. Los Angeles rap is more laid-back, a little slower, and more musical.

More evident in its earlier days, Los Angeles rap heavily featured gang life and anti-police lyrics.

How Long From New York to Los Angeles

The travel time from New York to Los Angeles will depend on your chosen transportation.

The fastest way to travel from New York to Los Angeles is by taking a plane. This option will take around 8 to 9 hours of travel time.

When traveling by bus, it’ll take you around 2 days and 16 hours to reach Los Angeles. A bus is a great option for those who are traveling on a budget.

You can also take a train from New York to Los Angeles. This option has a travel time of around 3 days and 17 hours. Keep in mind that there are no direct trains, so you need to switch trains along the way.

If you want more freedom in making scenic stops along the way, travel by car instead. The driving time will depend on the route you choose.

The shortest route is via Interstate 40, which has a driving time of 41 hours. Driving through Interstate 70 and Interstate 40 is longer, but this has roughly the same travel time as the previous route. The longest route, via Interstate 80, takes around 42 hours of travel time which isn’t any longer than the others.

New York to Los Angeles Flight Time

A plane ride from New York (NYC) to Los Angeles (LAX) takes around 6 hours and 34 minutes. Keep in mind that this travel time will depend on your inbound and outbound airport too.

Private Jet From New York to Los Angeles, Cost

Several factors affect the pricing of a private jet ride from New York to Los Angeles. The type of jet, the number of passengers, the duration of your flight, the airports you use, and the amenities are only some of these. With this, here are some estimated costs depending on the jet—

Light Jets range from 24000 to 32500 USD. They’re used for short trips due to their small tank.

A Midsize Jet costs around 27800 to 33900 USD. They’re more spacious and comfortable options for air travel.

For Super Midsize Jets, you’ll need to shell out 33800 to 41300 USD for a single trip.

Heavy Jets are ideal for bigger groups as it fits 9 to 18 passengers. These jets feature the largest cabins among the options here. But it comes at a hefty price of 40000 to 48900 USD.

The most expensive of the bunch is the Ultra Long Range Jet, which fits 12 to 18 people. It costs around 56400 to 68900 to ride one.

Keep in mind that these prices are only for a one-way trip. A roundtrip can easily double these prices.

Los Angeles to New York Flight Time by Private Jet

A Super Midsize Jet or a Long Range Jet has an average travel time of 5 to 7 hours, and this is a nonstop flight. Light Jets and Midsize Jets have a total travel time of around 10 hours as these jets have to make a stop or two for fuel.

Sleeper Train From Los Angeles to New York

Since there are no direct trains from Los Angeles to New York, you can take a sleeper train to Chicago on the Southwest Chief. And from there, you can take the Amtrak 50 Cardinal, an overnight train, from Chicago to New York.

New York to Los Angeles Distance by Train

The train distance from Los Angeles to New York is around 2446 miles (3936 km).