Miami vs. Orlando

Two of Florida’s most iconic cities, they both best represent what Florida is all about. A center of fun and thrills, with a splash of culture and history. You can never run out of things to do in between these cities. If you’re talking about Florida, chances are these two will come up the most.
Miami vs. Orlando

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Miami is perfect for the fun-seeking, party-loving younger crowd. The city’s neve-rending high spirits are perfect for the adventurous and ever-curious. Orland on the other hand is perfect for families. With the city’s staggering number of theme parks and resorts, the city is best when traveling with fun-loving, curious younger kids.


Miami is a tourism powerhouse that forever changed the US tourism game. It helped landscape the scene and made the US one of the best places to travel to in the world. Miami is synonymous with many things entertaining, quirky, fun, and diverse. It’s so popular that it is a darling of media as well. Check out the many films and TV series set in the streets of the city.

With a plethora of diverse thrills and charms, Miami is constantly at the top of its tourism game. If you’re interested in traveling to the US, Miami among many others is one of the musts. You can’t fully grasp the American experience without the noise and vigor of Florida’s most famous city.

What Makes Miami Unique?

Quirky Areas

Thanks to its numerous high-caliber draws, Miami can offer everything to everyone. It certainly has something for every type of traveler. You can expect to see simple hole-in-the-wall dining, full house clubs, and cultural hubs. The city prides itself on the diversity of its cultural and historical landscape.

Thanks to its colorful cultural scene, you have quite a list of interesting neighbors that just might have something special for you. The challenge is to pin down the best ones you should conquer. Many of these areas also host a wide option for accommodations, there are sure spots perfect for every type of traveler. Here are some of the most famous areas in the city:

Historic Overtown

The Historic Overtown is located just northwest of the iconic Downtown. Alluding to its name, the legendary neighborhood has stood the test of time and has witnessed most of the city’s history. The area is a historically black-dominated neighborhood. It features establishments owned to this day by African Americans.

Currently, Overtown is a black enclave that showcases quintessential black culture. Most of which descended from many neighboring countries and cities. At one point it even became an entertainment center hosting Broadway shows New York–style.

Downtown Miami

A glistening beacon of modern culture and development. Downtown Miami is where everything is happening. Home to rows of shining skyscrapers fronting Biscayne Bay, the downtown area is a cosmopolitan traveler’s paradise. However, the charms of modernity and development don’t stop there

The Brickell District surrounding the Downtown is also speckled with diversity and energy. The upscaled district is where many of the residential high-rises are, so expect it to be a bit more populated.

With its compact size and accessibility, the downtown area is easy to conquer. You can try out the Citibikes or the Metromover, Miami’s modern twist of a tram. Getting to Brickell is also quite easy from Downtown Miami, you can pretty much ‘hit two birds.’

Little Havana

What makes Miami such a vibrant center is how it houses a diverse set of Latin American cultures. It is home to one of the largest concentrations of Cuban diasporas in the US. Head to Little Havana just west of Downtown Miami and live the vibrant culture.

Calle Ocho is the neighborhood’s most famous strip and is the main road. The entire stretch is lined with not just Cuban spots, but a slew of other Latin American places as well. Calle Ocho is most famous for the gastronomy it offers, especially with its Cuban specialties. You can sample Cuban coffee, sandwich, and many more here.

The Nightlife Scene

With its restless vigor and dynamic, Miami is famous for its evening debaucheries. The city is almost always synonymous with parties and nightlife. Miami’s nightly highs are one of its most defining draws. Trying out at least one night in Miami’s nightlife scene can give you the full experience of the city.

If you want to experience the best of Miami’s nightlife, head to the popular areas. If you’re around the central area, visit Downtown Miami and Calle Ocho in Little Havana. These areas have the best bars, clubs, and lounges offering the fabled Miami nightlife experience.

Downtown Miami also hosts the yearly rave event called Ultra Music Festival. It is one of the biggest musical events in the city and the world. Ultra usually takes place around March each year for over 20 years now. Party lovers usually visit Miami in March and include Ultra in their itinerary.

Gastronomic Proportions

Apart from its epic nightlife scene, the culinary world of Miami is something to behold as well. The city’s myriad of streets house different cultures from all over the world thanks to waves of migration over the years. Now, you can sample every cuisine imaginable. Expect European, Caribbean, and even Asian flavors to grace your very palate.

Now with a rich diversity of culinary specialties, you can also expect to have a wider range of restaurants and cafes. With a sheer number of gastronomic spots, it will surely be challenging to pin down one good spot. However, there’s fun in it as well. Imagine going on a food tour all over the many streets of Miami. To narrow down your itinerary, here are some of the most famous spots:


A millennial favorite, Wynwood is young and hip. What makes it appealing to the younger generation is its roster of cafes and all the artsy overtones of the street. If you’re up for the best coffee shops Wynwood is the place to be.

Wynwood is arguably one of the best food tour stops. Thanks to its modern and millennial flavors. Plus, traditional Asian restaurants have also been popping up increasingly.

Sunset Harbor

Perhaps offering the best and most eclectic mix of cuisines and flavors, Sunset Harbor is the most recommended spot. If you’re on a food tour, you might very well block out an entire afternoon for Sunset Harbor.

It is easy to travel the world around the many culinary specialties in its wealth of restaurants. Plus, with “harbor” in its name, expect to find some waterfront spaces that can perfectly go with your preferred flavors.

Little Havana

A precious little slice of Cuba in the heart of Miami. Little Havana offers the best and most famous staples of Cuban cooking. You can sample the best Cuban sandwich and the famous Cuban coffee here as well. Little Havana is also home to a slew of other Latin American restaurants serving up the best of Hispanic culture.

The Capital of Latin America

Thanks to waves of migration over the past decades up until today, Miami is perhaps one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the US. Most of these cultures descended from neighboring Latin American countries. The Latino culture is so saturated that you can easily be washed over by the heavy Latin American overtones of the city.

Miami has an interesting mix of cultures spanning from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and all the way from Spain. Most of the city’s residents, even the entire Miami Metropolitan area are descended from these migrants. These people came to the US to look for work and a better livelihood, some are even refugees from the turmoils of their own land.

With this phenomenon over the decades, Miami has become the high-spirited vibrant city it is today. Thanks to a variety of cultures that now call the city home, it ultimately colored Miami’s tourism landscape.

Along with California and New York, Miami and the rest of Southern Florida are home to the largest Latin American diasporas in the US. But the diversity in Miami doesn’t stop there, the city is also home to a slew of other cultures such as European and Asian nationalities. Multiculturalism has been one of the city’s most defining foundations.

Activities Galore

Thanks to Miami being chock-full of draws and highs, you can expect to never run out of things to do. You can have more than just evening parties, beaches, and a whole slew of things in between. Along its many streets and nearby natural charms, you can find so many other interesting things to do. From retail therapy to excursions outdoors, Miami can give you just about every kind of experience.

Apart from the go-to Miami activities, here are some of the popular itinerary entries:


On top of its cultural and historical worth, Miami’s cosmopolitan landscape is another one of its biggest draws. The city is littered with shopping districts that offer you a wide selection perfect for whatever your retail therapy needs are. You can literally shop luxury labels on one side, and top-notch thrift finds on the other.

Head to Miami Design District, nearby Wynwood and Coral Gables in the south for your luxury-label fix. You can find designer boutiques, high street names, and even top-rated high-end dining in these spots. If you’re up for a cheaper trove, head to the Bayside Marketplace, and the Coconut Grove.

Zoo Miami

You don’t have to drive to neighboring jungles and forests to get a bit of wildlife in Miami. The Zoo Miami is easily smack-dab between the modern concrete jungles of western Miami. The zoo houses over 3,000 animal species including the endangered. Curious kids and animal-loving adults will surely find something to marvel at here.

One interesting thing about Zoo Miami is its take on how they keep and showcase their animals. Expect to see animals put in large enclosures that closely resemble their natural habitats. This way, animals will behave and interact with each other just like they would in the wild.

Everglades National Park

Everglades is always synonymous with the natural beauty of Southern Florida. The national park is one of the most popular must-visit entries whenever you’re in Miami, or anywhere south of the Sunshine State. The 1.5 million-acre (607,028.46-hectare) park features swamps, marshes, and dense forests where you can spot a wide variety of animal and plant species.

The park also has several walking routes leading you to various areas and landscapes. You can also avail yourself of the guided tours for your safety and further education. You can easily traverse the park while learning more about how blessed Florida wildlife is.


When you say Florida, Orlando along with a few others might definitely come to mind. The landlocked city of Orlando has reasons for being one of the most iconic cities in Florida. Its draws may not be as big as Miami, but it sure does have a character that most cities don’t have.

Best for families, Orlando is the “Theme Park Capital of the World”. No other city in the entire world does theme parks as Orlando does. Not only that, but it also offers a perfect contrast between cosmopolitan life and the green outdoors

What Makes Orlando Unique?

Theme Park Capital

The Sunshine State’s most defining trait is always all about fun and excitement. From beach scenes to cities ridden with natural and cultural parks, you can have everything imaginable. But with Orlando, it’s a bit quirkier. The city is practically the world’s theme park capital thanks to its astonishing number of theme parks speckled all over.

You have 12 main theme parks to choose from in Orlando, and the twist is that they all have smaller ones inside them. Imagine all the opportunities for fun and thrills you can have. From Disney World to SeaWorld, each of these theme parks offers unique experiences whether you’re with family or not.

Here are some of the most famous entries you should visit at least once whenever you’re in the city:

Magic Kingdom

The first-ever Disney theme park in Orlando, Magic Kingdom offers exactly just that. The park houses famous landmarks such as Cinderella’s Castle, Splash Mountain, and Peter Pan’s Flight. They offer the same magic the films gave, you’ll feel like you’re magically transported inside the film.


Epcot Park is one of the main theme parks in Orlando housing several smaller parks inside. You can check out World Nature, World Discovery, and many more. The park also opened its Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mission Breakout Coaster on top of its already many rides and coasters.

The main park also has the World Showcase which displays 11 different nations and their culture. It’s almost like traveling the world inside Orlando. Other notable features of Epcot Theme Park include Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After.


SeaWorld has three parks all over Orlando, and another in Tampa inside Busch Gardens. The park is one of the most famous in all of Florida. SeaWorld has the largest coaster in Orlando, the Mako. It sports an elevation of 200 feet (60.9 m) and a maximum speed of 73 mph (117 kph).

By its name, SeaWorld specialized in water theme parks providing thrills with its many aquatic rides and features. The park also features Aquatica with all its slides and plunges and Discovery Cove.

The Nightlife

After a long and eventful day exploring parks and the outdoors, Orlando also offers a perfect respite as the sun goes down. The city has an interesting nightlife culture that suits almost everyone. You can have dancing in nightclubs, have beers or cocktails in bars, or live music in pubs.

If you’re staying in the many theme park resorts, the best place to hit is the CityWalk at Universal Orlando. It has a cool row of bars and pubs. Disney Springs also has an equally interesting nightlife scene. And if you want a bit more of a local vibe, head to International Drive.

For the highbrow experience or just a bit of sophistication, the city’s beer and cocktail scene is also a point of interest. You can experience different flavors thanks to the variety it offers. You can have Christmas-themed bars or even saloons like the wild west. But for an added thrill at night, you can visit the many speakeasies in the city. You’ll feel like you’re in the 1920s in any of these secret bars.

Head to places like The Mills 50 District for a wider liquor selection. You can choose to grace over different bars. The most notable ones you should visit are Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors, The Thirsty Topher, and The Guest House. The area is where the locals congregate for an evening drink. This is the best place to hit if you want a bit of local life.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Orlando is one of Florida’s best foodie paradises, as its culinary culture has expanded over the years. The city has grown from a simple hotspot for chain restaurants to a home of award-winning chefs and exquisite restaurants.

Orlando especially welcomes the adventurous palate as it houses a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Nearly every cuisine in the world is on offer in Orlando. You can sample dishes from Asia to the Caribbean, from South America to Italy. Whether you’re a meat lover or vegan, you can find the best choices around the city.

Head to the International Drive and choose from its wealth of restaurants that offer to satisfy your every craving and curiosity. On top of its many bars, you can try out the very best of American cooking to traditional Asian dishes in the many eateries lined here. You can also visit other famed areas such as Disney Springs at Walt Disney World and CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort.

Nature and All

Orlando and its lack of beaches with it being landlocked is not a hindrance to its evergreen fame. On top of its cosmopolitan charms, Orlando offers the great green outdoors just outside its concrete jungle. You can easily explore the nearby natural beauty of the city thanks to the many state parks around.

Nestled under the Sunshine State’s eternal sun, spending time outdoors is one of the best activities in Orlando. With its location surrounded by famous parks and trails, some of which are just a drive away, it’s easy to have more adventures here. Head to Kelly Park, Ocala National Forest, and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Fort.

Other more notable places are the Black Hammock Adventures and the Winter Park Boat Tour. For the more curious and adventure-seeking travelers, Gatorland is a great place to visit. The center allows you to interact with live alligators and not just merely view them.

Is Orlando or Miami Better for Vacation?

If you’re looking for a more jam-packed vacation experience, look no further than Miami. It practically has everything you’ll ever look for. The legendary city has shopping, beaches, and nightlife, to museums and parks. Not to mention, it is also home to a slew of different cultures that offer their cuisine and traditions. You can experience everything in the spectrum right along Miami’s upscale streets.

Orlando does have its draws that are also worth visiting. It may not have the same caliber as Miami’s charms, but it does have things that the coastal city can’t offer. The city’s theme parks and their proximity to nature and the outdoors are something Miami doesn’t have. Orlando may not be most people’s cup of tea, but it is one of Florida’s best gems.


Is Orlando or Miami Safer?

As both cities are the main cities in Florida, and in all of the US, you can expect them to have a certain degree of risk. Especially in Miami, where violent crime is more rampant than in Orlando. The coastal city also has more issues with tourist-related petty crimes such as pickpocketing, and scams. Miami also has more risky areas than Orlando.

With Miami’s fame and its sheer size, you can expect that it is more susceptible to criminal problems. Orlando also has its fair share of problem areas. The landlocked city has problems with homelessness, prostitution, and other illegal activities. However, both cities are generally safe to travel to.

Orlando vs. Miami Crime

Orlando fares better when it comes to the level of crime. According to US News and World Report, for a city its size, Orlando tends to be riskier than Miami. The city reportedly has a higher crime rate than Miami with a small margin. Orlando fares with 208.9 out of 100,000, compared to Miami’s 207.4.

Is Orlando Cheaper Than Miami for Vacation?

From accommodation, supplies, utilities, and even real estate, Miami is by far the more expensive destination. It’s a more touristy scene just might have to do with that. Orlando is 18.3% cheaper than Miami when it comes to costs. On top of that, Miami’s expenses are also 14% higher than the US average.

Is It Cheaper to Stay in Orlando or Miami?

When it comes to accommodations, Miami’s hotels and resorts have much higher rates compared to Orlando. However, thanks to Miami’s touristy reputation, the city offers a wide range of accommodations that could give you the right value for your money. Orlando on the other hand is more family-friendly and theme-park oriented best for small to large groups.

Is It Cheaper to Go to Orlando or Miami?

Costs in Orlando tend to be cheaper than in Miami. You can expect to get more for less in Orlando.

Orlando vs. Miami Weather and Climate

Both are located inside the Sunshine State of Florida, you can expect Orlando and Miami to be sunny and warm throughout the year. Miami has 248 sunny days on average every year, while Orlando has 233.

Is Orlando Colder or Warmer Than Miami?

Orlando’s temperature changes significantly, plunging from the low 70s F (22 C) in winter to the low 90s F (32 C) in summer, whereas Miami maintains a more consistent mild environment. It sports temperatures ranging from the mid 70s F in winter to the upper 80s F (26 C) in summer.

Is Orlando More Humid Than Miami?

Orlando’s location in the middle of the state can make conditions extremely sticky. Orlando often has a little bit more humidity than Miami. The city has somewhat lower humidity, despite receiving around seven more inches of rain annually than Orlando.

Where Does It Rain More – Orlando or Miami?

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Miami and all of the Miami-Dade Metropolitan area receives more rain each year. On average, 52.1 inches of rainfall in Orlando, Florida each year. Miami, Florida typically receives 59.3 inches of rain each year.

Miami vs. Orlando for Family Vacation

When it comes to family vacations with fun-loving kids of different ages, Orlando is the better option. On top of many family-friendly amenities, the city has theme parks speckled all over.

It is the “Theme Park Capital of the World” after all. You can have a plethora of theme parks available to your liking, from Universal Studios to Disney World. Orlando offers a wider variety of kid-friendly activities as well.

Miami does have many family-friendly features such as museums and other activities. However, the city is more geared towards adult lifestyles such as nightlife, shopping, and dining.

SeaWorld Orlando vs. Miami Seaquarium

If you’re looking for thrill, fun, and entertainment SeaWorld Orlando is a much better option. The famous waterpark isn’t just an aquarium showcasing marine life, it also offers rides. You can try out the many waterslides, coasters, and boat tours on offer.

Miami Seaquarium, on the other hand, features just that. It is an aquarium park through and through. The famous Miami landmark has a variety of marine animals especially a slew of popular marine mammals. You can check out manatees, dolphins, orcas, and many more. Plus, it doesn’t only offer mere viewing of marine mammals, close encounters are also on offer.

Orlando Beaches vs. Miami Beaches

Between Miami and Orlando, when it comes to beaches Miami is the best option. For apparent reasons. While the city of Miami itself doesn’t have a beach, its neighboring city of Miami Beach does have a ton of world-famous spots. Miami Beach’s best white-sand strips are just less than 30 minutes drive away from Miami.

Orlando on the other hand is a landlocked city. The best closest beaches from the city are located hours northeast in Daytona. You can opt to take a whole day to get to the nearest popular beaches, or just completely move to Daytona.

Shopping in Miami vs. Orlando

Another one for Miami. The coastal city’s shopping scene and many draws are top-notch in the entire Sunshine State. From the Miami Design District, Wynwood, to the Coral Gables, Miami has everything. Orlando has a few spots best for shopping such as The Mall at Millennia, The Florida Mall, and the Orlando Vineland. But none can measure up to Miami’s wide selection.

Is It Cheaper to Shop in Miami or Orlando?

Known to be more expensive, shopping in Miami can be pricey compared to Orlando. However, the city does have a wider range of shopping options. If you’re into a more branded type, head to central Miami and visit the Design District or Wynwood. But for cheaper finds, Miami has Bayside Marketplace.

Outlets in Miami vs. Orlando

If you’re looking for better retail options, Miami has by far the best quality and the most number.

Orlando vs. Miami Nightlife

Miami’s nightlife is by far the best among the two. From the famous Calle Ocho to the jam-packed Downtown Area, Miami is synonymous with the East Coast’s nightlife scene. The city boasts rows and rows of bars and clubs that become alive as soon as the sun goes down.

And on top of the wide range of options, Miami is also a famous rave setting. It is even the home of the world-famous Ultra Music Festival, taking place each year in Downtown Miami.

Though not as grand and high-caliber as Miami’s, Orlando’s nightlife are also worth noting. Head to the Mills 50 District, home to a cluster of bars and pubs as well as the International Drive.

Is It Better to Stay in Miami or Orlando?

If you’re looking for a more diverse range of accommodations, and a variety of attractions and excitement, Miami is the better option. It practically has everything.

Whether you’re looking for a budget stay or a luxurious waterfront hotel. Orlando is better suited for families. Accommodations in the city are more family-oriented, and most theme parks have their hotels and resorts.

Orlando is better suited for families. Accommodations in the city are more family-oriented, and most theme parks have their hotels and resorts.

Downtown Orlando vs. Downtown Miami

Both Miami and Orlando’s downtown areas are packed with interesting charms and excitement. While offering almost the same kind of draw, Miami offers everything that Orlando has and more.

Downtown Miami has districts for shopping, nightlife, and dining. Plus, it also has access to the bay, further adding to its charm. Orlando has a fairly exciting downtown area. It houses most of the city’s best spots, from shopping to its cultural centers.

Is Miami Bigger Than Orlando?

With a land area of 119 sq mi. (308.4 sq. km), Orlando is bigger than Miami. It only has a land area of 55 sq mi. (143.1 sq. km).

Orlando vs. Miami Population

Orlando has a population of around 2 million people in the recent census, while Miami has 6.2 million people.

Is Miami and Orlando Same Time Zone?

Both Miami and Orlando are located in the EDT zone or Eastern Daylight Time.

Is Tampa Closer to Miami or Orlando?

Tampa is closer to Orlando with a distance of 77 miles (124 km), directly. Miami on the other hand, is a lot farther with an approximate distance of 205 miles (330 km), directly between them.

How Far Is Orlando From Miami?

Orlando is approximately 205 miles (329 km) from Miami, directly.

How to Get From Orlando to Miami

You can get to Miami from Orlando in one of four common ways. You can take the high road by taking a train or driving a car.

Taking the train is also another available mode of transport, however, it isn’t the most cost- and time-effective option. Flying from Miami International to Orlando International is the most popular option.

How Far Is Orlando From Miami by Car?

If you decide to take the high road, driving from Miami to Orlando has a distance of around 235 miles (378 km).

How Long Is the Drive From Orlando to Miami?

With a sheer distance of 235 miles (378 km), driving from Orlando to Miami usually takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Is It Easy or Hard to Drive From Miami to Orlando?

The drive is not difficult, and you get to arrive at your destination with your own set of wheels. It’s a pleasant journey, and since the usual route meanders through the coast, you can stop at several interesting locations en route. Actually, traveling by car from Miami to Orlando might be done in a single day.

Is It Safe to Drive From Miami to Orlando?

The best route to take is on the Florida Turnpike, it is also considered the safest and easiest.

How Much Would It Cost to Drive From Miami to Orlando?

At the current gas prices, a one-way trip between Miami and Orlando will cost you 44.45 USD in total. To travel roundtrip between these cities would cost 88.9 USD. These costs are taken should you take regular fuel for your car which costs about 4.75 USD per gallon.

How Much Gas Does Take From Orlando to Miami?

On average, it will take 9.4 gallons of gas (35.4 liters) for this journey.

Is It Worth Driving From Orlando to Miami?

With relatively easy and safe roads on top of picturesque roadside views, driving from Orlando to Miami can be pretty worth it.

How Can I Get From Miami to Orlando Without a Car?

You can quickly get from Miami to Orlando via bus, train, or plane if you don’t have a car to drive.

Is There Train Service Between Miami and Orlando?

You can take the train between Miami and Orlando via Amtrak, Brightline, and Miami Dade Transit. The Amtrak service is perhaps the most common option where a one-way trip costs around 45 to 70 USD, and takes around seven to eight hours.

How Far Is Miami From Orlando by Train?

The railway distance between Orland and Miami is approximately 204 miles or 328 km.

How Much Does It Cost to Take a Train From Miami to Orlando?

The average direct one-way train trip from Miami to Orlando costs around 45 to 70 USD.

Does Amtrak Run From Orlando to Miami?

Amtrak is the best train service that could get you from Orlando to Miami. It is also the fastest and most common option.

How Long Is Amtrak From Orlando to Miami?

The Amtrak Railways extend approximately 204 miles (328 km) from Orlando to Miami.

Is There a Bus From Orlando to Miami?

Taking a bus is one of the most common ways in getting between Miami and Orlando. This is also one of the most popular options among backpacking tourists.

How Far Is Orlando From Miami by Bus?

The road distance between Orlando and Miami is approximately 231 miles or 372 km.

How Much Is the Bus From Orlando to Miami?

The average one-way trip ticket costs around 23 to 55 USD.

Can You Boat From Orlando to Miami?

You can boat from Orlando to Miami, however, it is not merely for transportation. You can only get to Miami from Orlando by boat through Southern Florida cruises that depart in Orlando. These tours take you around famous spots in Southern Florida.

How Long Is a Boat Ride From Miami to Orlando?

A boat ride roughly takes 90 minutes or less if it’s a nonstop charter.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel From Miami to Orlando?

It depends on your mode of transport. The average cost of bus rides is around 23 to 55 USD, while trains cost 45 to 70 USD. A taxi depends on the company’s fixed price for a given destination. Flying, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective way with an average one-way ticket price of around 42 to 163 USD.

How Long Does It Take to Get to Orlando From Miami?

A plane ride takes around five hours, while buses take around six. Driving your own car can only take around three hours. Trains take the longest at around seven to eight hours to travel.

How Far Is Orlando From Miami by Plane?

Miami and Orlando are separated by a direct distance of around 205 miles (329 km).

Orlando Airport vs. Miami Airport

About 37 airlines fly out of Orlando International Airport, and there are direct flights from many major cities across the world. It has two major terminals making it one of, if not the biggest airport in the state. The Orlando International Airport is 40 minutes away from Orlando, making traveling a bit of a hassle.

Miami Internation Airport (MIA) on the other hand is perhaps the largest in the state. The majority of MIA’s foreign flights come from Europe and the Middle East. It serves several other airlines across three main terminals.

The airport also serves domestic flights. If you’re looking for a more developed airport MIA is the obvious choice for the majority of travelers. It also sits near Miami.

Which Airport Is Bigger – Miami or Orlando?

When it comes to size and passenger reception, Orland International Airport is the bigger airport.

Which Airport Is Busier – Orlando or Miami?

Miami International sees more passenger and foot traffic thanks to a wider reception from many airlines all over the world. Most of these come from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Is It Cheaper to Fly Into Orlando or Miami?

Miami is the cheaper destination to fly into. It is a popular tourist destination, and the numerous airlines that serve the city each offer hundreds of daily flights. This contributed to the high level of competition and affordable pricing.

How to Get From Orlando Airport to Miami

You can get to Miami from Orlando Airport by plane – which is the most practical way.

Are There Shuttles From Orlando to Miami?

There are many bus shuttle services offering groups or even private transfers from Orlando to Miami.

How Much Is the Shuttle From Orlando to Miami?

Bus shuttle services on average costs around 31 USD.