Scotland vs. Wales

You've had a wonderful time in England and Northern Ireland. Two more kingdoms that proudly wave the Union Jack flag are waiting for you. Make your UK vacation complete by visiting Scotland and Wales.
Scotland vs. Wales

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Are you ready for another UK trip? Dust off your travel gear as you embark on a new journey to let yourself loose for a little while. Leave your troubles behind and allow the best spots in Scotland and Wales to comfort you.

Their breathtaking beauty will remind you how wonderful this world is. Modern life is more often than not too stressful and fast-paced for most people’s taste. If you want a break to slow things down, Scotland and Wales are the perfect destinations for relaxation.

Aside from their gorgeous attractions, the people are friendly and cheerful too. The smiles and warm greetings that you’re going to get are simple gestures that you will always cherish. Even if you’re traveling alone, Scotland and Wales would surely make you feel happy and at home.

You can learn about the history, culture, and traditions of both places in entertaining ways. Participate in fun activities and meet amazing people while you’re on a much-needed break. A trip to Scotland and Wales can even make the simplest moments feel very special. Now, on to which one is right for you—


Is life getting monotonous or too stressful for you? You probably need to take a step back and escape the unpleasant routines to protect your health. The beautiful places and laid-back life in Scotland will help your mind and body recover.

Scottish people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Some of them might be a little reserved at first but further interactions will make you feel comfortable. You might even meet other tourists who are spending time here for the same reasons that you have.

With good food and scotch on the table, unwinding in Scotland is a refreshing treat. The camaraderie of the people is something you should witness and experience. Bonding with them will help you restore those positive feelings about yourself and the world.

Don’t forget about the Scottish countryside’s beauty that will leave you speechless. In Scotland, the vibe is not that intense so you can catch your breath and take it easy. It’s a place where you can appreciate tranquility without compromising the things that make a vacation great.

After enjoying this kingdom’s quieter areas to regain some strength, use that extra energy by attending events. Many festivals show Scotland’s livelier side. Take a trip to Scotland and get yourself acquainted with nice people and serene landscapes.

What Makes Scotland Unique


Named after the stone of the Celtic god Mannan, Clackmannanshire is the smallest county in the United Kingdom.

In the Celtic language, Clackmannan means Stone of Mannan. The stone is one of this awesome town’s foundations, and you’ll find it at the west end of Clackmannan Street.

Also known as Clacks, this little Scottish town is known for brewing mills, glass manufacture, and brewing. Clackmannanshire is also a great destination for people who love nature. It’s in the middle of Ochil Hills and River Forth.

While it is famous for different industries, the busy parts of this town won’t leave you feeling exhausted. The wonderful sights can have a calming effect on people who prefer to enjoy nature without going to secluded areas. Some of the most noteworthy attractions in Clackmannanshire are Alva Glen, Dollar Museum, and Dollar Glen.

Alva Glen is a walking trail where your eyes can feast on the beauty of Ochil Hills and the waterfalls along the river. Get your body moving and breathe some fresh air while enjoying the spectacular sights around you. Dollar Glen is another beautiful trail in Ochil where you can have fun and relaxing activities.

A guided tour lets you walk, climb, and swim through the Dollar Glen Canyon. It’s also a great spot for picnics. A snack or meal in the middle of gorgeous scenery would be so nice. You can learn about this wonderful town’s history by visiting the Dollar Museum.

Opened in 1988, it’s a museum where some of the town’s most treasured items are being preserved and displayed. Come and take a break in Clackmannanshire’s rural paradise. Marvel at nature’s unbelievable beauty and have a good time with the townspeople and other tourists.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. This is a place where you can enjoy the experience of seeing Scotland’s city life. It’s impossible to miss the city’s well-built medieval and neoclassical structures.

The castle that stands beautifully in this hilly city would make you feel like you’re inside a fantasy land. Edinburgh Castle is a 900-year-old castle where kings and queens used to reside. It was also used as a military base during wars.

Edinburgh Castles have seen the rise and fall of many people throughout its existence. But the rich history of Edinburgh is not limited to the confines of this castle. Before reaching it, you’d pass through some amazing sights.

The Royal Mile used to be a processional route filled with old-timey architecture that will leave you speechless. It is where tourism takes center stage. Take a look at St. Giles Cathedral to Holyroodhouse Palace. These exceptional structures bring good vibes to anyone who’s taking a closer look.

Aside from the picturesque buildings, there are pubs and souvenir shops along the way. You can grab a drink and buy unique items that will remind you of this relaxing trip. Look around and see the smiling faces of the wonderful people around you.

Get to know Edinburgh and Scotland on a deeper level by visiting The National Museum of Scotland. The 12 million items in its collection cover a wide range of topics or interests. From stunning works of art to natural and technological wonders, there’s always something awesome to look at.

There’s more to discover in every street and every corner of Scotland’s capital. The city of Edinburgh is a perfect vacation spot for couples, families, and even tourists who travel alone. You’re not going to feel out of place because everyone is just as excited as you are when it comes to exploring.


Just an hour away from Edinburgh, you’re going to find another wonderful Scottish city. The city of Glasgow. It’s a bigger place than Scotland’s capital and it’s the third biggest city in the United Kingdom.

Like Edinburgh, Glasgow is filled with mind-blowing attractions that you should check out. You can visit both cities in a day since the two aren’t so far from each other. After a relaxing time in Edinburgh, you can enhance your Scotland vacation by going to Glasgow.

The city of Glasgow is home to fun-filled festivals and, just like Edinburgh, architectural wonders. Have a great time with the locals and other tourists by attending different music festivals. Let yourself loose and allow the uplifting songs to ease your troubles even just for a bit.

If some cheaply made whisky from who knows where turned you off, give Glasgow a chance to change your mind. This is where you’ll find the best whisky/scotch distilleries in the world. Glasgow’s culinary prowess is on full blast as well, and that’s great news for foodies out there.

Some of the best dishes in Glasgow include seafood like salmon, crab, and mussels. For an excellent dining experience, give your taste buds a treat by trying out food from two famous restaurants. The best seafood restaurants in Glasgow are Gamba and Crabshakk. Drop by and taste their delicious dishes.

Now that you’ve enjoyed the music, food, and drinks, it’s time to take a tour around the city. Looking for magnificent works of art and architecture? Glasgow is surely an amazing place for you. Complete your Glasgow trip by going to Kelvington Art Gallery, Govan Old Church, The Lighthouse, and Central Chambers.

Edinburgh is a more popular tourist destination. But you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give Glasgow a shot. Though there’s a little bit of rivalry between the two, they’re united when it comes to representing Scotland.


Food will always play a big part in your vacation. So a Scotland trip would not be complete if you skip this wonderful country’s national dish. Haggis is a delicious meat pudding that is unique to Scotland.

Scottish people are so proud of this recipe that they even created a party for it. The said party is called Burns Supper. It’s a nod to the Scottish poet Robert Burns. He wrote a poem about Haggis because he loved it so much.

This awesome delicacy is made up of sheep’s liver, heart, and lungs. To enhance the taste, onion, stock, and other spices are added. It’s usually served with turnips and mashed potatoes. If you’re not a meat eater, there are vegan versions of Haggis that can emulate the great taste of the real thing.

A glass of scotch on the side complements the savory taste of this pudding very well. You can order a satisfying serving of Haggis in most restaurants and pubs all around Scotland. It’s also available in supermarkets and butcher shops.

Make your Scotland vacation complete by going on a food adventure. Food is a great way to introduce a visitor to a certain place’s culture and colorful traditions. The most talented cooks in Scotland would be excited to give you a taste of Haggis, so don’t forget to include it on your list.


If you’ve taken fun-filled trips to England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, there’s one more UK country left. Spend some quality time in the gorgeous kingdom of Wales. Known for its castles, stunning parks, and coastline, Wales is a perfect destination for weekend or day trips.

Just a few hours away from London, a trip to Wales would give you unforgettable sights and experiences. Discover its majestic attractions and rich culture. There are a lot of historical sites for tourists who want to take a glimpse at this country’s past.

Similar to Scotland, Wales is a place where you can have fun and take a very laid-back vacation. Nature’s ability to relieve stress is unwavering. The trees in Welsh parks and the calming breeze on its coastline would help you relax and decompress.

Let your dopamine levels go up by enjoying the view and interacting with the folks around you. Don’t forget about the culinary excellence of Wales. Traditional dishes would surely bring a tasty twist to your trip. The amazing places in Wales will assure you that everything’s going to be fine and dandy.

What Makes Wales Unique


Start your Wales trip by going to its largest and capital city. Cardiff is going to greet you with great visuals and appetizing meals. This city has the most castles in the world. If historic and treasured castles do tickle your fancy, you’ve come to the right Welsh city.

There are 20 castles within its borders, and touring a few or all of them would be great for you. Some of the city’s most visited castles are Cardiff Castle, Dinefwr, and White Castle. Each one is an absolute eye candy so it’s a neat idea to bring a camera so you can take great pictures.

After taking a glimpse at Cardiff’s jaw-dropping structures, there are more things to find and stuff to do. For a crash course on Cardiff’s history, you can take a tour inside St. Fagans History Museum.

The Wales Millennium Centre in the city’s bay area is a complex where different fun events take place. It’s a popular venue for ballet, opera, theater, and orchestral performances. The sounds of classical music can easily put more color and emphasis on the beauty of Cardiff. Let the movements of passionate performers on stage entertain you with their unbelievable talent.

It’s so refreshing to see Cardiff’s beautiful sights and thrilling performances at the Millenium Center. You suddenly heard a sound coming from your tummy. Oops! You’re hungry. You’ve been so mesmerized by everything that you completely forgot to grab some food.

Take this opportunity to taste the most delicious food in the city of Cardiff. The most famous delicacies here are Welsh cakes, Glamorgan sausages, laverbread, and rarebit. These delicacies will satisfy your cravings. After letting out a burp, you can say that the food hits the spot.

Cardiff is already a master when it comes to tourism. As the capital of Wales, you can’t expect anything less, and don’t worry because it will not disappoint. Let this city’s attractions stimulate your senses so you can experience a magical Welsh vacation.


By taking an 11-mile (17.7 km) trip outside of Cardiff, you’re going to reach the city of Newport. Since it’s a coastal city, Newport is a very active place for trade and tourism. This city is going to amaze you with the vibrancy of its tourist attractions.

Some of Newport’s most popular sites are Newport Museum and Art Gallery, Belle Vue Park, and RSPB Newport Wetlands. The Newport Transporter Bridge is also among the city’s most visited sites.

In Newport Museum and Art Gallery, you’ll find a collection of artworks and other memorabilia. Each item tells a story about how Newport dealt with different changes and events in its history. Artworks depict both the historical and the mundane scenes in the city.

A few remnants of the Roman Empire were excavated and also put on display. See the works of very talented artists like Kyffin Williams, Ceri Richards, and Stanley Lewis. From ancient to contemporary, the large collection gives you a better view of the city’s past and present.

Newport’s Public Library is also a part of the museum where years and years of knowledge are archived. Broaden your horizons and play the role of a student by giving this place a visit. A nature-loving tourist like you will enjoy a trip to the RSPB Newport Wetlands.

It’s a nature reserve where you can take guided walks, enjoy some snacks and buy souvenirs. Belle Vue Park is a Victorian public park that includes a bandstand, pavilion, and conservatories. The park is a perfect spot for chilling and recreational activities.

Aside from those three places, there is much more to see and experience in Newport. So if you’ve found your way there, don’t hesitate to explore. Tell your friends and family about this great trip and invite them to join you here next time.

Smallest House in Great Britain

Homes around the world come in different colors and sizes. On the harbor of the walled market town of Conway (Conwy), an old and small house will surely catch your eye. Built back in the 16th century, the smallest house in Britain was home to different tenants until the 1900s.

Simply known as the Quay House, this architectural oddity has been attracting tourists for years.

The last tenant to occupy the Quay House was a tall fisherman named Robert Jones. Jones was forced to move out because the house was too cramped for a big man like him. The dude couldn’t even stand up straight while he was inside.

After serving its purpose as a house for rent, it slowly turned into a tourist attraction. Your eyes can’t miss its bright red exterior paint and, of course, the odd size.

This cute Welsh home is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest house in Great Britain. Your bedrooms, kitchen, or garage are probably bigger than this little house. If you’re one of the claustrophobic bunch, touring this tiny space may not suit your taste.

But the extremely curious are more than welcome to take a tour during spring and autumn. A lady dressed in traditional clothes is going to guide you and tell you about the unique history of this house. Touring this interesting spot in Wales will cost you 1.24 to 1.86 USD.

Unfortunately, the upper floor is inaccessible because of its age and structural instability. But you can take a peek at the upper area by using a step ladder. Visiting a quirky place in Conwy, Wales for less than 5 USD is a pretty good deal.

The Royal Mint Experience

This one is going to be an absolute treat for coin collectors and enthusiasts out there. Even a casual visitor will have an amazing time at The Royal Mint’s factory. The Royal Mint is the oldest company in the UK and had been in charge of coin production for many years.

It’s a factory originally based in England, but in the 1960s, The Mint relocated to Wales. Inside, you’re going to have a chance to look at how British coins are made and minted. Coin collectors also gather here to trade or sell some precious coins from their collections.

Guided tours also include exhibitions and workshops where both kids and grown-ups can learn and have fun. This is one of Wales’ most popular tourist attractions and a secure spot for selling/trading precious metals. Everyone is welcome to visit The Royal Mint’s factory and have a wonderful experience.

The gift shop offers different items that are dedicated to coin collecting. There’s a cafe where you can take a break and order appetizing snacks and refreshing drinks. Those shiny little things are part of the United Kingdom’s currency and are exclusively made in Wales.

Learn more about the United Kingdom’s coin history by taking a tour inside. The different coins you’ve bought are great souvenir items that you can put on display when you get back home. The Royal Mint is open every day from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Admission is about 17 to 21 USD.

Which Is Better – Wales or Scotland?

Wales and Scotland are awesome tourist destinations in the UK. But because Scotland is a bigger place, there are so many places to visit and things to discover. It’s also a prettier destination, especially for tourists who love breathtaking natural sights.

The Scots are known for their friendliness so talking and getting along with them is easy. Interactions with the locals feel more spontaneous. Welsh people are very nice too but compared to Scottish folks, they’re a little shy or reserved.

They’re all polite and approachable but you might need extra effort to help them get out of their shells. The cost of a Scotland trip is almost similar to a vacation in Wales. The expenses in both countries won’t have a major effect on your decision this time.

Wales is perfect for day trips or short getaways because it’s smaller. But the number of attractions in Wales is limited if you compare it to Scotland’s tourist spots. Scotland is a prettier destination and you just can’t resist the enthusiasm of the people there.

Wales is sometimes unfairly overlooked because it’s a place worth checking out. It cannot always match what Scotland has to offer but Wales is still great for short vacations. Scotland wins because it’s filled with super gorgeous sights that you can’t easily find in Wales.


Wales vs. Scotland Tourism

Tourism is big in Wales and Scotland. Though Scotland is a more popular destination, tourism in Wales is also healthy. The regular arrival of tourists is very important to their citizens.

Wales and Scotland are making 7 billion USD per year from tourism. Aside from giving visitors memorable experiences, it helps in providing jobs to their citizens. With the money you’re spending to enjoy their attractions, you are also supporting their economy.

Is Wales Close to Scotland?

Wales and Scotland are 410 miles (660 km) apart so they’re not that close to each other. You’ll need more than 8 hours to cover the distance by car or bus. Scotland is in the northern part of the UK while Wales is in the south.

The fastest way to travel from Wales to Scotland and vice versa is by plane. A plane ride from one country to the other usually takes an hour or less. There are at least 18 direct flights from Scotland to Wales in a day.

Distance Between Scotland and Wales

The distance between Scotland and Wales is 410 miles (660 km). Traveling by land would take more time so a flight is a good alternative if you’re in a hurry. Booking a flight ahead of schedule is advised as this would help a lot in making your plane trip convenient.

Is Wales Bigger Than Scotland?

Wales is a geographically smaller country than Scotland. The land area of Wales is 8,024 square miles (20,782 km²). Scotland’s territory covers 32% of the UK, and it’s almost four times bigger than Wales. It has an area of 30,090 square miles (77,900 km²).

Are Scotland and Wales Independent Countries?

Though Scotland and Wales are separate countries, they still belong to the United Kingdom. Just like England and Northern Ireland, there’s a level of autonomy but they’re not completely independent states. The UK is under a constitutional monarchy while the Parliament takes care of political matters.

Wales vs. Scotland Hospitality

Hospitality is a big part of tourism and it involves food, entertainment, and hotel accommodations. The accommodating nature of Scottish and Welsh people is perfect for it. Both Wales and Scotland can provide great services and quality goods.

The Welsh hospitality industry generates 4.4 billion USD in a year and employs 170,000 people. Scotland has a bigger hospitality industry than Wales because it’s a bigger country and has more attractions. Hospitality in Scotland makes 6.4 billion USD annually and helps in employing 245,000 people.

Wales vs. Scotland National Anthems

All countries in the United Kingdom sing “God Save the Queen” as their official national anthem. But in some sporting events, Scotland used other songs as their anthems. These songs are “Flower of Scotland” and “Scotland the Brave”.

Wales has its unofficial anthem and it’s a song written in the 1800s. The title of this Welsh anthem is “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” and the English title is “Land of My Fathers”. Wales use this song as their anthem in sporting events.

“God Bless the Prince of Wales” was also used as the official anthem of Wales in the 1900s. Scotland and Wales sing different songs as their anthems to display their patriotism. But as members of the UK, they use “God Save the Queen” as their official song.

Scotland to Wales by Train

You can travel from Scotland to Wales by train. But train rides include some changes along the way as there are no direct trips available. Their distance by train is 302 miles (485 km), and a trip can take 6 to 9 hours.

There are 60 train departures daily, and a ticket will cost you 185 to 493 USD. The pricier ticket options include other services like meals and an internet connection. Though not the cheapest and fastest way to travel, a train ride is a great option for sightseeing.