Thailand vs. Malaysia

Two of the popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia are Thailand and Malaysia. Both offer scenic landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant city life. There is also no shortage of things to do in both nations, making them a tourism powerhouse. Because they are so alike, it can be baffling to decide on which to pick for your next holiday trip.
Thailand vs. Malaysia

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Apart from picturesque views and golden beaches, both have a lot to offer their visitors. More than a feast for your eyes, they also have mouth-watering cuisine that ties in with their unique cultures. Both are strong contenders for your trip to Southeast Asia, so you can never go wrong with either.


Thailand, “The Land of Smiles” is a popular tourist destination located in mainland Southeast Asia. It is well-known for its rich culture, beautiful sceneries, abundant wildlife, and more. To top it off, the friendly locals also make the country even more inviting.

Blessed with beaches, highlands, forests, and jungles, the country has a lot to offer. If you are adventurous, you can go rafting, rock climbing, or even try a jungle leap. But if you want to relax instead, you can chill by the long coastlines of their many beaches.

There is always something to do in Thailand, no matter your preference. To add, Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized. Thus, you can experience their unique and untouched culture to its fullest extent.

What Makes Thailand Unique?

An Island for Every Type of Tourist

Thailand is a nation that has many islands, 1,430 of them to be exact. There is an island to visit for adventures, beaches, temples, and festivals. Thus, each island appeals to a different kind of tourist, so there is always somewhere fun to go for you.

Koh Tao is for the adventurer at heart, as it offers blood-pumping adventures as you immerse in nature. Koh Lipe offers a quaint feel of the country’s untouched beaches and water. Koh Samui is up your alley if you want luxury resorts with top-class restaurants for the foodie in you.

Beautiful Sceneries in Various Terrains

Thailand truly stands out in captivating tourists with natural attractions. Being a nation of many islands, beaches are what most tourists come for. But Thailand also offers other picturesque sceneries on land.

Grab your camera and flock to rock formations, stunning cliffs, and caves in the middle of forests. Bask in the beautiful architecture of temples, too, as part of your itinerary. Relaxing in a sea of lotuses in the Red Lotus Sea is also a must when you visit the country.

If you want to experience Thailand away from the crowded tourist hotspots, here are some of the best picks for you.

Sam Phan Bok

Known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand, this is a must-see during the rainy season. This rock formation is an interesting landscape to behold as it looks as if large mountains are in the middle of the Mae Kong River.

Sra Morakot

This hot spring in the middle of the forest is also called the Emerald Pool due to its vibrant and clear waters. The forest that surrounds it, Khao Nor Juji, is apparently the country’s last virgin forest. Sra Morakot is a must-visit on a bright and sunny day.

Doi Chang Cliffs

Going to the top of this cliff requires trekking on uneven terrain, but there is a stunning reward after. Locals call this “Piang Dao” which translates to “at the level of the stars”. Thus, Doi Chang Cliffs gives you a spectacular view of the Milky Way.

A Unique Mix of Wildlife

A surprising 10 percent of animal species in the world call Thailand their home. A tenth of all bird species also live in the country, which is more than the birds in America and Europe combined. Not only that, you will find one of the smallest and largest animals on Earth in Thailand.

Both the smallest mammal, the bumblebee bat, and the largest fish, the whale shark, are in the country. The biggest lizard in the world, the monitor lizard, also resides in the Land of Smiles.

So if you are an animal lover, Thailand will surely pique your interest. Find some of the best places to visit these creatures in the wild below.

Doi Mon Jong

Relax in the rolling meadows of Doi Mon Jong as you get to meet Thailand’s endangered and exotic species. The spectacular view of the Milky Way at night is a big bonus for anyone visiting.

Mokoju Peak

Trek through the refreshing trails of Mokoju Peak with a park ranger to reach the peak. There is a variety of wildlife here, but the many bird species living here are one of the main attractions. Here, you will find mountain hawk-eagles, Burmese yuhina, and more.

Diverse Set of Activities

Thailand excels in letting tourists experience their unique culture and country. There is a lot to do in Thailand, no matter your interests and budget!

If you want to spend your time relaxing, get a Thai massage or do some meditation. The best place to get a massage is Wat Pho, the ancestor of Thai massage. Chiang Mai is the go-to for meditation as it has various centers such as Wat Suan Dok, Wat Ram Poeng, Wat Umong, and more.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, Thailand also has something fun for you to do.

You can go on a fun rafting trip on well-developed systems around Chiang Mai. Or you may want an exhilarating drive across rugged mountainous tracks on an ATV. But trying out the Jungle Leap is the best activity if you want to get your blood pumping.

For those who love a good challenge, you can try rock climbing on Railay Beach. This place attracts many climbing experts all around the world as it is by the seaside. You don’t have to be a master for this, as there are entry-level courses offered.

But for truly unique experiences in Thailand, you can get involved with their culture. You can either watch or try Muay Thai Boxing, the country’s cultural martial art. Learning how to cook their delicacies in Chiang Mai is also a fun way to experience their culture.

Electrifying Nightlife

Thailand is one of the best nightlife destinations in the world. Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are all hotspots for tourists who want to enjoy themselves. Thailand offers an unforgettable nightlife experience, so you’re in for a treat!

You’ll find streets lined with pubs, rooftop bars, and even go-go bars to go to. The vibrant neon lights and merry crowds only add to the exhilarating experience. There are also boat parties in some areas if you want to enjoy your time on the water.

What will complete your nightlife trip in Thailand are the cabaret shows. Experience glamorous performances that large crowds flock to each night. Popular places for these include Chiang Mai Cabaret and Miracle Cabaret Chiang Mai.

If getting lost in a sea of night lovers is more your speed, join the Full Moon party! Thousands of people gather in Haad Rin Bay to drink, see fireworks, and party throughout the night.

You’ll need to schedule your trip if you want to experience the Full Moon party. But off-season, you can still enjoy several parties that the island has to offer.


Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, races, and religions. The country’s three main races are Malay, Chinese, and Indian. And its three main religions are Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Multiculturalism is a big part of Malaysia’s identity. Every culture gets celebrated vivaciously and respected through festivities, food, and more. This harmonious diversity only adds to any tourist’s unique Malaysian experience.

Malaysia also has a stark contrast between urban and natural settings. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, is a lively, busy place with towering skyscrapers. But if you move to other parts of the country, you’ll find that Malaysia is a lush, biologically diverse landscape too.

What Makes Malaysia Unique?

Spectacular Food Scene

Food and culture are intertwined, and the former is a way of retaining cultural identity. Since Malaysia is an interesting mix of cultures, its cuisine is famous worldwide. Other than that, they also have almost every traditional cuisine from every culture.

As they embrace each other’s culture, Malaysians like to combine two or more cultures in a dish. A popular example of this is mee goreng mamak, an Indian-Muslim dish in one.

If you’re a foodie at heart, head over to Penang to try out various tasty street foods! Most of the vendors come from generations of cooks, so they know how to make the most scrumptious meals.

Pristine White-Sand Beaches

Malaysia boasts several of the most gorgeous beaches in Asia. Much of the country’s long coastlines and clear waters still have their raw and quaint charm. The best part is that you have no shortage of beach options no matter your taste or budget!

You have resorts with beach parties if you want to drink plenty of booze and dance until dawn. On more commercialized beaches, dabble in thrilling water sports and other adventures offered.

But if you want to laze on a quiet beach, you have offbeat options as well. From untouched secret coves, calm islands away from the mainland, and beaches by the lush forest, Malaysia has you covered. No matter where you go, the country’s striking blue waters will not disappoint you.

Among the vast variety of beaches in Malaysia, here are some top picks for you:

Tanjung Bungah

If water activities are your thing, stop by this beach on Penang Island. Here, you can go kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. What’s more, is that various establishments also surround Tanjung Bungah.

There are top-tier restaurants, luxurious resorts, and shopping places nearby. Stop by the Tanjung Bungah Market for souvenirs and authentic Malaysian foods. And minutes away is the Penang Toy Museum, a unique visit for anyone regardless of age.

Perhentian Islands

For a taste of the unspoiled allure of Malaysia’s beaches, this is your destination. Perhentian Islands were once inhabited by a few people. It has developed slowly over the years, still retaining its natural beauty.

Enjoy a slow afternoon by the palm-fringed shorelines while sipping a drink or two. You can also immerse yourself in nature here, whether under the sea or on land.

Kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling tours are a must-try on this quaint island. You can also go on organized trekking through the thick jungle on the island.

Kota Kinabalu

If you want to go off the grid for a bit, the rustic beach life that Kota Kinabalu has to offer is right up your alley. There are no world-class resorts and amenities here. You only get the best of what the immaculate beaches and forests have to offer.

You cannot expect to get a stable connection here, but there is electricity and running water. There are bungalows, some places to eat, and a diving center for visitors.

This is a perfect destination to relish the swaying palms and the soft and powdery sand in peace. Snorkeling and diving are some of the activities you can do here. But hiking through the rugged trails to caves and lush, forested cliffs is a must-try too.

Stunning Cultural Landmarks

When coming to Malaysia, you must take advantage of their one-of-a-kind and diverse culture. You can find their rich history almost everywhere you turn. But one of the best ways to learn more about Malaysia and its people is by visiting cultural places.

Here are some of the must-see popular cultural heritage spots of the country:

Batu Caves

This place is a natural wonder and cultural landmark combined. A large, golden statue of Lord Murugan. What lies beyond is a century-old temple on a limestone hill.

The vibrant colors of Batu Caves are a striking contrast to the lush greenery around. Batu Caves is only about a 20-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, thus, it attracts tourists year-round.

Crystal Mosque

With Islam being the official religion of Malaysia, you will find mosques everywhere. But the most unique of them all is the Crystal mosque. The structure itself is a tourist attraction, but it is also part of the Islamic Heritage park.

What makes this mosque stand out is its impressive exterior, as it is made with steel, crystal, and glass. On a sunny day, the sun’s rays illuminate the most as if the domes are shining.

Kek Lok Si Temple

This temple is not only well-known for being one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia. Kek Lok Si also boasts the finest and most intricate exteriors and interiors. Here you will find murals and sculptures of the teachings of Buddhism.

Captivating Natural Attractions

Malaysia leaves its tourists mesmerized by its wide array of attractions. But what stands out for this stunning nation is its effort to preserve its natural beauty. From quaint little towns to opulent rainforests, the scenic views will take your breath away.

One unique place to visit is the Sasaran Sky Mirror, near the Jeram Fishing village. As the name suggests, this place makes it seem like the ground is continuous with the sky. The clear and shallow waters of the place are perfect for taking artsy pictures to show off on your social media.

The Belum Rainforest is also one of the hidden gems of Malaysia. It is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, and there are campsites for visitors to spend the night. Enjoy yourself by going on a boat right, bird-watching, zip-lining, and more.

If you want to get lost in nature, the Chemorong Forest Reserve is the place to go. Unspoiled and often less traveled to, the forest offers a serene vibe for its visitors. Surround yourself with lush greenery, take a dip in crystal clear waters, and discover stunning waterfalls too.

Which Is Better – Thailand or Malaysia?

One cannot deny that both Thailand and Malaysia are Southeast Asian powerhouses for tourism. The two countries boast vibrant city life, alluring beaches, lush landscapes, and more. But while they are alike in many ways, each caters best to a different type of tourist.

Thailand has more tourist attractions, and they are better at indulging their visitors. There is an island for backpackers on a budget and for those who want a luxurious trip. You can go to one island for water activities, another for jungle trekking, and so on.

If you love partying, Thailand is undoubtedly your best bet. The nation’s night scene is well-known worldwide and is one of the reasons  many flock to the country. They have various establishments and entertainments for every nighttime pleasure seeker.

Malaysia also has a vibrant nightlife, though it is not as crazy when compared to Thailand. Instead, what attracts tourists to Malaysia is its food, well-preserved nature, and adventures.

With this, Malaysia is best for those who want a more laid-back experience in Southeast Asia. This is the place to go if you are a foodie who wants to try dishes from various cultures. Malaysia is also your best bet if you want a quaint beach life or if you are an adventurous nature lover.

There is a lot to do in Malaysia’s impeccable beaches and lush forests. Scuba diving, hiking, and caving are only the tip of the iceberg. Thailand also has these, but Malaysia offers a less commercialized experience.


Which Is Safer – Thailand or Malaysia?

While both countries are generally safe for tourists, Malaysia is slightly safer. The biggest threat you will face when visiting these countries is bag snatching. In Thailand where some areas can get crowdy, the risk for travelers goes up a notch.

Other than that, you must be wary of tourist scams as well. Usually, someone will ask you to go with them and take you somewhere else.

Again, these are more rampant in busier tourist areas. But in other quieter places in both countries, you are less likely to encounter these.

But these crimes are everywhere, no matter where you go. Thus, these should not deter you from planning a trip to Thailand or Malaysia. Compared to other ASEAN countries, they are still one of the safest for tourists to visit.

Is Malaysia or Thailand Cheaper?

Many find Thailand to be cheaper than Malaysia, but there is only a slight price difference. With this, both are cost-effective options for your next holiday. But Malaysia can be way more costly depending on how you spend your time in the country.

With this, your finances will depend on what you want to do for your trip. To start, you must get a baseline of the average costs you’ll be expecting in each country for your vacation.

A hotel or hostel for a single person in Thailand is $28, while in Malaysia, this will cost you $37. Meals in Thailand for a day are about $13, and in Malaysia, they will be $14. Transportation costs in Thailand are around $10, a bit more costly than Malaysia’s $9.95.

As you can see, you’ll have roughly the same amount of expenses in both countries. But where Malaysia gets expensive is their nightlife costs.

In Thailand, you will spend about $14 for entertainment, while in Malaysia, this will be around $17. If you like drinking, Malaysia will charge you two to four times more for booze than in Thailand.

Is Malaysia Richer Than Thailand?

Between the two countries, Malaysia is richer than Thailand. To determine the richness of a country, looking at one’s GDP is the standard.

Thailand has a bigger economy compared to Malaysia, as they have a bigger GDP. But why is the latter considered richer than the former?

You still have to view the GDP per capita across both countries to get a clearer view of their wealth. And since Malaysia has a smaller population than Thailand, the former is richer.

The GDP nominal per capita and GDP PPP per capita of Malaysia is still much higher than in Thailand. What this tells you is that each person from Malaysia is more economically productive than one from Thailand. And when compared to the USD, the currency of Malaysia is also much stronger than that of Thailand.

Thus, the income distribution in Malaysia is much better. The people of the country have better living standards and are generally more well off.

Is Malaysia More Developed Than Thailand?

Because Malaysia is a richer country, it is also more developed than Thailand. More Malaysians than Thais live above the poverty line, as you can expect.

The most striking difference in their development is their infrastructure.

In Thailand, Bangkok’s infrastructure is on par with Malaysia’s. But this is only limited to that city, unfortunately. In rural areas, especially the northern area, Thailand is still underdeveloped.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, the infrastructure is spread throughout the country. Kuala Lumpur may be the best of all, but the other states also have advanced development. Penang, Johor, and Malaka, to name a few, are sustainable.

Other than that, recreational amenities are also distributed throughout Malaysia. Whereas in Thailand, you can only go to Bangkok and a few other cities for this. And only Chiang Mai can challenge the city capital in this regard.

While Malaysia is more developed, Thailand, specifically Bangkok, is more advanced as a tourist hub. They have more amenities, Michelin Star restaurants, finer luxurious hotels, and more. Thailand does a better job of giving its tourists a delightful vacation.

Malaysia or Thailand for Honeymoon

For a honeymoon trip, Malaysia is the better option. Both countries have golden beaches, blue-green seas, and picturesque landscapes. But Malaysia’s tourist attractions are more catered to couples.

Langkawi and Pangkor Island are two of the top destinations for a honeymoon. You can enjoy the long coastlines of powdery sands in a laid-back and idyllic setting. Kayaking and snorkeling are also some of the top activities for couples here.

There are also a lot of thrilling yet wholesome activities to do in Malaysia.

You can go for a hot-air balloon ride and as newlyweds. Go on an airplane ride over Kuala Lumpur for a unique experience. If you’re looking for something more thrilling, go on a tandem skydive together.

While Thailand can be a romantic getaway too, amenities and activities for couples are more limited. If you want a livelier honeymoon, you may prefer Thailand. But you can expect a more fast-paced and buzzing atmosphere in this vibrant nation.

Malaysia wins this, as it offers a more intimate experience with your spouse.

Is Malaysia in Thailand?

Malaysia is not in Thailand, as they are two separate countries. Both are part of mainland Southeast Asia, sitting beside each other. The border of the two countries is in the south of Thailand and the north of Malaysia.

Is Malaysia Close to Thailand?

These two countries are beside each other on mainland Southeast Asia. They have a land boundary called the Malaysia-Thailand border.

Malaysia to Thailand Distance

The flight distance from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Bangkok, Thailand, is 745 miles (1199 km). So if you are traveling by air, the estimated flight duration is around 1 hour and 55 minutes.

But if you are traveling by land, the distance between the two cities is 958 miles (1542 km). Your travel time will be around 18 hours and 24 minutes if you choose this option.

Thailand Time Zone vs. Malaysia Time Zone

Thailand follows UTC+7:00, while Malaysia follows UTC+8:00. Thus, the former is an hour behind the latter.

Where Is the Border Between Thailand and Malaysia?

The border between the two countries is near the Padang Besar checkpoint. This border town is in the south of Thailand and to the north of Malaysia. Padang Besar is the sole rail link between the two countries.

Malaysia and Thailand Land Border Crossing

There are plenty of Malaysia-Thailand border crossings dotting the two countries. But only seven of them are open to international visitors.

Padang Besar is one of them, and you can travel to and from both countries here by road or train. Should you want a different border crossing, here are your options:

  • Wang Kelian (MY) to Wang Prachan (TH)
  • Bukit Kayu Hitam (MY) to Ban Dan Nok (TH)
  • Pengkalan Hulu / Bukit Berapit (MY) to Betong (TH)
  • Bukit Bunga (MY) to Buketa (TH)
  • Rantau Panjang (MY) to Sungai Kolok (TH)

When crossing any border, you need to prepare your visa and fees (if applicable), passport pictures, and your passport. Do take note that some border crossings may take you a while to cross.

Bukit Kayu Hitam (MY) to Ban Dan Nok (TH) often sees delays. This is because it’s on a direct motorway to the City of Angels, Bangkok.

Meanwhile, Pengkalan Hulu / Bukit Berapit (MY) to Betong (TH) is one of the busiest borders. Although the process for formalities is pretty straightforward.

How to Get From Malaysia to Thailand

Traveling by plane to Thailand from Malaysia is the fastest option for you. It may cost you a bit, but AirAsia offers cheap plane tickets for budget travelers. They are also reliable, so you don’t need to go with flag carrier airlines.

But because Malaysia and Thailand are beside each other, you can also travel by sea or by land.

If you choose to travel by sea, you need to take a ferry from Langkawi. This will take you to Tammalang pier in Satun, Thailand. Immigration stations are present in both for you to get stamped in and out of the countries.

If you wish to travel by land, you can do so via car, bus, or train. Keep in mind that travel costs can stack up with public transportation. And this option will take you much longer to get to your destination.

Malaysia to Thailand Flight Time

Flying to Malaysia from Thailand and vice versa only takes about 1 hour and 55 minutes. This may cost more than traveling by land, but this is the best and fastest way to travel between the two countries.

Malaysia to Thailand Flight Ticket Price

Flight ticket prices from Malaysia to Thailand can range from $40 to $250. The pricing will depend on which airports you go through, your airline, and if you are making stops.

When you plan your trip also matters here. The high seasons of Thailand are around June and July. Meanwhile, the cheapest month to visit the country is on February.

Thailand to Malaysia by Ferry

You have two options to go to Malaysia from Thailand by sea. Both Koh Lipe and Satun can be your starting point. Either one of them will be fine as ferries there will still take you to Langkawi Ferry.

Ferries from Koh Lipe in Trang Hat Yao pier go to Langkawi several times a day. But they only operate during the high season, which is around early October to early June. If your trip is outside of these months, you may ride a speedboat there instead.

The ferry cost from Koh Lipe to Langkawi is about $26 to $31.

You’ll have to go through immigration officers in Pattaya beach to get stamped out of Thailand. The staff there will guide you to a longtail boat and take you to Langkawi. Go through Malaysian Immigration and then get stamped into the country.

Meanwhile, ferries from Satun in Tammlang pier run each day, though they only make two to four trips. From Satun, the ferry cost to Langkawi is about $10.

You get stamped out of Thailand on the same pier, and then go to Langkawi onboard a ferry. Once you arrive, the process mentioned above follows.

Malaysia to Thailand by Land

You can travel by car or train through the Padang Besar checkpoint. If you choose the former, you can go through the drive-through lanes. If you go for the latter, both nations’ immigration stations are in the same railway station.

If you go through Wang Kelian, you must take a taxi to go there and get stamped by Malaysian immigration. Now walk to the Thai immigration station nearby for formalities. Once you get stamped in, take public transport out of town and get a bus to go to your destination.

To go through Rantau Panjang, you must take a bus to get there and then walk to cross the border. Once you get to Sungai Kolok in Thailand, take another bus to your next stop. You can also travel via car, as both immigration stations are near the bridge.

You can also cross this border by taking a train to Pasir Mas, the nearest station to the border. Once there, take a bus or taxi to Rantau Panjang. You can take a train once you cross Sungai Kolok.

These are only some of your options to get to Thailand from Malaysia. Crossing other border areas pretty much follows the same flow.

Train From Malaysia to Thailand

When traveling by train from Malaysia to Thailand, you’ll have to get to the Padang Besar on the Thai border. From Kuala Lumpur, you can take an ETS train to get there directly. Keep in mind that there are only two to three scheduled journeys a day, so plan ahead.

Getting to Padang Besar on the ETS train takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes. Once you get there, you need to transfer to a different trail line to get to Thailand. At Padang Besar, you can get stamped out of Malaysia and stamped into Thailand.

Another option is to also take a shuttle train to Hat Yai in southern Thailand. You can always travel all the way up to Bangkok from there.

If you go straight to Bangkok, you’ll take an overnight train journey that lasts 17 hours. First-class sleepers are best for couples, while second-class is best for solo travelers.

You have two convenient stop options from here on. One is Bang Sue station, and the other is the final stop, Hua Lamphong station. Both connect to MRT underground systems to take you to your destination.

You can also take a taxi, tuk-tuk, or the rail system too.

Malaysia to Thailand Distance by Train

The distance between Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Bangkok in Thailand by train is 738 miles (1187 km). Thus, you will need to spend the night on a train to travel. Keep in mind that there is no direct train between the two countries, you need to switch lines at Padang Besar.

Malaysia to Thailand Train Ticket Price

ETS trains from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar costs around $13 to $26. Prices will depend on your route time, as there will be a different train transport name for each.

Tickets from Padang Besar to Bangkok depend on the berth of your choosing. For the upper berth, it’ll cost you around $26. For the lower berth, the price is $23.

If you are traveling with a child, their train fare is cheaper. You can pay $21 for the upper berth and $19 for the lower berth.

All in all, the trip from Malaysia to Thailand by train is around $36 to $52 for a solo adult. Take note that this does not include transport costs once you arrive in Thailand.

Thailand to Malaysia by Road

You can travel from Thailand to Malaysia by road via car or bus. Between the two options, taking a bus ride between two countries is the easiest one. Traveling via car may sound appealing, but there are many caveats to consider.

If you choose to travel by bus, you first need to reach Hat Yai City. This is in southern Thailand, near the border with Malaysia.
Once you’re in Hat Yai, the bus will take you to another bus station. From there, you can buy tickets to head toward Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

If you choose to travel by car, though, you first need an International Driving Permit. Second, you need to have your own car as rental cars aren’t allowed to cross the border. But if you have both, you can cross the borders. The border control agents will ask for your passport, vehicle fees, and car insurance.

Malaysia to Thailand by Bus

To travel from Malaysia to Thailand by bus, you need to switch buses throughout your journey. First, you need to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Hat Yai in Thailand.

Several bus companies offer this route. Prices will vary between luxury express, executive, or VIP buses. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai will take you around 8 hours. But this will depend on traffic and your time at the Sadao border crossing.

Once you reach Hat Yai, you’ll get taken to the bus station. Although many buses will continue to drive to the city center.

From the Hat Yai bus station, you can take a bus to move up to Bangkok in Thailand. You can either choose government-run bus companies or more luxurious VIP ones. There will be agents selling tickets throughout the terminal, so you won’t have trouble catching a bus.

Traveling from Hat Yai to the capital city of Bangkok will take around 13 hours. Thus, you need to prepare for overnight travel.

How Many Hours From Malaysia to Thailand by Bus?

Bus travel from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Bangkok in Thailand will be around 21 hours. Eight hours will go into traveling from the capital to Hat Yai. Then the remaining 13 hours will be from Hat Yai to Bangkok.

Keep in mind that many factors will affect your travel time. Traffic, for example, will eat up a lot of your time on the road. With this, you can cut your travel time down to 9 to 10 hours if you travel at night.

Malaysia to Thailand Bus Ticket Price

Bus prices from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Hat Yai in Thailand are around $14 to $21. If you plan to go to the capital of Thailand, you need to take another bus for $20 to $28.

Can You Drive From Thailand to Malaysia?

Getting to Malaysia from Thailand is possible, but only if you own the vehicle and have it registered in Thailand. If you have a car registered in another country, you will have to follow extra steps. Rental cars are not allowed, and most car rental companies will have this in their contract.

To travel by car, you need to get to the Sadao border crossing via the AH2 highway. Once you reach the Thai border, park your car and bring your passport with you to the passport control booth. Here, you’ll get stamped out of Thailand and then you can go back to your car.

Turn back to the driveway you entered in and make your way to the Malaysian border. Drive to the Malaysian passport control booth with your passport and surrender it at the window. You’ll need to pay private vehicle fees here as well.

Border Patrol agents will inspect and search your car. After that, drive through the tourist information building and park there.

This is where you can get Malaysian car insurance if you haven’t already. This will cost you about $32 per month.

After these, you can now drive to Malaysia freely!