Aruba vs. Dominican Republic

Aruba and the Dominican Republic are two countries that amaze anyone with their natural beauty. Exceptional beaches and a relaxed environment are what both destinations boast to both locals and visitors. Because of the similar vibe and beauty that these destinations offer, it can be hard to decide which one is more worthy of visiting.
Aruba vs. Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is one of the largest countries in the Caribbean. It’s filled with beautiful beaches and authentic Caribbean vibes everywhere. It’s no wonder people imagine endless white-sand beaches under the relaxing sun because that’s what the Dominican Republic is all about.

Aruba, on the other hand, is only a small island. However, despite being a small island, it’s full of exciting activities and breathtaking sights. It’s truly a place with abundant culture. Each of these two destinations has something great to offer.


Aruba can be your next favorite place. It’s the most visited Caribbean island with over 1 million tourists annually. This is because of its enticing sceneries and attractions.

It’s filled with wonders, from beaches to desert-like terrain to welcoming people and delicious food. Visitors are continuously amazed because this small island in the South of the Caribbean doesn’t seem so small. It’s because of all the stunning beauty it possesses.

Aruba is the best place to soak up in the sun because it has a low risk of rain. The slow pace of life in Aruba makes it a perfect destination to relax and unwind. It’s got the ideal mix of everything you can ever want in your sun-filled and soothing vacation.

What Makes Aruba Unique?

Rich History and Culture

Every visitor of Aruba is made aware of the rich history and culture that the island has. Wherever you go, you can access different kinds of historical tours that will give you an inside look at Aruba’s history. You will have an idea of how Aruba was from the Arawak Indians to the Spaniards to the British rule. Because of this bountiful history, it’s no doubt that the culture is as bountiful.

Aruba has a variety of ways to celebrate the rich culture and history that they have. The place is filled with galleries, arts, music, and dances that showcase its artistic and cultural development. They want locals and visitors to feel the copious culture, so they have celebrations left and right. There are a lot of events from local exhibits, carnivals, and festivals. These all continuously enrich the experience of locals and tourists.

In Aruba, there are a lot of cultural hotspots that you can immerse in to make your Aruba experience as authentic as you can.

Stunning Beaches

Aruba is famous for its glamorous and stunning beaches. When you think of Aruba, you think of the pure white sand and crystal clear waters. Despite Aruba being the most visited Caribbean location, its white-sand beaches are untouched. The environment is of utmost importance in Aruba, so they ensure that their beaches are well-kept.

Another great thing about beaches in Aruba is that the water is usually unclouded by runoff due to the dry environment. The powdery sand is consistently cool and comfortable even during the hottest times, so you can enjoy walking on the beach barefoot.

Here are some of the beaches you should check out in Aruba:

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba. If there’s a beach that perfectly shows the untouched beauty of Aruba, it’s Eagle Beach. In Eagle Beach, nature stands out. Coconut palms, fofoti trees, and sea grapes are everywhere. The clear jade waters are breathtaking. If you’re seeking the perfect immersion with nature, it’s here.

Manchebo Beach

To the south of Eagle Beach is the equally stunning Manchebo Beach. Compared to Eagle Beach, Manchebo Beach offers more privacy and seclusion. Of the beaches in Aruba, this has lesser crowds due to the absence of water activities in the area.

However, the beach is sprinkled with peaceful restaurants and resorts. This beach is the perfect location if you want to unwind.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is best known for its shallow and calm waters. Families with kids are the ones who most enjoy what Baby Beach has to offer. Aruba’s pure white sand and clear waters flow through Baby Beach, too. But in Baby Beach, there’s no worry about dangerous currents or deep-sea waters.

There are many snack bars lined up for people to enjoy. There are also some water activities such as snorkeling that will entertain anyone who wants to see small fish around.

Boca Catalina

Most people going to Aruba has Boca Catalina in their itinerary. It’s the most popular spot for snorkeling, so you can expect to see vast schools of fish in the area. Despite its popularity, the pebbly beach is small compared to other beaches. It’s also void of any facilities around, so it’s best not to spend the bulk of your time here.

Friendly People

Once you step into Aruba, you will be welcomed by warm, friendly, and hospitable locals. Expect pleasant greetings from the general population of the island. People in Aruba are naturally hospitable because it is deeply ingrained in their culture. There’s a great feeling of safety and comfort in Aruba because of the people in it.

Fun-Filled Activities

Aruba has something to offer to everyone. There’s a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Kite surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are just some of the water activities that tourists can enjoy around Aruba.

There are also various tours that individuals and families alike can enjoy. You can enjoy underwater submarine adventures, butterfly farm tours, and ATV off-road tours. There’s truly something for every person in Aruba.

There will never be a boring day because you’ll have a lot of options on what activities you should do and what attractions you should see.

Sunny Weather

Vacations aren’t any fun if it’s raining. If you want to be assured that you can enjoy a sunny and rain-free holiday, Aruba is the place to be.

Tourists flock to Aruba because of the ideal climate it has for relaxing and unwinding. The island’s temperature averages around 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). It receives an average annual rainfall of only 16 inches, making it the Caribbean’s driest island.

More than the sunny weather, you can feel safe that you won’t experience a bad hurricane in Aruba. It’s positioned at the edge of the hurricane belt, which means that hurricanes are a limited possibility. Because of this, a stay in Aruba becomes more worry-free and comfortable.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to various landscapes, from deserts to mountains to beaches! Everything about the Dominican Republic is appealing. There’s no point in this destination where you’ll get tired of looking around you.

Beyond the sceneries, there’s a lot to enjoy in the Dominican Republic. Everything is something you want to be a part of: the culture, the people, and the authentic Caribbean vibes.

One time in the Dominican Republic will make you fall in love with the place. You will find nothing that you won’t like. It’s the best place to get out of the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Life in the Dominican Republic is pure fun-filled days and nights.

What Makes Dominican Republic Unique?

Endless White-Sand Beaches

Beaches in the Dominican Republic are exactly what people think: postcard-like perfection. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax in and get away, or you’re looking to enjoy yourself with other people, Dominican Republic has a beach for you. The beaches here are diverse, so you know that there’s always something for everyone.

The Dominican Republic boasts a long length of pure white-sand beaches paired with the perfect blue waters of the ocean. The beaches in the Dominican Republic are regarded as the country’s top tourist attractions. You can expect nothing less than vacation perfection.

Here are some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic:

Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach is the best stretch of beach in one of the best destinations in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. It’s the image of a beach in everyone’s dreams. If you’re thinking of the perfect, gorgeous, and relaxing beach, it’s Bavaro Beach.

The silky smooth white sand and clear waters are paired with a well-maintained and developed resort scene. You really can find everything you need here. Despite having a well-developed resort scene, the beach continues to offer a tropical haven.

Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is a perfect stretch of golden sand that any family will enjoy. A stunning mountain scenery accompanies the palm-lined beach. The perfect view is what draws locals and tourists alike to this place. Playa Dorada is a crowd favorite because of the homey and cozy vibes that it exudes.

Cayo Levantado

Cayo Levantado is a relaxing beach on a private island. It’s perfect for tourists that want more privacy. The private and remote island is surrounded by soft white sand beaches with shallow turquoise waters. Cayo Levantado is an exclusive, adults-only space in the Dominican Republic.

Cabarete Beach

If the atmosphere of the beach is the most important aspect for you, Cabarete Beach is the place to be. Cabarete Beach is one of the calmest beaches in the Dominican Republic, with shallow waters for kids and all kinds of swimmers. The peaceful and relaxing vibe under the stars is the ultimate appeal of Cabarete Beach.

Superb Flavors

Diverse culinary flavors are what Dominican Republic food is all about. The Dominican Republic has influences in the culinary field from different places all over the world. This makes the flavors of the place exquisite and world-class. A Dominican Republic vacation is never complete without experiencing authentic Dominican cuisine flavors.

Dining in the Dominican Republic is even more fun when you’re served with fresh seafood right on the beach. Tuna, marlin, and ballyhoo are the most common and bountiful seafood in the Dominican Republic. You can enjoy these delicious food while basking in perfect sceneries. There’s no better a culinary experience than that.

Uplifting Nights

The Dominican Republic has one of the best nightlife in the Caribbean. There are places in Dominican Republic, such as Santo Domingo, that are better explored at night. Go to Punta Cana, and your night will be filled with music, dancing, and people having the time of their lives.

Some places in the Dominican Republic completely transform at night. This makes day and night in Dominican Republic two completely different experiences for tourists. Bars, clubs, and discos are all over Dominican Republic, giving tourists and locals the chance to have social, fun-filled nights.

Fun-Loving Locals

If you’re a fun-loving individual looking for people like you, go to the Dominican Republic. Dominicans are some of the most welcoming and fun-loving people around. They’re known for being courteous and cheerful. Any tourist will not feel lost because of how well Dominicans welcome new people.

As fun-loving people, they’re more than happy to share their culture in the most entertaining ways. Tourists experience Dominican culture with a big smile on their faces because the locals inject fun into their culture. Anyone visiting the Dominican Republic will feel at ease right away because of the cheerful vibe all around.

What Is Better – Aruba or Dominican Republic?

Both Aruba and the Dominican Republic, without a doubt, offer breathtaking sceneries that anyone can relax in. These two destinations are similar in a lot of ways. They’re both paradises of people’s dreams. However, they offer completely different experiences to tourists.

Aruba is the perfect place to unwind. If you want some peace and quiet, there’s no better place than Aruba. Because it’s a small island, there seem to be limited things to do, but this doesn’t mean that it’s less fun than any other destination.

Aruba is a small dreamlike island seemingly made for families and individuals that want to slow down. The main catch of Aruba is the perfect weather that makes it one of the best tropical paradises to be in.

On the other hand, Dominican Republic is for those who want to mix relaxation with high-energy fun. If you’re looking for some more thrill to go with the beautiful sceneries, Dominican Republic should be on top of your list.

It’s a place that’s charming beyond the breathtaking sights. The local nightlife and culture is all the adventure that some individuals need. This perfect mix of fun and relaxation is what makes the Dominican Republic the best place for many tourists.

There’s no better option between the two because they offer different experiences for different people. It’s only a matter of what experience are you willing to immerse in first? Are you looking to slow down, or are you looking to have fun with new people? Either way, you can enjoy your choice with beautiful sceneries and a relaxing, no-pressure atmosphere.


Aruba or Dominican Republic for Honeymoon?

Most couples will prefer to go to Aruba for their honeymoon because the romantic vibe of the island is more present. It’s also safer to travel given that it’s only a small island compared to the very large and populated Dominican Republic. However, both destinations are great options for couples going on their honeymoon.

Aruba is the perfect place for couples looking for a relaxing honeymoon. It’s perfect with breathtaking views, warm weather, and romantic vibes going around. It’s definitely an unwinding kind of honeymoon for couples choosing to go to Aruba. The beaches and fun-filled activities would be enough to keep couples busy on their special vacation.

The Dominican Republic would also be a great choice. Some couples may be looking for a more thrilling nightlife, and the Dominican Republic has just that. It doesn’t fall short of having romantic vibes for couples. What makes Dominican Republic different is it adds some thrilling experiences for adventure-seekers.

Is Aruba Part of the Dominican Republic?

Aruba is not part of the Dominican Republic. Both locations are independent countries.

Aruba is a country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, just south of the hurricane belt. Being a small island, it’s comprised of around 104,000 locals.

On the other hand, the Dominican Republic is a country in the West Indies. It’s the second-largest island of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Unlike Aruba, the Dominican Republic is a large country. It has over 10 million inhabitants.

Is the Dominican Republic Near Aruba?

Seeing as they’re a body of water away from each other, Dominican Republic is not near Aruba. The only way you can really go from one place to the other is through a plane ride. If you want to visit both of these destinations, you should be prepared to cut your vacation with a short flight in between.

How Far Is Aruba From Dominican Republic?

Aruba is around 429 miles (691 kilometers) away from the Dominican Republic. The fastest way to get from Aruba to Dominican Republic and vice versa will take you more than an hour. Even though they’re not close to each other, it’s very possible to have a vacation that includes both destinations in the itinerary.

How Many Nautical Miles From Dominican Republic to Aruba?

Aruba and Dominican Republic are 373 nautical miles away from each other (1 nm = 1.15 mi or 1.85 km). It’s a little shorter compared to the straight line or air distance. It’s also possible to get to Dominican Republic to Aruba and vice versa via boat ride or cruise, but it’s not a direct transfer. The cruise can be part of the itinerary if you plan to visit both locations.

How Do You Get to Dominican Republic From Aruba?

Although you can take a cruise that goes to both locations, the only way you can directly go from Aruba to Dominican Republic is through a plane ride. There are a lot of flights that go from Aruba to Dominican Republic. The cost and travel time will differ greatly on your final destination in the Dominican Republic.

From Aruba, you can ride a plane going to Higuero, Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata. Going to Puerto Plata will take the longest flight while going to Higuero will be the shortest.

How Long Does It Take to Get to Dominican Republic From Aruba?

The quickest way to get to Dominican Republic from Aruba is through a flight. Depending on your final destination and where you’re coming from exactly, the travel time will differ.

The quickest flight from Aruba to Dominican Republic is 1 hour and 28 minutes. This will be your travel time if you fly to Higuero in Dominican Republic. There are also flights that go to Santo Domingo and will take around 3 hours.

How Long Is a Flight From Aruba to Dominican Republic?

The quickest flight from Aruba to the Dominican Republic is 1 hour and 28 minutes. However, direct flights can take as long as 1 hour and 47 minutes.

There are also indirect flights going from Aruba to Dominican Republic, the quickest and cheapest, taking 3 hours and 16 minutes. The longest indirect flight from Aruba to Dominican Republic will take 18 hours because of all the layovers.