Boston vs. New York

When it comes to Boston vs. New York, the rivalry has been going on for centuries. On the one hand, you have the old-world beauty of Beantown; on the other, the bustling energy and unique charm of the Big Apple. Both cities are equally amazing, which makes choosing between them all the more tricky. It's truly an age-old debate, and only you can answer it! 
Boston vs. New York

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Boston is known as the Cradle of Liberty, with many historical sites you can walk to any time of the day. In this city, you have infinite mouthwatering dishes to try, particularly the seafood variety. Plus, don’t forget that Beantown is home to many beautiful beaches, meaning you can have endless fun in the sun!

Meanwhile, New York is an eclectic mix of tradition and modern energy that few cities can top. Here, you’re free to make lasting memories with objects of the past and marvel at the many stunning works of art. You can also enjoy its iconic skyline that is as bright as the stars and maybe even have an out-of-this-world nightlife encounter!

At the end of the day, Boston and New York deserve to be your next ultimate getaway destination. They each have unique cultures and characters, which you’ll learn about below.


One thing you should know about Boston is that it promises fantastic experiences for humans of every kind. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to expand your horizons or simply in it for leisure; this bustling metropolis won’t let you down! It’s a city equipped with everything, from landmarks you’ll remember for the rest of your life to spots that tell stories as old as time.

Not only that, but Beantown is well-endowed with beaches known for their sparkling crystal-clear waters. Here, you’re free to lounge in the sand and feel the sun’s warmth for hours on end. If you’re yearning for more, go on a city stroll and witness the many sights that add to the city’s unique character. And once you get hungry, partake in the edible riches of the sea that this place is so proud of!

In this American spot, there’s truly no time to get bored. There’s always something to uncover, so come and experience the spirit of Beantown!

What Makes Boston Unique?

The Place to Dine Like a King

If you’re on a journey to find the tastiest dishes around, you’ll find your match in Boston. It’s home to some of the most delicious foods you’ll ever set your mouth on, and no doubt you’ve sampled many! This gem is oozing with excellent culinary offerings, from classic ones to something more adventurous.

Curious about Beantown’s gastronomy making waves all over the planet? Well, for starters, the city is known for having some of the freshest seafood around! It’s the place to be for those who adore partaking in the fruits of the ocean or for people dying to try something new. Since this American destination sits next to the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find plenty of options to satiate your appetite.

There’s the classic clam chowder, a staple in Boston made mainly of milk or heavy cream. It’s a soup filled with clams and potatoes, perfect on days you crave something warm and filling. Don’t rule out the city’s lobster rolls, too, served hot and dripping with mouthwatering butter and mayo. Some restaurants offer a more unique version, like frying these lobsters for extra crunch.

If you’re not a fan of seafood, your tastebuds would still celebrate Boston’s food scene. Get a hold of its signature baked beans, a dish that inspired this city’s famed nickname – Beantown. This plate isn’t baked but rather stewed or sweetened with syrup and molasses. It’s perfect on its own, but wait until you pair it with yet another city masterpiece: Yankee pot roast!

And if you’re seeking to satisfy your sweet tooth, expect Beantown to deliver. It has some of the most delicious donuts ever, coming in both traditional and creative flavors. Look forward to the Glazed and Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch, they’re both to die for! Looking for a foreign dessert? Don’t forget Boston’s Italian cannoli, pastry tubes filled with cheese and topped with nuts, chocolates, or fruits.

There’s plenty more where these food wonders came from, making Beantown the ideal place to dine like a king. From traditional dishes to innovative creations, the city’s cuisine will satisfy your every whim!

Endless Fun in the Sea and Sun

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere that has the perfect mix of sand, sun, and sea? Well, there’s a spot made just for you: Boston! It’s mainly known as the birthplace of the American Revolution, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful beaches ever!

In this city, you can take in the scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean, bask in the warm light of the sun, and feel the sand between your toes. It’s the ideal formula for every dream vacation, whether you’re out with friends or want some quality time for yourself.

The cherry on top? No matter where you go in Beantown, there’s sure to be a beach nearby to start or end your day with a bang! One moment you’re on a fascinating trip down Boston’s historical sites, and the next, you’re heading to the seaside for a romantic sunset stroll.

For starters, you can explore the turquoise waters of Revere Beach, the oldest public beach in the USA. Wander along the boardwalk, pick up some shells, and admire the gentle waves hitting the shore.

Or why not make your way to Nantasket Beach? It’s the perfect spot for beach lovers who want to get away from the hubbub of city life, complete with light-gray sand! There are also Revere Beach, Carson Beach, Plum Island, and many more sites to explore.

And if you get tired of taking it easy on one of Beantown’s phenomenal beaches, there are plenty of activities for you to do. For instance, you can book the many whale-watching tours the city offers. It’s a must-do activity for any animal lover, especially if you’re keen on witnessing many types of cetaceans. Make sure your camera is ready to capture humpbacks, finbacks, minke whales, and dolphins!

If you have more time on your hands, you’d have the time of your life hopping across the 34 islands lying off Boston’s coast. You’d enjoy the island of Hilly Spectacle, particularly their fun ways of holding yoga, clambakes, and jazz performances. There’s also the beautiful Grape Island, an ideal spot for hikers and nature lovers. You can explore countless woodsy trails here, plus thriving wildlife that can accompany you on your hike.

Places You’ll Carry Wherever You Go

There’s no denying Boston is one of America’s loveliest destinations, filled with attractive scenes you won’t get enough of. And you’ve heard what they say about beautiful places… you carry them wherever you go. This means that once you step foot in Beantown, the city will always be ingrained in you!

The memories you make in this metropolis will stay with you forever, including all the landmarks you gazed upon. This is definitely not a losing situation, and who knows, it may even prompt you to return to Boston again and again! The city is a paradise full of eye candy, so exploring it down to the tiniest avenue is definitely worth it.

Why not start on the country’s prettiest street to give you a clue about Beantown’s many jaw-dropping treasures? It’s Acorn Street, known for being the subject of many photographers all over the globe. Here, you can channel your inner romantic and live the life of an 18th-century novel protagonist. You can even dress the part for a more immersive experience, plus it would look very cool in pictures!

There’s the Boston Opera House, a structure you may find more touching than the performances themselves. It’s a masterpiece so unique that it can transport you into a universe of beauty and sophistication with just one glance. From the chandeliers that adorn the ceiling to the intricate details on the carpets and drapes, this place will take your breath away.

And if you truly want something unforgettable, you can visit Beantown’s Church of the Covenant. It’s a striking gothic structure dating from the 1860s, made with traces of the Romanesque Revival style. The church’s interior is a work of art, painted in vibrant shades of purple and blue. It also has stained glass windows depicting various Christian scenes. These delicate pieces, when illuminated by sunlight, give an ethereal atmosphere!

Looking for more of Boston’s many wondrous sites to behold? Check out some of the most breathtaking places you’ll find in the city below:

  • Prudential Observatory
  • Boston Public Garden
  • Zakim Bridge
  • Massachusetts State House
  • Belle Isle Marsh Reservation

Nothing Better Than a Stroll in the City

Most people walk to clear their heads and organize their thoughts. It’s a foolproof activity that can ground you, allowing you to see into the life of things. However, in Boston, it’s also something you can do for an entirely different reason – to better appreciate the city’s sceneries!

Every corner you turn here presents a new opportunity to explore and get lost in the beauty of the outdoors. It’s why this American destination has yet another sobriquet it answers to: The Walking City. It’s a fitting nickname for this walker’s paradise, capable of giving you an easy stroll or something challenging to test your skills.

Eager to know about the many walkable paths in Boston that can literally make your jaw drop?

Well, first and foremost, there’s the Freedom Trail. It’s one of the city’s most famous urban walking trails and the most historical one to boot! This 4 km (2.5 mi) path allows you to trace the exact footsteps of revolutionary heroes, literally a trip back in time. It leads you down through 16 historically significant sites in Boston, including the famous Bunker Hill.

If you prefer a lighter stroll, there’s the Charles River Esplanade. It’s a picturesque path that takes you on a walk along the river, giving you an amazing scene of sailboats on the water. Not only does it offer you a view of the city skyline, but you could also drop by relevant spots, like Beantown’s Museum of Science.

Craving for a path that can provide you with serenity? Check out The Emerald Necklace, a loop trail of beautiful parks and waterways. You can pass through some of Boston’s most eye-catching green spaces, like the Arnold Arboretum and the Back Bay Fens. Witness the many majestic wildlife, from birds to butterflies, as you meander through the path.

Ultimately, Boston has everything a walking enthusiast is looking for. And if you’re not yet one, it’s a great city to start another wonderful exploration!

New York

New York is a thriving city famed across the globe for its picturesque skyscrapers and busy streets. However, there’s more to this American destination than the hustle and bustle of a regular metropolis. It’s the ultimate destination for tourists, a wonderland that will take you on an adventure of discovery!

The Big Apple is bursting at the seams with museums and wonderful places of memory that can take you back in time. Here, you can marvel at antiques and works of art that will literally make your jaw drop. It’s also known for being a shopaholic’s heaven, with iconic stores you can explore left and right. Don’t forget its amazing nightlife, complete with delicious alcohol and music so lovely and diverse.

This American gem is a paradise of fascinating sights and sounds you must experience! So if you’re looking for a place to make lasting memories, there’s no better place than New York.

What Makes New York Unique?

Make Memories in Places of Memory

Yes, New York may be famed as a bustling metropolis with a lot of modern going on. It has one of the prettiest skylines, filled with music and partying all night long. However, do you know it’s also the ideal city to make memories, particularly because it has abundant places of memory? It’s literally an American destination that can take you to the yellow brick road of times long gone!

That’s right, scattered throughout the Big Apple are museums that are real blasts from the past. They’re a real treat not only for history buffs but also for people interested in antiques and phenomenal works of art. From world-renowned galleries to interactive science museums, this city has it all!

There’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art, filled with many exhibits and collections that will charm anyone. Here, you get a chance to appreciate 2 million works of art, some of them over five thousand years old! You can also visit the American Museum of Natural History and see taxidermy mammals and relics from Native American cultures. You can also find Egyptian mummies inside, so you may want to brush up on your Egyptian knowledge!

And if you’re into aviation, you’d enjoy dropping by the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. In this place, you can see real-life WWII fighter planes, supersonic jets, and aircraft carriers! Are antiquities more of your thing? The Cloisters Museum and Garden is going to be your paradise. It’s dedicated to housing artifacts and artwork from Europe’s medieval past and has a recreated garden showcased.

This is New York, the city where each museum offers something unique. Whether you want classical masterpieces or modern art, you’ll find something that calls out to you in this cultural paradise!

Come See the Lights

Do you dream of going outside the planet one day to get a clearer look at celestial bodies? Maybe you’re fond of looking at the bright specks of light you see every night, wondering if there will come a time you can touch them. Well, if you can’t wait any further, the best thing to do may be to visit New York.

It’s a city so shiny and stunning, very much like a river of stars! Visiting this American destination takes you closer to your desire to reach outer space. The scene is simply so illuminating, enough to compare to the brightest views in the night sky. It’s why many people from all over have the Big Apple on their bucket lists. After all, who can ever resist the grandeur of one of the best skylines on the planet?

If you ever find yourself gravitating toward this otherworldly beauty, here are some spots you can get for the best skyline views:

  • Empire State Building. This structure has its 86th floor designated as an open-air observatory, giving one majestic skyline view of New York. From here, you can marvel at the beauty of Central Park, Time Square, and even the iconic Statue of Liberty. The 102nd floor is also open for your enjoyment, perfect for a more panoramic view of the city at night!
  • Summit One Vanderbilt. Looking for some thrill while admiring the many beautiful places in the Big City? Well, this sky-high observation deck offers an immersive experience, not for the faint-hearted! With its glass ledges and glass-enclosed elevators, you’ll get a clear view of the skyline, whatever part of the building you are in.
  • Rockefeller Center. If you’re in for a more romantic view of New York, this place is made for you. It has the Rainbow Room, complete with an outdoor terrace that provides a breathtaking scene of the city as the sun sets. You’d especially enjoy marveling at the sky as it turns pink and, later on, as the city lights turn on simultaneously.

Plenty more vantage spots are waiting for you in New York; you only have to look for them. The most important thing is to get your camera ready and brace your heart for the incoming wonderful skyline views!

The Best Nights Last Forever

Countless places are vying for the title” The City That Never Sleeps’, but guess which spot succeeded in officially getting it? It’s New York, no surprise there! It’s the only city formally recognized by this title, not only because the nights here are as bright as day.

The Big Apple is also dubbed as such because the best happenings here only occur after the sun sets on its iconic skyline. In fact, you could even say the day is only starting once dusk falls in this thriving metropolis. Whether it’s a round of drinks at 4 AM or late-night shows that go until sunrise – New York is truly The City That Never Sleeps!

It doesn’t matter what your nightlife preferences are; the Big Apple’s got your back. Are you in the city to show them what you’re made of on the dancefloor? Then you better go to Avant Gardner, the heart of New York’s electronic music scene. Here, you can dance until you drop, maybe even have showdowns with people of the same taste.

Nebula may also be your cup of tea, a funky nightclub that blasts different music varieties. Party to your heart’s content and find your groove in disco, funk, soul, and house genres.

If you’re keen on dancing and popping bottles of alcohol one after the other, the Big Apple has plenty of hotspots for you. Head to Fleur Room, a club lounge centered around the botanical motif. You’d be sipping on several cocktails and mingling under a massive disco ball, all while surrounded by the loveliest flowers!

And if dancing or alcohol is not your cup of tea, New York has plenty of theater plays you can spend your time in. Book a ticket for the Lyric Theater, known for hosting some of history’s most popular Broadway pieces. It’s known for having top-notch visual effects, so best believe watching a show here is like being inside the scene yourself. There’s also the Winter Garden Theater; it has a one-of-a-kind hydraulic stage no other theater can brag about!

All in all, expect New York to cater to your tastes no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for. With its vast array of options and never-ending energy, there’s no shortage of fun activities to indulge in when the sun goes down. Prepare for a wild ride – it’s time to party the night away!

Happiness Is in Shopping

If you’re a huge fan of Carrie Bradshaw in the movie ‘Sex and the City’, you came to New York for two reasons: labels and love. And no doubt you’d fall in love with this beautiful metropolis, especially once you witness the shopping scene in all its glory. The Big Apple topped the list of CNN’s best shopping cities on the planet, which means it’s a shame not to hit the stores when you’re in the area!

And, of course, no doubt you can’t resist shopping until you drop in New York. It’s a big wig in the world of fashion, specifically known as one of the four mighty pillars of the fashion industry. Whether you want to splurge on designer clothes or check out the hottest trends, the city is absolutely the place you go to!

Want to find the ideal spots in the Big Apple to splurge on? Well, there are plenty of high-end stores throughout the area, but nothing beats the glamor of Fifth Avenue. It’s considered the most expensive shopping street in the world, filled with luxury brands from left to right. Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Armani – you name it, and this shopper paradise has it!

Not interested in these luxury items and more of a bargain shopper? Fret not, because New York also has some gems for you. Discount stores and outlet malls are scattered everywhere, making buying a souvenir for loved ones at home easy. You can go to The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets or even drop by the many street stalls you’ll find in Chinatown!

And for those looking for something with a touch of quirky and vintage, the Big Apple also has something in store for you. The city has many thrift shops and budget-friendly boutiques catering to every style, whether gothic, boho, or colorful Y2K! Here are some of them below:

  • Housing Works
  • Beacon’s Closet
  • Buffalo Exchange

No matter what kind of shopping you’re looking for, New York is sure to have something that will make your experience memorable. So if you’re ready to hit the stores, lace up those shoes and scour through endless racks!

Is Boston Better Than New York?

It’s the age-old question that has long graced dinner tables and coffee shops: is Boston better than New York? Whether you’re looking for a place to settle down or a spot to spend your hard-earned vacation, the answer isn’t so simple and straightforward. Both sites have unique charms and qualities that make them attractive to different people.

Boston is a charming place with an undeniable sense of character. It’s an American destination steeped in history, known for being one of the oldest cities in America. You’d undoubtedly find much entertainment here, from exploring its iconic trails to tasting the best seafood ever!

On the other hand, New York is a strong contender in the battle of the most exciting cities in the world. The city has an unparalleled skyline you can’t find anywhere else, with bright lights to amaze you everywhere. It’s also filled to the brim with famous landmarks, plus the nightlife is definitely to die for.


Is Boston Safer Than New York?

The findings of Numbeo revealed that Boston is a much safer city than New York. It has scored an impressive 60.74 on the Safety Scale Index, compared to the Big Apple’s grade of 50.33.
To elaborate, data shows that Beantown has a grade of 57.64 regarding daytime safety. It also has a very high rating when it comes to nighttime security, with a whopping 81.47 mark.

Meanwhile, New York scored 70.79 in terms of safety during the day and 47.94 at night.
Despite these numbers, the two US destinations are considered safe for large cities. This means you can enjoy Boston and New York without worrying too much about security. So long as you practice caution, you’d have the time of your life touring both American hotspots.

Crime Rate in Boston vs. New York

Based on Numbeo statistics, Boston has a lower crime rate than New York. It scored 39.26 on the Crime Index, while the Big Apple achieved a rating of 49.67.

In fact, data shows that you don’t have to worry about being mugged or having your items stolen in Beantown. There are also low chances of experiencing unfortunate incidents such as being attacked due to skin color and religion in the city. Meanwhile, New York has moderate chances of these occurring.

Don’t let these ratings affect your plans to go to New York, though! The city is well-known for having some of the best urban police forces in the country, so you’re in safe hands. You can still make the most of your vacation in the Big Apple; just remember to exercise some caution.

Is Boston More Expensive Than New York?

Rather than being more expensive, Boston is actually a lot cheaper than New York. This was revealed by Expatistan, with findings that show Beantown is 19% cheaper than the Big Apple. As such, if you’re choosing a getaway destination based on budget, go for Massachusetts’s state capital.

To give you a bit of detail, the food in Boston is 19% cheaper than in New York. For instance, you only have to spend $20 for a basic lunchtime menu in Beantown. The same meal would cost you about $23 in the Big Apple. If you were to order a glass of wine to go with your food, you’d only pay $16 in Boston while $18 in New York.

This is the same with transportation, with Beantown being 24% cheaper than the Big Apple. An 8 km (5 mi) taxi trip across the city costs only $18 in Boston and $21 in New York. Entertainment costs in these American cities are essentially the same, though. In fact, two tickets to the theater are generally priced at $350 in both Boston and New York.

Boston vs. New York Weather

Boston and New York are cities on the East Coast, meaning they have similar weather conditions. However, the latter is known for being hotter due to its location further south. It has more sunny days and a more pleasant temperature all year round, but not by a large margin.

To give you the details, Best Places showed that New York scored 7.3 out of 10 on their Comfort Index Scale. The city experiences about 224 sunny days annually, with the summer high reaching 84.2°F (29°C). Winter season yields about 25.3 in (642.6 mm) of snow, with the lowest temperature running 26.1°F (-3.3°C).

On the other hand, Boston scored 6.9 on the Best Places Comfort Index Scale. It has about 200 days of sunshine per year, with the summer temperature peaking at 82.4°F (28°C). On average, Beantown’s winter yields 48.1 in (1221.7 mm) of snow, with the coldest temperature reaching 19.2°F (-7.1°C).

Is Boston Colder Than New York?

Boston and New York are two coastal cities in the Northeast sporting similar climate. However, Beantown has colder weather, particularly because the Big Apple is further south.

In fact, the winter low in Beantown reaches 19.2°F (-7.1°C), with a yearly average snowfall of 48.1 in (1221.7 mm). Meanwhile, New York’s winter temperature reaches about 26.1°F (-3.3°C), with annual snowfall measuring only 25.3 in (642.6 mm). This shows that aside from having colder winters, Boston also has heavier ones.

Boston Pizza vs. New York Pizza

When it comes to having the best-tasting pizza, New York still reigns supreme. In fact, the Big Apple ranked first on Trip Advisor’s Top 10 US Pizza Cities, while Beantown bagged seventh place.

New York-style pizza is the most common one in America, typically made in gas ovens rather than coal. It has a thinner crust sprinkled with a thick layer of melted mozzarella cheese on top. Not only is it found in the Big Apple, but pretty much every city in the USA – and the world.

Meanwhile, the pizza scene in Boston can be described best as a melting pot. The city has no signature pizza style, with restaurants and pizzerias often combining recipes from other places. Take the Roman-style al taglio pizzas by Beantown’s T & B Pizza, for example. It’s inspired by rustic traditions with more modern toppings like raclette cheese and tuna crudo.

Boston Strip Steak vs. New York Strip

The difference between the Boston strip steak and the New York strip mainly lies in the cut. The latter is sourced from the sirloin subprimal, exactly a crosscut from the base sirloin flap. It’s considered one of the higher-class parts of beef meant to be the center of the plate presentation.

Meanwhile, the New York strip is from the beef short loin. It’s cut from the same section as the t-bone and filet mignon, sourced from the primal on the back of the ribs. It’s one of the most famous steaks in America and can easily be found in most parts of the country.

When it comes to taste, the clear winner depends on your personal preference. The Boston strip steak is known for being well-marbled and tender, perfect for grilling with minimal seasoning. The New York strip has a tight texture and solid chew, characterized by its intense, beefy flavors.

Is Boston in New York City?

No, Boston is not in New York City. Rather, they’re two different American destinations situated on the East Coast.

Where Is Boston and New York?

Both Boston and New York City are located in the northeastern part of the United States of America.

Where Is Boston in Relation to New York?

Boston can be found 346 km (215 mi) northeast of New York City.

Is New York Near Boston?

Yes, New York is near Boston. In fact, the two cities are sitting in the northeastern part of America. This means that you don’t have to journey across the globe to arrive from the Big Apple to Beantown and vice versa.

Boston vs. New York Size

When it comes to geographical size, New York wins against Boston. The Big Apple measures about 783.8 sq. km. (302.6 sq. mi), while Beantown only spans 232.1 sq. km. (89.6 sq. mi.). This means that Boston is over three times smaller than New York City.

Boston vs. New York Accent

Boston and New York are two prominent port cities on the East Coast, known for accumulating distinctive dialects. Both American spots are influenced by the United Kingdom, mainly those from Southern England. However, despite the similarity, they each have unique accents and pronunciations.

Beantown’s dialect is well-characterized by the lack of ‘r’, depending on the thickness of a person’s accent. Locals also speak in a raised and more nasal tone, particularly when pronouncing their vowels. For instance, the word ‘father’ would be pronounced as ‘fath-uh’ in a Bostonian accent.

Natives from New York also speak with lesser ‘r’ and have vowel emphasis. However, unlike other cities that use ‘-ing’ and ‘-in’, they pronounce their ‘g’ hard. A good example would be ‘Long Island’, which they enunciate as ‘Lawn Guy Land’ instead.

New York vs. Boston Roads

Both New York and Boston belong on Copilot Search’s list of US Cities With the Worst Roads. It was revealed that the latter occupied the sixth slot on the index while the former bagged fourth place. This is not surprising, especially since both cities’ roads are not exactly in tip-top shape.

To elaborate, 45.5% of New York’s roads are considered in poor condition. 18.7% of its interstates and freeways are also in bad need of repair. You’d find many potholes in the area, as well as experience considerable amounts of traffic.

Meanwhile, 39.3% of Boston’s roads are in a poor state, and 5.3% of its interstates and freeways are also flawed. However, yet another reason why the city’s roads are considered some of the worst is that they are confusing. It’s because Beantown is an old place, so the layouts are outdated, and navigating can be a pain.

Despite having imperfect roads, you’d still have fun exploring these two cities, though. New York and Boston can offer you the loveliest experiences and possess the prettiest landmarks. They’re well worth it, especially if you take the time to walk and uncover both American gems.

Boston to New York Distance by Flight

If you’re planning to travel from Boston to New York via plane, the distance will span about 307 km (191 mi). This means that if you’re riding a commercial airline with a speed of 805 km/h (500 mph), you will reach the Big Apple after only 22 minutes. However, the actual duration varies depending on weather conditions and cruise speed.

Boston to New York Drive

If you’re planning to drive from Boston to New York, there are two routes available for you. The first one goes along the coast, with the main path passing through the I-95. This is the more direct route, leading you to several wonderful spots in America. These include New Heaven, Mystic, Newport, Rhode Island, and Plimouth Plantation.

The second route leads you inland and allows you to cut through Western Massachusetts. This is the path for you if you’re not on a strict schedule or you simply want to enjoy more scenery. Driving inland to New York leads you to see several wonderful locations. These include the Sturbridge Village, Litchfield County, and the US Military Academy.

Drive From New York to Boston – Scenic Route

Out of the two routes leading from New York to Boston, going inland is the more scenic path. You’d have to cut through Western Massachusetts, meaning you get plenty more spots to marvel at. For instance, you can check out the pretty towns of Bridgeport, Stamford, and Fairfield. Dropping by Hartford, the beautiful capital of Connecticut, is also worth the trip.

Some of the most notable spots you can admire during your scenic drive include Wawayanda State Park, Long Island Sound, and Greenwich. There are also Natchaug and Nipmuck State Forests, as well as Kycut and Worcester.

Best Driving Route From New York to Boston

Out of the two driving routes from New York to Boston, the best one would be the path that serves your purpose the most. If you’re eager to reach Beantown in the quickest way possible, choose the coastal route. However, if your goal during the trip is to witness as many sceneries as you can, then go inland.

How Far Is Boston From New York by Car?

The driving distance from New York to Boston spans an average of 346 km (215 mi). If you’re traveling directly to Beantown, you’ll be behind the wheel for about 3 hours and 50 minutes. However, if you’re going on a fun road trip, the journey time may last for several days, maybe a few weeks.

Driving in Boston vs. New York

Boston and New York are both considered top-notch walkable cities, but you can’t say the same for their driving scenes. In fact, the two American destinations belong in Bloomberg’s list of top 10 Worst US Cities for Driving. Beantown ranked sixth, while the Big Apple bagged first place!

To elaborate, using a car in Boston may prove to be challenging. The city has tons of pedestrian lanes scattered around, but the culture of jaywalking is still prominent. The streets are also narrow and winding, meaning you can expect congestion even on days you won’t expect it.

Meanwhile, driving in New York can be even worse. Aside from high congestion levels, expect plenty of traffic jams. On top of that, toll fees can get really expensive, and places for parking are limited.

As such, it’s best not to bring a car over in both Boston and New York when traveling. In case you’re in need of personal transportation, then renting one can be your brightest solution. However, if you can help it, then walking is the key to properly navigating these American gems.