Macau vs. Las Vegas

The easiest way to decide between the two? How high are the stakes you gamble? Both Macau and Las Vegas are exceptional when it comes to gambling opportunities, but there’s a crucial difference. Macau is more serious where the stakes are always typically high. Whereas in Las Vegas, it’s more fun and the stakes are either low or medium. That said, there’s more than just gambling fun in both destinations.
Macau vs. Las Vegas

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Gambling in Macau leans more towards baccarat, hence higher stakes. You’ll find more table games than slot machines overall in Macau.

In Las Vegas, it’s the opposite. Gambling in Vegas leans more towards slot machines with several table games.

But while both are gambling capitals of the world, casinos aren’t the only attraction. Glitzy hotels, helicopter rides, lavish hotels, and dozens more attractions await tourists.

So, which destination has more appeal? And what is the better choice to get the best bang for your buck? Keep reading as you’ll find out shortly.


When you think of Macau, many are quick to say it’s a day-trip vacation while staying in Hong Kong. For serious gamblers though, a day trip is lacking.

Even adrenaline seekers and families have plenty to enjoy around Macau.

If there’s one thing Macau excels at best apart from gambling opportunities, it’s its cultural attractions. You’ve probably seen thousands of social media posts portraying a gondola ride in Venice. Well, how do you know that the Venetian gondola ride isn’t actually in Macau?

The Venetian is one of Macau’s most iconic casino hotels, and it’s where you’ll find the famed gondola rides. Truth be told, it feels like you’re actually in Venice.

But even more impressive is the Ruins of St. Paul, a historical site that attracts millions every year. There’s also Colane, which is a quaint town perfect for a quiet stroll away from the party scene.

Adrenaline seekers will also find no better place to be than the Macau Tower. With several thrill-seeking experiences to try, it’s a surefire way to get an adrenaline rush.

Not in the mood to gamble? Catch the House of Dancing Water show, hailed as one of the most impressive performances in the world.

Altogether, Macau is a den of entertainment that calls for more than just a simple day trip. Also known as the Las Vegas of Asia, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy your time here.

But if you’re still curious as to what exactly can you do around the city, the next section tells more.

What Makes Macau Unique?

Well-Being Redefined

From five-star spa centers to lavish massage treatments, Macau is a haven for anyone in need of relaxation.

Not what you expected?

Believe it or not, Macau’s wellness scene is top-notch. In fact, you’ll find several unique treatments designed to provide a 5-star pampering experience.


Starting with the cream of the crop is ESPA, located at the Ritz-Carlton Macau Hotel. The best part? Tailor-made aromatherapy massages and body exfoliation treatments are only the beginning.

The Macau Body Smoother Ritual is a must for anyone in need of a skin reset. For deep relaxation, book the Pearl River Chi oriental herbal body massage.

Throughout its many years of service, ESPA has won just about every spa award. So, rest assured, you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

If you’re looking for a unique spa experience, check out the Spa at Mandarin Oriental. They offer a massage service that uses Chinese Meditation balls (Bao Ding), which greatly eases muscle tension.

How does it work? The Chinese Meditation balls are slightly heated and then rolled over your body. As many claim, this particular body massage treatment has yielded heavenly results.

Tria Spa

Next, Tria Spa is located at MGM Macau. What sets Tria Spa apart from the rest is the use of So Sound Therapy.

Essentially, So Sound Therapy involves the use of a SoSound lounger. The bed uses vibrational oscillations and penetrating sounds to expel any tension and stress in the body.

Tria Spa also offers a similar treatment called Himalayan Healing Ritual. More than just an oil massage, this ritual makes use of Himalayan singing bowls. The harnessed sound from these bowls then encourages you to slip into a dreamlike meditative state. And as a result, it boosts your body’s regeneration. All while having a deep and relaxing massage.

Iridium Spa

Last but not least, Iridium Spa at St Regis Macao has its own novel wellness offerings. Before any treatment, guests are required to fill out a Gemstone form or questionnaire. The questionnaire’s purpose is to identify which gemstones are best suited for your body and treatment.

Altogether, there’s no shortage of superb spa treatments in Macau. While most of these treatments might seem new or unfamiliar, the results speak for themselves.

And it truly is well-being redefined. For a winning massage and body treatment experience, you can’t go wrong with the spas in Macau.

Gourmet Paradise

Did you know Macau is home to 18 Michelin-crowned restaurants? Even the street food is superb, from its local dumplings and minced pork dishes to the beloved egg tart.

Macau combines Portuguese and Chinese cuisine, offering guests Asian fusion on a whole new level. One of the best places to experience this Asian fusion is at Nam Ping. Be sure to order their signature char siu and egg sandwich paired with either milk tea or lemon iced tea.

Ever heard of a pork chop bun? This humble street snack has been a local favorite for decades. Since 1968, Tai Lei Lok Kei has been serving pork chop buns that never fail to appease both locals and tourists.

The sandwich is a simple combination of a tender pork chop sandwiched between two piggy buns. Because pork chop buns have become increasingly popular, stocks don’t typically last until nightfall.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a bite, be sure to visit this street food stall early morning or afternoon. You can find Tai Lei Lok Kei at Taipa Village.

An even more must-try dish in Macau is mashed potatoes. Specifically at Robuchon au Dome. It’s a simple dish that never fails to impress.

What makes it different? The ultra-smooth texture and its 2:1 ratio of potatoes to butter. What’s more, these mashed potatoes are made with their skin on for extra flavor.

Don’t miss out on egg rolls, either. You can find this snack at just about any street food stall. And it makes for the perfect snack to tag along during cultural and historical excursions.

Other unique and delectable dishes in Macau include Portuguese Seafood Rice and Prawn Tartar. That’s for seafood lovers.

If you’re craving meat, head to Koi Kee Bakery, which is largely popular all around Macau. Koi Kee Bakery serves a wide variety of dried meats, but the best has always been their sweet pork jerky.

Finally, sweet tooths should make time for a visit to McPherson’s Sweet Shoppe. The café serves a sweet treat you may have never heard of before, black-garlic chocolate. That’s if you’re up for a challenge, of course. But if you prefer to start with the basics, go for a frozen chocolate banana or green tea ice cream.

Nature Parks and Greenways Tucked Within

Even with all the glitzy hotels and casino glam, Macau has more to offer than its nightlife. As a matter of fact, Macau is a family-friendly destination and will be an absolute delight for nature lovers.

There are three spots you can’t go wrong with if you want to reconnect with nature:

  • Seac Pai Wan Park
  • Avenida da Praia, Taiha
  • Fortaleza do Monte (Mount Fortress)

For the afternoon stroller, Seac Pai Wan Park couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s also home to the Ecological Trail Garden of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

The park boasts a diverse ecosystem, being home to wetlands, rocky terrains, and hilly landscapes. There are over 300 medicinal plant species in Seac Pai Wan Park too.

So as you can imagine, there’s plenty of green to keep you in a constant state of peace and serenity.

For couples, the Fortaleza do Monte, also referred to as Macau’s rooftop park is worth checking out. The park rests atop a mountain hill and also houses a significant historical museum.

But what’s truly impressive about Fortaleza do Monte are the skyline views it offers. From every angle, you can see the entire city. With concrete benches surrounding the entire vicinity, it’s easy for couples to pick a spot, rest, and simply enjoy the view.

Maybe even add in a couple of egg rolls and milk tea while you’re at it, right?

Fortaleza do Monte has become a popular hotspot for just about anyone looking to unwind. During a sunset, it’s even more spectacular.

Avenida da Praia is another nature getaway families and serenity seekers will enjoy. The park connects five ecological ponds and is a haven for those who enjoy bird-watching. The park’s scenic surroundings paired with migratory birds and waterfowl truly make it a relaxing escape.

Should you ever find yourself in need of a change of pace or scenery, Macau has several to offer. Even better, these pockets of peace are tucked away far from the bustle to ensure absolute privacy.

Great Bang for Buck

Affordable finds and great steals are easily found all over Macau. From food and shopping to excursions and even luxury hotels.

Yes, even Michelin-star restaurants in Macau aren’t as expensive as you think. But even better, you can already enjoy amazing cuisine just by snacking at the city’s many street food stalls.

When it comes to shopping, Macau is also often referred to as a shopping haven. You’ll find a large selection of malls and local bazaars selling everything including luxury branded goods.

In fact, several luxurious brands in Macau also come with great bargain deals. For all your shopping needs covered, head to Senado Square. It’s the most popular district for fashionable wear, along with a vast number of food stalls.

But if you prefer bargain shopping and the lowest prices, Macau has several worth mentioning. The Taipa flea market is one of the most famous, selling souvenirs and local goods. There are also plenty of local delicacies worth trying here.

Last but not least, accommodation.

Booking a five-star accommodation is a lot cheaper in Macau than it is in Hong Kong. Several 5-star hotels also offer seasonal price steals and reasonable prices throughout the year.

If you want more bang for your buck, check out JW Marriott, Venetian Macao, and Mandarin Oriental. The Sofitel Macau is also another great option, especially if you want more than just a regular hotel suite.

Try to book on the weekdays as hotel prices as generally more affordable in Macau this time. Also, be on the lookout for any special deals online. Even if a few 5-star hotels offer higher-than-expected prices, extra privileges often get thrown in.

Altogether, Macau isn’t an expensive destination. Granted, you might spend more gambling, but if that’s not on your itinerary, you’re still getting your money’s worth.

Las Vegas

Why visit Las Vegas? Being the ultimate playground, the famous Sin City is a vast den of nightlife, entertainment, and culinary delights.

The city attracts millions every year, and not solely because of its casinos. Las Vegas has something for everyone. Entertainment can be found all over, from museums and interactive shows to world-class attractions.

Without a doubt, the nightlife is the main attraction of Las Vegas. Gambling, pool parties, and the best bars and clubs all make up the city’s wild nightlife scene.

But this isn’t to say that Las Vegas has nothing to offer during the day. There are shopping destinations, museums, live performances, and even walking tours.

Plus, Vegas is only a few hours away from places like Utah and California. So if you fancy a nature hike or a quick day trip, Vegas has plenty of options.

With all the stories you’ve heard about Las Vegas, you’d be surprised as to how much more this city has to offer.

What Makes Las Vegas Unique?

Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas over the years has become a haven for the creative community. You’ll find local art galleries, theater shows, musicians, and entertainers here all showcasing their work.

But what makes Downtown Las Vegas especially intriguing is that it offers an exciting blend of new experiences. Not to mention, this is one of the best places in Vegas to shop, dine, and drink.

For families and those who don’t enjoy the nightlife scene, Downtown Vegas is the place to be.

What exactly is there to do in Downtown Vegas? That depends on your itinerary. If you want to go sightseeing or find creative inspiration, start with the Gallery Tower.

Here, you’ll find state-of-the-art technology collections, virtual experiences, and augmented reality features. There’s also the SlotZilla zip line for families and anyone in need of an adrenaline-pumping experience.

If you want a mix of art and light drinking, head to The Garden. This chic lounge bar features great small bites and signature cocktails perfect for a midday drinking session.

The Neon Museum is also worth checking out. You can easily slide this attraction into your daily itinerary if you want a slow-paced activity before heading to a grand party.

Speaking of parties, there’s no better place to have a tequila shot than at Lucky Day. The bar features an endless selection of cocktails, mezcals, tequilas, and heaping portions of salsa and guacamole.

Alternatively, you can spend the night at Hugo’s Cellar, preferably best for couples. Great wine, a romantic ambiance, and classic steakhouse cuisine. It’s the perfect setup to celebrate an anniversary dinner.

Finally, there’s Downtown Container Park. If you don’t want anything too fancy or too loud and something in between, this is it.

Imagine an open-air shopping center filled with food stalls, restaurants, a few cafes, and local boutiques. If you want casual fun paired with culinary variety, be sure to check out Downtown Container Park.

Close Proximity to Parks, Nature, and an Oasis of Green

What’s great about Las Vegas is that the fun doesn’t just end in the city. If you want a change of pace or scenery, you can easily rent a car and drive to the mountains.

Las Vegas may be a city that appears to be a standalone place in the desert, but that’s not exactly a bad thing.

Two hours from Vegas sits the Grand Canyon. A little bit further, about a 3-hour drive, and you’d be in Zion National Park. Near Zion National Park is also Big Bear, a vacation destination perfect for the whole family.

That’s not all. There’s also the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, which will feel like paradise for solitude seekers. If you don’t mind driving for four hours, you can also do a weekend getaway in Sedona, Arizona.

The beauty about staying in Vegas is that your vacation doesn’t have to be limited to just city fun. For outdoor lovers and nature seekers, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Even something as simple as breaking a sweat or going for a 2-hour hike is possible, then driving back to Vegas. Or, you can spend a soulful retreat for days in Mammoth Lakes, a 5-hour drive from Las Vegas. Although the drive is indeed long, Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful landscape to see and experience. Whether that be for families, couples, solo travelers, etc.

But if you’re truly in it for the long haul, you can drive from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe. It’s a 7-hour trip, but it’s worth every minute spent in Lake Tahoe.

Overall, the sky’s the limit when it comes to vacation destinations in Las Vegas. You can enjoy the city’s party scene for a few days and recharge by spending a day or two at any of the parks and cities near Vegas.

24-Hour Entertainment

If you’ve come to Las Vegas to party and live it wild, you made the right choice.

There’s a reason why Las Vegas’ nightlife scene is world-famous. And why the name “Las Vegas” itself has become a household name even for those who’ve never been to the place. In other words, there’s always something interesting to do around the city.

Downtown Las Vegas is one example of this fact. But The Strip is perhaps where the definition of 24-hour entertainment in Vegas came from.

Every city has its world-famous attraction. For instance, Egypt has towering and grand pyramids. Dubai has the Burj Khalifa. New York has dozens, like Central Park and Times Square. Whereas in Las Vegas, its most prized jewel is without a doubt, The Strip. Should you decide to visit Las Vegas, this is one place you surely don’t want to miss.

What is there to do here? Everything nightlife imaginable. Gambling, partying, food, shopping, and anything related to having fun. But also, The Strip is full of daytime attractions catered to all travelers.

A good place to start would be Mandalay Bay Beach. Although not a natural beach, the vibes do truly fit any sunseeker looking to get wet and enjoy more time under the sun.

If you want something even more laid-back, then perhaps a 4-D movie experience is a better fit. Alternatively, you can ride the Big Apple Coaster or FlyOver Simulator for something more thrilling.

Sweet tooths will never want to leave Hershey’s Chocolate World. Be careful, it’s easy to spend all your cash in a sweet tooth heaven like Hershey’s.

Want activities the whole family can do? The Strip has a few unique experiences, like the Twilight Zone. It’s glow-in-the-dark mini golf with monsters. There’s also the Shark Reef Aquarium, which is perfect for families traveling with kids.

You can also try The Escape Game Las Vegas if you want more recreational activity options.

Anyone looking to cool off on a hot summer day can do so in The Strip’s many indoor pools. The Venetian Pool Deck and Garden of the Gods are just a few worth mentioning. However, you’ll find plenty more around the area.

Shopping, food, and even live shows are also found in The Strip. Honestly, you could spend a week here and still not have experienced everything it has to offer.

One thing’s for sure, though. When it comes to a no-brainer vacation where you want to have fun, Las Vegas has it all.

Gastronomic Diversity

From steakhouses and All-American buffets, Las Vegas’ culinary scene has evolved a lot over the years. Now, Vegas has more celebrity chefs than you can imagine, even master sommeliers, and access to the rarest ingredients.

Think of any cuisine at the top of your head. Chances are, you’ll find it close by from your hotel. Or at the very least, within walking distance of wherever you’re coming from.

Where to begin on your gastronomic journey? Mizumi ranks high on the list of modern Japanese cuisine, and it also serves one of the rarest ingredients, snow beef.

If you’re not feeling Asian, then perhaps a few brasserie classics will spice up your palate. Bardot Brasserie has earned its place among the best restaurants in Las Vegas. Their poached egg alone is divine. But when paired with black truffle and short rib, you’ll feel like you’re dining in the Eiffel Tower.

Other impressive restaurants to try include:

  • Picasso (Spanish)
  • Wing Lei (Chinese)
  • Osteria Fiorella (Mediterranean)

You can’t go wrong when it comes to food choices in Vegas. The city boasts more culinary variety than you could think of and a wide selection with no shortage of new options.

Put simply, Las Vegas’ culinary scene is beyond international flavors alone. It’s an eclectic mix of traditional, modern, iconic, and innovative dishes. So come hungry.

Is Macau Better Than Vegas?

Macau is better than Vegas if you’re looking for a more affordable destination overall. Compared to Las Vegas, Macau is more relaxed, slower-paced, and has more options when it comes to well-being.

The food in Macau is excellent, too, but doesn’t compare to Las Vegas’ culinary diversity. Gambling-wise, if you enjoy table games more and higher-stakes gambling, Macau is for you.

Is Macau more family-oriented? That depends. If you plan to do more historical and cultural tours, then surely Macau is the better choice.

Las Vegas, on the other hand, is a nonstop entertainment vacation destination. As mentioned earlier, there’s something for everyone in Vegas, and hardly will you run out of things to do. Granted, it’s more crowded and touristy. However, you also have easy access to other cities and places far from the hustle and bustle.

In Macau, you can also visit Hong Kong easily as the trip only takes about an hour. In Vegas, day trips to other cities are longer but you have more options altogether.

For nature lovers, outdoor junkies, and foodies, Vegas also takes the win. Even sun worshippers, solitude seekers, and partiers will enjoy Vegas more.

If you want more variety, an extensive nightlife selection, and culinary variety in your vacation, choose Vegas. Plus, being able to take quick day trips is an added perk not even Macau can compete with.


Macau Casinos vs. Las Vegas

Macau’s casinos are significantly different from the casinos in Las Vegas. Think of Las Vegas casinos as one giant entertainment venue. Around the area, you’ll also find retail boutiques, restaurants, theaters, bars, and other facilities.

Whereas in Macau, the casinos are strictly for gambling. In fact, you aren’t allowed to drink at the casinos in Macau. Smoking is also allowed in certain areas. This is why Macau is often referred to as a place for serious gambling. While in Vegas, gambling leans more towards all-around fun and casual gambling.

When it comes to size, Macau’s casinos are about 2x bigger than those you’ll find in Las Vegas. However, Vegas has more casino options, amounting to at least 100 in total.

In Macau, table games are the most popular, specifically Sic Bo and Baccarat. 90% of Macau’s gambling revenue comes from Baccarat games.

Las Vegas is the opposite. Instead, slot machines are the most popular form of gambling in Vegas and are typically integrated with table games.

Lastly, tax laws. This is one of the biggest reasons why many still enjoy gambling in Macau.

In Las Vegas, winning the jackpot doesn’t allow you to take all your winnings. Rather, the government takes about 25 to 30% of your total winnings. While in Macau, you take all your winnings home, meaning you don’t lose a single cent because winnings aren’t taxed.

Venetian Macau vs. Las Vegas

The Venetian Macau is much bigger in size compared to Venetian Las Vegas.

However, Venetian Las Vegas offers more rooms – approximately 4,050 in total. Whereas Venetian Macau has a total of 3,000 rooms.

That said, Venetian Macau’s casino is 4x larger than the casino in Venetian Las Vegas. But when it comes to entertainment, shopping, and dining options, Las Vegas has more to offer.

For instance, Venetian Macau has 3 dining establishments. Whereas the Venetian Las Vegas has 5x the number of restaurants and variety. You can choose Italian, Asian, Latin, French, seafood, American, Greek, and even Vegan cuisine.

Entertainment-wise, Venetian Las Vegas has pools and spas, theaters, bars, beach clubs, and lounges. Venetian Macau has similar entertainment options but is limited in variety.

Between the two, Venetian Macau is more favorable for couples and serious gamblers. Venetian Las Vegas, on the other hand, favors all travelers.

Whether that be a couples retreat, girls’ weekend, guys’ trip, or family getaway. Seeing as there’s a wider entertainment selection, you have more things to do in Venetian Las Vegas altogether.

Is Macau Like Las Vegas?

Macau is often hailed as the Las Vegas of Asia. But apart from titles, Macau is very different from Las Vegas. Granted, both have casinos and are popular for their gambling opportunities. This is what makes both similar.

However, gambling in Macau is different from what you’ll find in Las Vegas. Think of Macau as a cultural or historical city with nightlife and gambling in between. Whereas in Las Vegas, it’s more of an entertainment city where you can do more than just gamble and party.