Corfu vs. Rhodes

Making a choice between Corfu and Rhodes, two stunning islands of Greece, can feel like a tricky puzzle. Enveloped in rich histories and brimming with vibrant cultures, both islands beckon travelers with a promise of unforgettable experiences. Corfu, known as the emerald isle, is a tapestry of Venetian, French, and British influences. Rhodes, on the other hand, is a sun-drenched paradise, an amalgamation of ancient and medieval civilizations. Who could resist such allure?
Corfu vs. Rhodes

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Both islands are tantalizing in their unique ways. Corfu, the verdant gem of the Ionian Sea, whispers of the past through its elegant architecture and captivating folklore. Conversely, Rhodes, a bright jewel of the Aegean Sea, mesmerizes visitors with its sun-soaked charm and tales of bygone eras. But which one would you choose? Isn’t it fascinating to dig a little deeper and see what makes each island unique?

History & Culture

Immersing in the histories and cultures of Corfu and Rhodes, you’ll discover a world of contrasts and similarities that make each island a standout destination.

Corfu’s past is a fascinating tapestry woven with threads of different cultures. With every civilization leaving its mark, the island brims with diverse influences. From the Venetians, French, and British to the ancient Greeks, each has contributed to the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Stroll through Corfu Town, and you’ll see elegant palazzos, fortresses, and churches, tangible evidence of the island’s storied past.

Rhodes, too, bears witness to an exciting past. With its history dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, followed by the Knights of St. John, the Ottomans, and the Italians, the island holds a kaleidoscope of cultures. Walking through Rhodes Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, feels like stepping into a time machine, where every cobblestone whispers tales of antiquity.

Despite their diverse pasts, both islands share a common thread – a rich oral tradition and folklore. Corfu’s folk traditions, passed down through generations, play a crucial role in community life, punctuating the year with colorful festivals and music.

Similarly, in Rhodes, local traditions and music are deeply intertwined with daily life, with locals often gathering for impromptu music and dance sessions in village squares.

However, while Corfu leans more towards Western Europe in terms of culture, owing to its close historical ties, Rhodes leans towards the eastern Mediterranean, mirroring its geographical position closer to Asia Minor.

In conclusion, whether you are drawn to Corfu’s elegant blend of East and West or Rhodes’ embodiment of ancient grandeur, you can’t go wrong. Each island offers its own intriguing interpretation of Greek history and culture, enough to keep even the most discerning traveler captivated.

Attractions & Activities

Both Corfu and Rhodes, with their myriad of attractions and activities, offer much more than just idyllic landscapes and rich culture. As you explore these alluring islands, you’ll find every corner filled with incredible experiences waiting to be discovered.

In Corfu, start your adventure at the Old Fortress, an impressive Venetian fortification standing sentinel over Corfu Town. Its imposing presence is a reminder of Corfu’s rich history. It also offers you stunning panoramic views of the town and the sea.

Not far away is the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, which is home to the Museum of Asian Art, showcasing an impressive collection from China, Japan, and South Asia.

In the charming town of Paleokastritsa, visit the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, dating back to the 13th century. Here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea while exploring the beautiful Byzantine-era buildings and gardens.

Rhodes, on the other hand, has its own treasure trove of attractions.

Visit the Palace of the Grand Masters, a massive fortress in the heart of Rhodes Old Town. With its stunning courtyards and sumptuous interiors, it provides a fascinating peek into the island’s medieval history. Step inside, and you’ll be transported back in time, surrounded by antique furniture, marble floors, and priceless art.

Don’t forget to explore the ancient city of Kamiros, one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes. Walking through the remnants of this once-thriving city, you’ll feel like an archaeologist uncovering secrets from a long-lost civilization.

All in all, whether you’re drawn to the architectural gems and panoramic views in Corfu, or the historic fortresses and ancient ruins in Rhodes, you’ll find endless possibilities for adventure and exploration.


Whether it’s the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore or the feeling of soft sand beneath your feet, the beaches of Corfu and Rhodes are sure to captivate you. Each island offers a unique seaside experience that will leave you longing for more.

Corfu is known for its pebble beaches like Barbati and Kassiopi, located on the northeast of the island. These stunning beaches are surrounded by verdant hills, offering a unique blend of the sea and the lush green landscape.

Barbati Beach, approximately 20 miles (or 32 kilometers) from Corfu Town, is a peaceful spot with crystal clear waters, perfect for a relaxing dip. Kassiopi Beach, around 22 miles (or 35 kilometers) from Corfu Town, is renowned for its tranquil environment and its clear, calm waters.

On the other hand, Rhodes boasts sandy beaches like Tsambika and Agathi. Tsambika Beach, about 15 miles (or 24 kilometers) from Rhodes Town, is known for its fine golden sand and warm, shallow waters, perfect for families or for those who enjoy a gentle swim. Not far away, Agathi Beach offers a beautiful setting with golden sands, clear waters, and striking rock formations.

Yet, both islands also offer secluded spots for those looking for a more private beach experience. In Corfu, Myrtiotissa Beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, provides a natural sanctuary away from the crowds. In Rhodes, Traganou Beach, with its unique sea caves, is a hidden gem worth discovering.

In summary, whether you prefer the pebble beaches nestled among Corfu’s green hills or the sandy shores of Rhodes bathed in sunshine, each island offers a memorable beach experience to suit every preference.

Eating, Drinking & Nightlife

Your trip to Greece would be incomplete without indulging in the local cuisine, savoring delicious wines, and enjoying the vibrant nightlife. Corfu and Rhodes, while both embracing Greek traditions, each offer a distinct gastronomic experience and entertaining nightlife.

When it comes to food, Corfu’s cuisine stands out with its blend of Greek and Italian flavors, a testament to its historical connections. Sample the Sofrito, a traditional Corfiot dish of veal cooked in white wine, garlic, and herb sauce. Don’t forget to try the local pastries like the orange-flavored kumquat sweet, which is unique to Corfu.

On the other hand, Rhodes’ culinary scene is deeply rooted in Greek traditions. Here, you must try the Melekouni, a traditional sweet made with honey, sesame, and almonds, often served at weddings. Pitaroudia, chickpea fritters, is another local delicacy not to miss.

When it comes to wine, both islands have their unique offerings. In Corfu, enjoy the local white wine made from the Kakotrigis grape, known for its fruity and refreshing flavor. In contrast, Rhodes is famous for its robust red wines, with Mandilaria being a popular local variety.

As the sun goes down, both islands transform into vibrant hubs of entertainment. In Corfu Town, you’ll find a mix of lively bars and charming tavernas where you can dance the night away. Alternatively, Rhodes offers an exciting blend of beachfront clubs in Faliraki and stylish cocktail bars in Rhodes Town, ensuring an energetic nightlife scene.

In a nutshell, whether you’re tantalized by Corfu’s fusion of Greek and Italian flavors or you’re tempted by the traditional delicacies of Rhodes, paired with local wines and vibrant nightlife, your senses are in for a treat.


The shopping experience in Corfu and Rhodes is as diverse and exciting as the islands themselves. Both offer a mix of local crafts, designer boutiques, and lively markets that are sure to satiate your shopping desires.

Corfu is known for its local handicrafts and products. Don’t miss the olive wood carvings and locally made ceramics, perfect mementos of your visit. The island is also renowned for its production of kumquats, and you’ll find everything from kumquat liqueur to marmalade in local shops.

In Corfu Town, stroll along the narrow alleyways of the Old Town where you’ll find shops selling handmade jewelry, leather goods, and traditional Greek sandals. For high-end shopping, head to the Liston Arcade, which houses several designer boutiques.

On the other hand, Rhodes, with its blend of old and new, offers a unique shopping experience. In Rhodes Old Town, explore the labyrinth of cobbled streets lined with shops selling handmade ceramics, intricate jewelry, and traditional Greek rugs.

In contrast, the New Town offers a more modern shopping experience with its mix of local boutiques and international brands. Don’t miss the market in Mandraki Harbor, where you can buy fresh local produce and spices.

In summary, whether it’s the local handicrafts and kumquat products of Corfu or the ceramics and bustling markets of Rhodes, shopping on these islands is a delightful adventure for all kinds of shoppers.


When it comes to lodging, both Corfu and Rhodes present a plethora of options, from luxury resorts to family-run guesthouses, all designed to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

In Corfu, upscale resorts like the MarBella Corfu Hotel in Agios Ioannis Peristeron and the Ikos Dassia offer the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and idyllic sea views. If you prefer a more intimate setting, consider staying in one of the island’s charming villas or guesthouses, such as The Merchant’s House in Corfu Town.

Rhodes, on the other hand, is home to stunning resorts like the Elysium Resort & Spa in Kallithea and the Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa in Ixia. These offer a luxurious stay with top-notch amenities and stunning views. For budget travelers, Rhodes also boasts a variety of affordable accommodations, such as the Atlantis City Hotel in Rhodes Town.

In essence, whether you’re seeking the luxury and sea views offered by resorts in Corfu or the diverse range of lodging options available in Rhodes, you’ll find accommodations that perfectly match your needs and preferences.

Family-Friendliness & Children’s Activities

Traveling with children? Both Corfu and Rhodes roll out a warm welcome for families and offer an array of engaging activities for younger travelers.

Corfu offers family-friendly beaches like Glyfada and Acharavi, with their gentle waves and shallow waters. The Aqualand Water Park, one of the largest water parks in Europe, is a big hit with kids, boasting a variety of fun water rides and pools.

On the other hand, Rhodes offers its own share of family-oriented activities. The Faliraki Water Park, with its numerous slides and pools, is a paradise for children. The island also hosts the Valley of Butterflies, a unique nature reserve where thousands of colorful butterflies gather each year, a sight that can captivate children and adults alike.

In summary, whether it’s the family-friendly beaches and water park of Corfu or the natural wonders and activities of Rhodes, both islands ensure a fun-filled vacation for families.

Getting There & Getting Around

Traveling to and exploring the islands of Corfu and Rhodes, despite their remote location, is relatively easy and convenient, adding to their appeal as top vacation destinations.

Reaching Corfu is straightforward. The island has its own international airport, located just under 2 miles (or approximately 3 kilometers) from Corfu Town. It’s well-connected with many major cities in Europe, especially during the summer months. Once on the island, you can use the local bus service, taxis, or rent a car to explore the diverse landscapes.

Rhodes, too, boasts an international airport, about 9 miles (or approximately 14 kilometers) from Rhodes Town. It’s well connected with direct flights from several European cities. To navigate the island, there’s an efficient bus service, and taxis and car rental services are readily available.

In essence, whether you’re planning to explore the charming locales of Corfu or the ancient sights of Rhodes, getting to these islands and getting around is hassle-free and convenient, ensuring an enjoyable vacation experience.


The delightful weather is one of the many attractions of a Greek island vacation. Both Corfu and Rhodes promise pleasant climates, perfect for beach-going, sightseeing, and outdoor adventures.

In Corfu, you can expect mild winters and warm summers. The hottest months are July and August, with average temperatures around 85°F (or approximately 29°C). Meanwhile, the coldest month is January, with temperatures averaging 50°F (or about 10°C). The island sees most of its rainfall from November to February.

Rhodes, often referred to as the ‘sun island’, enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year. The warmest months are July and August, with average temperatures hitting 86°F (or approximately 30°C). The coldest month is January, with average temperatures of 54°F (or about 12°C). Rainfall is most common from December to February.

In a nutshell, whether you’re soaking up the sun in Corfu’s warm summers or enjoying the year-round sunshine in Rhodes, both islands offer delightful climates for your holiday.


When it comes to safety, both Corfu and Rhodes are generally considered safe for travelers. They boast low crime rates, friendly locals, and tourist-friendly policies, making them great choices for a worry-free vacation.

On Corfu, as with any tourist destination, it’s wise to take standard precautions like securing valuables and being aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas. Likewise, in Rhodes, despite its overall safety, it’s always a good idea to exercise usual travel caution.

One unique safety feature to note is that both islands are located in an earthquake-prone zone, as is the case with much of Greece. Though major earthquakes are rare, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with basic safety procedures.

To summarize, both Corfu and Rhodes prioritize the safety of their visitors, making them secure destinations for your next getaway.


While planning your Greek island vacation, understanding the cost is essential. Both Corfu and Rhodes offer a range of experiences, suiting both budget travelers and those looking for luxury.

Corfu, on average, is quite affordable. Expect to pay around 15-20 Euros ($17-$23) for a meal at a mid-range restaurant, while a local bus ticket will cost about 1.70 Euros (around $2). As for accommodation, a night at a mid-range hotel might set you back about 70-100 Euros ($81-$116).

Rhodes, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive. A meal at a similar restaurant would cost about 20-25 Euros ($23-$29), while local transportation is priced around 2-3 Euros ($2.3-$3.5). A night at a mid-range hotel could cost approximately 80-120 Euros ($93-$139).

In essence, whether you’re planning a budget holiday in Corfu or a slightly more high-end stay in Rhodes, both islands offer experiences to suit different budgets, ensuring an unforgettable Greek vacation.

Which Is Better – Corfu or Rhodes?

Deciding between two such vibrant Greek islands as Corfu and Rhodes can be a challenge. Each island offers its unique charm, and your ultimate decision will likely come down to your personal preferences and interests.

Delving into history and culture, you’ll find Corfu’s intriguing Venetian, French, and British influences quite appealing. However, Rhodes, with its rich ancient Greek and medieval history, also has an enchanting allure that is hard to resist. It’s a toss-up really, dependent on whether you’re more fascinated by recent European influences or the allure of ancient times.

As for attractions and activities, both islands promise to keep you engaged. Corfu offers majestic palaces, captivating museums, and serene monasteries. Rhodes matches with its impressive ancient ruins, medieval city, and diverse nature reserves. You won’t lack for things to see and do on either island.

If sandy beaches are a priority, Corfu offers more in terms of quantity and variety, making it an ideal choice for beach lovers. However, Rhodes, with its stunning east coast beaches, still offers ample sunbathing and swimming opportunities.

The eating, drinking, and nightlife scene in Rhodes tends to be livelier, with a wider array of options, making it a better choice if this is a priority for your vacation. On the other hand, Corfu’s local cuisine and charming tavernas provide a more traditional and relaxed Greek experience.

If you enjoy shopping, Rhodes has a more vibrant scene with its bustling markets and upscale boutiques. But don’t count Corfu out; its local artisan shops and boutiques selling unique, handmade items offer a more quaint and authentic shopping experience.

Both islands offer a variety of accommodations, but Rhodes tends to have more luxury options, making it a better choice for those seeking high-end stays. Corfu, on the other hand, tends to have more budget-friendly choices, suitable for travelers on a tighter budget.

When it comes to family-friendliness and children’s activities, Corfu and Rhodes are on par. Both offer safe environments and plenty of fun-filled activities and are generally welcoming to families with children.

Getting to either island is relatively easy, with both having international airports and being served by ferries. Once there, public transportation, taxis, and car rentals are readily available.

Weather-wise, both islands enjoy a Mediterranean climate. However, if you prefer more sunshine, Rhodes, with its 300 sunny days a year, might be a better choice. As for safety, both islands are generally safe for travelers, though it’s always wise to exercise standard travel precautions.

In terms of cost, Corfu is generally more affordable, making it a better choice for budget travelers. However, if you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious experience, you might find the slightly higher prices in Rhodes to be worth it.

In conclusion, whether you choose Corfu or Rhodes depends largely on what you’re looking for in your Greek island vacation. Both islands offer rich history, engaging activities, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and much more. Your best bet? Why not plan to visit both, if not this time, perhaps on your next Greek vacation!