Montreal vs. Vancouver

While these two cities are set in beautiful natural settings, their appeal goes far beyond their mesmerizing views. Their diverse scenery and culture create an eclectic mix of allures, laced with their big-city vibrancy. Take a trip to Montreal and Vancouver, and you may find yourself leaving a piece of your heart in either city.
Montreal vs. Vancouver

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Two of Canada’s most diverse cities, Montreal and Vancouver have long been tourist hotspots. Modern and urbanized, yet strikes a balance with lush lands of greenery, these two offer the best of both worlds.

With a seemingly endless list of activities, there’s fun for everyone in both cities. It’s a treat for your senses to be in either one. From tasty cuisines, dazzling shows, and wild creativity, retreats to the wilderness, and more!

And yet, Montreal and Vancouver attract a different crowd. These two have their own strengths, making one the better destination for you than the other.

If you want to know which of these two makes for a better trip, keep reading below. You’ll soon figure out what they do best, and which one tickles your fancy more.


Montreal is a city that’s steeped in history, surrounded by natural wonders, and home to a wildly creative art community. A buzzing cosmopolitan with a heart of green, these are what makes the city such a fascinating place. And if you need some convincing to visit this well-rounded city, the push that you need may be below.

What Makes Montreal Unique?

A City Cradled by Stunning Natural Wonders

Montreal strikes a delightful balance between being a big city and showcasing the best of Canada’s natural wonders. Surrounding the city are glistening lakes and verdant greenery aplenty. There’s even an emerald-clad mountain rising up right in the middle of the city!

Montreal has such a fascinating geography, making it a delight to explore.

The city sits at the junctions of the rivers of Ottawa and St. Lawrence, and the latter continues to flow through the city to its south. While waters from these two rivers flow through the city as the Rivière des Prairies in the north and Lac de Deux Montagnes in the west.

This makes Montreal an island within an archipelago. And you’re never too far from glistening waters in the city! This makes Montreal a perfect city for some water sports, or even going on scenic boat cruises!

While there are tons of ways to enjoy the city on water, it’s also great to explore from above. Within the heart of Montreal, you’ll find its crown jewel, Mount Royal. This green-filled mountain is not only the city’s symbol but also its majestic centerpiece.

During the warmer months, Mount Royal blooms with all shades of green. It’s a great spot for taking in the views of the city. And it’s home to Beaver Lake, a great spot for picnics.

During winter, Mount Royal turns into a scenic winter wonderland. Despite the cold, locals still flock here for some outdoor fun!

In Montreal, you’ll always feel connected with nature due to the city’s many green spaces. But one that incorporates the city’s greenery and glistening rivers is Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Parc Jean-Drapeau is arguably the most beautiful park in Montreal. This massive park sits on a separate island from the city, and it’s surrounded by the waters of the St. Lawrence River! Other than tons of outdoor recreation, this park is where all the coolest events and festivals in the city happen.

Montreal Is Your Year-Round Natural Playground

Montreal’s sprawling open spaces can be your tranquil retreat or the host of your adventures. The outdoor fun here reflects the diversity of the natural wonders in and around the city. Spoiling you with choices, Montreal offers plenty of ways for you to enjoy its stunning landscape.

And while other destinations are best explored during specific seasons, Montreal is different. The city offers recreational activities no matter the season!

For a seemingly endless list of outdoor fun, head to the city during warmer months!

Of course, hiking and biking around the city are some of the top choices. Go deep into Montreal’s leafy oases, as you discover what makes each of them unique!

You may gravitate toward walking up Mount Royal to get your adrenaline fix. But take time to explore the thousands of parks in the city!

Head to Parc Jarry and go swimming or take the kids to splash around the wading pool. Practice your swing at the public golf course in Par Maisonneuve. Or cruise through one of the longest bike paths in the city at the historic Lachine Canal!

Don’t limit your thrilling adventures on land though. With the rivers that surround the city, Montreal also offers a wealth of water fun!

You may not think of the city as a surfing destination, but you can ride the waves of the St. Lawrence River! If that’s too much for you, you can always go stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking here too. Or if surfing’s too mellow for you, take it to the extreme at Lachine Rapids where you can brave the wild waves on a raft, jet boat, and more!

Going on a vacation to Montreal in the winter? No problem! When the city turns into a winter wonderland, you’ll still find the city buzzing with activity!

Head to Mount Royal Park for some ice skating or tobogganing in the winter. Practice your ice skating skills at Parc La Fontane’s pond. Or have fun with the city’s 62 miles (100 km) of cross-country ski trails!

Discover Its Beautiful and Historic Landmarks

Take a step back in time and discover Montreal’s fascinating history at Old Montreal. This is the city’s pulsating heart, its oldest neighborhood. And this is your bridge to both Montreal’s past and present!

Founded by the French in 1642, Old Montreal was once called Fort Ville-Marie. Its fortifying walls still stand today along with tons of beautiful buildings from the era! With this, every corner of Old Montreal is teeming with history, a real treat for the history buff in you.

Exuding a European charm, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit on a trip to Montreal. Strap on your walking shoes and get ready to wander through Old Montreal’s narrow, winding cobblestone streets! There are tons of historic wonders to discover in this charming area.

In the heart of Old Montreal lies the public square of Place d’Armes. This square is famous for the monoliths that surround it, which are some of the city’s best architecture. To the north is the Bank of Montreal, the oldest bank in Canada. And to the west is the Aldred Building, a stunning Art Deco wonder.

To the south of Place d’Armes is another famous landmark, the Notre Dame Basilica. This Gothic cathedral has stood here for over 150 years. And it’s one of Canada’s oldest Gothic Revival religious buildings.

Continue your trip to Saint Paul Street, the oldest street in the city. Arguably the most beautiful street in Montreal, this street is full of old greystone buildings. You’ll find galleries, shops, and restaurants of all kinds here, keeping you busy on your trip.

Saint Paul Street runs parallel to the Old Port’s waterfront. The Old Port dates back to as early as 1611 as a trading post for French fur traders. Today, it’s a popular tourist attraction where you can paddleboat, cycle, eat, and more!

Experience Montreal’s Vibrant and Creative Culture

Montreal has long thrived and held the title of one of Canada’s most creative cities. With just one look at the city’s jam-packed events calendar, and list of art galleries, theaters, and music venues, you’ll see why. Montreal is brimming with opportunities for you to experience its vibrant and creative soul.

To uncover Montreal’s creative side, a trip to its art museums and galleries is a must. The city is home to over 40 international museums, and many more art galleries to discover. But if you were to dive into this scene, you shouldn’t miss out on these two museums:

  • Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal: A renowned museum that features over 7500 permanent artworks. This museum houses visual art across paintings, sculptures, and more. But it also celebrates performing arts, hosting films and events throughout the year.
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The city’s largest and most prestigious museum. This museum constantly receives praise for its exhibits, showcasing works by the likes of Warhol and Rodin. It’s home to over 41000 permanent artworks and explores film, fashion, music, and other art forms too.

Art lives in the streets of Montreal, too, so you don’t have to step indoors to get a taste of its art scene.

Montreals’ film scene is just as thriving as there’s a show here every day of the week. Cinema Moderne, Cinema du Musee, and Cinematheque quebecoise are some of the best in the city. But some cinemas in Montreal take this scene to a whole new level.

Immerse yourself in an exciting show under the 360-degree dome, Satosphere, at Society for Arts and Technology. Or watch a cinematic masterpiece through a VR Cinema at Phi Centre!

If traditional theaters are more your thing, Montreal has your back.

Enjoy grandiose productions at the city’s renowned Place des Arts. Catch an award-winning play at the Centaur Theatre. Or watch a dazzling off-the-beaten-track show at MainLine Theatre!

Montreal’s creativity is also evident in its diverse live music scene. The city is a hub for groundbreaking artists and touring bands! While you can watch world-famous artists and bands at Bell Centre, there are still tons of music venues in the city.

You can catch a live show any day of the week here. If you love classical music, head to Place des Arts! Or if you want to check out Montreal’s indie music scene, check out the many venues in the Mile End neighborhood.


Vancouver is a city where you can dip your toes on the beach and hike up snowcapped peaks in a day. It’s where you can explore the world through your tastebuds, explore the art of the First Nations people, and cap your day off with late-night thrills! This eclectic city is well-visited for a reason, and that’s because it has allures for tourists of all types.

What Makes Vancouver Unique?

One of Canada’s Most Naturally Beautiful Cities

Vancouver is widely considered to be one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, thanks to its breathtaking natural setting. This bustling, modern city sits between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is full of massive green spaces. With a seamless blend of urban charm and nature, a trip to Vancouver is a feast for your eyes!

Not only does this make Vancouver a scenic wonderland. But it’s also an incredible destination for exciting outdoor adventures!

A park lover’s paradise, natural wonders are aplenty within the city’s limits. Around 11% of Vancouver’s footprint is a green oasis, so you don’t have to venture too far to connect with nature here.

Get lost in the wilderness right within the city at Stanley Park, a park that’s over 1000 acres (405 ha) and sits on the edge of Vancouver. This park is a mix between well-manicured land and untamed forests and is almost entirely surrounded by water. Go on a stroll, take a hike, or cycle the park’s famous seawall to reach the white-sand beaches!

Two of the most beautiful green oases in the city are VanDuseun Botanical Garden and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. In VanDusen, you’ll discover over 7500 plants that bloom with all colors of the rainbow. While Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is a tranquil haven to chill by the greenery-fringed koi pond.

Vancouver has plenty of sprawling parklands to indulge the outdoor enthusiast in you. But if you need more excitement, then venture off to the city’s outskirts. The mountains that you see surrounding Vancouver are all around an hour away!

Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Mount Seymour are all short drives away from the city. All three are year-round destinations that are great for hiking, biking, snowboarding, skiing, and more!

More natural wonders await you in Vancouver, and they come in the form of pristine beaches. But if you want to know more about them, head to the next section!

Unwind at Vancouver’s Paradisiacal Beaches

You may not think of Canada first when you think of beaches. But the country has miles and miles of coastline featuring the glistening waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. Being a coastal city, Vancouver has its fair share of beautiful beaches to boast of!

Vancouver is home to one of Canada’s best urban beaches, the beloved Kitsilano Beach. This beach features views that Vancouver is famous for. You’ll get a view of the North Shore Mountains, the city’s skyscrapers, and the English Bay all in one frame.

Renowned for its beauty, this sandy beach is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Not only because of its location but also because it has fun activities that’ll suit every beachgoer!

This beach has spots for volleyball and basketball, hosts festivals, features playgrounds, and more! Grab a snack from the cafes here or dine at the waterfront restaurant. If the beach is too cold for you, take a dip at the massive heated saltwater pool here.

And when you’re tired of the beach, follow the seawall and it’ll lead you to Stanley Park! Stanley Park is also near other famous beaches. Thus, you can continue to follow the seawall and go beach-hopping to your heart’s content!

One of the beaches you’ll run into is English Bay Beach, a scenic wonder that hosts some of the city’s most exciting events. Then there’s Second Beach, a famous sandy haven for families. Play a game of golf at the pitch & putt course or take a dip in the heated outdoor pool!

If you’re looking for a different beach crowd, make your way to Wreck Beach. You’ll have to meander through the forest and go down a long flight of steps before you reach the sandy shore. But once done, you’ll find the clothing-optional beach that features its raw, natural beauty!

Get a Taste of Its Eclectic and Zinging Food Scene

Vancouver’s famous food scene is a reflection of its cultural identity and its varied landscape. From the freshest seafood to the sweetest maple delights, from a warm bowl of ramen to fast food Thai, there’s something for every palate here in the city. Being one of the top foodie cities in the world, Vancouver makes you fall in love with the city plate after plate.

With so many going on in the city, it’s hard to pinpoint why Vancouver is such a foodie’s paradise. With every restaurant serving a specific cuisine, every dish combining a medley of flavors, the city knows how to play with your tastebuds.

But no matter where you eat or what you eat, you’ll find four crucial elements of the city’s food scene in every bite.

Being on a peninsula, Vancouver is rich in bounty from the sea. Seafood is an integral part of the city’s culture, and fresh seafood is the star of many menus here. From mussels, wild salmon, Dungeness crabs, and more, Vancouver will tickle your tastebuds with the Pacific’s bounty.

More than seafood, Vancouver has always focused on eating fresh, locally sourced food. Nearby lands and community gardens and orchards complete the meal on your plate. And chefs here work closely with farmers, fishermen, cheesemakers, butchers, and more.

All these fresh ingredients make their way to your plate in the flavor that you want. This cosmopolitan melting pot serves over 50 national cuisines to give you a taste of the world.

With authentic Japanese, Chinese, and Peruvian restaurants, among others, you’ll find what your craving here in the city. Some even create a blend of these foreign cuisines, such as a Belgian bistro mixing Middle Eastern flavors into their dishes. With local chefs growing up in a culturally rich city, you can expect them to strive for culinary innovation!

Have Fun in One of Canada’s Top Party Cities

Exploring green oases, dipping your feet into sandy beaches, and getting lost in the North Shore Mountains may be what tourists come for in the city. But when it gets dark, Vancouver becomes as lively as it can be. As one of Canada’s top party cities, there’s no shortage of nighttime fun here!

What makes Vancouver’s nightlife so exciting is the wealth of options you have here.

Start your night along the harbor and sip on some cocktails with a gorgeous backdrop of the city’s twinkling lights. When you’re ready to go barhopping, head to any of Vancouver’s nightlife hubs. Gastown, West End, and Commercial Drive offer a wide array of clubs, bars, and other nightlife spots!

Choose from beer halls, wine bars, Irish pubs, cocktail lounges, and more! Vancouver has a night venue for every taste so you won’t feel left out on the fun.

If you love hard partying or late-night clubbing, Granville Street is the place to be. This area is dense with an array of clubs for you to choose from if you want to dance the night away!

Vancouver also has a robust craft beer scene that’ll delight even the most discerning beer connoisseurs. Get a taste of the city’s rich craft beer scene at Craft Beer Market Restaurant! Sample over 100 beers on tap and enjoy a laid-back night out!

For those who need a little more excitement, why not try your luck at a casino? Vancouver has plenty of casinos to give you all-around night entertainment. With bars, cocktail lounges, gaming tables, slot machines, and more under one roof, you’re sure to have a fun-filled night here!

A City Where Creative Minds Feel Right at Home

Vancouver’s wild creativity offers a treat for your senses in more ways than one. The city is an incredible hub for artistic expression, fueled by the zinging artistic community it homes.

Vancouver’s art scene has gained fame for its world-class artists such as Geoffrey Farmer and Jeff Wall. But its dazzling array of art spaces and creative venues has helped with its reputation too.

Go on a visual journey with Vancouver’s renowned art collections, First Nations art, and contemporary art. Tap your feet to music at the city’s many music venues that cover genres of all kinds. Or get entertained as performers dazzle you with theatrical events, comedy shows, and more!

The art lover in you has a place to be in Vancouver. And you’ll feel right at home here.

When it comes to visual art, you’ll have tons of museums and galleries to explore here. But put the Vancouver Art Gallery at the top of your list, the largest of its kind in western Canada. It’s home to over 9000 artworks and hosts international exhibits annually to bring famous artworks from around the world to the city!

For First Nations art, you’ll have no trouble looking for them as they’re everywhere. Check out the hundreds of thousands of cultural artifacts at the Museum of Anthropology. Or you can explore the Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery or the Inuit Gallery of Vancouver!

If music is more up your alley, there’s always a gig at one of the city’s many intimate music venues. From Frankie’s Jazz Club to Rickshaw Theatre, there’s a venue here for jazz, rock, indie, and all other genres you like!

Perhaps theatre is your entertainment of choice. The city is home to over 50 theatre companies and over 20 venues, featuring shows on any day of the week! Theatre festivals are aplenty here too, like the Vancouver Fringe Festival and Bard on the Beach.

Is Montreal Better Than Vancouver?

If you’re looking for a city with excellent food, a vibrant night scene, and artistic prowess, you can’t go wrong with both. It’s only a matter of preference for these factors. But in choosing the better destination between the two, you need to focus on their strengths and differences.

If you love the great outdoors, want better scenery, and want to avoid winter, go for Vancouver. Vancouver’s setting is second to none. You have glistening waters on three sides with the majestic North Shore Mountains framing the city beautifully.

Plus, Vancouver has soft, sandy beaches that Montreal doesn’t have. The city is more accessible when it comes to water sports, especially whale-watching boat tours.

While Vancouver feels greener, Montreal has an industrial charm to it.

Montreal wins for its deeper, more fascinating history compared to Vancouver though. Francophone culture is alive and well in the city today, evident in their language and food scene. Combine that with the city’s European look and Montreal feels more exotic, making you feel like you’re out of North America.

Montreal is also better if you love to explore a winter wonderland. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are better here.


Is Montreal Cheaper Than Vancouver?

Montreal is a cheaper place to visit than Vancouver. The average cost for a one-week trip to the city for one person is 1263 USD. With the same trip, you’ll be spending around 1513 USD for a trip to Vancouver.

If you’re traveling as a couple and sharing a room, you’ll save a bit more money on accommodation. A week-long trip for couples costs around 2268 USD in Montreal. While you can shell out around 2717 USD for the same trip in Vancouver.

There’s a quite difference in accommodation prices between the two cities.

In Montreal, a two or three-star hotel costs around 107 USD. Meanwhile, the same hotels would cost around 163 USD in Vancouver.

But if you’d rather have a vacation rental, you can spend around 150 to 400 USD in Montreal. In Vancouver, rentals range from 140 to 480 USD.

Daily expenses, including food, travel, and entertainment costs would be around 41 to 92 USD in Montreal. For the same expenses, you’d shell out around 52 to 106 USD in Vancouver.

It’s easier to visit Montreal on a budget as there are tons of free activities there. But it’s difficult to visit Vancouver on a tight budget.

Distance Between Vancouver and Montreal

The straight line distance between Vancouver and Montreal is around 2288 miles (3682 km). This does not give you an accurate estimate of the travel distance on land though. If you were to travel between the two cities, the driving distance would be longer due to road curvature.

The driving distance will depend on the route you choose on your trip. If you follow the Canadian route, you’ll cover 2833 miles (4560 km). But if you go through the American Route, you can expect to drive 3150 miles (5069 km).

Population of Vancouver vs. Montreal

When it comes to population, Montreal is a much bigger city than Vancouver. The difference in their population is around a million. Montreal, Canada’s second-largest city, is home to over 1.76 million people. Meanwhile, Vancouver has a population of over 706000 people.

Distance Between Vancouver and Montreal by Air?

The plane distance between Vancouver and Montreal is around 2295 miles (2693 km). This estimated distance is the shortest route between Vancouver International and Montreal-Trudeau. And this is what most airplanes use when traveling between the two cities.

Montreal to Vancouver by Train

Unfortunately, there are no direct trains traveling between Montreal and Vancouver. But if you want to travel via train, this journey is still possible. You just have to ride a train from Montreal to Toronto, and from there, take a train to Vancouver!

Only a few trains leave Montreal each day for Vancouver. On this trip, you’ll be covering a distance of around 2292 miles (3689 km). And it takes around 104 hours, which is four days, to complete this trip.

On average, train ticket prices on this trip cost around 517 USD. If you book your tickets in advance or travel during the shoulder season, train tickets can be as low as 470 USD.

The earliest train leaving Montreal departs at 11 AM. Meanwhile, the last train of the day leaves at around 2 PM.

If you’re planning to travel between the two cities on a Sunday, book your train tickets in advance. This is the busiest day for train travel on this route. Not only do tickets run out fast, but they also get quite expensive due to the high demand.

If you want to avoid the crowds and the higher ticket costs, travel on a Friday instead.

Luxury Train From Montreal to Vancouver

Like regular passenger trains, there are no direct luxury train services from Montreal to Vancouver. But if you want to make this trip happen, then you can go on a trip from Montreal to Vancouver via Toronto.

First, you have to get to Toronto. If you wish to travel via train, several trains leave Montreal for Toronto daily, so there’s a schedule that’ll fit your travel time.

From Toronto, you can board the luxury train of your choice! You have two luxury train options to choose from on this trip.

The first option is the Canadian Cross Country Journey. This is the perfect choice if you don’t want to take too many stops on your trip.

This option has a travel duration of around 9 days. Train tickets start at 4380 for the Sleeper Plus train class. Or you can splurge on the Prestige class for 6990 USD.

The second, most luxurious option is The Canadian Prestige Journey. This option is perfect if you want to make stops along the way. For 14 days, you’ll be exploring Jasper, Icefields Parkway, Lake Louise, and Banff before reaching Vancouver!

Ticket prices for this train come at a high price of 17590 USD.

Montreal to Vancouver Train Cost

Train ticket prices from Montreal to Vancouver cost around 517 USD on average. But these tickets can be as low as 470 USD if you book tickets in advance or travel during the low season.

Montreal to Vancouver Train Time

Prepare for a long train journey from Montreal to Vancouver as it takes around 104 hours to travel between the two cities. Even the fastest trains on this route need around 102 hours and 25 minutes to complete this trip.

Bus From Vancouver to Montreal

Like trains, you won’t find any bus services that’ll take you from Vancouver to Montreal directly. Thus, you have to switch buses several times on your trip before you reach Montreal.

From Vancouver, you’ll go through Portland, Denver, New York, and then Montreal. Or, you can hop on a bus from Vancouver to Toronto, and then switch buses from there to reach Montreal. Whichever option you choose, this journey may take around 3 to 4 days of travel time, including transfers.

Train ticket prices on this route range from 374 to 619 USD. Usually, only one bus runs between the two cities daily. And this bus departs from Vancouver for Montreal at around 6 AM daily.

You can catch a bus at Waterfront Station or Canada Place in Vancouver. And you’ll arrive at Montreal-Trudeau Airport, Terminus Mansfield, or Gare d’autocars in Montreal.

The busiest day for bus travel between Vancouver and Montreal is on Thursday. Bus tickets sell out fast during this day. And they’re often pricier due to the higher demand for the tickets.

If you want more room on the bus, or if you want cheaper tickets, travel on a Tuesday instead.

Vancouver to Montreal Drive

On a drive from Vancouver to Montreal, you have the option to stay within Canada or drive down to the US. Each option has its pros and cons, and the best pick depends on your preferences and your allotted travel time.

The US Route takes you to Spokane (WA), Bozeman (MT), Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND), Minneapolis, and Wicker Park (IL). Then, you’ll come back up to Toronto before you make your way to Montreal.

This route covers a distance of around 3059 miles (4923 km). The estimated driving time on this route is around 46 hours, and this assumes a nonstop drive without any traffic.

Since you’re crossing borders, you may spend quite a bit of time waiting at the Canada–United States border.

The Canada Route is longer, with a distance of 3463 miles (5573 km). On this route, you’ll get around 59 hours of nonstop driving time.

The route through Canada takes you through Banff, Calgary, and Medicine Hat in Alberta first. Then you’ll go through Fort Qu’Appelle in Saskatchewan before you reach Winnipeg in Manitoba. Next, you’ll go through Thunder bay, Iroquois, and North Bay in Ontario.

After this, you can finally make your way to Montreal!

Montreal to Vancouver by Car Through Canada

Driving from Montreal to Vancouver through the Canadian route takes you through tons of scenic stops along the way. This route has a distance of 2833 miles (4560 km) and takes around 48 hours of driving time. But this assumes a nonstop trip, so it’ll take longer if you were to spend a couple of days overnight somewhere along the way.

Head out of Montreal on Quebec Autoroute 20 to Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts. From there, you’ll merge with Route 117, driving along the Ontario border. Then, you’ll hop on the Trans-Canada Highway before going on Highway 11.

Continue driving until you reach the western part of Emo, which is already on the US–Canada border, north of Minnesota. From there, follow the Trans-Canada Highway North and head to Longbow Lake. After which, hop on Highway 17 and drive west.

You’ll soon reach Manitoba, and the road will become the Trans-Canada Highway 1. Keep driving on the highway through Edmonton in Alberta.

From there, drive on Alberta Highway 16 and you’ll pass through Jasper National Park. You’ll soon arrive at Kamloops in British Columbia.

Keep driving and hop on Highway 5 South until it merges with Trans-Canada Highway 1. Soon, you will reach Vancouver!

Distance From Vancouver to Montreal Through Canada

The driving distance from Vancouver to Montreal in Canada is around 3463 miles (5573 km). This estimate is based on the route mentioned in the previous section though. So if you want to visit some other stops along the way, this distance may be shorter or longer.

Montreal to Vancouver Road Trip

On a road trip from Montreal to Vancouver, you have two route options to choose from. One takes you through Canada’s great outdoors. While the other cuts through the US, passing through several interesting states.

The Canadian Route is the shorter one, covering a distance of 2833 miles (4560 km). This route has a driving time of around 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the US route has a distance of 3150 miles (5069 km). On this route, the driving time is around 46 hours.

Keep in mind that these estimated driving times assume that you’re driving nonstop along each route. This is an impossible feat for many, though. Thus, you need to allow at least 5 days of travel time to complete this trip.

Each route has must-visit stops along the way to make your road trip more exciting. On the Canadian Route, you can stop at the world-famous Banff National Park. And on the American Route, you can visit Rapid City, where Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, and Wind Cave National Park are nearby!

You can even stop by The Great Lakes. The US route passes by Eerie, Michigan, and Ontario lakes. While the Canadian Route goes through the largest one, Lake Superior.