Phuket vs. Pattaya

Phuket is popularly known for its beaches, while Pattaya for its nightlife. But it’s not as simple as comparing a beach destination to a party destination. Think of Phuket as a more peaceful, laid-back, and rejuvenating vacation. Pattaya, on the other hand, is a rather loud, music-hungry, and adrenaline junkie kind of vacation.
Phuket vs. Pattaya

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Both Phuket and Pattaya are polar opposites. While one leans more towards relaxing vibes, the other screams “thrills and late-night pleasure seekers.”

So, which one would you choose, Phuket or Pattaya? How do both compare when it comes to beaches? Family vacations? Tourist attractions?

To be honest, it’s not as simple as saying… “it depends on what you like.” There are qualities that Phuket stands out in compared to Pattaya. Similarly, there are certain qualities that make Pattaya more appealing than Phuket.

The best way to find out is to understand what each place has to offer first, which is what you’ll find in this guide. Later, you’ll learn more about which destination is better when it comes to affordability, family friendliness, nightlife, and so on.


Love the beach? Phuket has several of the best in the world. It’s one destination that never fails to capture that sun-drenched spot in your heart. However, it’s not just sunny, tropical vibes in Phuket.

Being a go-to vacation spot for many, Phuket isn’t just for beach lovers. It’s also perfect for families, kids, solo travelers, and couples in need of a romantic getaway.

You can go from spending your day on the beach to doing a thrill-seeking ATV adventure and catching the sunset in a rooftop bar.

In fact, Phuket has some of the best food in the world: Thai cuisine. From street food to restaurants, the local culinary scene of Phuket is one of its most appealing qualities. Even the nightlife in Phuket is pretty wild and diverse. From go-go and strip bars to nightclubs and cultural shows.

And just when you think you’ve experienced it all, Phuket also offers tourists a humble cultural scene. Whether it’s exploring Phuket Old Town, visiting Big Buddha, or caring for elephants at the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.

Eager to learn more about what makes Phuket stand out? Read on for the next sections.

What Makes Phuket Unique?

Island-Hopping Adventure

Phuket is a city blessed with spectacular beaches. But the island is only one of the many dozen jaw-dropping islands worth visiting. Think of Phuket as the center point or main island for being able to explore Thailand’s hidden gems.

How many are there exactly? There are more than 10 islands that surround Phuket. All of which boast picture-perfect landscapes, beaches, and natural beauty. Here are a few worth mentioning:

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is, by far, the most popular one. But it’s also one of the farthest from Phuket – about 50 minutes away. At Phi Phi Island, you’re spoiled with beauty at every corner. Beaches aside, Phi Phi Island also hosts some of the best beach parties you’ll ever find in Thailand too.

Racha Island

For absolute seclusion and privacy, you can’t miss Racha Island. Despite its small coastline, the size is just perfect for travelers who come here simply to unwind, sunbathe, and take a break. The island is also a popular site for divers.

Coral Island

Coral Island is only 15 minutes away from Phuket. Perfect for families and large groups, Coral Island is a gorgeous beach with soft white sand and cerulean blue waters. There are also dozens of bungalows in the area perfect for beach lounging.

Koh Hong

Koh Hong is a tiny island popular for its turquoise waters and sugar-soft sand. However, its main highlight is the lagoon with gorgeous blue water and rich marine life. Tourists usually spend half their day here.

Similan Island

Hailed as one of the most stunning islands in Phuket, Similan Island offers unspoiled beaches and peaceful vibes. You could spend hours in the waters at Similan Island and never grow tired of it. Heck, it makes getting a sunburn worth every minute.

There isn’t a lot to do in the area as well besides relaxing in the sand or swimming in refreshing ocean waters. That said, Similan Island is the jewel in the crown for anyone in need of undisturbed beach time.

Ko Samui

If there’s one island you can’t miss out on while in Phuket, it’s Ko Samui. The island is indeed breathtaking, from its natural carved landscape down to its aquamarine waters. However, beaches aren’t the only reason worth visiting Ko Samui.

Around the island, you’ll also find remarkable cultural and historical sites. Some of these include the Secret Buddha Garden and Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village. Plus, there’s a marine park if you want wildlife adventure and the Nu Muang Waterfalls for a taste of elegant natural beauty.

Year-Round Sunshine

Phuket sees an average of 220 hours of sunshine every month, making this island a tropical destination full of vibrancy. Eager to beat the cold in the winter? Phuket counts as one of the best places to visit if you’re after warm, pleasant weather.

Granted, the rainy season in Phuket (May to October) might seem off-putting, but it’s not as bad as you think. Rain showers in Phuket are brief, lasting only for about an hour, so there’s still a lot of sunshine throughout to enjoy the beach.

If your vacation is mostly about catching some rays, Phuket has plenty to offer. It’s got beach weather year-round, shimmering blue waters to keep your body refreshed, and beautiful white sand for an absolutely relaxing time no matter the day. There’s no doubt Phuket bags one of the top spots for any traveler looking for a sun-drenched vacation.

Amazing Food

There’s no denying it. A trip to Phuket wouldn’t be complete without trying its local cuisine. These dishes are so flavorful and full of soul. And get this. Most of the food in Phuket is affordable. For instance, a plate of fresh seafood costs less than 50 Thai Baht or THB (USD 1.35 at 37 THB a dollar).

Finding inexpensive meals around Phuket is easy, not to mention incredibly delicious. Some of the best local dishes include Pad Thai, Tom Yang Goong, Por Pia, and Massaman Curry.

Be sure to visit any of the night markets in Phuket too. It’s a great way to sample authentic Thai dishes like gaeng som pala (coconut fish curry) and mee pad hokkien (stir-fried noodles). Additionally, night markets in Phuket are the best place to buy souvenirs and local handicrafts.

Overall, Phuket is one of the finest chowhound destinations in the world. And Thai cuisine is surely going to leave an impression on your soul after one bite.

An Island Full of Relaxation and Entertainment

Phuket’s toes-in-the-sand lifestyle makes it easy for tourists to relax on its beaches. But that’s not even the cherry on top. The island is full of breathtaking viewpoints, national parks, and rainforests too. Up for a scenic hiking trail? Take the trail that leads to Karon Viewpoint. Or do you prefer something slightly more challenging? The Ban Bang Niao Dam Reservoir South Loop suits experienced hikers.

Looking to reconnect with nature and wildlife? The Gibbon Rehabilitation Center is perfect and boasts the famous Bang Pae Waterfall. There’s even the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary where you can see elephants bathing in rivers and lakes. Around the sanctuary are also hundreds of birds and primate life.

That’s not all.

Phuket is so diverse it also has temples, zoos, museums, and various nightlife options. Wat Chalong and Big Buddha are the island’s most popular temples. The Thai Hua Museum, Phuket Trickeye Museum, and Philatelic Museum are perfect for families and kids.

Without a doubt, Phuket’s nightlife is also one of its many standout qualities. Bangla Road is where you’ll find it all – bars, clubs, and pubs. For the music-hungry traveler and party animals, Bangla Road will keep your party bones alive and kicking until sunrise.

And just when you thought Phuket’s nightlife was just party shots and thumping music, there’s still more to see.  Cultural shows like the Phuket Fantasea Show and Siam Niramit Phuket are dance performances you’ll love.


Pattaya has a well-known reputation for its bustling and lively nightlife. But although many associate the city with bars and Go-Go clubs, there are other interesting places to visit in Pattaya. For starters, the Silverlake Vineyard and Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens are worthy attractions.

The floating market is also a must-do for any first-time visitor. Beaches are another option, however, Pattaya doesn’t have as many beaches as Phuket. If it’s one thing worth mentioning about Pattaya, it’s how affordable this destination is. Hotels, food, transportation, excursions, you name it.

Even tourists will enjoy visiting cultural and historical sites like the Sanctuary of Truth and Buddha Mountain. And if that’s not enough, you can spend an entire weekend at Ko Larn, the best spot if you want beautiful beaches.  Whether you’re here to sunbathe, relax by the cool, blue waters, or simply have some beach time, this is the place.

Altogether, Pattaya has more to offer than just its nightlife. And if you’re interested to learn more about its appealing attributes, the sections below paint a pretty good picture.

What Makes Pattaya Unique?

Cultural Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss

Cultural attractions might be the last thing you’d expect from a vibrant nightlife city like Pattaya. But, in truth, Pattaya offers a sprawling number of historical and cultural sites.

One of which is the Pattaya Floating Market, and it’s the most popular tourist attraction too. It has four different sections, which are meant to represent the four parts of the country. What is there to do in a floating market? Shopping, mostly. However, there are a lot of eateries around the market in case you’re craving a snack or light meal.

It’s also the best way to spend your afternoons if you’re after souvenirs to take home with you. Simply hire a boat to take you around the floating market and you’ll find the best bargain rates, no doubt.

Shopping aside, the Sanctuary of Truth is a teak-wood-designed temple in Pattaya. It’s one of the most beautiful temples you’ll find in Thailand. In fact, the temple was built by a businessman to serve as a place for self-reflection and thought.

Next, you have the Nong Nooch Botanical Garden and Kao Kee Chan, also known as Buddha Mountain. If you’re looking to explore the natural beauty in Pattaya, these are the two best places you’ll find.

The Nong Nooch Botanical Garden is an award-winning garden and a haven for nature lovers. Here, it’s peaceful and quiet so it’s also perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Kao Kee Chan is another breathtaking landmark. While there isn’t much to do in the area, Buddha Mountain is a site you visit to admire its natural landscape.

The gigantic mountain in itself is a spectacular sight. And with so much lush greenery around and beautiful panoramic views, you could easily spend hours here admiring the view.

Last but not least, tourists traveling to Pattaya for the first time should visit Mae Si Thong at least once. Although not a historical landmark, Mae Si Thong is the best shop in Pattaya dedicated to serving one dish: mango sticky rice.

This sweet delicacy is just as full of culture as the Buddha Mountain in Pattaya. As a matter of fact, Mae Si Thong is a top-notch mango sticky rice shop for locals. If you really want to get a good sense of Pattaya’s culture, mango sticky rice sits in the top five. And after all, exploring local cuisine is an enjoyable experience too.

Exciting and Diverse Nightlife

You don’t visit Pattaya to sleep. After all, this is a city you go to party. And your nightlife options are more than varied. The best place to experience Pattaya’s nightlife? Walking Street.

During the day, Walking Street seems like every other neighborhood with street vendors and shops all around. But by 6 pm, the streets are closed off, neon lights fill the entire strip with life, and music pulls in crowds from all over.

At Walking Street, you’ll see dozens of clubs, pubs, bars, craft beer bars, and restaurants. Just before hitting any of the bars, be sure to grab some grub at any of the Thai restaurants here as well. You won’t run out of options here, whether it’s to eat, have a beer, or enjoy an epic night out with friends.

Other great nightlife options in Pattaya include Candy Shop, Mixx, Insomnia, Marine Disco, and Lucifer.

The Island of Ko Larn Has Beautiful Beaches

Just four miles (seven kilometers) from Pattaya is an exotic, stunning island known as Ko Larn. Here, you’ll find six gorgeous beaches perfect for relaxing and swimming, and they’re full of activities to do. Visiting Ko Larn is best if you’re in need of a break from city life.

You may choose to spend the day at Ko Larn, but for the full experience, staying overnight or for two nights is a better option. There are several resorts and hotels in the area, so finding accommodations shouldn’t be too difficult.

Every beach in Ko Larn has its own natural beauty to offer tourists. Tawaen beach is the largest and most tourist-popular on the island, so visiting in the morning is better if you want to avoid crowds.

For a much quieter ambiance, you’ll love Nual beach. Sang Wan beach offers calm and crystal clear waters, perfect for kids to swim in and the whole family to bond.

Ta Yai beach is one of the most picturesque beaches on Ko Larn Island. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also available for rent if you’re looking to sunbathe. The beach bar is a nice addition for anyone looking to have a casual drinking session by the beach.

If it’s water sports you’re after, Tong Lang beach provides jet skis, banana boats, and several water activities. That said, you’re free to enjoy the soft sand and spectacular beach view at Tong Lang too.

All in all, if it’s a beach vacation you’re craving most, the island of Ko Larn in Pattaya is a must-visit. Although Pattaya has a few beaches around the city, it doesn’t compare to the pristine beauty you’ll see at Ko Larn. Plus, it’s not overly crowded either. So, if it’s quiet and seclusion you prefer most, heading to Ko Larn is your best option.

It’s Highly Affordable

One of the highlights of visiting Pattaya is that it’s incredibly affordable. From accommodations and food down to tours and transportation. Even shopping in Pattaya is cheap. In fact, did you know you can easily take a trip to Bangkok in less than a day? On average, it only takes three to four hours from Pattaya to Bangkok. The average price? It costs 170 Thai Baht or THB (USD 4.60 at 37 Thai Baht a dollar).

Compared to most destinations around Thailand, Pattaya is an inexpensive trip that doesn’t break the bank. Of course, there may be a few shops with touristy prices, but you can easily haggle your way into getting a good bargain deal.

Just how cheap is it in Pattaya, you might wonder? A traditional Thai massage in Pattaya costs less than 111 THB (USD 3). For a large bag of assorted fruits, it costs less than 370 THB (USD 10). A bunch of bananas only amounts to 22.20 THB (USD 0.60).

Even sauna access is affordable. For 333 THB (USD 9), you get access to steam, pool, and sauna rooms at the luxurious Sands Sauna. It even comes with complimentary coffee, fresh watermelon, and water.

Overall, Pattaya stands out when it comes to affordability. For a quick vacation getaway, costs and expenses are hardly a concern. And if ever you want a change of pace, there’s always Ko Larn. Or better yet, you can even visit Bangkok.

Which Is Better – Phuket or Pattaya?

Between the two, Phuket is the better destination for beach-savvy and island-hopping travelers. Pattaya, on the other hand, is for vacationers looking for an extensive nightlife scene and a budget-friendly trip.

Phuket combines relaxation and entertainment on one island, be it the thumping, vibrant music at Bangla Road, glorious beaches, rainforests, and landscapes for nature lovers. Think of Phuket as a beach getaway with a slight mix of adventure, culture, and landscapes compared to Pattaya.

Staying in Phuket can range from all-day tours to breathtaking islands combined with gorgeous scenery. It’s truly the island life that serves as the best getaway for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In contrast, Pattaya isn’t the kind of destination you visit if you’re looking for a laid-back vacation. If you want a more authentic Thai experience and enriching culture, Pattaya’s your best bet. Night markets, shopping stalls, and floating markets allow you to get a true sense of what living in Thailand feels like.

When you compare the local scene at Phuket to Pattaya, Phuket feels a little more westernized. Yet, there are still several areas around Phuket that allow you to immerse in its culture. But overall, Pattaya offers a more authentic cultural experience.

So, what other reasons are there to visit Pattaya? Aside from culture, Pattaya also has its wild side. Walking Street is an absolute delight for party animals. The entire street is lined with bars, pubs, and clubs all to keep night crawlers entertained till the wee hours of the morning.

Overall, the best way to decide between the two depends on this:

If your biggest priority is clean beaches and you see yourself spending more time in the water, Phuket is the better option. For couples in need of a romantic getaway and luxury accommodations, Phuket also takes the lead. Better scenery, more beaches, and a good amount of day excursions. These qualities are where Phuket shines the most.

However, if it’s an inexpensive trip that matters to you most, Pattaya wins hands down. With regards to cultural experiences along with a lively, entertaining evening, Pattaya is the better choice. Not to mention, some advantages of staying in Pattaya are the cheap prices and easy accessibility to Bangkok.

Affordability, adventurous nightlife, and rich culture. These are what make Pattaya stand out.


Is Pattaya Cheaper Than Phuket?

Pattaya is cheaper than Phuket. Transportation-wise, using public buses or any mode of transportation is reasonably cheaper than what you’d find in Phuket. Since you can easily get to various places around Pattaya just by taking the bus, rates are cheaper as well.

This isn’t to say though that Phuket is expensive regarding transportation costs. Getting around is moderately cheap too. However, if you’re doing a lot of island-hopping, you’ll need to take a ferry to each island. This leads to higher costs, especially if you’re visiting a lot of islands in a day.

Food and drinks are also cheaper in Pattaya. You can easily find an inexpensive meal in both destinations, but Phuket has more upscale restaurants that cost more. Plus, an average night out in Pattaya is lighter on your wallet than in Phuket.

When you take accommodations into account, the verdict is clear. Pattaya offers dozens of budget-friendly lodging options and only a few fancy or luxurious hotels. While Phuket also has budget-friendly accommodations, you’ll find more luxurious options. Private villas, 5-star hotels, and luxurious beachfront resorts are all found in Phuket.

Overall, it’s quite clear which destination is cheaper. You’ll find more bang for your buck in Pattaya along with inexpensive meals and price-friendly accommodations.

Which Beach Is Better – Phuket or Pattaya?

Phuket is a tropical island famous for its award-winning beaches. Pattaya, in contrast, has its fair share of beautiful beaches too, but can’t compare to what Phuket offers.

While both destinations have great beaches, Phuket’s coastline is much better due to its many white-sand beaches. The waters are also better for swimming, not to mention clearer than the beaches in Pattaya.

In addition, Phuket’s many surrounding islands offer more beach options. And it’s worth mentioning, too, that several of the best beaches in Thailand are found in Phuket. If beaches are paramount, Phuket is without a doubt the better option.

Phuket vs. Pattaya for Family

Phuket takes the lead if you’re traveling as a family with kids. Both destinations offer a lot of activities to do around the island, along with day tours and water sports. But compared to Pattaya, the biggest difference between the two is the kind of fun you can experience as a family.

Phuket leans more towards recreational and water sports activities. Whereas Pattaya favors families looking for adult fun. For instance, traveling with teens or young adults will find more fun in Pattaya, especially when it comes to nightlife activities.

There are a few water parks around Pattaya too, but it pales in comparison to Phuket’s underwater activities.

If you’re after more time in the sea and sand, Phuket is the better overall family destination. Staying at any of the beachfront hotels or resorts in Phuket also grants easier access to most of the beaches in the city.

Pattaya has beaches too, but your options are limited. Spending your family vacation in Pattaya overall is better suited for adult-only entertainment. Because Pattaya offers more activities to do at night, it’s not exactly favorable for kids or children.

Pattaya vs. Phuket Nightlife

Both Phuket and Pattaya offer lively and colorful nightlife options. It’s easy to find a bar or club that caters to your liking in either destination. Phuket has Bangla Road, while Pattaya has Walking Street. On the surface, both appear similar in terms of bar offerings and nightclub choices.

But there’s a clear distinction between the two.

Phuket’s nightlife scene is a mix of glitter, glamor, and wild party-animal vibes. This means you can find a music-hungry nightclub in Bangla Road along with a casual bar or pub with live jazz music.

Pattaya’s nightlife scene is like one big party all happening in one area: Walking Street. Neon lights, loud music, and sensual adventure await any traveler here. It’s definitely livelier and naughtier than what you’d find in Phuket. For pleasure-seeking wanderers, Pattaya will have more to offer.

All in all, you’re spoiled for nightlife options in either destination. But it really depends on your definition of evening fun. While Phuket does offer tourists a taste of its wild side, there are other things to do aside from hitting nightclubs and bars. In fact, there are a few cultural shows that are suited to families with children.

Pattaya’s definition of fun has somewhat of a carnal vibe to it. If it’s a naughty, sensual nightlife scene you want most, Pattaya doesn’t disappoint. And by that, it’s quite clear that Pattaya’s nightlife favors adults and older teens.

Phuket vs. Pattaya for Bachelors

When choosing between Phuket or Pattaya for bachelors, it comes down to three things. Price, lodging, and nightlife selections.

In Phuket, ordering several bottles of beer costs about 100 THB (USD 2.70), while Pattaya’s prices are much lower – 70 THB (USD 1.8). This doesn’t just go for beer too. In general, alcohol is much cheaper in Pattaya than in Phuket.

Nightlife selections are also more varied in Pattaya than in Phuket. For a bachelor, this means Pattaya leans more towards your favor if you want hundreds of options to choose from. In fact, Pattaya is so well-known for its nightlife that there are over 1,000 bars all around the city.

Phuket also has a great selection of clubs and bars but offers more well-maintained establishments overall. Yes, Phuket is costlier, but its bars and clubs are also better decorated.

Last but not least, accommodations. From beach resorts to luxurious villas and hotels, Phuket offers a better spread of lodging options. This includes beach clubs to enjoy alongside friends or beaches like Paradise beach if you want an epic beach party. If you want to rent a private villa for an exclusive bachelors’ party, Phuket is a better choice than Pattaya.

Make no mistake, though. Pattaya also has water parks and a few fancy hotels for an enjoyable time. That said, Pattaya is better for bachelors who prefer a diversified nightlife scene. And, without a doubt, a wilder evening atmosphere. Not to mention, it’s a cheaper destination, so it may be the better option if you’re traveling with a large group of friends.

Pattaya or Phuket for Singles

Phuket is a premiere destination for singles. You could say it offers the best of both worlds. Singles looking for a more laid-back vacation will find it in Phuket, thanks to its stunning beaches. Similarly, if a vibrant nightlife scene and solid adventure excite you more, Phuket offers both too.

On the other hand, Pattaya favors mostly budget-conscious singles. Or any tourist craving a sensual, adventurous nightlife experience. This is the best destination if your main priority is to meet like-minded people and interact with the locals.

In the end, ask yourself this:

Are you looking for a vacation to relax and unwind? A place with scenic landscapes and do some soul-searching? If so, Phuket is a better option. And just in case you want a change of pace, you can visit any of Phuket’s neighboring islands or head to Bangla Road for a thrilling night out.

If you’re not looking for a vacation to unwind and prefer to experience Thailand’s wild and feisty side, Pattaya is for you. Whether it’s meeting beautiful people or having the night of your life, Pattaya offers sinful evening fun you can’t find elsewhere in Thailand. It’s also ideal for budget-conscious solo travelers overall. Be it alcohol, lodging, food, or transportation.

Both Pattaya and Phuket are also safe destinations for male and female solo travelers. Of course, common travel sense is a given, but generally, you should have no problems at all. Just make sure you don’t act irresponsibly, get madly drunk, and wander dark streets alone.

Phuket or Pattaya for the Single Male Traveler

When it comes to single male travelers, Phuket and Pattaya are great destinations to visit. However, Pattaya offers more evening fun than Phuket. For one, not all of Phuket’s bars stay open past 2 am. While there are a few, Pattaya’s nightlife scene is livelier and offers a wider diversity of options.

You might’ve heard many say that Pattaya is a single man’s paradise. And as far as Pattaya’s nightlife stands, it’s true. From bars and clubs to strip bars and wild entertainment, Pattaya is the go-to option in all of Thailand.

That said, Phuket is also just as vibrant and energetic. After all, Bangla Road does have its highlights. If you were to compare Phuket’s nightlife scene to Pattaya, you could say Phuket is less wild. Then again, Phuket is famous for its go-go bars, along with its eccentric nightclubs. For any music-hungry traveler, Phuket makes for a great option overall.

Is Pattaya in Phuket?

Pattaya is not in Phuket. Both are separate islands that offer unique qualities to tourists. Plus, Pattaya is much closer to Bangkok than Phuket.

Is Pattaya Close to Phuket?

Pattaya is near Phuket so much so that you could even take a bus from one destination to the other.

Distance Between Phuket and Pattaya

The distance between Phuket and Pattaya is only 606 miles (975 km), so both destinations are quite near each other.

How to Go to Phuket From Pattaya

You can easily travel from Phuket to Pattaya using any of the following transportation modes:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Plane
  • Rental car
  • Private transfer

Traveling via plane from Phuket to Pattaya is the quickest route among all four modes of transportation. Whether you’re traveling via bus, train, rental car, or private transfer, all take less than a day.

Phuket to Pattaya Flight

Phuket to Pattaya flights are easy to find online, and you can get great bargains if you book weekday flights.

Several airlines offer direct flights from Phuket International Airport to U-Tapao Airport. Some of these include Thai AirAsia, Korean Air, Bangkok Airways, VietJet Air, and Nok Air. If you want to fly from Phuket to Pattaya, this is the fastest option and only takes a couple of hours total.

Phuket to Pattaya Flight Time

On average, the flight time from Phuket to Pattaya is 1 hour and 40 minutes. You’ll find more direct flights during the weekend. Chances are, you may find more available flights on the weekdays but these may include stopovers.

Generally, stopovers for flights from Phuket to Pattaya can take as long as 12 hours, leading to a total flight time of roughly 14 hours.

Phuket to Pattaya Flight Fare

The average flight fare from Phuket to Pattaya costs 2,035 THB (USD 55). However, if you book earlier (about two or three months before), you can easily get a flight from Phuket to Pattaya for only 1,110 THB (USD 30).

Take note. Flight prices are higher on the weekend than on weekdays. Flight schedules and availability also vary every month. That said, if you want the best flight deals from Phuket to Pattaya, you should book at least two months in advance.

Pattaya to Phuket by Train

The railroad distance between Pattaya and Phuket is only 647 miles (1,041 km). So, taking the train from Pattaya to Phuket is a fairly quick route to take as well. On average, expect to spend between 1,776 to 4,255 THB (USD 48 to 115).

Phuket to Pattaya Train Time

The average train time from Phuket to Pattaya is 19 hours. Note though that train time schedules can change and may vary. In some cases, taking the train from Phuket to Pattaya can easily become an overnight trip. This mostly depends on the number of stopovers between both destinations. For instance, it’s possible that the train will have a total of 35 stopovers throughout the entire trip.

That said, the good thing about train stopovers is they don’t last very long. Plus, riding a train from Phuket to Pattaya is comfortable. This means that even if your total train time takes 19 hours or longer, you won’t have trouble sleeping or if you want to take a short nap.

Ferry From Pattaya to Phuket

There are no ferries that offer direct transport services from Pattaya to Phuket. You can only take a ferry from Pattaya to either Hua Hin or Koh Larn.

Pattaya to Phuket Ferry Price

There are no ferry prices available from Pattaya to Phuket since there is no ferry service offered between both destinations.

Phuket to Pattaya Distance by Ferry

The distance from Phuket to Pattaya by ferry is 606 miles (975 km). However, there are no ferries you can take from Phuket directly to Pattaya.

The alternative option is to take a ferry from Phuket Rassada Pier to Ao Nang Pier, followed by a 45-minute bus to the Krabi Airport. From there, you’ll have to fly to Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok. And finally, take the subway from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Phuket to Pattaya by Road

If you’re traveling via road, the distance from Phuket to Pattaya is only 595 miles (957.56 km). You also have several options if you prefer to travel from Phuket to Pattaya via land trip:

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Rental car / private transfer

On average, the total driving time by road from Phuket to Pattaya is about 13 hours.

Phuket to Pattaya by Bus

Traveling via bus from Phuket to Pattaya is the most economical option. If you want to make a booking, you can do so with Sawasdee All Thai. They’re a popular bus company that offers Phuket to Pattaya transport services, along with standard and VIP bus packages.

Between the standard and VIP packages, both are the same when it comes to amenities. The biggest difference is that booking a VIP bus package offers more leg room and more comfortable seats.

Typically, there are daily departures from the Phuket Bus Terminal to the Sawasdee All Thai – Pattaya Office every 3 pm. Bus prices from Phuket to Pattaya are also super affordable, costing about 962 THB (USD 26).

Phuket to Pattaya Bus Distance

The distance from Phuket to Pattaya via bus and taking into account the route is 637 miles (1,025 km). In general, you’re looking at an average bus travel time of 14 hours.

Pattaya to Phuket Bus Travel Time

On average, the bus travel time from Pattaya to Phuket is 17 hours. Bus trips are longer because it’s quite common for the route to include two stopovers.

Pattaya to Phuket Bus Price

Bus prices from Pattaya to Phuket usually range between 792 to 1,100 THB (USD 21 to 30). In some cases though, prices might be higher and amount to 1,739 THB (USD 47). Then again, these prices are much more affordable than booking a plane.

Phuket to Pattaya Taxi Fare

Taxi fares from Phuket to Pattaya are much higher than taking the bus or train. On average, expect to spend between 4,810 to 14,060 THB (USD 130 to 380). Undoubtedly, if you go for a private taxi service, the costs are much higher. Overall, a private transfer is a costlier option if you want to travel from Phuket to Pattaya and vice versa.

Not to mention, the average travel time it takes from Phuket to Pattaya is about 13 hours. If the traffic is heavy, it might take even longer. If you prefer exclusivity and more comfort, a taxi or private transfer is the best option.

Pattaya to Phuket by Car

Traveling from Pattaya to Phuket is not a big deal considering many have bicycled from Bangkok to Phuket. If you’re driving nonstop, it takes 13 hours from Pattaya to Phuket by car. If you take into account stops along the way to refresh or take a break, it could easily take 17 or 18 hours of total travel time.

Should you decide to visit Phuket from Pattaya via a rental car, you need to book a rental company that has offices in both places.

Mostly, these include Hertz, Avis, and Budget. Since you’ll hire a one-way rental for this trip, note that some companies might charge a one-way drop-off fee. There are instances where any additional fees are waived if you rent the car for a minimum number of days, like one week for example.