Santo Domingo vs. Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is one big travel destination in itself. A plethora of draws awash the entire country. It has everything, from gastronomy, attitude, and beautiful outdoors. Naturally, the DR (Dominican Republic) is one of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean. The DR is so big of a destination, literally and figuratively; it has two destinations on its roster: Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.
Santo Domingo vs. Punta Cana

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Punta Cana, the well-known vacation capital is the DR’s answer to all of the Caribbean. But its actual capital, Santo Domingo, is also a champion in its own right. If there’s anything you need to know about Santo Domingo, it is one of the most important cities you’ll ever visit.

Santo Domingo

The capital city of the Dominican Republic embodies a classy Caribbean-Latino vibe. Vibrant streets, endless lively music, and good food all speckle your Santo Domingo experience. However, don’t expect classic pristine Caribbean beaches here.

Santo Domingo is quite the big deal; in fact, it is the oldest permanent city established by colonial Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. The city was founded in 1496 by Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartholomew. It used to house the seat of government of the colonies of Spain in the Americas before Mexico and Peru.

Now a beacon of culture and society, Santo Domingo is one of the most quirky cities of the Latin American world. Santo Domingo proudly boasts its diverse collection of draws.

You can take historical walking tours across the old town. Sample DR’s best cooking, drink in bars. And then, take a detour to an oceanfront boardwalk, and so many more.

Santo Domingo surely lacks the charm of a seaside city lined with resorts and hotels. But the capital city is the cosmopolitan heart of an ever-vibrant and energetic country.

What Makes Santo Domingo Unique?

Zona Colonial

The historic district, or the old town of Santo Domingo, Zona Colonial, is the most visited area in the city. The district bears witness to the tides of time that passed through Santo Domingo and all of the Dominical Republic.

Zona Colonial is also the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement. Not just in the Caribbean, but in all of the Americas.

UNESCO has awarded the district as a world heritage because of its historical value. The entire Caribbean considers Zona Colonial as one of the most important historic sites. But of course, with great historic value comes great tourism value as well.

Zona Colonial is the most important tourist attraction in Santo Domingo. And quite possibly, the district is also the most visited. Visits in Zona Colonial will always involve a historical walking tour.

Hire a tour guide or company, or you can just DIY it away. Take this route for starters:

  1. Start at the Puerta del Conde, a 17th-century military structure encircled by the Parque Independencia. It’s where the country’s founders declared independence in 1844. The founders’ ashes lie at the Altar to the Fatherland, in a white marble tomb.
  2. From there, turn right on Calle Arzobispo Merio, a blended Baroque and Gothic-style cathedral from the 1500s.
  3. You will find the uncrowded grounds of the Fortaleza Ozama. For 70 Pesos or less, around 1 USD, you can tour around the ancient fortress. The fort defended Santo Domingo from pirates and the invading British, Portuguese, and French forces.
  4. Get to the top of the fort and enjoy the stunning views of the Ozama River.

A City of Superlatives

Thanks to its long and rich history, time, and circumstances have left Santo Domingo with quite a roster of superlatives. The city itself is called the oldest continuously inhabited colonial city in the Western Hemisphere. Expect to encounter plenty of historical charms in the city as you explore.

Zona Colonial is the best place to start looking. The district is the oldest continuously inhabited colonial settlement in the entire Americas. The district is home to many of Santo Domingos remarkable attractions.

Check out Fortaleza Ozama, the first permanent military structure in all of the Americas. Built by the Spanish, the fort itself signaled the beginning of the Spanish conquest.

You can also find the first cathedral of the Americas in Santo Domingo. Catedral Primada de America was built between 1510 and 1540. The cathedral stands at the heart of Santo Domingo 500 years strong.

Just at the end of Calle El Conde, still in Zona Colonial, you’ll find Calle Las Damas. The first paved street in the Americas, Calle Las Damas is as rich in history as it is in beauty.

The small lane is home to a plethora of sixteenth-century architecture old colonial buildings. Most of which have been converted into museums, embassies, and upmarket hotels.

Los Tres Ojos

Three Eyes National Park or Los Tres Ojos in the Dominican Republic is a nature reserve and open-air limestone cave system. It features a series of crystal clear lakes known as the “eyes.”

Located in Santo Domingo, just ten minutes by car from the popular Colonial Zone, the park offers a welcome break from the city’s bustle. If you’re visiting the Dominican Republic, this is a must-see.

It’s a natural environment made up of three lakes set amid limestone caverns. During the trip, you will learn about the formation of the lakes. The stairs are made of natural rock, and a boat may take you over the second lake to a fourth lake that isn’t considered one of the three eyes.


The Dominican Republic is also famous for its gastronomy and local food culture. It’s difficult to choose the best restaurants in Santo Domingo because there are so many contemporary and great options.

Desiree Cepeda Restaurant & Art Studio

Originally a Dominican artist’s interior design studio. The outside dining area serves authentic Dominican cuisine.

Buche Perrico

From the outside, this restaurant appears to be like any other. But after you pass through the corridor, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful outside backyard. The environment flaunts ferns and warm lighting. A must-try here is the trendy Dominican–fusion cuisine as well as the fresh beverages.


In the Los Millones district, there is a more cheap and adorable vegetarian restaurant called Papaupa. It is important to note that it is closed on Mondays.

Loretta Cafe Bistro

A pricier, but quaint and charming restaurant in Piantini. The chic bistro boasts wonderful food, gorgeous design, and a fresh ambiance, with a large tree growing through it.

If you’re not one for fancy restaurants, Santo Domingo also boasts the quality of its street food scene.

The Alley, on Avenida Rómulo Betancourt, is a lively spot with lots of open-air seating and a variety of food options. However, food gastronomy is only open in the evenings.

The crowd is a mix of families and young professionals, and the atmosphere is festive and welcoming on weekends. The food trucks serve a wide range of Dominican and international cuisines.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a resort city specifically made for one reason, and one reason only: rest and recreation. The city is the Dominican Republic’s answer to the Caribbean’s most iconic seaside cities such as Cancun, Oranjestad, and Kingston.

Punta Cana is built with the best Dominican tropical experience in mind. It is tailor-made for those looking for the right balance of peace and energy from the proverbial Caribbean seas.

With a total of 50 km or 30 miles worth of coastlines, Punta Cana sports stunning turquoise waters and the finest resorts. Jam-packed with a plethora of activities that can either thrill you or have you relaxing.

What Makes Punta Cana Unique?

White Sand Beach for Days

Thanks to its expansive coastlines, accumulating to a 50-km stretch (30 mi), gives vacationers a plethora of beaches to enjoy. Punta Cana’s expansive coastline is home to several awe-inspiring beaches. Expect that the city’s beaches will always have something for everyone.

Punta Cana’s beaches exhibit captivating blue-green waters, and tall palm trees edge the soft white sand. Providing the necessary conditions for that proverbial Dominican vacation.

Thanks to Punta Cana’s location, a myriad of its beaches face either the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Giving an even more diverse set of coastal draws for everyone.

Blessed with stunning beaches that perfectly cater to those in need of both fun and relaxation. Punta Cana also has an interesting roster of options, and some of them are:

Cabeza de Toro, named after its shape, Juanillo, El Cortecito, Arena Gorda Beach, Bavaro Beach, Cabo Engaño, and of course, Punta Cana Beach.

The Perfect Balance of Energy and Peace

While a lot of people may think that Punta Cana is just another smaller version of Cancun, it isn’t. It is in a league of its own.

Many Caribbean resort cities focus on dopamine-inducing draws and activities, Punta Cana begs to differ. The city prefers a more varied yet balanced approach to what a vacation is.

Punta Cana strives to create a balance of both peace and energy for everyone seeking a different kind of experience. Its many resorts sit close to nature, offering a sort of escape from the highs of a hustling life.

And after a well-deserved rest and escape, you can also head down to the heart of the city. Teeming with decent bars and restaurants that can give you the right high. You can also go about the balnearios and enjoy all of the activities they have to offer, all while admiring the beauty of the beaches and environment.

Resorts that line the different beaches of Punta Cana also offer different watersports for the enthusiasts and pros. Even including first-timers. Punta Cana is a resort city built around the premise of giving its guests the Dominican take of a vacation.

Fun and Entertainment Galore

Expect a jam-packed vacation in Punta Cana as the resort city is teeming with activities for every kind of traveler. You can choose to try out kayaking, snorkeling, tours, spa sessions, golfing, and many more.

Punta Cana isn’t just for looks and laid-back downtimes. Punta Cana knows how to keep that perfect balance of peace and energy. There are just as many things that can keep your energy up as there are ones that may relax you.

Specially made to cater to tourism, anywhere you go in Punta Cana will almost always have something for you to do. In Macao Beach, the city’s public beach offers dynamism thanks to the locals and its surfing scene. UNESCO includes Macao Beach as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches.

Bavaro Beach is a classic pristine beach protected by a long reef far from the shores. This creates gentler and safer conditions for small children to swim around, making the beach famous among families. However, windsurfing, parasailing, and kiteboarding are only allowed beyond the roped areas.

If you’re up for an inland and outdoor excitement, head to Bavaro Adventure Park. The complex offers a day full of thrills and exciting outdoor activities. Try out buggy tours, ziplining, swimming pools, and maybe even horseback riding.

For the adults, and the occasional spring breakers, you’ll find a broad mix of local and foreign discos around. Elegant wine bars, cigar lounges, and fantastic casinos also dot the area. It would be a pity if you failed to pay them a visit.

Imagine … an underground cave that offers a unique acoustic experience in three separate areas. And, each of these has VIP bars and exclusive cocktails. This is one of Punta Cana’s most popular nightclubs.

Then there’s Hard Rock’s very own disco, ORO, which is open to both hotel guests and the general public. The club plays a terrific mix of international music with excellent dance displays.

All-Inclusive Fun for the Family

Families with children can appreciate the fact that there are hotels in Punta Cana that specialize in family vacations. They offer a variety of extra services such as kids clubs with activity programs tailored to the needs of the little explorers. Leaving time for the adults to relax and recharge.

Family-friendly tours and excursions are teeming in Punta Cana. These tours let you participate with small children or teenagers.

There are over 70 hotels in Punta Cana that cater to families and parties looking for the very best experience. It’s not difficult to find opportunities to live in luxury in Punta Cana. You can find a vast selection of world-class services, luxury spas, and international dining experiences.

You can also find small boutique hotels and hostels for backpackers and solo travelers in Punta Cana. Many of which are all-inclusive and adults-only hotels.

Family-friendly resorts and hotels, however, dominate in Punta Cana. You can easily make your trip to the Dominican Republic because of how accessible these accommodations are.

Is Punta Cana Better Than Santo Domingo?

Punta Cana and Santo Domingo are undoubtedly two of the Dominican Republic’s best. To compare them against each other is to throw away the DR’s beauty altogether.

These two Caribbean treasures may be in the same country, but they both offer distinct flavors and types of travel. Which allows the DR to cover a lot of ground in tourism.

Punta Cana is like the LA of the US. Teeming with beaches, fun, and something inexplicably exciting are readily offered. While Santo Domingo is New York. Bustling, cosmopolitan, historical, and famous.

What will determine which is better has to depend on the traveler themself.

Cosmopolitan chic and history buff types are better suited for the vibrant energy and long history of Santo Domingo. Beach bums and adventurous types are best in Punta Cana, for all its sunny and dynamic glory.


Santo Domingo Airport vs. Punta Cana Airport

When it comes to services and quality, Santo Domingo has always been the better choice. However, that depends on whichever part of the Dominican Republic you’re going.

If you’re visiting the capital first,  Santo Domingo Airport is more practical. Then from there, you can head to other bigger cities around the western, central, and northern parts.

If you’re visiting Punta Cana and the far-eastern parts of the DR, then Punta Cana is the better choice.

Santo Domingo vs. Punta Cana Beaches

Santo Domingo has a shortage of beautiful beaches, so for obvious reasons, Punta Cana takes the bag. The latter is well-known for its pristine world-class beaches and its touristy dynamic. Beaches are basically Punta Cana’s main draw.

Punta Cana vs. Santo Domingo Nightlife

Santo Domingo’s city bustle and cosmopolitan-oriented scene allow more fun, and cheaper prices when it comes to nightlife. The capital city has the best selection of nightclubs, the craziest all-night parties, and the best prices for drinks and food.

Punta Cana lags behind, but it does have its edge. Vacationers can enjoy a plethora of bars and restaurants around the city. However, one should expect to pay higher prices.

The city has a more tropical island breeze than a cosmopolitan flavor. This means Punta Cana doesn’t leave much room for a fun nightlife scene.