St. Thomas vs. St. John

St. Thomas and St. John are two of the most popular destinations to visit in the Virgin Islands. These two islands are neighbors. Because they're in the same place, you can tell that these two destinations have great tropical vibes and breathtaking scenes. Although they're both main islands of the US Virgin Islands, that's where their similarities end. These two destinations offer very different things to travelers. Because of the similarities and differences, it can be tricky to choose which island best deserves your attention.
St. Thomas vs. St. John

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Entertainment, vibrance, and luxury. These are all that St. Thomas is about. It houses Charlotte Amalie, the US Virgin Islands’ famous capital. The place exudes nothing but richness, both in history and entertainment. It’s the typical city that we experience in our day-to-day lives, but it also offers gems that can make you want to stay in St. Thomas indefinitely.

On the other hand, St. John feels more like a private and secluded island. You will be able to experience unspoiled beauty at its finest. St. John is purely natural beauty, maybe even the best that the Caribbean has to offer. Despite its pristine and untouched reputation, it offers many adventures for travelers of all kinds.

St. Thomas

Of the three US Virgin Islands, you will know the most of St. Thomas because it’s the most visited and most popular. It’s a modern heaven that’s filled with historical gems that you will not be able to get out of your mind.

The great thing about St. Thomas is that it’s fitting for adventurers of every kind. History? Culture? Shopping? Beach? Yes, you have all of these and more all on one island.

The island is home to one of the most popular and most beautiful harbors worldwide. But the beauty doesn’t end there. In St. Thomas, you will be welcomed by more than beautiful sights. There, you will have extravagant experiences and thrilling adventures. All of these with an interesting history you cannot turn away from.

There’s no doubt that St. Thomas is the perfect mix of everything you can ever need in a getaway destination.

What Makes St. Thomas Unique?

Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie was founded in 1681 by Danish settlers in the US Virgin Islands. Now, it’s the capital city of St. Thomas and the whole US Virgin Islands. Because it has transformed into a central tourist hub, it’s a very visited and busy location.

Charlotte Amalie is best known for the incredible shopping and social experience that it offers to both tourists and locals. However, more than that, Charlotte Amalie offers a deeper look into St. Thomas, its history, and its culture. No attraction in Charlotte Amalie will leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Here are some of the best attractions in Charlotte Amalie:

99 Steps

Charlotte Amalie is unique from other places because of its step streets. In Charlotte Amalie, you will find the famous ‘99 steps’ which is an iconic landmark in the place. The 99 steps, which are 103 steps in reality, lead to Blackbeard’s Castle.

The climb up to Blackbeard’s Castle through the 99 steps is fairly easy and surrounded by beautiful greenery. The structure is made of ballast bricks, and gives off a historical feel to the area, especially because it dates back to the 1700s.

Blackbeard’s Castle

You should not miss Blackbeard’s Castle for a taste of St. Thomas’ history. Blackbeard’s Castle is one of the five historic landmarks in the US Virgin Islands. It sits on top of a hill, where you’ll be able to see a breathtaking panoramic view of St. Thomas’ harbor.

Blackbeard’s Castle was originally built in 1679 as a watchtower to protect the harbor and Fort Christian. It served as a very effective place for soldiers to spot their enemy’s ships. Beyond this, Blackbeard’s Castle is also known for its many legends. This includes the legend that the famous pirate, Blackbeard, used the castle as a watchtower.

Rothschild Francis Square (Market Square)

Rothschild Francis Square, more commonly known as the Market Square, is one of the busiest places in Charlotte Amalie. People flock to the market square because of the festive atmosphere surrounding the place.

Here, locals and tourists are able to find the freshest fruits and vegetables in St. Thomas. Most people will agree that it’s the perfect place to stroll around to get the Caribbean feel of St. Thomas.

Despite its buzzing and lively atmosphere now, the Rothschild Francis Square is actually a historical place, too. Before it was a busy market, it was a slave-trading market.

Charlotte Amalie Harbor

Charlotte Amalie Harbor is one of the parts of St. Thomas that’s truly charming. The beautiful natural harbor of Charlotte Amalie is known to have welcomed the first settlers of the US Virgin Islands. Today, it’s the place where millions of visitors arrive yearly.

More than the shopping district, the Charlotte Amalie Harbor is also home to the Waterfront. The Waterfront houses 3,200 feet (975 m) of space that is parallel to the famous St. Thomas shopping district. The Waterfront houses yachts and cruise ships.

Strolling through the harbor and Waterfront will allow you to see a great view of the busy and lively Charlotte Amalie. Your eyes will enjoy the sights of sailboats, yachts, cruise ships, and seaplanes, all dotting the water.

Incredible Underwater Adventures

St. Thomas has some of the best beaches in the whole world. This means that you can expect its waters to be teeming with interesting marine wildlife. There are also endless underwater adventures that await visitors.

The beauty of St. Thomas doesn’t end on what you see on land. It’s not only about the historical attractions or the beauty of nature once you land in St. Thomas. Below the surface, St. Thomas is breathtaking still. Many people are still unaware of the fact that St. Thomas is a great diving destination.

Beyond the crystal clear Caribbean waters, St. Thomas is home to hundreds of coral reefs and even some wrecks that are definitely a great sight to see. While diving, you will be able to encounter a lot that would make up an exciting adventure. Whether you’re a beginner or not, there is a perfect diving spot for you in St. Thomas.

Coral World Ocean Park

The Coral World Ocean Park is one of the places in St. Thomas that will open you up to the incredible marine life that the island has. It’s one of the most popular places to visit in St. Thomas, and not for no good reason.

This place is perfect for all kinds of families. There are a wide variety of activities that fit any type of individual. The highlight of the Coral World Ocean Park is the offshore underwater observatory. There, visitors are able to walk through a tube and see the beautiful ocean and marine life of St. Thomas.

Other activities include swimming with sea lions and dolphins and a close encounter with turtles and stingrays. Visitors can also feed lorikeets. There is also a walk-through aviary and the Marine Gardens gallery, which includes 21 aquariums.

Luxury at Your Hands

If there’s one word that can perfectly describe the true St. Thomas experience, it’s luxury. Of all the US Virgin Islands’ main islands, St. Thomas is the one most known for the luxurious experience it gives. This doesn’t only mean having an extravagant shopping trip, but having an overall experience that feels like you’re the most special person on Earth.

Luxurious Accommodations

St. Thomas is lined with luxurious hotels left and right. All these accommodations ensure that you will have the most fun and luxurious stay at St. Thomas. For the best vacation experience, opt to stay at St. Thomas hotels and villas that give the best service and accommodation.

St. Thomas has one five-star hotel called The Ritz-Carlton. It’s a beachfront hotel located in Turquoise Beach and is best for families that want to relax by the beach. You won’t have to go far because this hotel already offers the best amenities and activities for those looking to have an adventurous time.

Other than the Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas also has other hotels and villas that truly give out luxurious vibes to visitors.

Extravagant Shopping Experience

St. Thomas is famous because it has one of the most visited ports in the whole world. However, those coming from the cruise ships come to love St. Thomas because of the duty-free shopping that they can do while on the island.

Once you step foot in St. Thomas, ignoring all the duty-free shops and high-class restaurants will be quite a challenge. The real charm of shopping in St. Thomas is not only the luxurious shopping experience you get. When that is paired with historical attractions around you, the experience becomes more memorable than you can expect.

After a long day of shopping, you can rest while taking in the beautiful scenery before you.

Best Sceneries

St. Thomas is known as a modern paradise that’s filled with rich culture and history. However, beyond the rich history that it displays for its visitors, St. Thomas is the most beautiful place that you can visit in the world.

It boasts some of the world’s top-rated beaches and most beautiful panoramic views. Here are some of the best places to take in the beautiful views of St. Thomas:

Magen’s Bay Beach

Magen’s Bay Beach is consistently named one of the world’s best beaches. It’s the most popular beach in St. Thomas, and it deserves that. Despite always being visited by different people, there’s still plenty of space for visitors to do their activities. The charm of Magen’s Bay beach is the mile-long powdery and soft sand it has.

This beach is well-loved because the water is mostly calm. It’s great for swimming and floating along the water. You can do many activities on this beach, but it really draws people in because of how breathtaking it looks. You can spend your day just lazing around, looking at the scenery before you, and you will not feel bored at all. It’s a sight to truly treasure.

St. Thomas Skyride

The St. Thomas Skyride helps visitors get a better and more breathtaking view of St. Thomas. It whisks people up high in Charlotte Amalie. You will be more than 200 meters (656 ft) above the town, with dramatic and beautiful views of St. Thomas. From there, you don’t only see St. Thomas but also St. Croix.

At the peak, there is an entertainment center where you can enjoy a night of fun while being surrounded by a beautiful panoramic view.

Valdemar A. Hill Drive

The Valdemar A. Hill Drive can be crowded and brimming with people and vendors during the day, but it doesn’t make it any less worth it. It’s best to come by the Valdemar Hill Drive when it’s closer to sunset, so you will be able to enjoy the view best.

This place is not as popular as other places in St. Thomas, but it’s definitely worth a stop. Here, you can stop, relax, and just enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of St. Thomas. On a clear day, you can see the whole of St. Croix and even the tip of Puerto Rico. Seeing the cruise ships arrive on the dock and the seaplanes take off from the harbor is also a different yet intriguing perspective.

St. John

St. John is the smallest of all three main islands of the US Virgin Islands, but it has so much to offer. The beauty of St. John is unspoiled and one of the best you can ever find in the whole Caribbean. Although most of St. John is national-park land, there’s something for each individual to enjoy.

Although St. John is not as popular as its neighboring islands, tourists find themselves lost in its charm. They find themselves wanting to be back to St. John even before they leave. St. John is the best destination for those looking to enjoy a relaxing day by the beach, but it also works for people looking to add to their adventures.

You will not find a single idle time in St. John with so many locations to choose from. There’s a new adventure that awaits you wherever you find yourself on this beautiful and untouched island.

What Makes St. John Unique?

The Most Pristine Beaches

St. John’s stunning crystal clear waters are paired with the silkiest soft sand you will ever feel. Most people who visit St. John know that this island is filled with some of the best beaches in the whole Caribbean.

With the near-perfect weather of St. John, the beaches are a great place to be to just sit back and relax. The calm atmosphere of each of St. John’s beaches is enough to make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Here are some of the best beaches in St. John:

Maho Bay Beach

Everyone who has ever been to St. John will tell you that Maho Bay Beach is one of, if not the best beaches on the island. The beach is narrow but wide enough to accommodate all the people that flock to it. Maho Bay Beach is lined with seagrape and coconut trees.

Most visitors to Maho Bay Beach are families because of its shallow clear waters and soft sand. It’s also a convenient place to go to because it’s easily accessible and it has a lot of amenities that people can enjoy.

Many people enjoy Maho Bay Beach because you can enjoy taking in the view of sea turtles and stingrays. If you’re fond of snorkeling, Maho Bay is the top place to be to enjoy reefs and corals, and abundant fish species.

Denis Bay Beach

If you’re looking for a secluded and beautiful beach that feels like a private island, your best bet is Denis Bay Beach. Although it’s not as accessible as other beaches in St. John, it offers a tranquil atmosphere for anyone looking to get away. The only way to get to this beach is through a boat or a rugged trail.

Denis Bay can be found inside the national park of St. John. You won’t be able to find any amenities, but snorkeling on this beach is a great experience.

Great Cruz Bay

Great Cruz Bay is the beach where the ferries dock, so it’s the first glimpse of St. John that people will have. The Great Cruz Bay is filled with historical, cultural, and economic life. It’s bustling with life since it’s filled with shops that visitors can enjoy.

The beach is perfect for swimming because it’s mostly calm and quiet. However, there are other water activities and water sports that you can enjoy here. The clear water is perfectly complemented by white sand and palm trees.

Nature’s Adventures

Nature is on St. John’s side. More than half of the island is part of the Virgin Islands National Park. This means that, for the most part, nature is protected in St. John. You will see nature in its full, untouched glory. A trip to St. John is always fulfilling because everywhere you go, you’re welcomed with beautiful sights that you will never get out of your memories.

Despite being seemingly untouched, there is no shortage of adventures to be had in St. John. The island offers many kinds of activities and experiences that will fit each individual. Regardless of the amount of activity you want to do, there’s something that you will enjoy.

Here are some of the best natural adventures in St. John:

Virgin Islands National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park covers 60% of the island of St. John. It has alluring beaches, tropical forests, and historical relics that anyone will appreciate. In the Virgin Islands National Park, nature is given the topmost priority. This is why you can find different talks, events, and programs that help to provide more awareness about the national park.

You can snorkel and swim with the tropical fishes and other marine life within the park. You can also hike on many different trails that give you a closer look at the beauty of nature. Here, you will be able to find more than 800 species of plants. It’s truly the wonder of nature that will reel you in St. John.

Ram Head Trail

The Ram Head Trail is one of St. John’s most popular hiking trails. This trail is hidden along the southeastern coast of the island. St. John isn’t only about calmness and relaxation. If you want to explore the other side of St. John, the Ram Head Trail is a great place to start.

The Ram Head Trail is 2.3 miles (3.7 kilometers) and passes through some of the unique landscapes of the island. The trail will start at Salt Pond Bay and will end at a rocky head that’s called the Ram Head Point.

The view at Ram Head Point is definitely breathtaking and spectacular. If you’re lucky enough to get to the highest point on a clear day, you will be able to see as far as the British Virgin Islands.

Reef Bay Trail

The Reef Bay Trail is another popular hiking trail in St. John, along with the Ram Head Trail. However, this hike is more challenging than the Ram Head Trail. Counting all the detours that come with the trail, it’s a total of a 5.2-mile (8.37 km) hike.

This hike starts at Centerline Road and passes through a tropical rainforest, a beach, and a historic sugar mill, among others. In this trail, you will also see petroglyphs that are over a thousand years old. At the end of a trail, you can choose to hike a little more to get to a serene beach called the Genti Beach and cool down before you end your day.

North Shore Road

North Shore Road offers many great overlooks that let you see St. John in all its beauty. As you drive down North Shore Road, you can stop by any overlook of your choice.

Trunk Bay Overlook is one of the best places to go to in St. John. In there, you will be welcomed with a magnificent view of the famous Trunk Bay Beach. Most photos are taken on this overlook. You can also see the Maho Bay and other St. John beaches from different overlooks of the North Shore Road.

Historical Island

St. John doesn’t only boast an untouched vacation destination. It also showcases a rich history, and you can immerse with and learn more of that history when you visit St. John. Beyond the gorgeous beaches, you can find historical gems that give you a glimpse of what the island has been through.

Here are some of the historical sites in St. John:

Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

There was a time when the sugar cane industry overpowered everything else on the island of St. John. This was a dark time when enslaved people were forced to care for the crops and sugar plantations. The Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins show a glimpse into this dark time.

Many other plantations can be found around St. John, but none of them are as well-preserved as the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins. It can be found in the western part of the island with signs that tell the history of the ruins and the plantation.

If you’re up for an adventure after taking a look at this historical place, you can find hiking trails leading away from the plantation ruins.

Elaine Lone Sprauve Library and Museum

The Elaine Lone Sprauve Library and Museum is one of the oldest buildings in St. John. It’s also one of the most recognizable buildings on the island. The library and museum clearly document the rich history of the island.

With its bright yellow facade, it’s hard to miss this historical attraction. The library and museum were built in the 18th century. It had been passed on to many different owners until it was completely abandoned. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that the building was restored to become the museum and library that it is now.

The building is free to enter, but it may not always be open. You can find inside many different records and newspapers that detail the history not only of St. John but also of the whole Caribbean.


As mentioned above, in your hike through the Reef Bay Trail, you will be able to see many different petroglyphs that date back a thousand years ago. You can find these petroglyphs in one of the rarest sites in St. John, the Reef Bay Valley.

There’s no known purpose for these petroglyphs, although most of them are carved into rocks that the body of water below beautifully reflects. Along with the petroglyphs, you can also find some of the tallest and oldest trees in St. John in the Reef Bay Valley.

Signal Hill National Historic Site

The Signal Hill National Historic Site overlooks the island of St. John. It’s St. John’s most popular historical landmark. The national historic site gives a glimpse into St. John’s historical pasts and triumphs. Now, it offers visitors a chance for an exciting hike and breathtaking view.

Signal Hill was used as early as 1704 to wave off signal flags that inform people of approaching ships.

Unique and Memorable Gastronomy

St. John offers many options when it comes to food and drinks. Regardless of what kind of food you enjoy, you will find one that suits your tastes here. Of course, a trip to St. John is never complete without trying the local cuisine.

Here are some great places to grab some food and drinks:

Lime Out Taco Boat

The Lime Out Taco Boat is one of the most famous places to eat in St. John. It’s situated in the middle of Coral Bay. It’s a floating taco restaurant and bar. That, in itself, is already worthy of one’s attention.

It’s not easy to get to the restaurant because it’s only accessible by boat. However, the trip is definitely worth it because it’s a different kind of experience having tacos and delicious drinks in the middle of Coral Bay. The atmosphere and view are great, which will only help to satisfy your appetite.

St. John Brewers

Craft beer is definitely something you can enjoy on a trip to St. John. If you’re looking for the best craft beer, the St. John Brewers have it for you. It has been the top supplier of delicious craft beers all throughout the island.

What’s unique about their beers is that they have many different flavors that play with the tropical flavors of the island. Whether you prefer a fruity or a sour beer, you have all the options here. However, it’s not only alcoholic drinks you can find in St. John Brewers because they also make their own soda.

Is St. John or St. Thomas Better?

When it comes to a more lively atmosphere, there’s no content that St. Thomas wins. St. Thomas is more developed than St. John. It offers luxury and entertainment left and right. In St. Thomas, it will feel like there’s no idle hour. Every moment spent on your vacation is a fun-filled time. It’s an extravagant tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists. Its charm is in its bustling and historical atmosphere.

On the other hand, St. John is the perfect definition of untouched. It’s a secluded destination that works for anyone that wants a peaceful and quiet vacation. It’s overall more serene and relaxing. If you’re going to unwind, St. John is the place for you, and there’s no mistaking that.

Despite its calm vibe, St. John still offers adventure for anyone seeking it. It has hidden gems of its own that will take your breath away when you make an effort to find them.

St. John is not as populated as St. Thomas, but it’s a great destination to go to if you’re after a serene tropical vacation. At the end of the day, it’s all about what experience you’re after. Both destinations are great places to visit, and they offer a unique experience.

Would you rather experience a more social location that’s buzzing every minute of the day? Or do you prefer a relaxing atmosphere that will help you rid yourself of the hustle and bustle of the city?

It’s not about which is better, but which one you would rather visit and experience first.


Is St. John More Expensive Than St. Thomas?

Since St. John is more excluded and feels more like a private island, it’s therefore slightly more expensive than St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is actually cheaper because it’s more accessible than St. John. In St. John, you have to rent a car, boat, and many more if you want to truly experience everything that it has to offer. Because St. John is less accessible, it’s more expensive than St. Thomas.

Is It Cheaper to Stay in St. Thomas or St. John?

St. Thomas is more developed than St. John, which means that it has more options for accommodations. Because you have more options in St. Thomas, it’s cheaper to stay there than in St. John.

You will also find that in St. Thomas, there are more locations that have amenities compared to St. John. With this, you can expect the rates there to be cheaper than in St. John. However, the rates aren’t too far apart from each other.

Does St. John or St. Thomas Have Better Beaches?

Both St. John and St. Thomas have beaches that are recognized as some of the best in the whole Caribbean and even in the entire world. Both destinations offer beaches with silky soft white sand and crystal clear waters.

However, St. John has more beaches that give a more relaxing atmosphere. Despite the fact that the beaches here are untouched, there’s still a wide variety of water activities that you can do.

It’s easy to say that St. John has the best of everything when it comes to beaches. The beaches are pristine and untouched, with a calm vibe, but you can still enjoy the waters if you’re up for an adventure.

It doesn’t mean that St. Thomas has less to offer. St. Thomas just has the same to offer, but St. John has proven that its beaches are very protected and beautiful. It’s not a surprise that St. John’s beaches are deemed world-class.

Snorkeling in St. Thomas Vs. St. John

The US Virgin Islands as a whole offer a unique snorkeling experience. The same can be said of its two main islands, St. Thomas and St. John.

St. Thomas offers great snorkeling activities and accommodations throughout almost all its beaches. Most of the beaches with great snorkeling are on the east side of St. Thomas. Beaches such as Coki Point and Sapphire Beach are two great destinations for this activity.

On the other hand, St. John offers great snorkeling across all its beaches. This is because the beaches are more secluded and protected compared to St. Thomas. You may best do snorkeling in St. John where you know most of the island is a national park. However, both islands offer diverse marine wildlife that snorkelers of all expertise can enjoy.

Can You Swim From St. Thomas to St. John?

The most common way to get from St. Thomas to St. John is through a boat ride. Although the two islands are relatively close to one another, people don’t go swimming from one island to the other.

However, there are instances when people have successfully swum from St. John to St. Thomas. The distance between the two islands can realistically be swum through. This way of going from one island to the other is not recommended, though, since there are different and more accessible ways.

Is St. John the Same as St. Thomas?

St. John and St. Thomas are both main islands in the US Virgin Islands, so it’s easy to confuse the two as the same island. However, the similarities between the two islands end there. St. John is not the same as St. Thomas, especially because they offer very different vacation experiences.

For the most part, between the two, St. John is a smaller island.

Is St. John Near St. Thomas?

Yes, St. John is near St. Thomas, especially considering that they are neighboring islands in the same territory. St. John is easily accessible from St. Thomas through a boat ride that will not take more than an hour.

How Far Is St. John From St. Thomas?

St. John is around 6 miles (10 kilometers) away from St. Thomas. The island is not too far away from its neighboring and popular main island.

Can You Get From St. Thomas to St. John?

Yes, you can get from St. Thomas to St. John. It’s very accessible, especially through a passenger ferry ride. Taking a ferry to get from St. Thomas to St. John is reliable, easy, and convenient. There are daily trips that go from one island to the other, so going between the two islands is no hassle at all.

Can You Take a Day Trip From St. Thomas to St. John?

Because St. Thomas is not far away from St. John and is easily accessible by ferry or boat, a day trip from St. Thomas to St. John is very much plausible.

Taking a day trip from St. Thomas to St. John is a great kind of beach- and town-hopping experience that you surely will want to do again once you try it. This is a great idea because although St. Thomas already offers a lot on its own, St. John completely complements it.

St. John provides a unique kind of experience because the island is mostly a national park. You will experience serenity and calmness alongside the buzzing atmosphere of St. Thomas.

Do You Need a Passport to Go From St. Thomas to St. John?

There’s no need for a passport to go from St. Thomas to St. John if you were able to enter St. Thomas without any. The two islands are in the same territory (the US Virgin Islands), so the same rules apply to enter both islands.

However, if you’re not a US citizen, you may need a passport to enter either of the islands. If you need a passport to enter one of the two islands, you can expect to need it to get to the other main islands of the US Virgin Islands.

It’s also best to have your passport with you, regardless of whether you need it or not, so that you have identification near you during your vacation.

How Easy Is It to Get From St. John to St. Thomas?

It is very easy to get from St. John to St. Thomas. Although there aren’t many modes of transportation, the available means are very accessible. There are ferry and boat rides that go from St. John to St. Thomas every day and vice versa.

How to Get From St. Thomas to St. John

There is really only one way to get from the island of St. Thomas to the island of St. John, and that is by crossing to one island through a boat ride. There are many kinds of boats, and any kind will do. However, the most common rides to get from St. Thomas to St. John are passenger ferries, charter boats, and sailboats.

All boat ride options are easily accessible from St. Thomas to St. John. They all have regular schedules that travel every day, so getting from one island to the other is convenient.

How Do I Get From St. Thomas Airport to St. John?

There is no direct flight that goes from St. Thomas to St. John, so you cannot ride a plane from St. Thomas Airport to St. John. The only way to get from the St. Thomas Airport to St. John is by riding a taxi to the St. Thomas Ferry station. From there, you can ride a passenger ferry that will take you from St. Thomas to St. John.

How Do I Get From St. Thomas to St. John Cruise Port?

The St. John Cruise Port is accessible through a boat ride from St. Thomas. To get to the St. John Cruise Port, you have to ride a taxi or drive a car to the St. Thomas Ferry Station. From there, you have many options of boats to bring you from St. Thomas to the port in St. John.

Most visitors will ride a passenger ferry from St. Thomas to St. John Cruise port. However, taxi boats, sailboats, and other kinds of boats are available to bring you from the island of St. Thomas to the seaport of St. John.

Is There a Ferry From St. Thomas to St. John?

Yes. There is a ferry that regularly goes from St. Thomas to St. John. Depending on where in St. Thomas you’re coming from, the ferry ride will take you anywhere from 20 minutes to almost an hour from St. Thomas to St. John.

There is a ferry that goes from Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas to Cruz Bay in St. John. There is also a ferry that goes from Red Hook in St. Thomas to Cruz Bay in St. John.

What Ferry Should I Take From St. Thomas to St. John?

It will depend on where in St. Thomas you’re coming from. You have two choices: Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie. Most visitors will take a ferry from Charlotte Amalie to St. John. This is because Charlotte Amalie is more populated compared to other areas of St. Thomas.

If you’re coming from Charlotte Amalie or places near it, you can ride a ferry from there to Cruz Bay in St. John. However, if you’re nearer to Red Hook in St. Thomas, there are also ferries there that will take you to St. John.

How Far Is Ferry Ride From St. Thomas to St. John?

The ferry ride from St. Thomas to St. John will depend on where your initial destination in St. Thomas is.

If you’re coming from Charlotte Amalie, you are 10.87 miles (17.5 kilometers) away from the Cruz Bay of St. John, where the ferry will dock. However, if you’re coming from Red Hook, you are only 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) away from the Cruz Bay of St. John.

How Long Is the Ferry Ride From St. Thomas to St. John?

If you’re coming from the port in Charlotte Amalie, the ferry ride from St. Thomas to St. John will take approximately 45 minutes or close to an hour. However, if you take the ferry from Red Hook, which is nearer to the port in St. John, the ferry ride will take only around 20 to 30 minutes.

How Much Is the Ferry From St. Thomas to St. John’s?

If you’re taking a ferry ride from the Charlotte Amalie port in St. Thomas to the Cruz Bay port in St. John, the ferry ride is 12 USD. This rate is for adults and is only one-way. The rates are cheaper for children and senior citizens.

On the other hand, if you plan to take a ferry ride from Red Hook, St. Thomas, to Cruz Bay, St. John, the ferry ride is 6 USD. This price is for a one-way fare price for adults.

Can You Drive From St. Thomas to St. John?

There is a car barge between St. Thomas and St. John. This means that it’s possible to bring your car from St. Thomas to St. John. It’s also the fastest way to get from one island to the other. However, the most accessible way to get from St. Thomas to St. John is still through a ferry ride from one island to the other.

Is There a Bridge Between St. Thomas and St. John?

There is a bridge and a tunnel between St. Thomas and St. John. However, the bridge from St. Thomas and St. John is only accessible to locals.

The big red barge is the solution for visitors wanting to take their car from one island to the other.

Can You Bring Your Car From St. Thomas to St. John?

Yes. Because of the car barge, or what people call the big red barge, travelers are able to bring their car from St. Thomas to St. John with no hassle. The barge departs every day, so scheduling isn’t a problem.

Can You Bring a Rental Car From St. Thomas to St. John?

Yes. You can rent a car in St. Thomas and bring the vehicle to St. John through the car barge. Although it’s possible for all car rentals, it’s still best to consult with the car-rental company that you’re planning to avail of the services of.

How Do I Get a Rental Car From St. Thomas to St. John?

After renting your car from your chosen car rental service, you only have to bring the rental car to the car barge. It has an hourly departure, so it’s convenient even if your plans are spur of the moment.

Is There a Car Ferry From St. Thomas to St. John?

Yes, there is a car ferry that travels from St. Thomas to St. John. The car ferry can be found in the Red Hook port of St. Thomas, and it will travel to the Cruz Bay port of St. John.

How Do I Take a Car Ferry From St. Thomas to St. John?

The first step in taking a car ferry is to schedule your departure time. Make sure that you choose a convenient departure time for you and allow you a little more breathing time before it departs.

Once you’ve scheduled with the ferry, you can then drive to Red Hook in St. Thomas. Make sure that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Once you’re in Red Hook, wait for the attendant to accommodate you. There will be a line for the car ferry, and you will be instructed on what to do.

Once it’s your turn to load your car, the attendants will guide you towards the barge and where you can bring your vehicle specifically. Once your car is in place, all you need to do is enjoy the short ride from St. Thomas to St. John.

How Long Is the Car Ferry Ride From St. Thomas to St. John?

The car-ferry ride from Red Hook, St. Thomas, to Cruz Bay, St. John, will take no more than 30 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost to Ferry a Car From St. Thomas to St. John?

The car ferry rate from St. Thomas to St. John is 50 USD per car. This is for a round-trip ticket. The 50 USD is the base rate for the car ferry. You will have to pay additional for everything else that’s in the car, such as people or baggage.

How Much Does It Cost to Go From St. Thomas to St. John?

The cost to go from St. Thomas to St. John will depend greatly on what mode of transportation you plan to take. Although there is really only one way to get from St. Thomas to St. John, and that is through a boat ride, the fees still vary.

The price of the ferry ride from St. Thomas to St. John starts at 6 USD and can go up to 50 USD. If you plan to take a regular ferry from Red Hook, you will be able to avail of the cheapest and fastest way to get from St. Thomas to St. John. If you plan to take the car barge, you should expect to pay more, especially if you have more than one car.