US Virgin Islands vs. Hawaii

The US Virgin Islands and Hawaii both feature some of the best beach destinations in the whole world. Paradise is the perfect word that encapsulates what the two destinations are about. The US Virgin Islands is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. Despite being full of life and activity, it has an untouched and calm atmosphere to it. Hawaii is a popular destination that people go to without much convincing. It speaks for itself about how beautiful it is.
US Virgin Islands vs. Hawaii

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Choosing between the two breathtaking destinations is no easy feat. You will be unsure and confused because these two are both the ideal place for the perfect vacation. However, it all boils down to what kind of experience you’re looking for because these two destinations are surely not to be missed.

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is America’s own Caribbean paradise. Going to the US Virgin Islands feels like being transported to a different and untouched world. It’s known for having all of the beauty that the Caribbean and nature have to offer, with all the conveniences that being in the United States has.

With plenty of islets and three major islands, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, there are endless sights to see and new places to explore. Each island offers something unique about the US Virgin Islands. You can choose to stay at a tranquil location, or you can immerse yourself in the diverse Caribbean culture.

This destination is truly filled with all you can dream of in a Caribbean vacation. It has gorgeous beaches, diverse marine life, a wide variety of attractions, and rich culture and history. This place charms both locals and tourists with its promise of rest and relaxation, but also an adventure.

If you’re seeking an escape, this is the place for you. Every time is the perfect time to visit this magnificent place.

What Makes US Virgin Islands Unique?

Warm and Friendly People

The US Virgin Islands will draw you in with its convenience and beautiful sights. However, many do not expect to be wowed by the locals. You will never forget your US Virgin Islands experience because of the warm and friendly people surrounding you during your whole stay.

The people of the US Virgin Islands are sociable. You can expect a small trip down to a shop to be filled with life and stories. US Virgin Island locals also love a good party. They enjoy celebrating their culture and rich history, and they are more than happy to share it with visitors.

A trip to the US Virgin Islands is always a better experience when spent with the diverse locals willing to indulge you in whatever you may want.

Endless Adventures

The US Virgin Islands are famous for their serene and picture-perfect beaches. Beyond those, however, are adventures waiting to be done. There are endless attractions for visitors to go to, so you can expect that no day in the US Virgin Islands is idle.

Whether it’s water or land activities, the US Virgin Islands has it. All that US Virgin Islands offers are world-class. You will experience all these adventures like they’re once-in-a-lifetime events.

Here are some of the best attractions and activities in the US Virgin Islands:

Virgin Islands National Park

The US Virgin Islands is home to more species of wildlife than you can think of. If you want a nature trip, the US Virgin Islands is the perfect place to go. Just a little away from all the main centers of the island, you’ll find the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John. This is where you can find thousands of acres of protected land.

You’ll find the most diverse set of wildlife ever, from iguanas to butterflies. The national park is also home to more than 800 species of plants. This place is truly a gem for nature lovers.

To explore all this natural beauty, you can go on the Reef Bay Guided Hike which is a popular guided walking trail in St. John. There are more walking trails that you can enjoy, depending on whether you’re a casual or an expert hiker.

The park’s waters are also open for swimming and snorkeling. There are many different areas in the park such as the Watermelon Cay and Cinnamon Bay where you can enjoy nature’s waters to the fullest.

Underwater Snorkel Trail

In the Virgin Islands National Park, you can find the Trunk Bay Beach underwater snorkeling trail. Here, you can spot up to 30 different species of fish. You will be guided by underwater signposts which also give an insight into the different coral reefs. The trail lies offshore from the land of the most photographed beach, Trunk Bay.

Heritage Trail

The famous Heritage Trail can be found in St. Croix. It’s a 72-mile (116 km) self-guided tour where you will be met by the island’s historical and cultural attractions. Road signs will guide you, going through Frederiksted and Christiansted.

If you’re looking to know more about St. Croix, this is the best way to do so. You will be able to see the most popular attractions on the island such as Fort Frederik and the Estate Whim Plantation Museum. These attractions will give you a glimpse of the rich history that the US Virgin Islands has experienced.

Breathtaking Beaches

The beaches. They are the key reason why people flock to the US Virgin Islands. The beaches here are pristine but vibrant. They’re the perfect mix for all kinds of individuals visiting the beaches.

Sugary white sand paired with crystal clear waters is enough to excite anyone. Pair it with year-round warm weather that’s perfect for a beach trip, and you would want to stay in the US Virgin Islands all year. Some of the best beaches in the whole world are in the US Virgin Islands. That should be enough to get you to this destination.

Each beach in the US Virgin Islands has its own charm. It’s also a great bonus that you can immerse yourself in the waters and play with the diverse species of tropical fish.

In the US Virgin Islands, you can find the paradise that’s made exactly for you because the beaches here are diverse. There’s one for every personality. If you want to go to a lively and vibrant beach, there are a lot of options here. If you want a serene atmosphere, there are definitely beaches here for you. Whatever you want to experience, you’ll find it on a US Virgin Islands beach.

Rich Culture and History

The history of the US Virgin Islands is rich in key moments and events that have shaped what it is today. The culture of the US Virgin Islands is diverse and interesting because of the history that shaped it.

The US Virgin Islands is filled with reminders of its vibrant past. Everywhere you go, you will find historic landmarks that explain to you deeper the culture and encounters you’re experiencing.

Truly, the US Virgin Islands is one of the most vibrant and rich destinations you can visit. You will not only enjoy nature’s wonders, but you will also be able to appreciate the rich culture and history that will leave its mark on you.

Here are the best things to explore about the culture and history of the US Virgin Islands:

Authentic Caribbean Cuisine

It’s not known to most, but the cuisine in the US Virgin Islands is precious and to die for. The culinary scene is diverse, but still with an authentic Caribbean flair. It’s vibrant and something that will not leave your taste buds ever.

You can try all kinds of local cuisine because there are a lot of selections. Start from the restaurants offering the local and international favorites. From there, you can also try the food trucks serving mouthwatering snacks to fill you up quickly.

The local food scene is so notable and great that it’s celebrated annually by foodie locals and visitors in an event called Dine Vi.

Blackbeard’s Castle

Blackbeard’s Castle is in St. Thomas, and it is one of the most popular historical sites in the US Virgin Islands. This is where you can experience the famous “99 steps” to the top of the Castle. The castle was built by the Danish in 1679 to protect Charlotte Amalie.


Carnivals in the US Virgin Islands are unlike any other. They happen all throughout the year so it feels like there’s always something to celebrate. St. Thomas celebrates Carnival in April, while St. John celebrates from June to July. On the other hand, St. Croix has a carnival from December to January, which adds to the festivities of the holidays.

The Carnival is a visitor’s chance to explore everything that the island has to offer. You can enjoy the delicious cuisine and celebrate the wonderful music and culture of the US Virgin Islands. During these celebrations, everywhere you look will be filled with vibrance and joy.


Everyone has heard of Hawaii. It’s a popular vacation destination for many, and it’s not without a good reason. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that Hawaii is truly a unique vacation destination, unlike anything else in the world.

More than the breathtaking sceneries and beaches, it showcases a fascinating history and culture. It has been shaped by many groups of people throughout the years. Add to that, Hawaii is one of the most isolated populations in the world. Going to Hawaii means going away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.

From the beautiful beaches to the breathtaking sceneries to the lively city life and culture, there’s nothing more you can ask for from Hawaii.

What Makes Hawaii Unique?

Incredible Volcanoes

Hawaii is gifted with amazing geology, and it’s mostly because of the volcanoes on the island. The island is home to two of the most active volcanoes in the world: Mauna Loa and Kilauea.

Despite having six active volcanoes in total, most of these are actually safe to visit if you’re looking to see them up close.

Due to the eruptions from these volcanoes, Hawaii has gained more islands out of the water. These aren’t just islands that the volcanoes created. These islands have earned well-sculpted landscapes that give them a unique look.

If volcanoes aren’t your kind of adventure, there’s still something for you. Hawaii is also home to the Haleakala National Park which is a dormant volcano. It’s the most popular place in Hawaii to watch a sunrise because of how breathtaking the view is. It’s so famous to tourists that you have to reserve a spot to enjoy the scenery.

Perfect Beaches

Everybody knows that a Hawaii trip is never complete without the beaches. It’s impossible to go to Hawaii and not stop by any of the beaches, after all.

Like many tropical destinations in the world, Hawaii is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the whole world. Unlike other tropical destinations, the beaches in Hawaii have maintained their untouched look. Most look the same way they have looked thousand of years ago.

Regardless of which Hawaii island you decide to visit, you can find a serene beach that boasts clear waters and silky soft sands. But what really makes Hawaii beaches great is that you can find unique beaches that aren’t the usually tropical beach destinations you go to. You can look at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach and the Kaihalulu Red Beach to see for yourself.

With the amount of beautiful and unique beaches in Hawaii, you’ll never run out of a beach that’s a perfect fit for you. Every kind of individual will find a beach that makes their heart sing. That’s the beauty of Hawaiian beaches.

Hawaiian Culture and People

Despite being part of the United States, Hawaiian culture is really something unlike any other you’ve seen. The rich culture is very much thriving and alive, and you will feel it through the people because they are extremely proud of it.

Because of this rich culture in Hawaii, there’s so much for you to explore on your Hawaiian trip. You will go through a unique experience, unlike any other vacation destination in the world.

True Melting Pot

Hawaii is overflowing with diversity. Hawaii is home to the most multiracial residents in the United States. There’s only a small percentage of white Americans in Hawaii, with most people coming of other descent. Because of the diversity present on the island, you can expect to be welcomed with a great mixture of culture and history. If you’ve ever seen a melting pot, it’s definitely Hawaii.

The Aloha Spirit

The Aloha Spirit is real and there’s nothing quite like it! You will feel it in every spot and corner of Hawaii. You will feel it in people’s warm smiles, you will feel it in people’s conversations, and you will feel it even if you’re not seeking it. That is the beauty of the Aloha Spirit.

The atmosphere in Hawaii is friendly and laid-back. You can expect your whole experience to be warm. Yes, the beaches of Hawaii will draw you in, but it’s the Aloha Spirit that will make you want to stay there.

Authentic Hawaiian Food

Because Hawaii is a melting pot of different cultures, you will find a hint of each culture’s flair in the delicious food that you will find in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, you will be overwhelmed by the number of places where you can eat, and the amount of food that you want to try! From Hawaii’s malasadas to the Kalua pig dish, the food in Hawaii is truly exceptional. Your mouth will keep watering.

Don’t be afraid to dive into some authentic Hawaiian cuisine; you will not regret it. And make sure that you dig into the local restaurants. There are more than the restaurant hotspots, and most of the gems you will find aren’t where most of the tourists are.

The Hula

Everyone knows that the hula is a distinctly Hawaiian dance, thanks to its popularization in media. However, like any other part of a place’s culture, if you take the time to dive deeper into it, you’ll find that there’s more to it than what you see.

The Hula is a complex dance that’s accompanied by a song or chant. It tells of stories and traditions that you will find deep in the Hawaiian culture. It used to be a tradition that was only performed during special events or occasions.

Hula dancers take this tradition seriously. They train for years, much like professional athletes, under the kumu hula or hula teacher. They only perform in public after rigorous training, so when you’re watching a hula performance, enjoy it respectfully.

Endless Activities

Going to Hawaii is one big adventure. There are endless activities for people of all kinds to try. Whether you want the kind of activity that’s chill and calm or you want to feel some of that adrenaline, Hawaii has something in store for you.

Water Activities

Even if you’re not into water sports, it’s hard to resist the pull of the fun water activities in Hawaii. A visit to Hawaii is never complete without trying any of the fun water activities.

Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise. It’s one of the activities that are best done in Hawaii. Many of Hawaii’s beaches are the perfect spots for a surfing adventure. Many spots have strong waves, but even if you’re a beginner at surfing, you will be able to find the ideal location for you to practice. Surfing is so loved in Hawaii that there’s an annual competition for it, too.

Aside from surfing, visitors can also enjoy snorkeling and cage diving with sharks. The marine wildlife is incredible and diverse.

A Hiker’s Heaven

Hawaii is filled with majestic mountains, which means there are plenty of beautiful spots for hikers. For those seeking a more active and daring vacation, Hawaii is the perfect place.

You can hike through a seemingly unlimited amount of hiking trails, most even offer a trip to the waterfalls. These hiking spots offer panoramic and breathtaking views of everything that Hawaii and nature have to offer. From oceans and mountains, you will be able to bask in the beauty of it.

Best Weather All Year Round

In Hawaii, you’ll never have to worry about the weather. You can plan your vacation during any time of the year because Hawaii’s weather is incredible. Although it can experience some heavy amounts of rainfall throughout the year, it’s generally warm. It’s always perfect for a trip to the beach or to the mountains.

Weather will always be on your side because the temperature feels like it’s always summer, even if Hawaii has a winter season.

Which Is Better US Virgin Islands or Hawaii?

Deciding which is better between the US Virgin Islands and Hawaii is really all about knowing which kind of experience you want to try. Do you want to have a more relaxed and tranquil vacation? Or are you looking for a more adventurous one? Decide first on what kind of vacation you want to immerse in.

If it comes down to going for a vacation that’s action-packed and fun-filled, Hawaii is the obvious choice. With stunning scenery and a friendly atmosphere, it seems like Hawaii should have no contest. It does great as the best tropical destination in the world.

On its many islands, you can find the location and vibe that’s perfect for you. Any kind of individual will enjoy the spirit that comes with enjoying what Hawaii has to offer.

On the other hand, the US Virgin Islands is more limited, but it does not fall short of giving a great experience to anyone who dares to visit it. In the US Virgin Islands, you will be welcomed by fun-filled celebrations and a great history that you will want to dive into.

It also has some of the best beaches in the world, and if that doesn’t draw you into this tropical paradise, the culture will.

After much consideration, you only have to pick between the Caribbean flair of the US Virgin Islands or the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii. While you’re at it, why not just decide which destination to go to first?


Is It Cheaper to Go to the US Virgin Islands or Hawaii?

Compared to the US Virgin Islands, the cost of living in Hawaii is more expensive. This means that a trip to the US Virgin Islands will generally be cheaper than a trip to Hawaii.

Of course, this still depends on what kinds of accommodations and activities you’re after. But if you compare the general prices of the food and accommodation, a trip to Hawaii will need a more flexible budget from you.

Hawaii or US Virgin Islands for Honeymoon

Both destinations are great options for new couples looking to enjoy their honeymoon. But it goes without saying that Hawaii is the better option between the two.

Hawaii has that natural romantic spell in it. Lovers will surely be able to enjoy a romantic vacation in Hawaii, but even if they plan to be more adventurous, Hawaii still has something to offer them. The beaches and breathtaking greenery of Hawaii are enough to create a magical and romantic setting for couples on their honeymoon.

This doesn’t mean that the US Virgin Islands doesn’t have that spell, too. The beauty of the US Virgin Islands is enough to make you fall in love with the person you’re spending time here with. It has its fair share of laid-back vibes that are perfect for any honeymoon trip.

Is Hawaii Part of the US Virgin Islands?

No, Hawaii is not part of the US Virgin Islands. Hawaii is not a Virgin Island. Although the two are part of the United States, they’re not part of each other. They are not the same. Hawaii is actually 9392 miles (14562 kilometers) away from the US Virgin Islands.