St. Lucia vs. St. Martin

Luscious, scenic, romantic, exciting, and revitalizing. These are some of the best words to describe the beauty of the Caribbean islands. These are some of the most famous honeymoon places in the world and are frequent destinations for those who want to relax or do some soul-searching.
St. Lucia vs. St. Martin

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The problem, however, is that there are too many Caribbean islands. Which one should you visit?

To make it easier, presenting you with two of the best islands you can choose from, St. Martin and St. Lucia. So pack up your bags and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, because you’re one step closer to your trip to the Caribbean.

St. Lucia

Looking for a more relaxed and happy-go-lucky destination? St. Lucia might just be your next paradise. This breathtaking isle might not be as developed as other islands in the Caribbean, but it more than makes up for it.

It has picturesque views, hidden gem adventures, and a hospitable community that you’re sure to love. Known mostly for its mountainous and scenic landscape, St. Lucia is a much more low-key destination. This makes it the perfect relaxing beach getaway with a dash of charming island culture.

What Makes St. Lucia Unique?

Numerous Adventures Right Outside Your Door

St. Lucia comes with several stunning destinations, and along with them are thrilling activities! This island is most famous for its gorgeous mountains, so it is a wonderful place to go on hikes. You can also partake in boat rides to go beach-hopping or visit smaller islands.

If you fancy taking a dip in the water, you can go to the beaches. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can swim in a waterfall or take a dip in a hot spring. In some places, you can also go scuba diving, horseback riding, or chocolate making!

A Lush Rainforest

The beauty of St. Lucia is a gift given by its tropical climate added with frequent rainfalls and constant exposure to sunlight. These gave the island an abundant rainforest filled with amazing species of both flora and fauna. St. Lucia boasts a wide variety of reptiles and birds, as well as rare flowers and orchids.

Thriving Reefs

Fringing reefs are all over the shores of St. Lucia. These thriving reefs are rich with corals and other aquatic creatures that are stunning to look at. All these turned the island into a famous snorkeling and diving spot. You can encounter numerous sea creatures even in the shallow waters.

An Authentic Community That Welcomes You With Open Arms

St. Lucia takes pride in its community. Tourism is the island’s largest source of income. Despite this, they made sure that their topmost priority is the residents of the island.

Several establishments are built to accommodate tourists, but it didn’t compromise the island’s beauty or the inhabitants’ way of life. This is translated by the locals to the tourists with their hospitality. Most of the interactions you will have on the island will be filled with smiles and an eagerness to help.

St. Martin

St. Martin is the destination for you if you want the best Caribbean tourist experience. This island is relatively small but is also filled with numerous establishments. Casinos, local and gourmet restaurants, and luxurious resorts are all over the place but are also easily accessible.

St. Martin isn’t one to lack gorgeous beaches either. To top it all off, you can also choose a French or Dutch side on the island! This is the place to be if you want some cultural exposure and a fun nightlife experience.

What Makes St. Martin Unique?

Nature and Luxury Rolled Into One

Give yourself an unforgettable experience by enjoying the beauty of nature in an extravagant way. St. Martin allows you to admire scenic views while relaxing on your luxurious resort or through their wonderful tours.

You can try riding speed boats, ATVs, yachts, or maybe go on a zipline while having your breath taken away by the beauty of the place. St. Martin’s thrilling activities are made better when you see that you’re doing it in paradise!

Bustling Island Nightlife

One of the things that differs St. Martin from the other Caribbean islands is that it is more refined and developed for tourists. This means that it has more establishments to visit, including numerous bars, clubs, pubs, and even boat tours to keep you partying all night.

You can get some piña coladas or beers together with the beach ambiance. If you prefer a more animated nightlife, you’d probably have a better time on the Dutch side of the island. The French side, however, is better if you prefer a night with tranquility.

A French and Dutch Fusion

St. Martin allows you to enjoy two cultures all at once! This astounding Caribbean island has one side French and another Dutch. These two are similar but also very distinct. For one, they love cheese and bread in their cuisine but they use them in a very different way. They are also fond of the arts but have varying techniques and appreciation for it. This makes the fusion of their culture on this island a very fascinating thing to explore!

Amazing Local Cuisine

St. Martin is widely considered the culinary capital of the Caribbean region. Home to numerous world-class restaurants, St. Martin boasts a selection of international flavors sure to blow people’s minds.

Aside from its high-end restaurants, you can also expect wondrous gastronomy from St. Martin’s local stores. You can spot pop-up shops selling amazing barbecued meat, callaloo soup, and even conch. After indulging yourself with a variety of meals, don’t forget to try the locally produced guavaberry liquor as well as the local rum.

Is St. Martin or St. Lucia Better?

St. Martin and St. Lucia offer a great Caribbean experience that anyone would love. Both islands have picturesque settings, amazing culture, and fun activities. However, they are also quite different.

St. Martin is better when it comes to the cultural experience and mouth-watering cuisine. It is also more developed and easier to get around in.

St. Lucia on the other hand is more well-known and regarded for its natural beauty and thrilling adventures. Here, you wouldn’t run out of breathtaking views. It also has a more tight-knit community that you’d feel welcomed in.

With these benefits in mind, it is for you to decide which island is more suited for your idea of a better trip.


Is St. Martin Near St. Lucia?

St. Martin is a few islands away from St. Lucia. Although they are both in the Caribbean, travel between the two islands goes for as long as a day. If you want to go island-hopping, then you might want to prepare your baggage for a much longer trip.

How Close are St. Lucia and St. Martin?

St. Lucia is 513 kilometers or 310 miles away from St. Martin. This distance is as far as London is to France.

Normally, a plane ride of this distance would only take about 2–3 hours. However, no direct flights between the two islands are currently existing so it would take at least 18 hours.