Fuerteventura vs. Lanzarote

Choosing between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote can be a tough decision. These two fascinating Canary Islands are filled with incredible history, vibrant culture, and endless beauty. Does the mystique of Fuerteventura's ancient past intrigue you, or does the lively arts scene in Lanzarote draw you in? What's your next dream vacation going to be, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote?
Fuerteventura vs. Lanzarote

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Both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have their unique allure that attracts travelers from all walks of life. The two islands may seem similar at first glance, but they are distinct in many ways. With such a wonderful array of options to choose from, you might find yourself pondering, which one will offer you the experience you desire?

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating histories and cultures of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote? Read on to discover more!

History & Culture

When you think of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, it’s easy to imagine stunning landscapes and beachside fun. But have you ever wondered about the stories and traditions behind these islands?

Fuerteventura’s history is rich with tales of ancient inhabitants, known as the Guanches, who have left behind intriguing artifacts. You’ll find unique architectural designs, traditional crafts, and the echoes of past civilizations that give Fuerteventura a captivating allure.

On the other hand, Lanzarote boasts a more contemporary cultural scene. It’s the home to famous artist César Manrique, whose influence can be felt throughout the island. Art galleries, sculpture parks, and vibrant festivals are a testament to the island’s commitment to creativity and artistic expression.

Comparing the two, Fuerteventura tends to focus on preserving its historical heritage, whereas Lanzarote emphasizes modern artistic endeavors. While Fuerteventura offers you a glimpse into the distant past, Lanzarote invites you to explore current cultural trends.

In Fuerteventura, you can immerse yourself in ancient traditions, witness the timeless dance and music forms, and feel a connection to the island’s ancestors. It’s a place where old meets new, but the past always takes center stage.

Lanzarote, by contrast, is buzzing with contemporary cultural energy. You’ll find an array of colorful festivals, innovative art spaces, and a passion for modern creativity that runs through the heart of the island.

In summary, the choice between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote depends on what you’re seeking. If you yearn to explore ancient traditions and delve into a rich historical tapestry, Fuerteventura may be the one for you. But if you’re drawn to the lively, artistic atmosphere of a modern cultural hub, Lanzarote might be your perfect destination. Either way, these islands will provide you with a fulfilling and unforgettable journey into their unique histories and cultures.

Attractions & Activities

Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are not just beach destinations; they’re filled with various attractions and activities that can cater to different interests. From unique natural wonders to stimulating outdoor adventures, both islands have something special to offer.

Fuerteventura, often known as a great spot for windsurfing, also invites you to explore its volcanic landscapes. You can take a hike in the Betancuria Natural Park and marvel at the arid and rugged terrains that make up this island’s unique geology. If you’re fascinated by nature, visiting Oasis Park with its botanic garden and animal interactions will surely be a highlight.

Lanzarote, in contrast, presents an impressive array of man-made wonders harmonized with nature.

You can wander through the striking Cueva de los Verdes, a cave system formed by volcanic activity, or visit the Jameos del Agua, a series of interconnected caves turned into an extraordinary cultural venue. If art interests you, a trip to the César Manrique Foundation would provide an intriguing glimpse into local creativity.

In terms of outdoor activities, Fuerteventura offers thrilling experiences like off-road safaris and mountain biking through its wild landscapes. It’s a place where adventure seekers can challenge themselves and connect with the island’s untamed beauty.

Lanzarote, on the other hand, provides opportunities for more tranquil outdoor experiences. Here, you can find a scenic trek through the Timanfaya National Park, witnessing volcanic craters and the majestic Fire Mountains. Wine enthusiasts may also find joy in touring the La Geria wine region, learning about unique cultivation methods.

To sum it all up, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote come with their unique sets of attractions and activities. Fuerteventura leans more towards nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, offering rugged landscapes and heart-pounding activities. Lanzarote focuses on a harmonious blend of natural and man-made wonders, appealing to those with artistic and explorative inclinations. Your choice between these islands will depend on the type of experience you wish to have.


The sparkling sands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are calling you to explore their beautiful beaches. These islands are renowned for their coastal offerings, but how do they compare?

Fuerteventura is home to some of the longest beaches in the Canary Islands. The Corralejo Beach stretches for about 6.2 miles (10 kilometers), offering vast spaces to enjoy the sun and sea. The golden sands and clear waters are a hallmark of this island, making it a haven for beach lovers.

Lanzarote, on the other hand, boasts beaches with unique colors and textures. Papagayo Beach, situated in a protected natural area, has soft golden sands surrounded by dramatic cliffs. Famara Beach, about 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) long, is renowned for its surfing conditions and astonishing landscape.

In Fuerteventura, you’ll also find Costa Calma Beach, approximately 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) long, famous for its gentle waves, ideal for those looking for a calm and serene environment.

Lanzarote’s Playa Blanca, spanning around 0.6 miles (1 kilometer), offers a family-friendly environment with crystal clear waters. The beach is aptly named for its white sands, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation.

In conclusion, the beaches of Fuerteventura offer an expansive and varied landscape, catering to those who love long stretches of sand and open space. Lanzarote’s beaches, on the other hand, provide a mix of unique environments, from surfing hotspots to tranquil family areas. The choice between the two depends on what you’re seeking from your beach experience, whether it’s adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both.

Eating, Drinking & Nightlife

Fuerteventura and Lanzarote not only captivate visitors with their natural beauty and attractions but also with their lively eating, drinking, and nightlife scenes. Both islands provide distinct flavors and experiences, and here’s how they compare:

When it comes to eating, Fuerteventura offers traditional Canary Island cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. Fresh fish served with “papas arrugadas” (wrinkled potatoes) is a must-try dish. You’ll find local eateries in small fishing villages, providing authentic and home-cooked meals.

In Lanzarote, the culinary scene is a fusion of local tradition and modern innovation. While you can enjoy classic Canary dishes, many restaurants are experimenting with international flavors, creating a more diverse dining experience.

The drinking culture in Fuerteventura revolves around locally produced beverages. You might want to try the island’s unique goat milk liqueur or the home-brewed beer. The environment is usually laid-back, with cozy bars offering stunning sea views.

In Lanzarote, wine takes center stage. The island is known for its volcanic wines, grown in the La Geria region. Wine-tasting tours are popular, and you’ll find a broader selection of bars and lounges to enjoy a drink, ranging from rustic to chic.

Fuerteventura’s nightlife is known for its relaxed vibe. Beach bars and small clubs provide live music and traditional dance performances, making it a great place to enjoy the evening at a leisurely pace.

Lanzarote offers a more energetic nightlife scene. Clubs in Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise are famous for their lively atmosphere and international DJs. Whether you want to dance the night away or enjoy a cocktail at a trendy lounge, Lanzarote has it all.

In summary, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote provide varied experiences in eating, drinking, and nightlife. Fuerteventura focuses on authenticity and a relaxed atmosphere, while Lanzarote offers a blend of traditional and modern flavors, with a more vibrant nightlife. Your preferences in dining, sipping, and entertainment will guide your choice between these two delightful islands.


Shopping in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Both islands offer unique products and shopping venues, but there are some differences worth exploring.

Fuerteventura is known for its local markets and traditional crafts. You can explore the Morro Jable Market or the Corralejo Market to find handmade pottery, jewelry, and textiles. These markets also showcase local food products like cheeses and sauces, giving you a taste of the island’s flavors.

Lanzarote, on the other hand, offers a blend of local crafts and international brands. The Marina Lanzarote shopping center in Arrecife provides a mix of fashion stores and boutiques, while the Teguise Market is a place to find traditional Canary Island products.

In Fuerteventura, the Las Rotondas shopping center in Puerto del Rosario offers a good variety of stores, and it’s a popular spot for finding clothing and accessories.

Lanzarote also boasts unique shopping experiences, such as the Lanzarote Wine Shop, where you can sample and purchase the island’s famous wines.

In summary, shopping in Fuerteventura offers a more traditional experience, focusing on local crafts and markets. Lanzarote provides a diverse range of shopping venues, catering to both local tastes and international shoppers. Depending on what you’re looking for, either Fuerteventura’s authenticity or Lanzarote’s variety might be the perfect match for your shopping adventure.


Finding the perfect place to stay is a key part of any vacation, and both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote offer a wide range of accommodation options. From luxury resorts to cozy apartments, each island has unique offerings.

Fuerteventura has a rich selection of beachfront hotels, such as the R2 Rio Calma Hotel & Spa, which provides stunning sea views. If you prefer a more intimate setting, you might opt for one of the charming villas scattered throughout the island.

Lanzarote also offers luxurious beachfront stays like the Lani’s Suites de Luxe, known for its modern design and exclusive services. Additionally, Lanzarote has a variety of boutique hotels that give a more personalized and unique experience.

Budget travelers in Fuerteventura can find comfortable hostels and guesthouses, with options like the Surfing Colors Apartments providing affordability without sacrificing quality.

Similarly, Lanzarote caters to budget-conscious travelers with options like the Luz y Mar Apartments, which offer basic amenities at a great value.

In summary, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have a diverse range of accommodations to suit different tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking for luxury or affordability, beachfront views or a cozy inland stay, you’ll find something fitting in either destination.

Family-Friendliness & Children’s Activities

Traveling with family requires special considerations, and both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote excel in offering family-friendly environments and activities for children.

Fuerteventura is home to the Acua Water Park, where kids can enjoy a splash-filled day with numerous water slides and pools. The island’s gentle beaches, like Caleta de Fuste, are also great for younger swimmers.

Lanzarote takes family entertainment to the next level with the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park, featuring animal shows, splash zones, and even gold mining activities for children. The Playa de Matagorda is a family-friendly beach with calm waters and recreational facilities.

In Fuerteventura, families can enjoy Oasis Park, an interactive zoo that allows children to get up close with animals like giraffes and camels.

Lanzarote’s Guinate Tropical Park is a delightful experience for children, with tropical birds and gardens creating an exciting and educational environment.

In conclusion, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are well-equipped to host families, providing a range of activities that cater to children’s interests and needs. From water parks to interactive zoos, your family will find engaging and memorable experiences on either island.

Getting There & Getting Around

Traveling to and exploring Fuerteventura and Lanzarote is an essential aspect to consider for your trip, and each island offers unique transportation options.

To get to Fuerteventura, direct flights are available from major European cities, and the island’s airport is about 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) from the capital, Puerto del Rosario. Lanzarote’s airport is conveniently located around 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) from Arrecife, with many flights connecting to Europe as well.

Once on Fuerteventura, getting around might include renting a car, as public transportation may not cover all areas. Biking is also popular, with bike rental shops available in tourist zones.

Lanzarote offers a more robust public transportation system, making it easier to travel without a car. Taxis and buses are widely available, and cycling paths are abundant for those wishing to explore on two wheels.

In summary, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are accessible through major airports and offer a variety of transportation options for exploring the islands. Fuerteventura may require more planning with transportation, while Lanzarote offers greater convenience with public transit. Either way, you’ll find suitable ways to arrive and get around, depending on your preferences and travel style.


Weather is an essential factor in choosing your ideal vacation destination, and the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are well-known for their pleasant climates. Let’s take a closer look at the weather conditions you can expect on these islands.

Fuerteventura enjoys mild winters, with temperatures ranging from 59°F to 68°F (15°C to 20°C) between December and February. Summers are warm but not too hot, with temperatures averaging between 68°F and 77°F (20°C to 25°C) from June to August.

Lanzarote’s weather is quite similar, with winter temperatures also ranging from 59°F to 68°F (15°C to 20°C). The summer months of June through August see slightly warmer temperatures than Fuerteventura, ranging from 70°F to 80°F (21°C to 27°C).

The wind in Fuerteventura can be strong, especially in the north, adding a cooling effect during the summer and making it a favorite spot for wind sports.

Lanzarote’s landscape affects its weather, with the north experiencing more rainfall and cloud cover compared to the arid south. Planning your visit according to these microclimates could enhance your experience.

In summary, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote offer pleasant weather year-round. While the temperatures are quite similar, Fuerteventura’s winds and Lanzarote’s diverse microclimates provide unique characteristics to each island. Your choice might depend on your preference for slightly warmer summer weather or engaging in wind-related activities.


When planning a vacation, safety considerations are paramount. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are both popular tourist destinations with well-established safety protocols.

Both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have low crime rates, particularly in tourist areas. As always, taking general precautions like safeguarding valuables can enhance your sense of security.

In terms of health, both islands have modern medical facilities and pharmacies stocked with common medications. It’s advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses, just in case.

Road safety is another aspect to consider. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have well-maintained roads, and driving laws are strictly enforced. If you plan to rent a car, familiarize yourself with local driving regulations.

Unique to Fuerteventura, the strong winds can pose risks for certain outdoor activities, so it’s essential to heed local advice and warnings.

In conclusion, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are generally safe destinations for travelers. While crime is low, standard precautions are recommended. Health and road safety are well-regulated, and awareness of local weather conditions in Fuerteventura can add to your overall safety.


Budgeting for your vacation is an important step, and understanding the cost differences between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote can help you make an informed decision.

In Fuerteventura, you can expect to pay around €50 (approximately $55) for a mid-range meal for two, and hotel prices start at €80 ($85) per night. Local transportation is affordable, with bus fares starting at €1.5 ($2).

Lanzarote, on the other hand, offers meals for two at similar mid-range restaurants for around €55 ($60), and hotels generally start at €90 ($95) per night. Local transportation fares are comparable to those in Fuerteventura.
Both islands offer various accommodation and dining options, so prices can fluctuate based on your preferences and the time of year you visit.

In conclusion, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have similar cost structures for meals, lodging, and transportation. Minor differences may exist, but overall, both destinations offer a range of options to suit various budgets. Your choice may ultimately come down to specific preferences and the activities you plan to enjoy.

Which Is Better – Fuerteventura or Lanzarote?

Choosing between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote for your next vacation is no small task, as both destinations have so much to offer. Allow us to recap the details that make these islands unique.

In terms of history and culture, Fuerteventura’s ancient traditions and rich heritage are a draw for those interested in exploring the past. Lanzarote, with its blend of tradition and modern art influences, appeals to those seeking a mix of history and contemporary culture.

When it comes to attractions and activities, Fuerteventura is known for its adventurous wind sports, while Lanzarote offers a mix of outdoor adventures and art experiences. The beach comparison reveals that Fuerteventura’s wind-shaped beaches are perfect for water sports, whereas Lanzarote’s varied shores cater to different tastes.

Eating, drinking, and nightlife vary between the islands, with Fuerteventura offering a slightly more relaxed atmosphere and Lanzarote boasting a vibrant scene. Shopping enthusiasts will find diverse options in both locations, with Fuerteventura offering unique artisan products and Lanzarote having a more extensive range of shops.

Accommodation in both destinations caters to various tastes and budgets, though Fuerteventura might edge out slightly in terms of value. Family-friendliness and children’s activities are well-catered for in both islands, but Lanzarote’s variety of parks and attractions might tip the balance for families.

Getting to and around the islands is similar in terms of convenience, though Lanzarote may offer more frequent connections due to its popularity. Weather-wise, both islands provide pleasant temperatures year-round, with slight variations like Fuerteventura’s cooling winds.

Safety standards are high in both destinations, and costs are relatively comparable, making either island accessible for various budgets.

So, when is it better to choose Fuerteventura? If wind sports, unique artisan shopping, a relaxed dining scene, and value accommodation are your preferences, this might be your destination. On the other hand, if you’re drawn to a blend of art and adventure, varied beaches, lively nightlife, and family-friendly attractions, Lanzarote could be the perfect choice for you. Both islands offer an unforgettable experience, and your decision will likely hinge on the particular experiences and atmospheres you wish to enjoy on your vacation.